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Published by: Andrew Giovanny Alvarado on Mar 19, 2012
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The coat The previous night, David and I went out with a couple girls that i met on facebook

. Two down puerto rican mamies ready to get drunk and for the cause. And this is how it all went down. I on facebook routinely checking on my messages and I see Loca’s status: Single and Ready to Mingle.. So I to the opportunity to ask what was she doing that night. Mind you I never met that night and never really had a conversation with her. So she replies: Hittin guitar bar with my girls. Getting wasted!! I reply: So whats good we have to pre game. She replies for sure heres my number im bout to shower and get ready.. So i thought i needed a wing man, first thought luis vela but then changed my mind. then all of a sudden david calls me.. yoo im comong out the gym....oh word.. so whats good... you tell me... i got some birds wanting to chill... pregame at her crib...alright trills.. so ima get dress and call you wen i get out my house. bet... time is like 730.... at 800 she calls me shes done getting ready.... so im waiting on david to call me.. so i tell her that. so now they tired cuz they waiting on us.... thats when david calls me he getting out his house now... at this time im finishing ironing my shirt... so now i get out the house and start walking towards roseville... thats wen i call and agree for him to turn on seventh and i go to the liquor store. once at the liquor store i go in.. funny man at the counter hey you buying?? yea let me get the 2 litter of ciroq coconut and wheres your tequila... let me get the 1800... great .. how much.. 62.15... ok thanks charge it,..then i get out. go next door to the grocery store buy tewo arizonas ice tea cranberyy and an orange juice.. then go to the counter and ask for playing cards.. ask for bees but said it was three dollars and aviators was 200 ... so i tell him same shyt they good and he agreed so i paid... once out the store david calls me. yo im on 7th and 4th ave,,, no you not you would see me,,,, ok i see you,, click... then we meet up and david is a little tipsy or high... and i say yo you already feeling nice... nah im good.. where these birds at... they said here.. ima call them.... hey sweetie wheres the house at... where ya at.. im here at the corner.... ok im at 375 north 7th... ok come outsidde.....so she opens the door and she is looking fine and sexy.. so i introduce myself and david... we go uptsiars and once in there we see her little munchin friend wit a face cuz we were late.... so now i take out the bottle to kill the tension so local started taking the cups out. then we took off our coats and started making cuentas for weed to smoke.. he took out a bag from his balls and gave me over 60 worth for 40... and we started rolling... then we took out the cards and i tried to explain acy deuci to them. david imediately got it and then loca... missy was taking long rolling.... so then we started playing for shots as we smokes and L every body starts losing and takes a shot in the first round... and then again then we rolled another two and ecided after them we were gonna leave then started smoking again until both girls stopped and we decided to stop but kept smpking againg and called the cab... then we let and me and david decided i was gonna pay the night if he gave me 40 and stayed with 10 and so he did... then we went to the bank wells fargo.. stopped and took out 500... then we left to the club.. i told loca tonight i have you all night.... im celebrating.... i got a raise at work.. then we went to the club... paid everyone to get in.... 50.. then went inside... looked at crowd.

but to no avail. me too where you at.... and the girl starts yelling and david tells her shut up bitch.. wait its not that kind of party i invited just you for a drink not her... i give him the ticket but now hes so twisted he went outside instead and threw up next to the entrance.. because of daylight savings time.... He asks me for the coat tickets. i try and follow him but he disappears.. let get him. ciroq 220.. he hears hey this guy is fucked up .. then he dips off and i lose him again. he looks like he has money. and says damn im getting fucked up. then i see him. and shes alwayas on her so cant dance with her.. so david is leanin on a wall. then he keeps walking to another block and 5 guys are walking towards him... he was saved. but befor i found out their were closing at 130.. so i went back to the table i finish the bottle and then go look for david..... im fucked up please get me....... then we wanted to get in but they didnt let him so now hes outside with no coat and fucked up. so he wait in front of penn station and his sister calls where you at... **************DAVID SIDE OF STORY***** He goes with the ciggaretter to the bathroom and see that its full... wave your hand or something.... by this time he started feeling nauseas so i he gets up he sees a girl taking out a cigarrete and snatches it from her and leaves.. but we didnt so he hussled us for the hookah.. and david wobbly punches on and then goes on the way...... two rings in the hand and goald chain... im at ferry st.. but the it was too far so decided to move.. so then decided to move closer we dance a little all together but then it was awkward... so we move and missy doesnt let loca free....... then he walks a couple steps down the block and a couple is behind him.... the guy goes behind him and david suprisingly hits him with a one banger and knocks him out. come get me please at ferry st by penn station... then we had no more cigarattes and i tell david.then went to coat check. so now i cant even enjoy my bottle. he deseved it......and she keeps yelling and he walks away around the block and throws up again..... very happy... look at him...... and we gave her out coats and she gave me 4 tickets at 2 dollars a pop so i gave her ten with tip. the girls ask for the coats so i give them the tickets... he says yo hes fucked up. and she says you think. come on im right here.. i give him the 4 and he ramdonly picks 1 and leaves .... we all have hookahs.. i see them dancing with another guy so i just was there staring like a dufus and then the night finish and i got a corona...... so she understood and took the drink.. we right here.. i cant see ya. met this guy.. so now im pretty twisted so i go back to the table finish my drink and go look for the girls. he asked one girl on his right she said no then he asked the one to his left and she looked at her friend and he said.... then went to the bar.... then you hear run hes a cop. yea we in the vip chilling.. and then they came back with . paid first round and then decided to get a bottle.. im right here.... ok.so now decided to move tables to be closer to the dance floor... then i received the 4 tickets. then he starts walking towards the car and they get him and he goes home *** MY SIDE** .. as they leave they boy on the floor. then he calles his sister... he really has to throw up so he comes back and see me.. there met a pretty lady.then went up at vip...... was cool as hell..so then went back to david where he was drunk and talking to bitches.

