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Drill Press

A drill press is a
vertically mounted
variable speed
drill motor used
for drilling precise
Drill Press
Drill press HEAD
consists of base, ARBOR
table, head, arbor, SPINDLE 
spindle, chuck CHUCK


Drill Bits
Drill bits are very
sharp and must be
handled with care.
Hold only by the
shank, wrap a rag
around the flutes,
or use gloves to
install or remove.
Drill Bits
Choose the proper
bit for the material
to be drilled: wood
vs metal, high
speed vs low
Drill Bits and
Secure the bit
properly in the
three jaw chuck.
Make sure the bit
gets centered in
the jaws and
installed tightly.
Always make sure
the chuck key is
removed before
Drill Press Setup
Always back up
the material to be
drilled to protect
the table and to
prevent tear out
of the material on
the back side.
Drill Press Setup
Clamp thin or
sharp stock in
case the bit grabs
it and it becomes
a dangerously
sharp spinning
Drill Press Setup
Make sure that
the arbor will clear
the stock and also
pass entirely
through the
material to be
Drill Press Safety
Besides setup
guidelines before
Always wear
approved eye
Secure loose
clothing and long
Always keep hands
clear of cutting
Drill Press Use
Layout for
locating and
drilling a hole in a
workpiece is
accomplished with
an “X”
The tip of the drill
bit contacts the
intersection of the
lines to ensure
Drill Press Use
The sides of the bit
are very sharp! Keep
your hands away
from these surfaces.
Hold the workpiece in
such a way to
minimize injury.
(example: turn the
piece around to hold
it in a safer position)
Drill Press Use
Hold down on the
workpiece to prevent it
from coming up with the
drill bit when you let up
on the arbor.
Turn off the machine but
do not leave it until it has
stopped completely.
Clean off with a bench
brush, not your hand