I take the occasion to thank Lijjat Papad for giving me opportunity to work on this project, which helped me to increase my practical knowledge & got experience to interact with customers. I would like to thank my project guide Prof. Yuvraj Lahoti sir, for his guidance, co-operation, & encouragement. I would also like to thank Director, sir Dr. Sharad Joshi for his guidance. I am also grateful to Mr. Jayant Pradhan sir, (senior head mktg) for providing me necessary information & proper approach towards my study & project work. I thank him for all the guidance & co-operation he gave. I am always thankful to my family members who always gave me moral support & advice, my friends, especially all respondents of my survey.

Madhuvanti Deshpande.



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Papad is very familiar product to all of us. Many people consume it daily while many enjoy various occasions like parties, marriages, festivals. Papad has unique importance in India hospitality. In Sindhi community Papad & Pani is served as 1st welcome food. Papad acts in supportive or supplementary role in regular food. It ranks equal with pickles & other dishes. Papad can be fried or roasted or it can also get in dals. Papad has health values. The raw material used is Udad dal & Moong dal, both are alkanes so they reduce acidity. Validity of Lijjat Papad is 3 months.


For the women, by the

The main strength of organization is the philosophy they follow. They neither have lot of money nor they have influential people, but still organization survived. It is running very well inspite of no one is running it. In fact it is growing. The concepts it follow are

1) The concept of Business. 2) The concept of Family. 3) The concept of Devotion.

Besides basic principles of Self-reliance, Co-ownership, & Faith in Dignity of labor, the organization also follows 3 golden rules as

1) All the rights of the organization must belong to members only. 2) There must be maintenance of LIJJAT quality at any cost. 3) There must be clean & time bound accounting system.


At present it has 64 branches & 40 divisions all over India. This was an attempt to know current brand image.ABOUT PROJECT TITLE: Lijjat Papad is quite popular & well established brand from long time. 6 . My project work was to find out what people think about the brand after lot many years served by Lijjat Papad. customer s suggestions & innovations people want. It started in 1959 by 7 ladies. Lijjt is major player in papad industry.


To find out this information. represented in the form of graphs & charts. customers busy. product profile etc. All the data collected. Lijjat is major player in organized market holding 60% share. suggestions were given. Various areas in city were selected. biased reply.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY My project work was to find out the brand awareness of Lijjat Papad in current scenario. The survey gave an insight into organized market of Papad & competitors of Lijjat Papad. conclusions were drawn. The survey gave knowledge about customer s satisfaction. heavy rains. & expect from the brand should be exactly known. For this what customers feel. The information about various attributes & factors was collected. Market in Pune city was targeted. was my project. There many limitations of this project like. time constraint as the project has time limit of 2 months. On the basis of findings & conclusions. think. Secondary data was also used in report such as company profile. It has scope to improve in sales & increase market share. primary data was filtered & analysed. Survey was conducted using questionnaire. 8 . on the basis of analysis of data. area limitation etc. loyalty & their feel about the brand.


& want in this brand now. a) Product quality b) Product varieties c) Customer loyalty d) Unique factors of the brand e) Company image 2) To analyse & evaluate satisfaction of customers towardsa) Taste b) Availability c) Quality d) Packaging 3) To find out drivers for purchase of Lijjat Papada) Emotional factors Security Social approval Self respect Joyous/ Cheerful 10 . It is holding 60% market share. It s other competitors are Bikaneri Saral Pravin Bedekar Lijjt has scope to increase it s market share as it is holding only 60%.OBJECTIVE & SCOPE OBJECTIVES: Lijjat is major player in organized market of papad industry. the brand has to improve itself in many aspects. So it is very necessary to know what customers think. feel. For this. 1) To find out brand awareness of Lijjat Papad on following parameters. The objectives are listed as below.

6) Cases of defective papad & feedback of customers. Mostly house wifes were the respondents. SCOPE: There are very large no of customers of Lijjat Papad spread over various areas. 11 . bunglows. row houses were interviewed. I studied market in Pune city & conducted survey in some areas. 7) To find most effective medium of publicity.4) Word associated with brand a) Honest b) Reliable c) Upper class d) Daring 5) To find major competitors. Locations Prabhat road Sahakar nagar Bibvewadi Kothrud Gultekdi The customers from various apartments. I surveyed 60 customers.


