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75. Man Of God, Elisha Captured The Strong Aramean Army, Causing Them To Lose Courage In Violating Israel Again

75. Man Of God, Elisha Captured The Strong Aramean Army, Causing Them To Lose Courage In Violating Israel Again


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Published by: lifechurch on Dec 02, 2008
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Children Bible Overview 75


Teachers to read bible scripture: <2 Ki 6:8-23> Children to memorize bible scripture: <2 Ki 6:16> Recap Children, last week, we saw how Elisha healed Naaman, the General of Aram. From then onwards, General Naaman believed and followed the Lord, God. But because Elisha’s servant, Gehazi was concerned about his own benefit, was greedy for money and therefore caused the King of Aram to still look down on Israel and did not respect Israel’s man of God, Elisha and the Lord, God. Introduction The King of Aram hence continued to violate Israel and attacked them, gaining possession of their land. There were many times when the King of Aram and his officers discussed to set up their camps in such and such a place, so as to capture the King of Israel. However, many times, man of God, Elisha always foiled the enemies’ schemes by warning the King of Israel. Hence, the King of Aram could not capture the King of Israel. The King of Aram was enraged and summoned his officers, demanding, “Is there a traitor among us who is continually helping Israel? Else, why is it that we cannot capture the king time and again?” One of his officers said, “None of us helped Israel, my lord the king but there is a very powerful prophet in Israel called Elisha. He knows all the king’s plans and he warned the King of Israel.” The King then ordered, “Go and find out where he is so that I can send my men and capture him.” Later, they found that he was at the city of Dothan. The King of Aram sent horses and chariots and a strong force to surround the city to capture Elisha. When the servant of Elisha woke up the next morning and saw that an army of horses and chariots had surrounded the city, he asked Elisha urgently, “Bad news! Bad news!” However, Elisha said, “Don’t be afraid! Those who are with us are more than those who are with them!” Therefore, Elisha opened his servant’s eyes and the servant saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha. As the enemy came down toward him, the angels caused them to be blinded, such that they could not recognize Elisha. Elisha came out and led the army to the city of Samaria in Israel. He then opened their eyes again. The King of Israel then prepared the army with bows and swords to kill all the enemies. However, Elisha said, “Do not kill them! Let them eat and drink and later sent them back to where the King of Aram is.” The King of Israel did as he was told and gave the strong Aramean army food and drinks and later sent them back to their country. From then, the King of Aram and the entire army was afraid of Israel’s God and the man of God, Elisha. They did not have the courage to violate Israel again.

1. God told man of God, all the schemes of the enemies 1) Although the Aramean army was strong, they were unable to violate Israel because man of God Elisha knew all the schemes of the King of Aram. He told them all to the King of Israel so that the King of Israel and his army were prepared. 2) God told all the enemies’ schemes to man of God, Elisha for 2 reasons: (1) Because God loved Israel, His original intention was to save and protect Israel so that Israel could attain victory at all times (2) Because Elisha is a prophet who loved God and loved Israel (God’s people). Therefore, God revealed Himself to him and through him, saved and protected Israel. 3) Therefore, children, when we are like Prophet Elisha, who had a heart that loved God and loved Man (parents, brothers and sisters, friends), God would tell us about the devil, Satan’s schemes. Therefore, when we pray, our parents, brothers and sisters and friends will be protected by our prayers and not be swallowed up by the devil, Satan (deceived).

2. Man of God, Elisha often saw that God sent His horses and chariots of fire to surround him 1) When Elisha wanted to help God’s people of Israel, the enemies were very angry and wanted to capture him = When we want to bless the people whom God loves, the devil, Satan will think of all means to attack us, such that we cannot have peace, be fearful, upset, etc. 2) However, Elisha saw that he was already victorious (Those who are with us are more than those who are with them!). God’s angels and army surrounded him. Therefore, while there were many enemies, he was not fearful = When we know that we are serving God and submitting to Him, even though the problems around us are great, however with God helping us, who can triumph over us? 3) Elisha was not only unafraid of the enemies but on the contrary, he greatly triumphed over the enemies and captured the entire Aramean army = Therefore, when the devil, Satan uses problems to attack us, God’s plan is for us to be victorious and disrupt all the work of the devil. 3. Man of God, Elisha single-handedly captured the Aramean army, such that they lost courage to violate Israel again 1) When there is one person like Elisha who loves God and loves God’s people, even he alone can expose all of Satan’s work, and changed an entirely bad situation around to save all people. 2) When there is one person who is like Elisha, and often sees that God’s heavenly angels and army are surrounding him, he is not only unafraid of any problems but on the contrary, in the midst of problems, attained greater victory and caused all the enemies to step back in defeat. 3) When there is one person like Elisha who is raised up, and wants to pray for God’s people, to help them in his lifetime, protect them, even the kings (King of Israel) will listen to him and enemies do not have the courage to violate Israel because of him. Question: Do I want to be like Prophet Elisha? Then, who can be like Prophet Elisha? Answer: First, we must believe Jesus Christ. Thereafter, know the promise of the 4 gospelization that God has given to us. Thereafter, start to pray and seek, save and help those people whom God loves (parents, brothers and sisters, friends, etc).

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