and they fought. he says hes home already and long story.. and she throws a leather jaket......... yea she is.. so we walk to the building.. and i try and look for david.. so then david starts talking about his football card collection and i say . thats foul. so i get dress and meet him half way.. then a cop comes and we start walking and we talk about volley ball and ecuadorians playing for money. what happened to you last night.. we spark up and i leave her a voice mail.. you wasted mad money last night. guy tries to get me for 20 but i puch it to 16 and then he takes me home i eat one sandwich and he puts good african music very soothing at night... he doesnt believe me.. but a white girl she can be a hoe but she look good as hell and saintly.. aight ill hit u up tomorrow. then david calls me. whats the number.. ima check.. long time no see... i have it.. yooo man thats wusup.. these bitches bounce on me too and one got her coat switched..... we smoke and i tell him im done with hood rats but im just a sucker for loop earrings and curly hair. i was like damn why you bounce on me.... so i was just trying to get to her place to get my ballie and the bottle of 1800. now i got a leather coat...... now i have to coats on me... yo i have to go to her house and get my bally and bottle. then i get text that she doesnt have her fone and she got into a fight.......... we get to her spot and nobody there.... then they leave outside while i get ready and put my coat on.. great that i had a good connection with the coat check girl i beged her to give me my gilrls coat and that she had left home without her coat but her ticket..... i work in chatham and theres this white girl i met cuz i picked up her garbage and she came out the garage with a spandex and just woken up.. i compliment him. i seen her three times... i just wanted to eat that pussy up.three coats and hers was lost....... yo i was fucked up im sorry i got you spam ..... so i said ok... i go stash the corona call david....... eat another and go to sleep. im in love with her.. i thought they mistken it so i had a new jacket.. she disappears.. but she never answered back. damn thats probably her coat. nah man!! thats my coat... but no one is but someone was gonna scoop us up. the next day i text her to see what happened.. a puuerto rican from the hood as much saint she could be. so at 4 david calls that hes on his way to my house.. the moment i here someone touched her she tainted.. so i go to penn station and get two xtudo and an ice tea and then take a cab........... with the family.... peace... hows lucas... she told me my shyt was at her house and she was gonna be there later..... ok let me get ready i’ll go wit you. she apoligized and that she got into a fight because a girl was on her brother dick and she was disrespected.......... then he tells me his story.. so she got it for me.. then leave the place.... as we walk he tells me his story all over again... i try and call loca but nobody pick up ......... so i told her i had her coat.. lol what... then i come home... it was cee and joanna. its cool... so i was omg...... so now im stuck alone.. i never got it i had to throw up.. so as we walk he makes a call and check if someone at the studio. he good. then i went to the door and beged the guard to let me in and he did....... yea. shyt not me. and they pick us up. they leave i put my corono im my pocket.. what!! for reall!!! yea man... 107.. so what happened to the ticket. yo.. so now we get ready but the girl been giving me the run around all day about the time she getting to her house..... and then we roll a blunt. next time.. yea he has two kids and his wife is so nice.. i go straight upstrairs.

.......... cee agrees.. but i forgot her coat in the car. david suggest to park somewhere to not waste gas.... so then we smoke two Ls and then dropped me of... he says ok ok .. so i calm down and the girl asks whats funny and im dying inside stoping to laugh.. nah its cool. so now im eating peanuts as i wait for my salad to be prepared when a kid starts singing to the girl waiting for her sandwich. ...... i dont have the time for this... no i want a cheese steak...lol.... many versions made of it....... so i start laughing hard. then we smoke two Ls.. and he turns around... . the chef with a heavy indian accent says to her you want number 86 chicken cheese steak. i wanted that burger. so then i tell him i want a salad lettuce tomatoe and onions with sal pepper vinehgar . yes its number 86 cheese steak chicken. theres this black girl trying to order a cheese steak......... lol. i walk towards the gas station and theres a bum asking for change.... lol... so after that they were making noises......... damn.......... called them back so started walking towards the gas station and then he gave me the coat. ok ok . number 86. then another guy asks for a cheese burger with onions and he says ok ok.the only cards i collected was pckeman cards.. once inside i go towards the back and wait my turn to order. cheese steak? yes cheese steak.... are you serious.so i open one and thats when the guy asks me what have i ordered and i repeated myself... no i want the cheese steak. and he keeps asking me why im laughing but the more he asks the more i want to laugh. at this time he put the chicken on the grill when the an indian guy associated with the store calls out on a kid trying to steal some cupcakes... nah buddy i dont have it.. i go and check the nuts stand cuz i wanted pistacios but ended up getting something spicy and something sweet...... bunch of kids came in the same time. the chef still hasnt put the burger on the grill... you got it.. close to the gas station and hungry i decided to get something to eat. cee says.. everyone stares...... he you still havent put the brger on the grill...... then the guy ordered the burger comes and asks for it.

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