The turning point of our Institution was in 1966 when it was registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 and also registered under Societies Registration Act. 2 (Two) Secretaries and 2 (Two) Treasurers. Papad production work starts at early hours in the morning i. The credit for rapid progress goes to the constant vigilance on the part of sister members maintaining the quality of Lijjat Papad with their hard work. Every branch is headed by a Sanchalika to see the production of the branch. 1860 and got recognition from Khadi & Village Industries Commission as a village industry.m. by the women and for the women. Lijjat have mini bus which picks the members from the closest point of residence to the branch and back home. which consist of 21 members out of.30 a. It was started in 1959 with 7 lady members with a borrowed sum of Rs. The objective of the Institution is to provide employment to the ladies to enable them to earn decent and dignified livelihood.e. President.e. All the branches are autonomous units for the purpose of profitability and the profit or loss as the case may be of such unit is borne by the owner sister members of that branch by increasing or decreasing their rolling charges accordingly. 80/. They have a Central Managing Committee.at Girgaum in Mumbai. creed and colour and agrees to abide by the objective of the Institution can become a member of the Institution from the date on which she starts working. Vice .COMPANY PROFILE Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad (Recognised by Khadi & Village Industries Commission) It is a women's organisation of the women. 13 .President. which we have 6 (Six) elected Office Bearers i. 4. Any women who can render physical work in this Institution without distinction of caste.

12 Crores of Exports.Besides Lijjat Papad the Institution has other products like Khakhra. which include BBC World in the programme "Business Bizarre".000 sister members all over India with Sales turnover of Rs. has paved the way for women to become self-reliant and self-confident. Thailand. over the years. Holland. At present it has 63 Branches & 40 Divisions and gives self-employment to about 40. Bakery Products & Chapaties. Lijjat has provided them the right platform to improve their status in society ORGANISATION . Masala. namely (1) The concept of Business (2) The concept of family (3) The concept of Devotion All these concept are completely and uniformly followed in this institution. Lijjat was featured in various T. Middle East Countries. a peculiar Lijjat way of thinking has developed therein. 300 Crores which includes Rs.V. Detergent Powder & Cakes. The Institution. The Institution has received an award from Khadi & Village Industries Commission as a "Best Village Industry" for the period 1998-1999 to 2000-2001. In January 2003 they received the award for 'Best Village Industries' at the hands of Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee at New Delhi. Exports are made through Merchant Exporters to countries like UK. On 6th September 2003 our Institution has received the Economic Times Award of "Businesswomen of the Year 2001-02 for Corporate Excellence".Core Value Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad is synthesis of three different concepts. Wadi. Australia and other Countries. Hongkong. USA. As a result of this synthesis. Singapore. Channels. 14 .

Besides the concept of business. the institution along with all it's member sisters have adopted the concept of mutual family affection. On the contrary. concern and trust.Production of quality goods and at reasonable prices. employees and well wishers. The institution is open for everybody who has faith in its basis concepts MILE STONES OF THE INSTITUTION The Institution has received many Awards over the years but the few to remember. In this institution work is worship. 1. All its dealings are carried out on a sound and pragmatic footing . the member sisters donate collectively for good causes from time to time according to their capacity. Recevied Award from Khadi & Village Industries Commission as 'Best Village Industries Institution' for the period 1998 .It is a place of worship to devote one's energy not for his or her own benefits but for the benefit of all.1999 to 2000 2001 15 . accept any charity. the institution is never merely a place to earn one's livelihood . gift or grant from any quarter. donation. It has never and nor will it in the future.The institution has adopted the concept of business from the very beginning. For the member sisters. All affairs of the institution are dealt in a manner similar to that of a family carrying out its own daily household chores. But the most important concept adopted by the institution is the concept of devotion.

held by Khadi & Village Industries Commission along with Ministry of Agro and Rural Industries at New Delhi on 14th March 2003. Naik. President of the Institution recevied the "Best Village Industry Institution" award from Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee 16 . At the National Convention on "Rural Industrialisation". Jyoti J.2. The Economic Times Award given to the Institution for Corporate Excellence "Business Woman Of the Year" on 6th September 2002 3. Smt.

