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Affidavit of Siyam ©Kiapilanoq/CAPILANO™

Affidavit of Siyam ©Kiapilanoq/CAPILANO™

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\ APR 2 1 200B DOCKET S036483
" -.\
- .. "?€"G I ,,'J
.......... ?
A. PLAINTIFF: I am known by name as Sovereign Hereditary Siam/Chief: KiapilanoTM2, Creditor_
Surety, Agent act ing in full capacity as Author of the Trademark) Copyright Autograph for CHI EF
in any style of cause. I am the gatekeeper of the West farthe Pacific coast of my Squamish™
Nation Lands and Natural Resources on lands known in Admiralty/Maritimejurisd iction as corporations
"'BRITISH COLUMBIA" and "CANADA". I have personal knowledge of the matters and facts hereinafter and
B. As the eldest, survi ving male or my father, George-Johnston: Capilano™ and Sovereign head of the
©Squamish™ Nat ion, the ' royal' hereditary DNA of my Family Name runs through my body, mind and spirit as
Sovereign Hereditary Siam/Chief Kiapilano™. As the Sovereign Hereditary Siam/Chief of the Squamish
Nation Lands and Natural Resources, I declare my ri ght, position and title as a sovereign man ofnalural
inheritance from my natural grandmother, Josephine: Capilano™ to name my father, George-Johnston:
Capilano™ in her Last Will and Testament of September 20, 1923. A copy of thi s Last Will and Testament is
available upon request for a fce.
C. JURISDICTION: From the John Bouvier's Revised Sixth Edition, 1856 A Law Dictionary,
"Once jurisdicli on is chal lenged. Ihe court cannOI proceed when it clearl y appears Ihal the court lacks
juri sdiction, the court has no authority to reach merits, but, rather, should dismiss the act ion". Melo v. US, 50S
, '$ R stale oflx:,ng h,g/lct Ihan "Royahy" defined by colomal EucOJlClln language, I have Ix:Iow me 0"'" 200 he • ."j,t;>ry Ch,cf$ ,n .. ghl of cla,m On T"nlc
1'01ltlilC, as alii krcd,taryCh,c(s and ofl hese Lands.. ..... e sland 115 '.lfQng 'p,m. and soul. like. arro ...... ,n a buneh ,hal can "01 00 broken Iksl"(c llx no""y of
abuse and a ... cnda ... n"<,,dc orcloesl",,,,d by the Go'''mmen1S .....ho opc""e fron' ahenJunsdkl'On.
, The toIle of",y Name IS nQ! dear as INAC crossed my Family Name oUI ofh,story book. IG dehberalely pruv,de hes aboul my Tnlt and genealoG,cal cia"". 10 d,e
Squam,sh'" NanOft Land, A. a True m.mbe. oflhe Rc<! Race,!he word ··ch,ef does nol u,st because the ·"' h'le 13<c·' lias crealed th,s t,tle 10 "'ake Tn,. from
lhe [-'Ind. bchnc the Corporale Ehle frQm a!;"nJunsd'CllOft ","On!s that !.leal. kill my people and dCSlJOy our $quam,sl,r .. NahOlt Lands .. ><1 lhe fUlure fOI ow child",n. Ihw,.y
1"0\"" thaI 11M: CorpQfliIlC Ehl. w,lI oon(on,"e WIth thil dc:snucllon unllilhe True claHlu oflhe Red Ra<:c lin' spoken. fell. heard and seen "Il,e W .... d ·S,am' to
lhe true con«1 trad,IIonal descT.ption !llleofm)' family
'Trade-.na.l< a fal>(,) name. or lrade name, or lIlt name ofan ,I\d,v,dual or firm The Compact Ed",on of the Oxford EngJisb Cl971 Un,vcf5"y ....
, ntis EnghsIIlE"r0pc3n :;pclh"G ofn,y Fam,ly Name ,. used 10 $Ieol my Ii'll righl oflo"" cla.m mleo"'" lhe Sqwum.h'" NailOR 1,,"<Is. people a,Kl nmural ... <owe., In
dclotl(:rale atlempllo me f'on, m)' Inhcr.:nl ngltllO ovor the Nat""'. lands and nalW1lI .esources. I lay firsl cla,m 10 lhe IIlle oflhe Squ.lm,sh'" Nato""
I"nd. 1\;11=1 rCiOU,Cc. as II ,s my I"" r"",. "shlrul .nhent.nee 10 do 50 on lhe name of l'.ace
KOTIC. : TO I'HINCl I'AL IS NOTI(".: TO ,\C.:N"r. NOTICE TO ,\GUIo" IS NOnn: TO \'\l.I NCII' ,\L
c.... ..... """""" IYH _oW. oU "Hh" m<t\'<d TN" 1";"""-.. T,odcrnaot ""beL""""",, N .... or,,,,, .s«u"d ".ny,,,, "'" N,""" II",,,,,, .. DcbIor ,n ... <lyle f'ond""""orU .. I
II .. odnllyC"h,d Ki""il, ....... prn<T>Imi. ,nfu,m .. "", ,. m)' r,,11 upa<:nYUI C,od.Of. "'SC1ll. $eQ"ed P"Y. ""' ..... ""twoT ..... ""'" Fo .. oly ",m< ... ,"" ..... 1M On, .. ,le"'a..",
I'o! crUU:F ( ... "U .... I'O I ","!!,>,'omo<i b)' CII""""" lIwlun!ll!OC1"", ond Squl"'slo'" N,,,,,,, Iongllou .. !,o""..nh oqui ... bIe,cmt<!y bralOf'pd ''''''''''''..,my.qjln and m.:do .. ,,, "",,_i. u.,,_'
>mI' .... <If eomm<t... l'hi .... PRIL lOO1 AfHLlA Vn· '2 ' .... , .. "" 1m" Adm,!lllI)IM","m' I .. i",lo",,,,,, .. ,!>O 00) 0<\'l1li in ,two ..... i!lj",esc of,1Ic HOUs.!; 01'1'111' ROTI tS( iII!.!)S. ""'J<lI"
.tw<hoJId ... fo< II .. WORO 1M"!!; .1Id ,a III .... r.:.rned llId .. ,,!u"'. un<l<n<1nd 'lilt ,...,. i •• rama, Trade ... !\< 'I.",. 1""<0"'" oI'wr (:ol; .... T"I1"'.1 "",d I .. , rut "ur ... ""y P<t .... """"P""
(",onur""",,,,",,,,,,,,,,,,,, I.J
Juml: Quod Meum CSI sme me aufcrri non polCSt - What is mine cannot be taken away without my consenL
F2d 1026. I claim Common law jurisdiction understood by the Europeans as natural laws of the land for the
people by the people and laws of the SquamishTM Nation longhouse laws by estoppel by Final Order and
Equitable Remedy by Estoppel.
D. DEBTORS: The Named Debtors are known by people as civil servants in service to Her Majesty the
Queen in Right of CANADA and descri bed on the Bi lls of Costs for the Plaintiff, attached as Schedule 4 to my
Statutory Declaration. Ex· Parte Applications by Un Known Third Parties to remove thi s regi stered Lien will
Name the Reporting Parties as automatic Debtors to charges of Theft pursuant to the CCC S. 322(1 )(2)(3X4)
and S. 330( 1)5 without further Notice.
NOW THEREFORE with Valuable Security' and in consideration of this Canada Postage stamp affixed to this
APRIL, 2008 AFFIDA VIT #2 receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby accepted and acknowledged, and I
make the foll owing declarations. attestations conscientiously believing them to be true, and knowi ng that it is of
the same force and efTect by virtue of the Canada Evidence Act (a), TAKE NOTICE THAT:
1.0 Attached as Exhibit "A" to this Affidavit is my Statutory Declaration, to confirm my Statement and
Claims pursuant to the Truth in the Name of Peace on Earth/Gaia.
2.0 This infonnation is entered and filed into Admiralty/Maritime Jurisdiction for the record as a Manifesto
Directi ve thai has supreme jurisdiction to govern my sovereign claims. This infonllation is not questioned nor
asscssed as to its authority. My exhibits are evidence of the claims made and they do not come with a request to
interpret its intentions or validity. This Manifesto Directive is my Truth as the True Landlord of the
Squami shTM Nation lands and natural resources. Furthennore, this Manifesto Directive is my right of claim to
honor and respect ollr Creator' s unwriuen Uni versal Laws, Common Law jurisdiction and Squamish™ Nation
longhouse laws existing before 'whi te man' set foot upon my untaxed, un seeded sovereign Squamish™ lands.
3.0 Legal Maxim: Actus legis nemini facil injuriam - An act of the law does injury to no man.
Imcrprctation: An act of the law is to be so limited in its operation that, no right shall be prejudiced. Precedent :
2 Ill. Com. 123; 69 Ga. 400: Ilroom. Max 127. 409.
4.0 STATEMENT OF CLAIM: As the Sovereign Hereditary Siam/Chief K iapilanoTM of the
Squami sh™ Nation, as a traditional hereditary individual living under customary Squami sh™ laws taught to me
by my great forefathers to protect the fUHlre of my natural father George·Johnston: Capi lano and natural mother.
Edit h-Marguerite: Flores, their chi ldren and grandchildren. This legacy is what Ill y great grandparents left for
me, my children, grandchi ldren and the future of my SquamishTM Nation people. My responsibility is to make
sure that our customary laws will always be respected and protected. Our Nation 's tradition to drum is to ofTer
the rhythm of the ocean as Earth' s heart beat and so we give thanks to the food Ihnt nurtures the spiri ts and souls
of all li vi ng things.
