C3 System

How to Drive Conversations On Social Media, and Convert Them to Customers

• Speak to upper management and stakeholders why you need to be on social media • Set goals and objectives • Identify metrics to measure success

L1 - Establish Goals

• Develop a list of keywords based on industry drivers • Set up monitoring tools to pull data from relevant sources, geographies and languages • Filter and re ne data

L2 - Data Collection

• Identify hot topics of what your market is talking about Your brand, products, industry and competitors • Identify in uencers • Create Buyer Avatar

L3 - data analysis

• Marry o ine media campaigns with social media • Buy ads on targeted social media platforms • A/B Testing

G1-media buys


• Approach in uencers, o er them what they need • Engage them to spread the voice of your brand • Nurture and maintain relationships

G3 - Engage Influencers

o n i t o r r e

• Identify 100 Topics relevant to your brand's target audiences • Humanize your brand, create Brand Persona

E1 - Identify Content Strategy

• Establish Editorial Calendar • Produce and syndicate content accordingly • Set up Viral Campaigns

E2 - Establish Social Media Campaign

• Drive fans, followers, readers into sales funnels

E3 - Monetize

s u l t s

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