Sutar . Smt. Redkar .Treasurer 6. Smt.President 2. Kamal D. Naik . Kshama M.Secretary 4. Priyanka G.Treasurer President ORGANISATION Diversification 17 . Smt.ORGANISATION Management Six Office . Jyoti J. Dhandore .Bearers 1. Smt.Secretary 5. Belnekar . Sunanda R.VicePresident 3. Gangavati H. Smt. Naik . Smt.

A Vadi producing factory at Valod. Borivali. A Detergent Powder and Cakes manufacturing unit at Dahisar and Office at Borivali (Mumbai).Shri Mahila Griha Udyog has diversified its various activities. Besides it's world famous papads it also currently has A Flour Division at Vashi (Mumbai) where flour is milled from Udad Dal and Moong Dal. Tea Masala. Lijjat Advertising Division at Bandra (Mumbai) A Khakhra Division at Buhari (Dist-Valod) Chapati Divisions at Wadala. Chillies. Coriander and ready mix masala and like Garam Masala. Pav Bhaji Masala. are prepared and packed in consumer packs. A Printing Division also at the same place. 18 . A Bakery Division at Valod. A Masala Division at Cottongreen (alongwith a Quality Control Laboratory) at the same place where different kinds of spice powders like Turmeric. Mulund & Kandivali (Hanuman Nagar) A Polypropylene set-up at Kashi-Mira Road. Punjabi Chole Masala etc.


00 / Big Size 2.00 / Big size 1 kg.00 122.00 30.00 12.00 24.00 24.00 55.00 62.00 26.00 20 .00 55.00 122. 108.00 26.00 Small 55.00 13.00 30.00 300.00 Udad with Red Chillies 12.00 13.00 33.00 Small 108.PRICE LIST OF DIFFERENT VARIETIES Udad Udad with with Items Pepper Garlic & Chillies Small 12.00 24.00 26.00 108.00 33.00 Moong Udad (50% Special Udad & 50% Moong) 12.00 small 24.00 264.00 62.00 300.00 300.00 Size 100 gms mini size 200 gms 24.5 kg. Small 264.00 24.00 33.00 24.00 size 200 gms Big size 250 gms 30.00 30.00 26.00 26.00 264.00 24.00 Moong Punjabi Special(50% Masala Udad & 50% Special Moong) 13.00 62.00 264.00 26.00 / Big size 500 gms 55.LIJJAT PAPAD:.00 122.00 108.

open space.MANUFACTURING PROCESS The manufacturing process in Lijjat is a continuous process. The dried papad are usually delivered back to the production center next day when the sisters come to take fresh dough. Fixed quantity of masala i. 1 kg of pounded dough should yield 820 gm of dried papad as nearly 120 gm can get evaporated during the process of rolling & drying of papad. They go back to their home & roll out the papad. It does not require much skill. Daily chores start in early morning around 4:30 am or even earlier depending upon the work load. The chunks of pounded dough are sent for distribution among the rolling sisters. When desired quantity of water & masala are added in each batch of 11 kg dry flour & the flour is kneaded in dough. the weight of the dough go up to 17 kg. The sisters have standardized the entire process. In the 2nd stage the papad rolling sisters srrive from their home to production centers to take the pounded dough. it is very easy to find out the whether the dough is properly kneaded & pounded. mainly in the bright sunlight. airy. In order to save time & expedite the work. The entire process is very simple & carried out manually without using any complicated machine. For the 1st stage properly cleaned empty cans or tins are kept ready & in each tin 11 kg flour is poured. 21 . The rolled papad are dried in clean. Large tubes of water containing necessary proportion of salt & soda-bi-carb are also prepared & kept ready. This is how the papad rolling sister who take 1 kg of dough must have to deliver back at least 800 gm of dried papad. The sisters receive their rolling charges as soon as they deliver papad. In the 1st stage flour is kneaded into the dough & is pounded in big chunks. They can take as much as may be desired by them. The papad packets are then sent for marketing. this part of the process is usually carried out on the previous day so that the flour kneading work can immediately startin the early morning.e herbs & powdered spices are then added in the flour. However they have fixed lower norm of 810 gm of as standard yield & in addition to that a further loss of 10 gm is considered as acceptable loss. In the 3rd stage papad received from sisters are checked for their quality & packed.