5.0 A PROMISE MADE: The Creator of All Life Force has asked me to protect this Land, her animal s
and natural resources for the future of seven generations by defending the Squami sh™ lraditional lifestyles 10 be
sovereign/tax free and right to free travel, customary laws from being violated and disresl)Cc(cd by indi vidual s
• S HO( II 'l1Icfl b)' JleDOn 10 K<!OUn l - f.very one comm'ts Ihell ",ho.havinS .e«.ved 3n)1hms from Mny I"'rstm un lem" l ha, "''IU1!C hm' 10 :ac<:ount for 01 p;ty" or
.n.c JIrOO.'ccdJof" 0" pan of.n.c p.oo;«d5.o lhat p(.son or IlI\Otbet pttWII. fn".dulefltly faJls 10 _oun. for or pa)," 0I1n.c proc«dl of n Of the pari ofrl>c ofl1
accOfdmWy f' 241
6 V.h.able $«...-.Iy ",d udes (I)"" order. uch«Iuoer acqu,tl3l'lCt 01' od • ., .. _"my ltu" tII"l," tl>c mle o( any pc<son e'l 10 I sha<c ... ,nlw:sl ,n a public 'If
flll>d ... ,n "") (und ofl bod)' COfPO"IIc. OIl11)O;lCIy.or{li) 10 a depos'l '" I (b) any deed. bootl. bIll. noIe. "",r.tJ\'. order or otbet
$CCw"y for mOM)' or for paymcnl of monc:y. (,). doctmlC'nt oft,t ie'o IIn<h or gorxb " herc'"cr ",llQlcd. Cd). Jtampor .. ..,IInl,hal 5«"'" or 1IIk: 10 or an ,,,,=51 II.
I chand pcrsooW. or tNoI c.'Micnces of I thane! an:! (c). rece,pt. or other nOS'"'!tIm1 PI)"men' or monc) Podtet Cnm'ftal Cork.
C8n"dl. t'l2003. pi !
"----,-o=·,=·'"CO' OT=O-'-.-,.- "O"=' -A-.. ="='C·O=T =' =C=' =TOO='-C=.'="' ""O·.-,=o=,O· ,"C=' ="'=O-'=C='=. ' ="='='=' "O="'=' C=,=. '=· O'"" , •• O,O,C· C::: II'·,\I_
c..nc"", ...... IOJl ....... " TNtI T_ID,"'Copynpo fII_oI'l ... $uutodPany' .. 'IIt:......"Bu ....... I_or .. ...,..ylcol' ...... Cooodi""""oIl· .. I
s....er"'P Ilc>odf\Oly n..er K"",,,,,,,no .... uofonnot_ ,. ot)' fUll copooI) .. I C ........ "' ...... StaI.ed hny •...... !>or oflho T ......... c..rr,,," "'_........,.. "' .. y .. ylr '" caul<
r", CClm,f (' 1 ........ _ lit C ........... r ... w piod"" .. ...., Squom,oh'" N .. "", kill........., ......... "h """...tllc "_1 lit ... 1JIIpd ... .,.." ... "'l' ,;po ...., ft-S- ID ___ ," "",,, ... ,
n .. ,." <II' c-mofCC fh/f "" '1111. 'ZOOI: ", f flU,o\vrT ,,_ .. od ,No ....,"'" ... y,"' ... , .... /w''''I(U'''' I ..... (0) ..... '''1 III ,Ito bosI .1IICfU oflho IIOUSE OF TIlE ROHtS{'IIILUS. "'¥"
"' ...... >M .. f!>O ,he ",0110 II ....... "'1'& !'lIMed ..... nd 1I... ,IIer< i •• r."",y COII)'ii'" s .... 1"01«1"'" ,,(SIIT(N"" r ,iU""'J "'nl "",ful •• ",."", PO> .... , ....... S,o .. ,
(",,,,of_m"" ... ,,,,,, :!oj
Jurar: Quod Meum esl sine me non IlOh.:st - What is mine canoot be taken away w,thout illY consent
who do not respect Ollr customs. As we honor our self governance over the ancient teach ings of self healing
medicines, the right to hunt, to fish, to speak in our SquamishTM language and travel freel y. No one has a right
to take my Family name without my written consent as our customary Jaws are meant to li ve in hannony 011 thi s
Land with each other. It is when indi viduals livi ng in our community who violate and disrespect ollr customs,
that the spirit of peace is broken. Despite wrinen Notices to stop the genocide against my people and stop
privatizing Mother Earth ' s natural resources, the following Named Debtors continue with crimes of genocide
which is punishable by international laws. The privatization of natural resources on stolen lands described in
Treaties created in illusionary fi ctional AdmiraltyIMaritime alien jurisdiction have no force or elTec! for they are
fraudul ent papers of commerce. Named individuals who continue to remain silent by these served papers and
dishonor my Family Name and SquamishTM traditionallonghouse laws despite my suggestions to meet in the
Name of Peace are instructed to leave my Squamish™ Nation Territory 011 the Pacific Coast ofTurtJe Island
THIS fiduciary interest acceptance by Sovereign Hereditary Siam/Chief Kiapiiano™, Creditor, Secure Party.
Agent, Author of Copyright Name, Trademark Claim autograph for CHI EF ©CAPILANO in any style of cause.
seals this lawful instrument with due di ligence as evidenced by my nesh and blood autograph, receipt and
sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged and accepted, to exercise my ri ght to li ve free without malice
aforethought, ill will, vexation or frivolity, without corporate dictate. I declare the aforesaid to be true.
DATED thi s 2 [day of April, 2008 on Squami sh™ Nation lands of supreme j urisdiction, tax free, usury free and
innat ion free on Turtle Island land mass known by name as the North American Continent.
WITNESSED BY ME in the City of New
Westminster in the Province of British
Columbia, thi s 2 1 day of April, 2008.
) Autograph of Sovereign Siam/ Hereditary Chief
) K iapilanoTM, Surety, Creditor, Author of the
) Copyright Trademark Name Claim autograph
) for Ci-l IEF ©CAPILANO in any style of eause,
) True Landlord of the Squami shTM Nation lands
-..b and natural resources
Pubbc laking Affidavits in the J
British Columbia 'V(l"tz, 4'"} !\to/. 'Iy v
tv. 0 _ -<f(
.' 6'0.; fJ-: S. I Sf.
NOTARY SEAL 'S.oS,se "';"<'1
1>8 '11 S?' 6
........ "" ptOM .. 11137 pcrp<!IllOl. all T", .. IIICIenW,,, Tr-odtmark 10 , ho.C"I"Y'ijjh! N ..... or' .... Se<:u!nll' ar1y'g ' ho Nomod II" ...... Dd>tot in ""v .. ,Ioor_ .. CI:moJ" ..... oru'" I.
s.,'<rClj!n lI .. ed" .. K' lP,lo..,'" 1""""'" "''' mfonnooioo ,n fUlI _ny., As<". Sec..red P"'y, Au,,,,,, of,1>< TDII<n ... k rom,l. No"", ••• anp'y!': "'Quo<
to< OCllll;.F I .... i!U'anod by Co""""", Low l""..t,,,,,", uod Sqwon,,,I1'" N .. "", iongh>use II"" ... ."h <q.I,u.ble r<mody by ... oppd \0 .. "n:o .. " iii" anilli..oom '" coni,"", 'n u,",.,.aI
....,' ... of .... n'IOf<c , hi, AI' Rll 2008 AFFIIJA VIT 'Z" <fII .. ed ,,00 Admi,.HyIM.."lmt Juri"'",,,,,, .. ,he 001 "'''''11 in ,hc Ilea 1 .. <1ftI or,hc IIOUS/l ' UlI, ROll lS(' tl ILI>S . ........
w.l'hoold .. torll>< WORD B"NK &riel , U hal< Named l,.j' v ....... uno;\cr .. ond ,,.., F .... ,ly T,od<oru.rI. \ .,... prlfl ... ionoU'H INi"" r"lIio • • 1wd llI"fUl ... """,,)' JI<I an}
Ibrm orcnn,,""ni(:a,.,., J.J
Jurat: Quod Meum e515ine me lIuferri 1\011 POICSI - Wllal is mine cannot be away wllhool my consent.
This 21 day of April, 2008,
SquamishTM Territory, Turtle Island
Exhibit "A" to Amday;t ll 2 of the 1>laintifT, CIIi EF OCAPILANO' " ufthc
SquamishrM Nation and Territory, declared before me;\t Nt: Westminster,
BRITISII COLUMBIA, this 21 dOl) of April. 2008.
In the maner of Lands and Natural Resources
located on SQUAM'IS)-(TM Nation Territory.
Turtle Island, land mass of the North American Continent
and Sovereign Hereditary SiamlChiefKiapilano™2,
Creditor, Secure Party, Author of the Copyri ght
Trademark Names for CHI EF OCAPILANO
in any style of cause and Squamish™ Nation, Lands
and Natural Resources by Heir Apparent]. 0
-.. <;1:0 \.f\
This Manifesto Directive is served To The Namgi ..;, t

Grectings sxwlxwltewsiPcoplc of mlqwt 4xwenclEnrth/Gllia, ; 1
62 '8
PREAMBLE: Thi s inrormation is entered and filed into Admiralty/ Maritime Juri sdiction ror the record %
Maniresto Directive that has supreme jurisdiction to govern my sovereign claims. This infonnation is not
nor assessed as to its aUlhority. My attached Schedul es arc evidence orthe clai ms made and they do not come a
request to interpret its intentions or validity. This Manifesto Directive is my Truth as the True Landlord or the t.r-
SquamishTM Nation lands and natural resources. Furthennore. thi s Manifesto Directive is my right or claim to honor
and respect our Creator's unwritten Universal Laws, Common Law juri sdiction and SquamishTM Nation longhousc
laws existing before ' white man' set foot upon my untaxed, unseeded sovereign Squ3mi sh™ lands.
INTRODUCTION: 1 am known by name as Sovereign Hereditary Siam/Chief Kiapiinno™, Creditor, Surety acting in full
capaeity as Author of the Trademark' Copyright Autograph for CHIEF OCAPILANO' in any style of cause. I am the gatekeeper
oflhe West for the Pacific coast of my Squamish™ Nation Lands located on Tunic Island defined in alien jurisdiction as
corporations "BRITISI-I COLUMBIA, CANADA". I have personal knowledge oflhe matters herein and do Hereby Attest and
State My Tnllh as Follows:
A. As the eldest, surviving male of my natural father, George-Johnston: Capilano™ and Sovereign head of the CSquamishTM
Nation. the 'royal' heritage DNA of my Family Name runs through my body. mind and spirit as Sovereign Heredi tary Siam/Chief
KiapilanorM. As the Sovereign Hereditary Siam/Chief of the Squamish™ Nat ion Lands and Nat ura l Resources, I declare my ri ght,
posit ion and tit le as a sovereign man of natural inheritance from my natural grandmother, Josephine: CapiianoHI to name my
father, George-Johnston: Capilano™ in her Last Will and Testament of September 20, 1923.
