com/news/politics/la-pn-palin-libya-obama20110324,0,3679235.story There has been criticism over Obama’s actions both from Democrats and Republicans, from anti-war liberals and from neo-isolationist conservatives. Lawmakers have complained they have been snubbed and their constitutional prerogatives usurped by the executive ordering military attacks as part of an international mission to protect civilians fighting to oust Moammar Kadafi.

OBAMA LOSING CREDIBILITY AND LEADERSHIP NOW – BONJEAN 3/25 (http://www.usnews.com/opinion/blogs/ron-bonjean/2011/03/25/obamas-americaflying-blind-on-libya-japan-and-the-budget Ron, head of Public Affairs Firm in DC) There is a feeling in the ether that America is flying blind. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said that the strategy for our assault on Libya was put together “on the fly.” It seems like Obama was pressured down this path of action, instead of providing focused, decisive leadership to make a well-thought-out decision. At the same time, he flies Air Force One on a strangely timed goodwill tour of Brazil, Chile, and El Salvador that we could coin “Operation Odd Dawn” when American fighter pilots are risking their lives on Operation Odyssey Dawn, a mission without definition. All this is happening while Japan, the world's third largest economy, is facing the biggest international, humanitarian, and financial crisis since World War II. Let’s not forget that slowly approaching its destination is the looming federal budget shutdown. No real negotiations have taken place since Congress adjourned, and both parties are complaining that the president is asleep like the air traffic controller at the Reagan National Airport control tower. Meanwhile, Republican and Democratic sides are struggling for guidance and may or may not figure it out before it’s too late. America requires a strategic flight plan that will provide a real sense of economic and national security. It didn’t get one from the president’s State of the Union. It didn’t get one from the administration’s budget proposal. And it didn’t get one regarding the crisis in Libya. Wasn’t it strange that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was chosen to announce that NATO was assuming command? It seemed very presidential. The commander-in-chief is desperately needed to be at the controls and operating an effective government. President Obama doesn’t understand that perception is reality. He must be that strong pilot who will calmly reassure passengers as America is flying through severe turbulence. That’s why President Bush and his administration received the blame for aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, because there was a feeling he was not in control. The crises and strange events unfolding before us on a global scale are giving many of us that same feeling of helplessness. “I have convinced my husband to sell the damn plane,” McCaskill told re-

who's going to get that presidential visit to vote--we may not prevail.porters on a conference call Monday afternoon. Maine). Asked about the bipartisan show of support for the South Korea deal. . most part of the House Trade Working Group in favor of a more fair trade policy. Mike Michaud (D. economy. who heads the caucus..) and trade subcommittee head Kevin Brady (R. Nine lawmakers. On Monday. “I will not be setting foot on the plane ever again. Skfta Uniqueness/internal link DEMS ALREADY FIGHTING SKFTA – GOP RESENTMENT WILL CRUSH THE DEAL – WALL ST JOURNAL 3/16 http://online." The effort to kill the deal comes at a time of growing divisions between the White House and Congress on the timing of submitting the South Korea pact and two other trade deals held over from the previous administration--with Colombia and Panama. Mich. Calif. while trying to work out remaining concerns about the other two agreements. 44 Republican senators tried to increase the pressure by signing a letter threatening to hold up any nominations for Commerce Secretary or any other trade posts until President Barack Obama submits all three trade deals. held a press conference to try to educate fellow members of Congress and the public about parts of the deal they believe could hurt the U." he said. Rep." said Rep.com/article/BT-CO-20110316-714432.html A group of House Democrats said Wednesday they were seeking to rally opposition to the free trade agreement with South Korea. The administration has begun technical discussions with lawmakers on the South Korea deal with the hopes to win a quick passage. The move was backed by key Republicans on trade issues in the House--Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp (R.S. Republicans have grown increasingly impatient about the lack of progress on the Colombia and Panama pacts.. "One of things that we're doing is educating our colleagues on what this trade deal is about. However.wsj.. "There hasn't been much discussion among this administration because I think they really do want to keep it quiet.. demanding that all three be sent up to Congress together. "If their articles are going to focus on horse-race questions--how many votes does this side have. Brad Sherman (D.) acknowledged at Wednesday's event that the effort to defeat the South Korea deal may fall short if reporting only covers votecounting. Texas)--who said all three have the votes to pass. Americans may want to do the same thing in the voting booth come November of 2012. warning that it would cost jobs and open a back door to a flood of imports from China.” If President Obama doesn’t step up and show real leadership soon.

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