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New York Voters Deserve Answers from Brooks

Now that Maggie Brooks has been wooed by Albany and DC insiders to run for Congress, it is time for her to answer some serious questions for voters. Monroe County Voters already know that Brooks tenure as county executive has been filled with scandals, but little is known about Brooks positions on the federal issues that are critical to work in the House of Representatives. Here are a few questions that Brooks should answer for the people whose votes she is trying to earn: 1. Where do you stand on Paul Ryans soon-to-be-released budget plan that would end the Medicare guarantee? 2. What will you do to stop the GOPs ongoing war on women in this Congress? 3. Do you feel that employers should be able to deny birth control coverage to their employees? 4. What presidential candidate are you supporting in the GOP primary? 5. What is your position on Roe vs. Wade and a womans right to make her own health care decisions? 6. Do you support the continuation of the Bush tax cuts for millionaires? 7. Would you support a stronger STOCK Act with the political intelligence provision to hold Wall Street and Congress accountable? 8. Would you have voted to raise the debt ceiling? 9. What will you do to stop the flow of unregulated corporate spending on our elections caused by Citizens United? 10. Will you vote to stop illegal Chinese trade and stand up for American workers?