B. JURI SDICTION: From the John Bouvier's Revi sed Sixth Edition, 1856 A Law Dictionary. "Once jurisdiction is
challenged, the coun cannot proceed when it clearly appears that the court lacks jurisdiction, the court has no authorit y to reach
merits. but, rather, should di smiss the act ion". Melo v. US, 505 F2d 1026. I claim Common law jurisdiction understood by the
Europeans as natural laws of the land forthe people by the people and laws of the Squamish™ Nation longhouse laws with
equitable remedy by estoppel.
c ____ • I"'_ .. _ .. __ fl_..-floot __ .. _ .. "' ........ .,.., ....... "'.., __ .. _ .... ___ .. __
...... _ ....... _.,_-. __ ..., .... __ .... _ ... __ .. __ .. ___ .... ___ ...... _ ___
.. _.:=,r::=.=-,!: .. a:= "'_ ...-_- .. _ ... .., ...... _ e- .. __ ____ ""T_ .... __ •• __ .. _ ..... __ ....... __ ...... _· __ ...... _T ...... __ ..-_, ... ("_
"""' __ ...-_ ........ w .. ,... ___ s.-' __ ... _Ioo __ ....... c_a.. ..... _ ... ___ .. T_ .... "' .. __
... _...,_ ""' ...... _- • ._ .... _____ "' ...... ..,F.-Ir_
, ... .--. __ ... __ ..... 10 __ .. _.,.100 __ ....... _ ... ___ . __ _ ... 10.... ",._c __ ..... _
__ ..... __ ...,_ ..... _""'., ... _____ • .., ____ ___ -..... "'"._-r_.".I ...... ___ .... _
T._ ...... _ ...... -. ... _"' ___ .......... c-_", .. 0..-""'*'''''''-1_ c:,."o.wu_ -. pl.1"
........ __ .. _I0_.., ........... "' ... _ .......... S'-O.., ______ ..... __ .. __ .. _ ............ _
....... ,. ______ ... - ........ "' ... '_'- ._ ..... ___ .... .., •• ''""'",...r.t_ .......... _'''_
'0'1 In:·t U I'MIM' II''' I. IS NOlKt: TO AGt: vr. '01'10: TO "ct:N"r IS NOTl l ·t: 'I 0
.-.:,.._.", ............. " .... _n .. , .... __ T .... _ .... ... _ .. ' .. _"-'! .... "-... _c_ . .., ..... .,_ (_ .. Ilt< ... .......... ·"'!Io<....-... '·
........ __ ,...... ... ___ ..... ""to!JlOC'.., ... c:- __ ....,. __ ..... l_r ......... ' ...... __ .. _ .... "ot'-.... ... "O t_ ... '....,&ooC_o.-,.......,...
__ "', .. '_ ... __ t_I ... ........ II • •• nh.....-..... "'_' ...... :m .. "'I",IIIt! __ .. --.c .. _ .... t_"'-= SfAlrro.'
.. .., ... ''l-.I .. r_ A-- .lIIohtdo _1M>n,,""_, __ ... "" ..... _ ......... ,,,., "' ... 1<1 ___ , UOUSI'Of'nn' o.onost-HtWS ........ _Io.jj, __
C"'1"'._.-""' ........ _ l 'OfIl ..... T _____ .... _aoma')""_"""""'..,_ot .. ....
JUrUI Quod Meum est si ne me uuf.:rri non potcSI - What is mine C8I'I1lOI be: laken uway w,lhoulmy I.."onsent.
NOW THEREFORE with Valuable Security' and in consideration of this Canada Postage stamp affixed 10 this APRI L. 2008
STATUTORY DECLARATION attached as Exhibit"A" to my Affidavil #2 receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby accepted
and acknowledged. and I make the following declardtions, attestations conscientiously believing them to be true. and knowing that
it is of the same force and elTeet by virtue oflhe Canada Evidence Act (a), TAKE NOTICE TI-lAT:
1.0 USER AGREEMENT: Attached as Schedule I to this Statutory Declaration is a copy of my User Agreement. placing
the Named Debtors on Notice of my Copyright Trademark claim to the OCAPILANOTM Name in any style of ca use without my
written consent for the use of my family Name through any fonn of communication at $9" (NINE TRILLION) hard lawful
currency debt and to name my Family Name as the Creditor.
2.0 I claim Common law jurisdiction understood by the Europeans as natural laws oflhe land for the people by the people
and laws of the Squamish™ Nation longhouse laws with equitable remedy by' estoppel in matlers of commerce pursuant to my
Manifcslo Directive and Statement ofCJaim allached as Schedule 2 to this Statutory Declaration.
of Canada (RSC c. 1989), the Preamble makes reference to the fact that legal til Ie of all land on Indian reserves "re:us .wlely willi
the Crown ... ". I submit thatlhc Church. INACand Named Government of BRITISH COLUMBIA and CANADA are solely
responsible for the genOCide of my SquamishT."I Nation Peoples pursuant 10 the aforesaid lAC wherein:
I) Sec. 18: The federal Minister of Indian Affairs (MIA) controls all reserve land,
2) Sec. 46: MIA may declare the will of an Indian to be null and void, and Ihat person to have died intestate (ie. without
legal heirs),
3) Sec. 52: No more than $3000 per year may be given to any Indian child by a native band,
4) Sec. 57: Reserve land cannot be sold without it firsl being surrendered to the MIA, who may then use the land in any way
he decides and Sec. 58: Uncultivated or unused reserve land may be "improved" by MIA (eg: sold 10 "developers").
5) Sec. 61 : MIA controls all band council funds,
6) Sec. 68: Once in jail, an Indian loses control over all money from MIA, which revens to government (ie, a great financial
incentive to the government to incarcerate native people),
7) Sec. 73(1 )h: MIA may direct compulsory hospitalization of Indian and (f) require medical "experiments".
8) Sec. 74: MIA controls all elections of band councils on reserves, ie, when they are called, procedures, and who can run,
9) Sec. 78(2·3)b: MIA may remove any Indian from office or disqualify them for six years from running for an election and
Sec. 79: Governor-General of Canada has the same power as in Sec.78(203)b,
10) Sec. 81 : No band council may make by-laws inconsistent with the Indian Act (ie, the band counci l is not a sel f-governi ng
body and has no autonomy).
II) Sec. 83: MIA must approve all money by-laws,
12) Sec. 88: No Canadian law is applicable ifit is inconsistent wilh the Indian Act (like the Chaner of Rights and Freedoms).
13) Sec. 91 : All cultural ani facts on a reserve are controlled by the MIA (including grave sites, ancestors' remai ns, regalia,
14) Sec. 114: Indian Residential Schools still pernliued,
15) Sec. 119: Truam officers may be appointed by MIA to enforce Sec. 114.
4.0 NEW DEBTS: Since genocide ' directives' arc stated in the Acts administered by lhe civil servants in service to the
CORPORATIONS of alien jurisdiclion the evidence of the crimes commined upon me and my Squamish™ Nation people are in
facl. true. I have a claim of right to charge S9T (Nine Trillion) hard lawful currency for each crime that we, the people of the
Squamish™, have and conti nue 10 endure by CORPORATE ELITE governed by Admiralty/Maritime Alien Jurisdiction. These
new charges arc calculated as $9T x 16 s 5144T for new debts plus the criminal charges ofCCC Firsl Degree Murder S. 231(2)
and crimes of Genocide 10 the Squamish™ Nation People.
5.0 INAC AND THE UNITED. CATHOLIC AND ANGLICAN CHURCHES: Located on Squamish™ Nation Territory
Named Churches were served with enforceable Eviction Notices, by my Appointed Tcntpomry Fiduciary Power of Altorney,
Kevin Annett on March 16, 2008 in front oflhe Vancouver Police, local and national Media. A copy of this Eviction Notice is
attached as Schedule 3 10 this Statutory Declaration. "The vision was anchored to the fundamental belieftllal to educate
, ".-SO<..., _ .. I .. _.""'I!oqott _Of ...... _IhII .... Ioo .. ... _ ........ "" _("Of._ .. _ •• .. _ .. ... """ _ ... _ .. _J, .. ,., .. . _ ••
"-"'_11>1"" ___ _____ .. _ _ ""_ .. _..,_ .. -.'<1._ .. _._ . ...... .. _ _ 1>11 . _ .. . _'*"'_ .. "'-,. ....... _ .
• _...-. ...... ... ... ltI.-._-.: .. __ ...--. ... _ .. _ ""'UO c-c ...
'OTIC.: TO PRI;\:C1PAI. IS /IIonel!."'o AC):r.T. ",OTIO: TO ACEr.',. IS NOTICE TO
....... _,.",..,.-. .. ____ ... T __ l .-..... c", ..... _ ..... _"-'l ..... __ DMot .......... _ t_oIUoo' .......... ' ... '-"'-
____ .... _ ... ,..._.,. ... _oi ... T_ r." ..... ........ ""., .. oi.-""CHJI!PL-c ...... UMJ _
__ "' ... f_ .... _ .... ('_ ... •• "". _ _ .. _..,- " ....... _ .. _,._ .... _,,1_"" T1o....... frAlVlOItV
1lf'{U"-"lJON .. _,. ..... rfIDAvr ... ,.E>III .... A' __ ....... ,. ''''''''' _ .. , ... w _ ___ , .. m lJ('HlI.l>S .... ,.""'< ___ ._
r ___ "",_ .. . f_. c<"" ... "" r.-u,_..-.-oI l vru' ... T.-,_ .... fi>I_"" ... """-... _... em ,oO
Jurat. Quod Meum cst sone me auferri non polcst - What is mine cannot be taken awa)' I»lthout my oonscnt.
