Advanced Sql Server 2008 DBMA Trainings 1. Planning a SQL Server 2008 Installation 2.

Preparing for the installation 3. Performing the installation 4. Verifying the installation 5. Restoring SQL Server 6. Database Mirroring and Clustering 7. Monitoring SQL Server 8. SQL Server Performance Optimization 9. Maintaining SQL Server 10. Managing SQL Server 11. SQL Server 2008 Functional Concepts and Architecture 12. SQL Server 2008 Physical Concepts and Architecture 13. Launching SQL Server management tools. 14. Creating and Using a Database 15. Migrating, Consolidating, and Upgrading 16. Instance-level authentication 17. Distributing Data with SQL Server Integration Services 18. Linked Servers and Replication 19. SQL Server Database Security 20. Goals of high availability 21. Backing up SQL Server 22. Using SQL Server Agent 23. Creating and managing jobs DVD-1 DVD-2

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