The Watsons Go to Birmingham

Chapter 1: Characterization

The Weird Watsons

Daniel Watson

Mom Oldest child

Wilona Watson

Byron (By) Watson

Kenneth (Kenny) Bernard Watson

Narrator; middle child
Youngest child

Joetta (Joey) Watson

• For each member of the Watson family, we will create a tree map that shows both direct and indirect characterization.
– This is a review skill.

Tree Map Example

Tree Map Template
For each character, find a total of FOUR direct and indirect characterization examples. • Our example does NOT count. • You may use the Character Word Traits handout to help you with indirect characterization. • Make sure quotes have quotation marks and page numbers. • You only need to find two total for Joetta.

• You may work together.

Why is the Watson family referred to as the Weird Watsons?

• You will use the following template to answer this question. • Please remember that when you rewrite your template, you are copying it word for word, using correct spelling and punctuation.

• The Watsons are referred to be outsiders to the family as the Weird Watsons. One example of what makes them weird is (insert an example from chapter one). The narrator describes this (insert quote from story that backs up the example). (Explain how this makes them weird in your own words.)

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