Changes from Recommended Plan to Final Court Plan

(Red dotted lines indicate boundaries of Recommended Plan; black solid lines indicate

boundaries of Final Court Plan.)

1. Districts 7 and 10: The Brooklyn Waterfront Fix with Sunset Park Offset Move Brooklyn waterfront from Recommended District 10 to Recommended District 7; move two blocks in Sunset Park from Recommended District 7 to Recommended District 10)



2. Districts 23 and 27: Wyoming County Fix with Ontario County Offset Unite Wyoming County in Recommended District 27; modify the split in Ontario County so as to attain the requisite population for Recommended District 23.



3. Districts 23 and 27: Canandaigua Fix Unite town of Canandaigua by moving zero population block from Recommended District 23 to District 27.


4. Districts 25 and 27: Hamlin Fix with Clarkson Offset Unite town of Hamlin in Recommended District 27 by moving census block with two people; Move split in Clarkson so as to achieve perfect population equality.


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