The Seeds of Greatness

The Leadership Campus Workshop
Leaders at Campus Levels

____________________________ Length
Two to Three Days

____________________________ Assessments
Leadership Traits Inventory

Today more than ever, there is a dire need for leaders to inspire us to dream, to participate, and to persevere. The Digital Age has shrunk the world into a village thereby presenting us countless of opportunities to make a difference. The Leadership Campus Workshop offers participants the chance to do just that – to seize the initiative and make a difference. The Leadership Campus Scheme is about how leaders are born properly – while they are young and their idealism still runs true.

Planting the Leadership Seed

Burying the Seed to Grow

Watering Leadership Skills

Nurturing the Leadership Process

Real Campus Leaders are trained to mobilize their fellow students to want to get extraordinary things done for the greater honor of the school. It’s about the practices leaders use to transform values into actions, visions into realities, obstacles into innovations, separateness into solidarity, and risks into rewards.

Enabling Leaders to Emerge

Benefits of Leadership Campus Workshop
• Identifying weaknesses your personal leadership strengths and

Encourage Leaders to Bear Fruits

Assertiveness training Communication skills Team building Presentation skills Project management Performance management Executive coaching

• Communicating your personal fundamental values and beliefs • Setting the example for others by aligning actions with shared values • Expressing an image of the future and inspiring others to share a common vision • Searching for opportunities to take the risks needed for growth • Building collaboration, teamwork, and trust • Strengthening the ability of others to excel • Recognizing the accomplishments of others • Applying Campus Leadership organizational challenges Principles to a current

Young Leaders will be taught how to climb the leadership ladder and develop themselves one skill at a time until they have acquired the prerequisite confidence to stand at the pinnacle of power to survey the great responsibilities of the role they have chosen to own. True leaders. What you have to BE •Generic Leadership Qualities 2. How to DEVELOP yourself as a Campus Leader •Be prepared •Be proactive •Be reflective 6. among the people and challenges. however never stops at the top. What you have to KNOW •Learning to Learn 3. The Leadership Pyramid below best illustrates the multi-level concepts the participants will be exposed to during the action-filled lecture and activities of workshop. How to turn core leadership functions into SKILLS •Planning •Controlling •Evaluating •Motivating •Organizing •Exemplifying 5. The journey downward.How the Workshop is Designed Teaching leadership to students presents its own unique opportunities and challenges. How to lead at the STRATEGIC level •The functions of a strategic leader •The importance of practical wisdom •Leadership for desirable change 7. our newly-trained leader will discover is far easier after one has made the necessary sacrifice to learn and prepare at the beginning. How to GROW LEADERS in your School •develop a strategy for leadership development •selection •training for leadership •career development •culture creation • line managers as leadership developers •the chief executive 8. Finding GREATNESS in people Barbara Esperanza-Barrios Programme Director 0906-3319889 . We have created a training program that will students in primary and secondary education to become immersed in Leadership Campus Principles—the core of Student Leadership and develop a level of expertise aligned with the depth and integrity of The Tripod brand. They know full well that their mission is below. Seminar Topics 1. What you need to DO •Task •Team •Individual Empowerment 4.

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