URBAN FICTIONS Genre: Rock/hard Rock Current Lineup: Banin- Band Manager (Management and booking agent

, Official Photographer) Diat- Vocals&Guitar [Song writer, Composer] Tanim – Bass guitar [Composer] Mark – Drums&Vocal [composer] Rashel- Keyboard [Composer] Contact Info: Banin (Band Manager)- +8801913910358, +8801673016460 Email- banglalegend.music@gmail.com Tanim (bass guitar): 01670023651 Email: nom.infer13@gmail.com HOW IT ALL STARTED( History ): Urban Fictions is a Bangladeshi rock band from Dhaka. was formed in 2004. Debut single: bidogdho onubhuti 2008 rong by maroon music 2nd single: Kalo murti 2009 rock 202 by G series 3rd single: Keno ishhor 2010 rock 505 by G series. The band wants to put on their first debut full length by june of 2011.

The Reason Of Naming: We did not think too much for the name when we made it. The band needed a

name and we thought this would go perfect for the band as the lyrical theme goes along. It does mean the world that we pretend always, the world in your way. Full of Rock'n Roll, colors, nothing more specific! << Achievement >> 3rd Released Track: KENO ISHSHOR - Our 3rd released track from Mixed Album "ROCK 505" from G-Series, co-ordinate by Iqbal Asif Jewel - 2010 2nd Released Track: KALO MURTI - Our 2nd released track from Mixed Album "ROCK 202" from GSeries, co-ordinate by Iqbal Asif Jewel - 2009

1st Released Track: BIDOGDHO ONUBHUTI- Our 1st released track from Mixed Album "RONG" by "MAROON MUSIC" -2008 Urban Fictions is the Runner-up band of "Moo's Band Fest" Organized by windmill - 2009


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Album : BISSHORJON UTSHOB In the album there are nine tracks. The title track of the album is BISSHORJON UTSHOB. All songs composed, tuned & arranged by the band itself. Tracks of the album: 1. Bisshorjon utshob 2. Deyal 3. isporsher rong 4. tomra kothai?? 5. Angel 6. Adhar kabbo 7. Shopno bondi 8. Bishad chaya 9. 2050 URBAN FICTIONS have lots of fans & followers inside & outside of Dhaka. It is an active band, as a result it is always busy with its studio work & practice. Now a days the band is busy with their next recording for some upcoming band mixed albums & more importantly getting prepared for the upcoming live shows inside & outside of Dhaka, radio live shows & the TV shows. For any kind of communications, contacts or query, contact with BANIN: +8801913910358 or In the facebook fanpage: facebook.com/pages/Urban-Fictions


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