DATA COLLECYTION METHODFor this project. Various steps & techniques adopted for research are studied in research mrthodology. Customer s expectations & suggestions. DATA TO BE COLLECTEDa) Primary data: It is that data which is collected for the 1st time. The survey was conducted with the use of questionnaire. b) Secondary data: It is that data which is already assembled & need not to be collected. the primary data which needed to collect for the 1st time was gathered through survey technique which most effective & popular technique for data collection. Customer s actual experience of the brand. It may understood as science of studying how research is done scientifically.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY INTRODUCTIONResearch methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problem. company booklets & reports. 23 . Current market share of Lijjat Papad. Primary data I collected wasCustomer s view about various attributes of brand. The secondary data was Company profile Product profile It was collected from internet. Major competitors.

3. Further sub-types used are 1. a) Closed ended: These are the questions that specify all the possible answers that are easy to tabulate & interpret. Dichotomous questions: These are the questions with only 2 possible answers. Rating scale: It is a scale that rates some attribute from poor to excellent. Word association: Respondents mention the which comes to their mind when the hear the brand name. Unstructured questions: Respondents can answer in unlimited no. Multiple choice questions: These are the questions with more than 3 or more answers.RESEARCH INSTRUMENT- Questionnaire consists of following types of questions. 24 . 2. b) Open ended: These type questions allow respondents to answer in their own words & often reveal about how people think.of ways. 2. The sub-types used are- 1. They are especially useful in exploratory research where researcher is looking for insight into how people think rather than how many people think in a certain way.

25 . In the project I studied market in Pune city. As it was impossible to approach all respondents of city. It was filtered & only relative data is introduced in the report which helped in achieving objective of the project. This small group represents the total population. a sample was selected which represent whole city. The areas selected were- Prabhat road Kothrud Gultkdi Bibvewadi Sahkar nagar DATA EVALUATION: All the data collected was not accepted as it was collected.SAMPLING: Sample is small group of 60 consumers is taken under consideration from total customer population.


so new customers of brand are comparatively less. Only 10% is from 1 to 5 years product usage group. That means customers are much loyal to the brand for considerably high duration of 16 to 20 years.DATA ANALYSIS & INTERPRETATION 1. 27 . Most of the customers are old customers enjoying the brand for more than 10 years. FINDING OUT CUSTOMER LOYALTY OF LIJJAT PAPAD CUSTOMER LOYALTY Years of product % Population usage 10 25 20 35 3 7 1 to 5 6 to 10 11 to 15 16 to 20 21 to 25 26 to 30 Customer Loyalty Chart 7% 3% 10% 1 to 5 6 to 10 25% 11 to 15 16 to 20 21 to 25 26 to 30 35% 20% Majority of the customers are from 16 to 20 years product usage group.

The weakest player is Saral Papad . holding 17% of organized market. ASSESING ORGANISED MARKET OF PAPAD. 28 .2. The next major player is Bikaneri Papad . ORGANISED MKT OF PAPAD Comp name Lijjat Bikaneri Jain Bedekar Pravin Saral % Share 60 17 9 7 5 2 Organised Market of Papad 7% 9% 5% 2% Lijjat Bikaneri Jain Bedekar 17% 60% Pravin Saral Lijjat Papad is holding 60% share of organized market.

3. Local brands actually are that products which are not branded but marketed. 29 . but for convenience they are called as Local Brands. PAPAD INDUSTRY SCENARIO IN INDIA(ORGANISED & UNORGANISED MRKTS PAPAD INDUSTRY SCENARIO (ORGANISED. UNORGANISED MKT) Sectors Home made Local Brands Organised mkt % Share 31 9 60 Papad Industry Scenario 31% Home made Local Brands 60% 9% Organised mkt Organized market is holding major share of 60% in papad industry. Total un-organized market is holding 40% share. & Local Brands 9%. contributed by Home Made 31%.