Aboriginal children effcctively they had to be separated from their ramilies - that the parenting process in Aboriginal communities
hall to be disrupted.· Aboriginal people were. in Departmental Wld church texts, "sunk" in ';ignorance and superstitious
blindness," a well of darkness from which they were in need or 'emancipal ion." "Enlightened" Canadians would have "to elevatc
the Indian rrom his condit ion or savagery" rrom their "present state ofignorance, superstition and helplessness." They would thcn
reach the state or civilized Canadians; one in which their"practical knowledge" and labor would make them " userul members or
society:' "intell igent, selr-supponing" citizens.' The purpose ofthc served Eviction Notices is to confirm that over 2,500 people
on Squamish'fM Nation lands have no home. In a recent article on page A29, April 16. 2008, lhe Pope is "deeply ashamed" or
sexual scandal and "Vows to keep pedophiles OUi of priesthood" . This publio Notice confirms that Churches are responsible ror
these crimes committed on people, Since I do not believc in war or weapons, I, ORDER that the Named churches located on my
Nation lands are permanently FORECLOSED by a REGI STERED LIEN fo Enrorce the Eviction and DEMAND
these Named Churches open the doors to house the poor regardless of rate. creed or color ror equitable remedy by estoppel and
they can leavc or meet with me and SquamishTM Nation People.
TO THE BILL OF COSTS FOR THE PLAINTlEF: There are approximatcly 71 Angli can Churches. 79 United Churches and 93
Catholi c Churches location on Squamish™ Nation Lands. Not onc orthese Named corporations have paid the Plaimiffrent ror the
hundreds oryears oroccupalion by the buil dings placed upon the Squami shTIol Lands. I claim monetary compensation ror this
violation by charging each Named corporation S9T (Nine Trillion) hard lawrul currency debt to the Named Debtors working for
these Churches, effective upon service of this Affidavit. This means that 243 x S9T '" S2, 187T, the combined debt or these three
corporat ions is Two Thousand One Hundred and Eighty Seven Trillion or l'lard Lawrul currency is added to the attached Bill or
Costs attached as Schedule 4 to this Statutory Declaration. As an equi table rcmedy 10 thi s incurred Debt. again, I offer an
opportunity ror the Named Debtors to meet with me and my witnesses on film in order to di scuss the issues raised in this Affidavit
at the OCAP1LANO Rec Centre on sovereign Squamish™ Nation lands.
7.0 KEVIN ANNErr EAGLE STRONG VOICE: Is the Named Temporary Fiduciary Power of Attorney over the
Catholic. Anglican and United Church residential school of providing a traditional Squamish™ Nation burial ror the dead children
on Squamish™ Territory. The served Eviction Notices are in rull rorce and effect as wi tnessed by over 50 individuals, media and
thc Police or Vancouver on March 16, 2008. The kidnapping of First Nations chi ldren by INAC. churches and government
agencies stops now as I invoke the law ofkarma as retribution to perpetrators of the genocide ormy people! BY FINAL ORDER
wi th equitable remedy Nanted Church pedophiles must cease and desist their secret criminal activities against innocent victims and
as the largest mafia organi 7..1tion on this Earth, Named Individual and Corporate Debtors are ordered to Leave the Squamish™
Nation lands permanently. effective as orthe date orthe Evict ion Notices.
change and that as the True Landlord of thi s Squamish™ Nalion land these instructions to the Named churches are served with an
Order or Foreclosure by registered liens to the CORPORATIONS governed by Alien Jurisdiction. I understand Ihat some of the
genocide orthe First Nations Peoples 'cremated remains' are cemented in structure or the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa. This
method or mixing cremated dead bones in with cement is an exce ll ent way to dest roy cri minal evidence. New technology through
impartial forensic investigati ons will find the perpetrators responsible for these hideous crimes Ihat have been and continue 10 be
commi lled to the Fi rst Nati ons people on Turtle Island. I hereby DECLARE BY FINAL ORDER that a rull public inquiry must
begin immcdilllely to investigate the death of thousands or perhaps mill ions or First Nations People wit h a forensic excavation of
the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa in order find out the truth and seek for full UN Human Rights Commissioner's support by
service of these documents. A Copy of Kevin' s IHRTGC of Genocide in Canada is attached as Schedule 5 hereto.
8.0 RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS: As a residential school survivor I was a wi tness to Father Dunlop. Brother MacLeod
and a sister burning a small body in the basement orthe Seeheh Residential School (SRS) on the Sunshine Coast. British
Columbia. I wi ll never forgel the memory or thi s experience because of the smell or human burned flesh:
8.1 KIDNAPPED: That when I was six years old a man from INAC. then Named the Department of Indian Affairs came to
our home and yelled obscenities to my fatller while I was hiding under a table. He screamed. " I' m going to get rid orallthe
ruc'ing Indians on this reserve espedally you because of who you are!" After more proranities. he left because my dad remained
quiet. When I asked dad why he didn't punch him out, he looked out the window and I saw RCMP officers waiting ror the

• lbod pl'
TO I' /UNCI PAI. IS r.OTlCF. TO ACi:i\T. NOTl Ct:·1 0 ,\ct:.yr IS NOTIO: TO
T ___ T_ .. "" C"""""_ot .... ..... __ '-..... , .. ot_ ("_ .. 1;0< .. ,Io.S'O-.. '-
.......... _,..- ___ .oo:t ... _ ... c-. __ ...... ,,_ ... ... f"""" __ ..... _oI_ ... ... ..:) 1 ___ ",C_u-. _
_ '"' .. r_ .... -.....r_ .... .-··_'-"' ......... ... '.:" ...... "". .... _ .. _ .. __ .. __ ....
111(1 ..... "110'<,,_ ..... Afl'lIlAll1.: .... ......... nnt ...... __ ... ___ ...... """_ .. , .. ____ IIOl'SI'Ot"nn .om!i(1IIUIS .......... _I .. k_ .....
(_ .......... ..-, .. """' ... , .... C.,.,.""T __ ..-._oiIMII' ... TflI ... '_ ... ""_I>-._-.. ... _oiI ,."
Juml . Quod Meum est Silit me: aufcni non potesl - What Is mine cannot be: taken Il .....a)· IIl thull! my consem.
Dcpanment of Indian Affairs officer to come oUlthe house. The next day my sisters and I were kidnapped and placed in SRS
from 1943 until 1954. I was six years old;
8.2 TORTURE: They would wait unt il everyone was asleep. then they woul d lake me outside and forced me to stand on
ice barefoot unti l I could no longer feel below my waist. Th ey ordered me in but lx.>cause I had no feeling in my feet. I crawled
back. I got punishment for this, so they lied me to the heat radiator so that the side of my face gal bumed. They would bUll their
cigarettes out on my body on the same spot all the rime on my chest. right by my hean.
8.3 DROWNING: They used controlled drowni ng to try and break my spirit. I would swallow so much water Ihal r could
not longer breathe. One li me drowni ng met hod was so successful that my spi rit left my body from December 23 to January 2nd
but I came to JUSt in time to hear them talk about how they shoul d dispose of my body.
8.4 HANGlNG: They used to hang me until my toes barely touched the floor then I would be Wlconscious and in the
morning I had stretched so much that my feet would loucb the floor.
8.5 SUf'FOCATION:They used to choke me but I would strengt hen my neck muscles in order to keep on breathing. They
beat me at every given opponunity and the whipping was very painful 10 lIl e point when I became unconscious but I force myself
not to cry. Sister Stanaklaus. Brother McLeod and Brolher McGuney would sneak up behind me and slap their hands on my cars
10 damage my car drums. which is why my hearing is not good to this day.
8.6 STARVATION: I was kept from the dining room for days because starvation was another method to ' teach me how 10
become a Christain'. I stayed alive by eating roots and worms, taught 10 me by my grandfather Papa John.
8.7 RAPE: I was raped repeatedly by nuns, brothers and priests and other church members. I was subjected 10 forced
sodomy while they tied me to a pole in the b.'lt hroom so I could not move. I have a very difficult time describi ng the sexLHl l
assaults because Ihe memory of lhis associated physical pai n is difficul t to describe without crying and emoti onal and sad. One
thing that I will never forget is their smell · they smell horrible!
8.8 PERMANENT PHYSICAL DISABILITIES: I have no fu ll usc of my lell hand and ann and I wal k wit h a limp in
my left leg because of the beatings and hangings. [ have a hard time sleeping at night because the memories keep me awake. I
have dimculty remembering names and events. Reduced hearing loss in both ears sometimes when people talk I only hear
mumed sounds and my sense oftaste is minimal. I have chronic necks pains and can only sleep on my right hand side posi tion.
8.9 When [ visitlhe graveyard. 1 communicate with the spi rits who are restless and tum wooden crosses as the corporate
fictions of alien jurisdiction continue to rape. plunder and steal the Squamish™ Nat ion lands. [am not sceking for pity. I mcrely
wish to heal wil h these words to this paper by writing my trut h and speaking my truth about SRS experiences. Many times I
wanted to commit suicide but somethi ng always stopped me. I don't know why maybe because I knew that the Creator would help
me heal by lett ing me tell my truth in this Affidavit. I have been isolated from my Squamish™ Nation people as for some reason
the Church and the Government wanls me to forget who [ am and remain silent.
9.0 TORIES DIP INTO ' INDIAN' COMPENSATION FUND FOR OTHER USES: In a recent anicle wrinen by Eli7.abcth
Thompson. The Montreal Gazette on November 15.2007, "the Conservative govemmenl is quietly dipping into the fund set aside
to compensate victims of Indian Residential Schools and is using the money to fund new spending and to pay for cost overruns in
its summer program ... what - ifany - impact the decision to use S82.6 Million of the Indian Residential School Settlement Trusl
could have on its ability 10 administer Ihe $1 .9 Billion fund and deliver checks to Ihousands of survivors who have applicd for
compensation." It is therefore not surprising to learn thai most the First Nations people who are given this "hush money" [clive on
a mass suicidc missions
to accomplish this Government's agenda of genocide. I been approached by many people who ask why
thc Govern ment is 'deductcd' promised settl ements as the Govemmcnt 'shon changed' me as well.
