Consumer Preference, Behavior & Satisfaction In Different Indian Telecom Industry


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A more in depth definition will also include how that process impacts the world. and dispose of products and services. biology. use (consume).What is consumer behavior § It is the study of consumers and the processes they use to choose. chemistry and economics. All marketing decisions are based on assumptions and knowledge of consumer behavior 3/19/12 § . Consumer behavior incorporates ideas from several sciences including psychology.

Indian telecom industry has the highest growth rate in the world. -  India‘s mobile phone subscriber base is 3/19/12 growing at a rate of 82. With a growth rate of 45%.  . India has nearly 200 million telephone lines making it the third largest network in the world after China and USA.Introduction The telecom industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India.2%. Much of the growth in Asia Pacific Wireless Telecommunication Market is spurred by the growth in demand in countries like India and China.

. around half the country's population will own a mobile phone. India is currently adding 8-10 million mobile subscribers every month. among the highest in the World.  3/19/12 . translating to a tele-density of ~46%.a. According to Business Monitor International. the Indian telecom industry is booming. enjoying a growth rate of ~45 % p. The Indian telecom industry has witnessed a significant upswing and is presently on a high speed growth path.Introduction • • With a growth rate of 45 percent. India currently has ~550 million telecom subscribers. It is estimated that by 2012.

Compared to that India ’s share in Asia Pacific Mobile Phone market is 6.4%. 3/19/12 .Introduction China is the biggest market in Asia Pacific with a subscriber base of 48% of the total Subscribers in Asia Pacific. Considering the fact that India and China have almost comparable  populations. India’s low mobile penetration offers huge scope for growth.

3/19/12 .Aim of the study Aim of the study is to analyze critically the customer preference and their satisfaction in telecom sector.

Objectives of the study   The subject matter for this research Project is to study the consumer preference towards the various mobile service providers. To find out the satisfaction towards the various service providers. 3/19/12 . To know which advertisement media puts more impact on the buying decision of consumers. This project consists of different objectives. They are as follows:  To know about the customer preference level associated with different mobile service providers.

Research Period: 3/19/12 . For the purpose of present study a related sample of population was selected on the basis of convenience. The actual retailers were contacted on the basis of random sampling.Research methodology Survey design: The study is a cross sectional study because the data were collected at a single point of time. Sample Size and Design: A sample of 300 people was taken on the basis of convenience.

Research methodology Research Instrument: This work is carried out through self-administered questionnaires. which is collected for the purpose of study. The questions included were open ended. is divided into 2 bases: Primary Source: The primary data comprises information survey of “Comparative study of retailer behavior towards ITC Candyman and 3/19/12 Candico”. The data has been collected directly . Data Collection: The data. dichotomous and offered multiple choices.

s of Questionnaire 3/19/12 .Samples Sample Size: Sample Frame Sample Unit Constraints respondents Survey : : : 50 : New Delhi South Delhi & NCR Time & No.

Which type of mobile connection are you using? Prepaid Postpaid 3/19/12 . Do you have any mobile Connection? 2.Questionnaire: For “STUDY OF CONSUMER PREFERENCE TOWARDS VARIOUS MOBILE SERVICE PROVIDERS” Name – SexYes 1 3 male No 2 More than 3 female 1. How many mobile connections do you have? 3.

Which advertisement media influenced your 3/19/12 buying .P.Contd: 5.R. Are you satisfied with the services? Yes No IF NO then why……………………………………………………. 6. Which factor influenced you to select a particular network? Coverage Roaming facility Call charges G.S Others Specify…………………………………………… 7.

Contd: 8.Rs 350 Above Rs 500 9. Would you like to change your current service provider in future? Yes No 3/19/12 .Rs 500 Rs 150. How much is your monthly expenses on mobile phones? Less than Rs150 Rs 350. From how long you are using the services of this particular service provider? 1 year 3 years 2 years More than 3 years 10.

Literature Review An Introduction to Indian telecom sector. • • History & reforms Indian Telecom Policy GSM V/s CDMA • Facts Growth drivers • • Industry growth drivers Market factors 3/19/12 .

and 3G 3/19/12 .Telecom Operators • • Introduction Mobile Service Providers FDI in Indian Telecom • • Introduction Effects of FDI in indian telecom 3G Spectrums • • • What is 3G What is Spectrum Difference B/w 1G. 2G.

Isolating the members from a group can make the study disruptive. Data or the samples could change in carrying out research through simple random sampling. 3/19/12 . Data so collected is very much distributed and doesn’t resemble any particular section of people. Time scale while conducting the research was too long. Difficult to carry out as there was no defined strata of population.Limitations: • • • • • • The sample size chosen is limited and thus it doesn’t supports cent percent authenticity.

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