30 . People are quite trusted towards quality of Lijjat Papad. it has got lower weightage.4. Customers feel more satisfied because there are considerable varieties of Lijjat Papad which are consumed according to the occasions. UNIQUENESS OF THE BRAND Factors Taste Quality Variety % Weightage 72 12 16 Uniqueness Of The Brand 16% 12% Taste Quality Variety 72% Majority of the customers feel the Taste as most unique factor. but when compared with taste & variety. FINDING OUT UNIQUENESS OF THE BRAND IN CUSTOMER S MIND. The next factor is variety.

23% customers gave Very Good ranking. They suggested to improve in packaging as it becomes somewhat sticky. 31 . a) Packaging Ranking 1-Very Good 2-Good 3-Bad 4-Very Bad % Weightage 23 52 18 7 Rankings Given To Packaging 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 52 % Weig h tage 23 18 7 1-Very Good 2-Good 3-Bad Ranks 4-Very Bad Most of the customers feel that packaging is Good . & only 7% gave Very Bad ranking. 18% customers gave Bad ranking to the packaging.5. RANKING OF DIFFERENT ATTRIBUTES OF LIJJAT PAPAD .

27% said it is Good So in all. availability of Lijjat Papad is best. gave Very Good ranking to availability.e 2% each.b) Availability Ranking 1-Very Good 2-Good 3-Bad 4-Very Bad % Weightage 69 27 2 2 Rankings Given To Availability 80 % Weightage 60 40 20 0 1-Very Good 2-Good 3-Bad Ranks 69 27 2 2 4-Very Bad Majority of the customers. Bad & Very Bad rankings are given by very few customers. 32 . i. 69%.

It is by the women & for the women . 29% gave Very Good ranking. 64%. have Good image of the company in their minds. 33 . Very few customers gave Bad ranking. of people know about organization. Considerable no.c) Company Image Ranking 1-Very Good 2-Good 3-Bad 4-Very Bad % Weightage 29 64 7 0 Rankings Given To Company Image 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 64 % Wt 29 7 1-Very 2-Good 3-Bad Good Ranks 0 4-Very Bad % Weightage Most of the customers.

14% buy it as Socially Approved product. 11% customers feel self respect for buying good quality product in affordable price.6. 34 . 29% people feel Joyous to eat various varieties of Lijjat Papad on various occasions. CUSTOMER S FEEL ABOUT THE BRAND Feelings Joyous/Cheerful Social Approval Self Respect Security Customer % 29 14 11 46 Feelings About The Brand 29% Joyous/Cheerful 46% Social Approval Self Respect Security 14% 11% Most of the people buy the brand because they feel that healthwise Security for the product. like they trust that all the ingredients used are pure & are of good quality. They have image of product that people from good society buy this product.

7. Words Honest Upper Class Daring Reliable % Customers 37 20 4 39 Words Describing The Brand Well 39% 37% Honest Upper Class Daring Reliable 4% 20% Reliable (39%) & Honest (37%) are the best words to describe the brand. only 4%. as there are very less innovations introduced to the brand. Very few. 35 . WORDS DESCRIBING THE BRAND WELL. 20% people think that it is Upper Class brand. think that it is Daring .

26% % 22% respectively. Retailers & Relatives are near about contributing same. 36 . The least popularity is of Peer Group . 2%.8. Media Advertisement Retailer Relatives Peer Group % Customers 50 26 22 2 Most Popular Medium Of Publicity 2% 22% Advertisement 50% Retailer Relatives Peer Group 26% The most popular medium of publicity is Advertisement . FINDING OUT MOST POPULAR MEDIUM OF PUBLICITY OF LIJJAT PAPAD .

After that in 2004.7 16.24 2002 2003 2004 Year 2005 2006 Sales of Lijjat Papad are increasing as per this 5 year s data.48 20. 2006. SALE OF LIJJAT PAPAD IN PUNE.24 25.43 17.48 20. it is ever increasing.43 17. Year 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 Sales In Crores 16. 2005.7 16.26 16. 37 .26 Sales In Pune 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Sales In Cro res 25.9. It somewhat dropped in 2003. The is quite high in 2005-2006.