9. 1 PI·IIL FONTAINE AND INAC: We met with Phil Fontaine at the Symposium on February 19 - 20.2008 at the
Capitano Rec Centre not JOE MATHI AS centre for this name has no right of claim because the Mat hias Family are guesls upon
Ill y Lands, they are nOI of the Squamish'-M Nation. We gave Phil Fontaine our business cards and requested for a meeling in order
_._O) '_C_",""y_ ,_..-. __ ........... ...... __ -.-.y ___ ... . 5*< -no._ .... _ .... ____ •• _
_ .. __ .. ,.-. ........ _ .. __ .... _ "'-101locI." __ "" ••• _ ........ __ ....... -,_.,I ... I<£.OO''''.NNF ... 'T()fIlltfT$l('Ol.IIMlII",,''''
('''''.\UA ___ ...... _ .... eloooo _ .. __ ...... _ .. _ .. _ _ ....... IiIOCI'''''' .... <..-......... __ .... _ n..o __ .. ____ ... _____ _
· .... ___ .... · .. o...-c-=·c_=_=· ___ ----___ --,_---:-,,_-___ -,,_ ___ ::-: ______ =
i\.OTWf. TO "IU"CII'AI. IS NOTICE TO ACt: rr.T. NOTl O : TO AG.;.,· ... ,. IS NOTICt: TO I' MI ,'CII'AI_
.·..,""'_I.'r ........ __ .. np..' ... n .. T_ '_r,_IO""'C"PI' .. _.._ .... _""" ..... __ • .,.,I<..__ C_..- Uo< ..... , • .._, .. ... ,.
.. _______ ._,... _o;o ... c-."_-....... _ ..- """_C..., ..... f_-_'O,, .... "' I< ..r_"'ClgEl'.CCAI'Il.ANO'_ ....... "' C_, ... ...-._
-....:.I ..... r_ .. ___ r_, ... ....... • ....-..,. ..... __ IO_ . .. _ ..... _""o(._.._ l1osAPR" _ ST"n'T(JI1.Y
1M11 .... AT.II> ,,_ .. .., ... , .. I::_ ·1I-"/iIr<I_",, __ ....... io l''tao _ "- '" W",,", _ _ _ , IIOlJSIlot' n Ill RmllSO' n.m;_ ...... ... -.t
___ "",_,,.F-, C_»PI r, ___ ... m(1'o ... T"' .... '_ ....... ...-, ,,,, ___ ., _..r . ...
Junu· Quod Meum est sine me lIulem non potl!St - What 1$ mine cannot be taken awuy wi thout my consent
to discuss the desperate poverty on Kiapilano's reservations/concentration camps. He refused and now we know why.
Apparentl y, Phil Fontaine's direct responsibi lity to INAC is to protect the private corporate funding transferred from First Nations
people, natural resources and lands into contracts that are ' hidden' from the public and only benefit ' private' CORPORATE
parties. As a result, of this conspiracy with thc GOVERNMENT OF CANADA and lNAC, he is a Named Debtor to the attached
SPECIAL BILL OF COSTS FOR THE PLALNTIFF without Notice. This secrecy is not tolerated because it is based on the
suffering of my Squamish™ Nat ion people and Lands. What makes Mr. Fontaine look like he is doing a . good' job for the Fi rst
Nations. is Murdoch's media empire, Through TV, radio and newspapers, Murdoch' s media empire enforces mass mind control to
manipulate infonnation and have the public believe that Phil Fontai ne is working in favor of the First Nations people, when in fact
Mr. Fontaine is part of the problem of the genocide agenda against the First Nations People. It is suggestcd that Mr. Fontaine is
not reall y who he says he is. as claimed on his government website bio.
10.0 KPMG NAMED INTERNATIONAL TAX INSURANCE BONDS: The genocide doesn' t stop a1 the 'Indian
Reservation' described by First Nat ions people as concentration or prison camps. When my people di e, the government and
private Tax Intemational Audit Company, KPMG, benelits by securing the value of the Bonded Names to line their pockets with
illusionary funds created through private contr,:l.cts produced by the Department of Just'Us to extract elaborate insurance premiums
from the Death of victims. According to over 1,000 economic forensic researchers at Hawks CAFE, agents for KPMG and its
client Pargesa (Geneva) structured thc Piggy Palace Good Times Society as a ;' dead-hookcr" tax shelt er; a key clement in global
snuff film and money laundering networks used to entrap and extort UNEP Signatori es and Liberal Party insiders. Their research
suggests that top oflicials in government, industry and the media, invested in the 'Son of BOSS' tax shelt ers sold by KPMG. The
SoB clients would lose money from onc-off gains to be laundered back over later years (at lower tax rates) through bogus life
insurance policies on murder victims who in some case were DOA (dead on arrival) at the pig fann. They stress that whi le the
Piggy Palace Societ y has been dissolved, KPMG has become the auditor ofbclMC, a B.C. public-sector pension fund and UNEP
Signatory. which offer a $86 billion target for extortion and money laundering through KPMG's client life-insurer. Groupe AXA.
Furthemlore it is suggestcd that a minimum of$500K was provided to the Named premium holders ofthc insured women but that
a private COntract between KPMG and the govemment agent(s)/agency(ies) is valued for as much as $IOM per dead body. This
'blood money'. created by tax insured named numbers of the people who died at the Picklon killing lield. Ilawkscafe research
goes further to suggest that once they were butchered, they were served as barbecued pork chops to unsuspecting audience
members. This illfomlation was shared in an open email on January 11 , 2008 to Gordon Campbell and Senate of Canada Larry
Campbell and a response was requested from KPMG and Liberal insiders but to this day l'IawksCAFE researchers are met with
11 .0 BC GOVERNMENT: Interfor Sells TFL38 10 Northwest Squamish™ Forestry Limited Partnership held in trust by
the Squamish™ Nation. Business Wire, December 19,2005, BC Minister of Forests and Range. approved the $6.5 Million sale
including cash and a transfer of liabilities, plus a log supply agreement. Comment - I never received a dime from this transaction
on my lands and resources therefore, I have included this as a debt to the GOVERNMENT as a theft from me and my people. I
place other Ministri es; Forests and Range - Rich Coleman, Mining - Richard Neufeld, Environment - Barry Penner. Agriculture
and Lands - Pat Bell , Fisheries and Oceans - Loyola Heam and those appoi nted by the Queen in charge of the natural resources on
Squamishl"M NllIion lands on NOTICE that any Pri vate contracts created in my lifet ime without my written consent upon these
lands will incur a debt of$9T as a criminal charge ofthefi and fraud including issued . tickets/contracts' agai nst my own people for
lishi ng without a license. Each debt will be Named to the Govemment Mini ster's Name by $9T per cont ract wi thout further
Notice. NOTICE TO: BC Min;sterofTransportation, Kevin Fa lcon Re: Provi nce Newspaper, IOApT08 by Brian Lewis, Me.\·s
Alay be ill the Making: Turning a 4 lane freeway over productive fannland for a $ 1 B proposed South Fraser I)erimeter Road is not
pcmlincd. Further NOTICE to; Federal Minister of Environment. John Baird and Intemati onalffradeiGateway Minister David
Emerson that proceedings wit h this project will incur a debt ofS9T to their Family NAMES without furt her Notice.
(Jako) R.G. Krushnisky, I' Eng. Jorgen V. Jensen, CFO, Victor S. Dusi k, CA - 202 - 4882 Delta Street. Delta. BC V4K 21'8 I\.
GOOD FI\. ITlI PUBLIC NOTICE was presented by my Business Manager, Irene on 3 separate occasions. February 28.· Ramada
Inn. Pitt Meadows. March 4 - Best Western. Mission and then again in front of 1,200 wi tnesses on March 25,2008 - Pitt
Meadows High school. Pill Meadows. These 3 Notices confiml my promise to RRPI et al thai should RRPI et al procced wi th
silent private contracts behind my back wi th BC HYDRO or other public agency on my Squamish™ Nation lands. I reserve the
right to; infonn these people who supported me at these meetings, that the wealth of the debt will be shared to name us as the
Creditors and RRPI ct ai, wi ll become the Named Debtors to private contracts of fines for environmental destruction to Mother
Earth's vital water resources for power projects that do not benefitlhe future of our children or planet Earth and her nature of
",0"1"10 . TO I'HI,o,;("II'AL IS ",OTlO: TO ACt:rr."T •• 'OTl( .: TO Ata:N"r IS 1\0"l"IU: TO l' IU,'CII' At_
._F_"'·_ ................ 1 __ T_ ..... C .... .. _"'''''_'"''J .. '''' ___ ._ ....... _. ,_ ....... .....-··.,,'k-.-..··
.... ___ ............ _ ...... 'oil _01> __ ....." A ......... t.-'..,.,...,...., ___ • ..., "' .. "'_'"' O,,(P«..,,'Jo .... l 1_",."""" ... C-'-JOI_' _
__ ....... I ___ .-r_ ........ '·_-...-..... __ ..-.I)I?-' ... _"""!',..,. __ .. _"". __ .. _ n..APlLIIl<>iI sr.II'f1.111Y
.. """'""' ..... A'" .. "" .... .....,IM>n" .... ___ .""'''''' _ ....... ....... ___ , 'I(O.'Sf.OF .. "", __ ...... ....
, ___ .... """ ... f_j· ........ _N ___ ... S..,·P'_TnlIooo'_ ... ""_,.._....,,., __ .,,= , ...
JUnil . Quod Meum CSI me 1lU1"l:rr1 non POlcst - Whal mme C&lltlOi be: lItl:en a\\"8) " 'llhoUI Ill} cun!lCnl.
grizzly bears and eagles. Shoul d RRPI et al proceed with a private contract, we will notify RRPI et al"s investors accordingly of,
the Debt 10 RRPI et al.
