OGR CG Arts & Animation UNIT: 5 Animation

By Amrit Chohan


Logline………P1 Premise………….P1 The Animation script………..P1

LoglineFreddy a chair is been bought by a customer. Then is becoming very nervous and starts to run the shop.

PremiseNow what well Freddy do as he is running in the shop?

Animation ScriptStarting in a furniture shop the chair is minding his business and a man comes in as he wants to buy a chair. The chair is nervous and frightened and starts to run around the shop. The owner of the shop is shocked and faints. But the buyer is not and wants to still buy it. (Madness) The chair runs and approaches the glass door and jumps through it and then runs in the middle of the road. Then getting struck by an incoming lorry. Freddy is then smashed to bits it and spread across the road. Never to be awaken again.

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