SALES ALL OVER INDIA. 38 . Sales in 2005 have jumped to 311 crores from 278.25 279.48 278.25 278. Year 2002 2003 2004 2005 Sales In Crores 279.22 2002 2003 2004 2005 Year Sales all over India is following somewhat zig-zag pattern.48 287.22 311 Sales All Over India 320 Sales In Crores 310 300 290 280 270 260 311 287.10.22 The vast increase in sales was due to better managed distribution networks & depot system evolved in many parts of the country.


Many customers complained about packaging. From the survey. So Lijjat Papad as major player in organized market has even better opportunities in future. CONCLUSION As a summer trainee in Lijjat Papad . that it become somewhat sticky many times. People are much satisfied about the taste of papad which is the main reason for their purchase.FINDINGS Many people who come across defective papad do not complaint to company. because more & more women are getting employed. It was realy very interesting interacting with customers & have an insight into brand image in their minds. People respect this brand as reliable & honest brand & feel joyous eating lijjat papad. Some customers have complained about packaging & prices where company has to improve. especially due to it s taste. & are well aware of various attributes of the brand. 1 variety should made such that it should more thicker & larger in size so as to make masala papad. 40 . But in all it can be concluded that most of the customers are satisfied about the brand. Some customers said that . The main aim was to know the factors & attributes of brand which customer look when he goes to buy Papad. The organized market of papad industry is growing. Lijjat papad has developed loyal customers & good environment in organization. they just ignore it. in all concluded that people are quite satisfied with the brand. income levels have increased & most of the women don t get time to roll papad at home. I would like to conclude my project work on Brand Awareness Of Lijjat Papad .


42 . Try to bring more innovations like more varieties.SUGGESTIONS Forecast market trends & try to adjust supply accordingly so as increase market share & take advantage of established brand image. Some consumers perceive that price of Lijjat Papad is somewhat high so if possible company should think on it s price positioning in market by revising prices. Time to time market survey should be conducted. Company should improve it s packaging. sizes & their different combinations.


So there was many times problem in conducting survey & transportation. NON-RESPONSE ERROR: It is almost impossible to obtain data from each & every respondent covered in sample. 44 .LIMITATIONS AREA LIMITATION: The study was limited to Pune city only. Hence findings may differ from other parts of India where I have not visited. BUSY RESPONDENT Many times respondents were so busy that they didn t give reply. There are always some respondents who refuse to give information. OTHER REASONS There were heavy rains during the period of survey. There were biased replies also. TIME CONSTRAINT There was time constraint to this project. The project has to be completed within 2 months.


Very bad 46 . Ganesh d. Any other- 2) From how long you are using this brand? 3) what are the factors according to you makes purchasing of Lijjat Papad a unique experience? a) Taste b) Variety c) Quality d) Any other- 4) Rank the brand according to following factors1.QUESTIONNAIRE FOR TESTING BRAND AWARENESS OF LIJJAT PAPAD Name: Age: Address: 1) which brand of papad do you use? a) Lijjat b) Bikaner c. Good 3. Very good Taste Packaging Quality Comp. Bad 4. image Availability 2.

5) What do you feel when you buy Lijjat Papad? a) Security b) Self respect c) Social approval d) Joyous/cheerful 5) Does Lijjat Papad completely satisfy your requirements? a) Yes a) No If not. why? a) Change in packaging b) Price increase c) Non-availability d) Innovation a) No 10) Through which medium you came to know about Lijjat Papad ? a) Advertisement b) Retailer c) Relatives d) Peer group 47 . which requirements? 6) How well do the following words describe the brand? a) Honest b) Daring c) Upper class d) Reliable 7) Do the people you admire & respect use this brand? a) Yes a) No 8) Are you aware of all the varieties of Lijjat Papad? a) Yes a) No 9) Which are the other brands you have purchased in last few months? a) Yes If yes.


Lijjat.R Kothari. WEBSITE o www.com 49 .REFERENCES BOOKS o Marketing management Philip Kotler o Research methodology C.

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