DELI VER Tl-IlS NOTICE oflegal undenaking andmoml responsibility to COO, Doug Ausman DBA DOUG AUSMAN, THAT
IF documents are served to my True FamiJy Name or the Squamish™ Name .. then I reserve the righlto fine RC and each lawyer
practicing al ien law from AdmiraltylMaritimejurisdiction a S92.5M debt for handling fraudulent Treaty claims as mentioned on
your website. The debt will increase as applicable criminal charges pursuant to the eec ofS9T hard lawful currency are issued
for fraud, theft , intimidation and extortion from the True Landlord of this Squam,ish™ Nation Land. RC has no pemlission to steal
and enter into Private Treaty negotiations with 'Bands' issued by Name from INAC for RC is a corporate entity in service to the
QUEEN' S CORPORATE SHIP and are asked to leave my lands for the fraudulent contracts that creates environmental destruction
with legal ease manipulated documents that confuse the Red Race Originals Oflhis Land. This is my promise to RC et ai , any
further Trea.ty negotiations with people on my Lands will name RC et al as Debtors for fmud and Me as the-Creditor as True
Landlord for RC et al has no jurisdiction in the-past, present or future over my Squamish™ Lands.
12.0 NEW NAMED DEm ' ORS: CANADA PM· Stephen Harper, FINANCE MINISTER· Jim Flaherty, Nominaling
Entities ofBC LAND AND TITLE AND SURVEY, New Westminster; Godfrey Archbold, Chair, Wayne Braid, Connie Fair,
Michael Kader. Chief Robert Sam, Grant Parnell, Moderator for UNITED CHURCH OF CANADA David Juliano, General
Secretary for UNITED CHURCH OF CANADA Nora Saunders, Archbishop Emeritus of Roman CATHOLIC CHURCH in
TORONTO Aloysius Ambroz.ic, Archbishop for CATHOLIC CHURCH Thomas Col lins, National Archbishop for ANGLICAN
Cl-IURCH OF CANADA Fred Hiltz., Fonner National Archbishop of ANGLICAN CHURCH Andrew Hut chison, Bishop of
ANGLI CAN CHURCH Colin Johnson, Archbishop of the HOLY ROSARY CHURCH Raymond Rouss in, Benedictus IVI Joseph
Ratzin'ger and Khazarian General Count Hans Kolvenbach both of thc CATHOLIC CHURCH, VATICAN, ROME, ITALY.
SQUAMISH BAND COUNCIL MEMBERS; Tawanee Joseph, Anthony Moody, David Jacobs, Bil1 Williams, Byron Joseph,
Harold Calla, Ian Campbell, Kri ssy Jacobs.
13.0 AOMIRAL TY/ MARITIME JURISDICTION: New Named Debtors know that people do not live on a ship of
commerce governed by CORPORATE CANADA. That as civi l servants reporting to the Corporation BRITISH COLUMBIA
jurisdict ion. they continue to steal private property from ' registered' owners. Then they tum it into 'public' propert y owned by
fi cti onal corporntc entities orchestrating fraudulent jurisdictional claims on lands and natural resources without compensation to
the True Hereditary Chiefs of the First Nation Lands. Government agencies also known as corporate ancestors of fiction
jurisdiction use Federal Reserve fiat currency created out of ' thin air' . ThaI Canada Crimina l Code charges against Named Civil
Servant Debtors to the Bill of Costs are issued for the crimcs committed against humani ty through mass ive foreclosures and
manipulated economic recessions that benefit the few elilc without protection for the future of the human race and Mother
EarthfGaia. As ri ghtful heir by this claim of Common law and Allodial Dced, I Hereby Declare the restoration of the
Nation jurisdiction controlling interest of the lands and its natural resources over and above alien laws for the Named Ficti on
Corporation and Debtors have no proof of jurisdiction of corporate li cense by a mutually agreed tenns and conditions ofpcace and
fricndship for Tradc and Commerce by Treaty, as no Treat y exists between the True Hereditary Siarn/ Wicasa-WakanfChief of the
Squamish™ Nation.
14.0 PERSONAL: I married Juanita Claxton of the Tsawout Nati on in 1993 at 16
and Heather in Vancouver, British
Columbia in front of a JP. Juanita had ext ra-marital affai rs and on May 26
, 1964 she gave birth to Jacqueline Claxt on. Juanita
made me believe that thi s chi ld was my daughter when in fact , later, I leamed that the true father of this child is Gilbcrt. Aft er I
di scovered the truth about Jacqueline blood lineage, I left Juanita Claxton in 1995.
14. 1 F AM I L Y: From thi s matrimonial union I have two natural sons known by name as John Claxton who was born on
June 30,h, 1963 at the Rcsthaven Hospital, Sidney, British Columbia. My younger son, Jeffrey Loui s Claxton who was born on
Septcmber 15. 1966 in Vancouver, Brit ish Columbia.
15.0 DIVORCE: Pursuant to Rule 60(25) of the SCBC, as the Agent for the Named Plaintiff in thi s action, there is no
possibility of reconciliation between the Spouse and me. That it is impossible to obtain a certificate of marriage or a certified copy
of the registrati on of marriage and therefore this Affidavit is filed pursuant to Family Law proceedings in accordance with S. 52(1 )
of the Evidcnce Act. Pursuanl to Rul e 60(3 1) of the SCBC, I HEREBY DELCARE and certify thai JUANITA CLAXTON and
GERALD FRED JOHNSTON who were married at VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA on 1993, are divorced under the
Divorce Act (Canada) by Order ofSquamish™ Nation longhouse laws and thi s alicnjurisdiction which took effect and di ssolved
"'OTte E 1'0 PRINe l!'AI. IS NOTI CE TO ,\ Gt:/Io'T . .... mICE TO ACEo ... , IS .... Ol'lCE "0
, __ ... _,.,,_ .. " .... -.. .. 1 _ _ - .. ..... -" ... _ ......, .... _ _ • ..,., .... ,,_ c_"""" ..... " ... ... .
No ______ " .. '""_ •• ..:-."- _ ""'l , A_" .... l_C..., ..... ' -, _ -"",>" _ ... 1 __ .. ('_1 ... _ ...
____ " ' ... l ____ C _ _ ..... • ...-.._, "'_' .. """' ... "'f "". --.. -""' .. ........ -,,- Sl'Al \mJIt\"
UITI .......... nos .. _ .. "'" At'PlDAI'!T ' l. too .. ·A· .. .. _ "",".""'", ,,w""'_",,,,,,, ___ ,,,,,_ , lIOUSf.ov n ll! ltO'fI(5Cltll.llS_ ................. , ....... _
... I""" ___ ..... "'-... F ...... <:"" ..... ,_'"'- _ _ .rl OT( .. ..,T.-,_IoIo""_ .... _ ........ ..,_" " ....
JuraL Quod Mcum cst SIIlC me aufem ROO pol tsl - WIuu is mulC cannot be taken away wlll'tout my consent.
the marriage retroactive on 1995 when I left Juanita. The extinction of the NAME GERALD FRED JOHNSTON by registered
Canada Post Notice #271· 120-245·GB was served to the RCMP. Deputy Commissioner Gary Bass and INAC Minister Chuck
Strahl on March 3 1, 2008 to confimllhis DIVORCE.
15. 1 SERVICE: A Copy of this docwnent will be served by Regi stered Notice to Juanita Claxton and deemed in full
force and effect. Should Juanita involve a Third Pany such as a lawyer or anyone or any thing from Admiralty/Maritime
Jurisdiction, he/she will be named as an automatic Debtor 10 an infringement ofmyName by S9T (Nine Trillion) lawful hard
currency withom fun her Notice. Juanita Claxton bas no legal claim of right or title to my SquamishTM Nalion Lands or natural
resources because shc docs nOt belong to my Kiapi lano™ / QCAPILANO family name.
16.0 NAME CHANGE DECLARATION: It is Jetrs wish to eITecl a Name change from Claxton 10 KiapilanoTM for
OCAPILANO. therefore by this Manifesto Directive, I Declare that this is a Notice of Change to the Name for my son. Jeffrey
(Jell). TAKE NOTICE THAT: JeffwiU travel with new identification to reflect this change from a Tax Slave to a Tax Free.
Sovereign Named Individual . Jeffrey·Louis; Kiapiiano™ will do business as an agent for the CAPITALIZED NAME for OJEFF
LOUIS CAPILANO in any style of cause, as I am proud to have him inherit my bloodline and genealogy because he is taught our
Squamish™ Tradi tional ways.
17.0 DEATH: Should I die before I accomplish my mi ss ion to free humanity and bring peace to Earth, thcn I appoint
my natural sons to be the joint Executors of my Estate on the CONDITION THAT my flesh and blood son, John changes his
Claxton Surname to my Family Name through a lawful Name change Good Faith Public Notice published in a local newspaper of
his choice. on three separate occasions and attaches these announccments as Exhibits to a notari zed Affidavit. John will not be
required to serve this Affidavit on anyone but must attach it to his Declaration as a Last Will and Testament in order to pass the
Squamish™ Nation lands on to his chi ldren and grandchildren. who must all be Named to the Kiapilano™ and OCAI)ILANO
Family Name.
18.0 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT: I appoint Irene· Peace: KiapilanoTM who is my business partner and my Fiduciary
J'rustee to continue with my work to establish freedom for all the people who live on my Squamish™ Nation lands with my two
sons. John and Jeff. Irene agrees to be my twin flame and we will perfoml the traditional Squamish™ ceremony in our longhouse
in fTOnt of private witnesses after the service of this Affidavit.
18.1 My family is governed by a patriarchal Tradition, therefore Irene will help my two sons, John and Jeff understand our
Soverei gn ways in order to restore peace on Mother EanhlGaia pursuant to Mayan and Hopi Elder prophecy. There will be peace
on Earth and humanity wil[ be free. Should we be blessed with a son of our own, our child will join my two sons in the Family
Name to help the people living on Squamish™ Lands become sovereign tax free individuals living in Peace on Eanh.
18.2 Irene is my Temporary Fiduciary Trustee to enforce the outstanding contracts that I have entered into with the Individual s
and Business Debtors from the alien jurisdiction in order to protect the interest of the Squamish™ Nation. Irene and her direct
Family relations arc gifted with homes on Squamish™ Nation tax free lands which will be ' private propeny' passed on to her
family heirs.
