Statement to the Press-March 19,2012 Regarding Skyler Rae Kauffman

The last 10 months have been incredibly difficult for my family and L Skyler was my son Eric's only child lind our only grandchild. Skyler was the apple of Ifly eye. She had a zest for life and brightened a room when she walked in. We miss her terribly. James Troutman committed the most horrible crime one could imagine in broad daylight. It saddens us to think that people have become so self absorbed that on a 70 degree day in May at approximately 5:00, that nobody came to the rescue of an innocent 9 year old girl who was screaming for her life! I am asking anyone reading this to do the right thing, in Skyler's memory, by coming to the aid of an innocent victim. I am also troubled by laws that PROTECT the rights of people who live on the edge and commit crimes at the expense of innocent victims like our granddaughter. Our family is grateful to Mr. Troutman for taking responsibility for this horrible deed, by putting himself before this Court today, and by accepting his punishment. By doing this, he has spared our family, relatives and friends the agony of a horrific trial and will allow Skyler's death to remain with dignity. We would like to thank the District Attorney and her staff for their hard work andfor caring. We also want to thank Judge Carpenter for presiding over this case and also Mr. Troutman's defense team for their part in helping to bring this to a peaceful conclusion.

March 19,2012 Statement to The Court Honorable Judge Carpenter
Dear Judge Carpernter: I would like to thank you for the opportunity to present our statement to the Court relating to the murder of our 9 year old grandaughter, Skyler R. Kauffman on May 9,2011, by James Lee Troutman. Skyler was our son Eric's only child and our only grandchild. She was the apple of my eye. We were blessed that we got to spend a great deal of time with Skyler, watching her grow up, as she learned to ride a 2 wheel bike, learned to swim and dance, and started to value her independence. Skyler had a zest for life:she loved to play, go to dance class, go to summer camp, and she loved her puppy. Her last dance recital in May, 2010 was a beautiful event and one which I will always remember.In addition to the above, Skyler loved to go to the Memorial weekend carnival, go on amusemant park rides at the shore, go sledding, and to the dark park as she called one park with 2 story fully enclosed sliding boards.Setting up the 8 ft pumpkin and cat before halloween was a famility activity. Her father loved to take her on the diving board, go sledding ,and bowling. I have so many wonderful memories;one in particular sticks in my mind. There was a father daughter dance and my son was out of town. I took Skyler.She wore a beautiful back and white dress with a corsage . In fact ,Skyler picked out my tie, the same one I am wearing today. It was one of those magnificent 70 degree spring days, with a bright blue sky similar to last May 9th• Life is a gift regardless of the length and we will all remember the good times whenever we can.

Life without SkIer has been painful and will never be the same . We miss her terribly, especially around Holidays like Halloween which she loved. We have grieved and continue to grieve, but our familiy is greatful that Mr Troutman has taken responsibility for this horrible deed, putting himself before this court today and is accepting his punishment. By doing this, he his has spared our familiy , relatives and friemds and everyone who knew Skyler ,the agony of a horrific trial and will allow Skyler's death to remain with dignity .We hope somehow that Mr Troutman has an opportunity to find peace and that God will forgive him. We would to also like to thank the District Atttomey and her staff for being incredibly thourough , patient, and professional and for caring .We also would like to thank Mr Troutman's defense team for their part in helping to bring this to a peaceful conclusion and allowing our grandaughter to die with dignity.




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