An American Rune Poem


The exploitation of cattle, Is harmful to global ecosystems. Boycott beef!


A shot of espresso, And it’s off to work. Do you feel like an ox pulling a cart?

Thurisaz: By Thursday, Most people are Weary of the grind.


Not everything you see and hear on tv Is true. Some manipulate the media to their own ends.

Raidho: A long commute, Is better with your favorite tunes. Still light traffic is a boon.


A flashlight illuminates, Only part of the room. Don’t mistake this for the whole.


Contracts are binding, It goes best, When all parties agree.

Wunjo: “….life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Hagalaz: Disasters like hail storms, Are usually unexpected.

Nauthiz: May I have the serenity To accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And the wisdom to know the difference.


Watch out for the ice On the sidewalk! Unemployment and a broken leg, Get boring.


Celebrate Thanksgiving, Every year.


It is an old tradition, To plant yew trees, In cemetaries.

Pertho: Enjoy the game, But don’t bet too much, And don’t drink and drive.

Elhaz: Preparation is the best protection. These days lock your door at night.

Sowelo: The Sun is central to our solar system. Without It there would be no Life.

Tiwaz: A vision of the top, And personal sacrifice, Will help you climb the corporate ladder.

Berkano: Women can now choose When to give birth. Many wait until their careers Are settled.


The horsepower of an SUV, Will get you to Where you need.

Mannaz: Homo Sapians are The thinking apes. Treat all with respect.


A surfer will wait All day for the perfect wave. Beware of sharks.

Ingwaz: Sexuality is nuanced. Like the rainbow, It has many colors.

Dagaz: Get up! The alarm is going off. Today is the day.

Othala: The world is Truly our home. A healthy environment Supports who we are.

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