19.0 SQUAMISH BAND COUNCIL MEMBERS: New Debtors Named to the Oills of Costs are; Tawanee Joseph.
Anthony Moody. David Jacobs. Bill Williams, Byron Joseph. Harold Calia, Ian Campbell. Kri ssy Jacobs. The reason for the
inclusion of these new Debtors is these Named 'members' of the Squamish™ Oand Council office arc not acting in the best
interest ormy people. My SquamishTM people infonn me that members of this corporate subsidiary for INAC continue to inflict
criminal intimidation and harassment upon them by not providing them with monetary compensation that is due to my true
SquamishTM Nation people. I deserve to be respected as the True Landlord of these Lands and this is clearly not demonstrated by
these Named Indi viduals through the issuance of the fraudulent checks to the GERALD FRED JOHNSTON Name. therefore I
I-IEREBE DECLARE by my inherit right as the Sovereign Hereditary Siam/Chief Kiapilano™ that these Named Individuals leave
my Squamish™ Nation lands forever, within 2 1 (Twenty·One) days from the served date of this Affidavit.
20.0 GOVERNMENT TREATIES: No government treaties were ever created bet .... een my family Name KiapaianoT.\1 and
SquamishTM Nation for commercial use of lands, water. air and natural resources located on the Pacific west coast of lands known
by "white senlers" as British Col umbia - therefore, any issued treaties by INAC on Squamish™ Nation lands is not recognized by
me and my people. as we have !irst claim over the traditi onal Squamish™ Nation lands which was issued by my registered
Statutory Declarati on and Notice of Deeember 17, 2007 to named Individuals in service to the CORPORATIONS BRITISH
,'0'11('(. TO I'MI'iCII'AI. IS ,'OTIC.: TO ,\G.:NT. NOTIC.: TO AGf./I,'T IS NO net. ro I'MINCII',\!.
,- .... _""jI«p<I ................ " ... 1'_ 1_r.--... c."n ... _of'h<_......, ..... __ Od>1ot • ., •• Io ... _ , ... _ ........ l_ ..... lk_1OI)t,.... I....-.· ... , ... .. '·
.... ____ .... __ ......... _.,. • • c-. "-__ ._ ... .... T.-t.l: ......... ' -,_-"""" .. ., . . ..... _IotOIlf .. ,'(AI'II"'I'O I_ ... """'..,l_' .. .........-
__ ""' .. ,h< " __ ... s.,.-,I<,· _"""""""" ..... v. __ ..-,"t _, .. _"'1"". __ .. _ .. ____ ... _ ,"",A"' II!mt <;;JATl!IQllV
.. _ ..... .. r ........ A·"n"" ... .. _ ... _,_ ...... b<tI _"""' ''' .. Id ___ IIOI'SIlOt''II! II<)l HSnm.M''''.'''''N_bo4I' __
t ...... ,,_-.-............. ..... ... WT,"_T _ _ ...... _I'<'_........,,""'_of_ r ...
JlIro •. Quod Mellm est sine me ollfcrri non patesl - WhQl is mme be lUken away wuhollt my consenL
COLUMBIA and CANADA. Named ' INAC elected' chiefs ' claiming ri ght 10 negotiate treat ies on Squamish™ nat ion lands arc
asked to lea\le my country for I will not tolerate alien goveOlanee of genocide to my People ofSquamish™ and destruction of my
entitled pursuant to Article 4 of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples; Tndigenous peoples, "in exercisi"1! their
right 10 self-determination. have 'he righ, 10 aulQnomy or Se.!fgol'ernment ill mailers reJOIing to their ill/erulll and local affairs.
well a.\· wlIys and melllu"/or financing their autonomous funclions.·· The establishmenl of ISGNSNTM is confirmed by our
reporting 1"0 the UN Secrctary General on February, 2008 and confirmed by email from Office of the Hi gh UN 1·luman Ri ght s
Commiss ion. Luis Rodrigquez Pinero on February 13, 2008 and named ci\lil servants in service to Her Majesty the Queen in Right
of Canada of the corporation COLUMBIA by email and correspondence. ISGSNTM adopts UN Declaration of Human
Ri ght s", 1948 as its Charter and embraces the Nuremberg Principles 1950, UN Declaration of Hwnan Rights. 1948, Con\lention
on the Prevention and Punishmenl.,ofthe Crime of Genocide. December 9, 1948, UN Declarat ion on the Rights of Indigenous
Peoples, September 7, 2007 (UNDRJP) as its Insl itUl ion defi ned and interpreted by my Squamish™ Nation longhouse laws.
22.0 TAX FREE UNIVERSAL RJGI·IT TO TRAVEL: Pursuant to UNDRIP Artie/e 36 I. Indigenous III IHlfliclilal"
those divided by il7lerualionol borders, have the right 10 moin/(li" alld develop CQlIlacts, relations a"d cooperation, inclllding
activitie.f for spiritual, cultural. political. economic ond social pllrposes, with their 011'11 members as lI"ell as other peoples (Icross
borders. 2. Sl(Ites. in consultation and cooperation with indige.nous peoples, shall take effective measures tofaeilitati! the exercise
and ensllre Ihe implememolion of this right.
Indi\liduals Ii\ling on Squamish™ Nation lands ha\le the right to exercise the right to di stinguish the nationality of the Squamish
Nation people. and in accordance to UNDRI P, the ISNSGTM will issue individual diplomatic tax free passpons for tra\leling across
borders on Turt le Island and to other continents. Peace Cards defined as a Passport I Internat ional Dri\ler Permi t allow indi\liduals
to lax free travcl. Issued Licence plates for transponation on Squamish™ Territory are protected with a lifetime Nine Trillion
hard. lawful UTPCTM currency insurance coverage. Peace card renewal information with the Squamish™ Nalion Business
Registry service is not required, un less it is surrendered \loluntarily or returned by requesl due 10 criminal charges. The Peace
cards come with plates that establish Common law jurisdiction backed by Squamish™ Nation longhouse law as presented in a
sample \lersion hereto;
r'\!I\IOIl I en

l ur1t.: bland - . \prtlK
APPOINTMENT, to have the RCMP and Security Corporations act in my best interest as Peace Officers to help me claim my right
and title as Power of Attorney dated December, 11.2007 over the buildings named BC LAND & SURVEY. located as a Corporate
Fict ion on Squ8mish™ Nation lands described in alien juri sdiction as the Corporation NEW WESTMINSTER, INAC, located as a
Corporation Fiction on VANCOUVER and SQUAMISB NATION BAND COUNCIL OFFICE located on North Vancou\ler
24.0 RCMP: On January 3, 2008. my assistant Irene had a telephone discussion with Dick Bent, Superintendent of the RCMP.
I-I e confirmed that he had to remain as a neutral pany and could not enforce the Power of Attorney. Howe\ler. he suggested that if
he could not organize our request for a peaceful meeting that we take this mailer to the media. On April 7
.2008, I instnlCted
Irene to email Mr. Bent regardi ng his association with INAC indi\liduals and Squamish™ Band Council members requesti ng for
hi s assistance to initiale a meeting with us and these Named members for thi s Corporations. We ha\le not heard from Dick Bent as
we understand that he is in a pri\late contract with these Companies and can not act in our interest which is why thi s Affida\lit is
cmailed to pri \late media and the Human Rights Commissioner for international exposure. A copy of lhis email is attached as
Schedule 7.
25.0 PERMANENT FORECLOSURE: Civil Servants have oath and duty to perform pursuant 10 S. 337 of the CCC and
Pri\late Named Debtors are under a legal undenaking to perfornl wi th this contract . As Ihe Named beneficiary, I claim the bonds
to the DEBTORS NAMES as security to the debt owed and claimed by me. The Debt is transferred to Credit my Family Name by
, UN Ikcw:'11011S .nlm\;ll1onal TfUI)·I3 .. -s.., Ikfincd aDd , ... by my my Squanush'" NaIJOn Ionghousc 1a,,"S.nd Common law IIId
U"'vco.al ....... nUt" la,.., of lhe Ctc.aIOI"
'OTtCE TO r.;UNClr,-\1. IS NOTte.: TO ,\GEI\'T. ""OTICE TO ACE1\'T IS NOTl Ct: TO l' IU1\CII',\L
. ...,,.._19.'--. ................ T .... .... t""" ..... _" ... _"'"':1 ..... __ .. 1col_ ("_oI1;ot __ · oI ....
______ '" ..... ,_ ... ... '_("""· ...... ___ .'"" .... ol_""OUEP<'J;"AP11JIMll_ .. · ...... c-l ...
-..I ... 1>o( _____ c __ .-'· __ h ..... __ __ ... _ .""!)· ..... __ .. _ .. __ 01_ STAW1\lIIV
lII:n .... .. _ ..... AF1'II'AI'11 .l .. F ..... ___ ........... __ oI ... w ..... _ .... _ '1()IJSltOf'nI1l1l(m':\Cl'O.ns000l .. ""._ .""'_._
r .. __ ........... fIOlNl)C"" ....... T-..t. __ ollOT(l<oo<T_._ .... t.I_""_ ......... _ot ."
Jurat: Quod Meum est sine me auferri non potesl - WhIt is mme cannot be w.:CTl QII'Q)" wllhout my conscnl
the, equity in the Bond pursuant to Common Law and supreme jurisdiction Oflruth combined with Squamish™ Nation longhousc
traditional laws. The Contracts or Bills of Costs are monetized by registered PPSA Lien claim Control #B8667303. Base
#298942E on April 14, 2008 as a Pennanent foreclosure 10 the Debts earning dail y S9T hard currency for the Permanent
DishonorlBrcach of Contract and Failure to Perform/Settlc. railute to settle the Debt within the stipulated time limitation will
decm my right to be the Named POA and Permanent Fiduciary Trustee.over Crown Corporations and all Courthouses located on
Squamish™ Nation Lands. Ex-Parte applications to remove this Lien will deem my right of claim and equitable remedy to name
the Reponing Parties as Debtors to this Contract without further Notice.
26.0 DISTRIBUTION: One original filed Affidavit is served to lhe Court Registry and deemed in full force and cffect
as all Named Individuals are employed as civil servants with the exception of the private Corporations. Distribution of stamped
copies to Named parties are mailed by Canada POSt Regular Mai l and deemed served in full force and effect. Twenty-One (21)
day silence or 00 response to the tenns and conditions of this contract is deemed as a tacit consem and agreemem to this A ITidavit,
Statutory Declaration and allnched Special BilJ of Costs for the Plaintiffand Schedules.
27.0 THIRD PARTY NOTICE:Third Party interference is strictly enforced by the Privacy Act govemed by the Privacy
Commissioner of Canada to benefit and protect members of ISGSNTM. The mission of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner' s
(OPC) is to protect and promote the privacy rights of individuals. OPC mandate is to oversee compliance with the Privacy Act
which covers the personal information-handling practices of federal govemment depanments and agencies and the personal
Infomation Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), Canada's private sector privacy law. THEREFORE no third
panies from alien jurisdictions are permilled to interfere with private bi-Iateral account holders under any circumstances, without
exceptions. This means that auditors, tax agencies, accountants, law firms, depanment of Just'Us, public or private corporate or
government entities may never lay a claim on ISGSNTM public or private business aITairs. Private bi-Iateral contractualtenns and
condi tions remain confidential to agree in a ' meeting of the minds' between the autographed panics to any and all agreements.
TI·II S fiduciary interest acceptance by Sovereign Hereditary SiamlChiefKiapilano™. Creditor, Secure Party, Agent, Author of
Copyright Name, Trademark Claim autograph for CHIEF ©CAPILANO in any style of cause, seals this lawful instrument with
due diligence as evidenced by my fl esh and blood autograph, recei pt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged and
accepted, to exercise my right to live free without malice aforethought, ill will, vexation or frivolity, without corporate dictate, I
declare the aforesaid to be true.
DATED this 2 I day of April, 2008 on supreme Tax Free Squamish™ Nation jurisdiction on Tunle Island lands known by name as
the American Continem.
WITNESSED BY ME in the City of New )
Westminster in the Province of Briti sh. )
Columbia this 21 day of April, 2008. )

) Autograph of Soverei gn Hereditary Siam/ChiefKiapilano
v <)\ Surety, Creditor, Author of the Copyright Trademark NAME
'I(, ) autograph for CHIEF ClCAPILANO any style of cause,
lL 'I" /( i-(/-4..i"y l-rue Landlord of the SquamishTM Nation lands and natural resources
::i 'o';-AOfiIZurtle Island, that land mass known as the North Amcrican continent
A uhlic taking Affidavits and (i
Sta 6f)' cclaration in and for the 0-1)$ 6l t? s:· .to
S,-> "1,-
,'OTIC.: TO t'RINClI'AL IS .... O .... CE TO ,,(;F.r'IoT. :"OTl C.: TO ,\(;[,..,. IS I'OTI{:.: TO I'RI,'CII'AL.
t_I __ .. .. s....:.t"""' '''''' __ Ild>""_,,,''d_ ("_011;«
N ..... ...s-. _ .. ,I,,, _ ...... "'! 1III1_· .. . c- c""'.,·-, ___ io.,. .... d_r .. Ou.:J'{<:Ar" ... -"O t_",,''''''''1» C_I.o<o",""",, _
_ ..... t· __ .. ....-C __ .. ....-..,npo __ .. _. ___ ol_ ""' ..... tllIIUI
_ _ .. "" AfftDAVIT ., .. r_ ... .. n .... ,It> ... _"""'" __ ... _,_ .. , .. __ "', .. ... ____ • ' WMlOFTIIF.IIOTH5U"',m._IOb<.,""'" , ... ....
( · __ ' ........... __ oIwrt1<''''T .. \oooI_ ...... ....-,JO« ... oIwWJb..,_ .. __ ....
Jurat Quod Meum CSI sine me uufcrri non POICSI - What is mirw: <:&IInOI be: IHlcn away wilhoul my cunsenl.
Notice to the Principal is Notice to AgentsINotice to Agent is Notice to Pri ncipal, TAKE NOTICE THAT:
! am known by name as Kiapalano
. Agent. Creditor. Author oflhe Trademark l Trademark ortllc Copyright autograph for OCHIEF CArllANQ or any other
in any style of cause and I claim Common Law jurisdiction to .:nfon:e Copyright Trademark User "ith equitablt remedy by
I do not authorize anyone or any tllmg to make legal for me. myself and or I, Chief. Klapalano
'<. Agen!. Crednor. Author ofthc Trademark ftlr
Copyright Name autograph fllT CC!IIEF CAPI LANO or any therro( in any style in any known jurisdiction.
JURISDICTlQ:-O: From John Bouvier' s R.:, ist'd Silth Edition. 1856 A !.aw Dictionary, "Once jurisdiclion IS challenged, the court cannot procl'ed \lht'f1 it
appears thalthc bds jurisdiction. the court hllS no authority 10 reach merits, but. TlIthcr, should dlsmi.s Ihe action". Melo v. US, 505 F2d 1026 ! claim Common 1:1\1
jurisdiction and Squamishnl Nation l.onghouse laws supported by the ofSo\"creign Nations and olhcr Named hemlilary chIefs. "ith equitable remedy by
estoppel in aU malters of commerte pursuanlto the Bills of Act. Equity Universal Occlarnlion of Human Rights, December 1948. natural aka universal lows
for the people by the proplc to prolect the nuth, fn:edl."lm, peace, free-will, k1lnna and dharma.
l'OW THEREFORE with ValWlblc Securiti and in eOl15idcrnliM or this Canada rosLlgc Sl1ln1P atlhcd 10 this UTCr-;U,\ ll,'Ceipl and sufficiency of"hlch i. hereby
W:Ci!ptOO and acknn\l kdged. TAKE r-;OTlCE TIIAT' I m;lk.e Ihe follOWing dedar:uions, auestalions consdenliously knO\ling them 10 be lrue.and kno"ing Ihall1 is orthe
same foree ;lnd effe.:t by virtue of the Canada Act (a)'.
1.0 C COPYRIGHT' : All rights "'herein Coprrighl means the use of my Name withllUI wriuen pennission from Me. Chief:
.. or OChidCapilano'" tluuugh any fonn of communication, in any slyle of Each infringcmL'n1 bears a pen.llly ofS9T (Nine Trillion) hard cum:nq per
use. currency value pending on local ion of \1013tioo pursuant to Traty !a"'S established at the 1928 Bcme Convention with Canad.:!·s agl\."emem 10
183 The COpyrighl Act under S. 14 11 1); an Buthorofa work has a right 10 the integrity oflheir \lork and to be with Iheir work by name. unless they
choosc Mornl rights conlinue C\'en after a " ork is no longer in the crealor's posSt5sion. Moral righlS are personal riglllS that cannOI be assigned 10 another
person. Thus. even if the rirhtS in a work hil.\"e bL"\.'t1 usignt'd, the work ,an not b.: so modilied as 10 constitute a mutilJlion or distortion Ihat would hann
Ihe honor or rL,])utation orthe i;reator. ASSertL-d Copyright claims lasts for the of the Duthor plus fifty ye3fS.'
1.0 ,-,,' AlITOGRAPH: My autograph is Tmd:mark protected ai Ihe fksh and blood claim thai gh'cs "life" to commen:ial
10 identify the CAPITALIZED ARTIFICIAL PERSON NAME in IIny slyle of cause in any jurisdiction. The Trndemark Claim 1\) my Name is my aUlogrnph. as
no one has the right \0 dupliClltc: My autograph CIT my Family Chief: KiapalanoT\·, for il is produew by my DNA spirirual conscious force lind nL'!;h Dnd
blood h3nu ,,'ith my full 10 be fn:..: in thinking and acting in malters of wilh Good Faith pursuant \0 the Uills of I\ct. Tl1IdC111arks and lrud"
names, whIch give Ihe hOlder the right to comrolthe ora mark or other Identifier of a product or service. i.e. brnnd names 1lIld Ihe of businesses,'
3.0 GOOD FAITH PUBLIC l\OTICE; My Copyright Trad<;!11lark Pri\'ate Individual Family Name was submittoo to the Commercial Cnmina! DII Ision at
Ihe RCMP in Ottawa on ().10ber 12.2007 in a doo.::ume-nt. my PPSA rcgislrution 2007 confinns the Good Faith Public of CChief: Kiapalano'''',
CCHIEF CAI'II.A1\0"",CSQUA,\!15HT" NATION in any style of cause and CCONFEDERA nON OF SOVEREIGN NATlO,sST>I along with the 4
Soverei gn Nalions'" ( CCB4S",tnI) as not Corporation;; and thai no one and no thin!:t obJc.:led Iu the I"odce of my Good Failh Claim to Ihe Names.
4.0 !'PSA RI:.GIS fRA T[QN: I confinn that I 11m Named S<"Curl'd !'arty and A!:tent, kno"l1 liS 0 Chief: Kiapalano'\I to the INDIVIDUAL DEBTORS
NAME CO liEF CAPII. Ai'o'O'" in SI>ic of cause, registcl\.'d under base reglstrnlion 10076609£, ('onlml IfI)S,U721S reference .!ICK! (1).137. In ordCtlO confinn
this C\ ide nee one ClIn conduci a seareh al PPSA.CA The dlfrerence bo:t"ccn Ihe Secun.'d Party and the BaSe Business Debtor ii thal!lIe flesh and blood fl?Cl7lln goes
by the nativity date. nOllhe recorded date ol"binh as issued by the govtmlmcnL'd<'PanmL't1t or"iUlI $Iatislies in a birth certificate to the theft 10 my family Name on January
II. 1935 Ihat nam...u me, the nesh and blood man as a BaSI: Business Deblor when in fa.: t t am the Creditor. the cmlil ortif.:.
S.O UNIVERSAL TO FREE TRAVEl: My posilion as a l'atural Flesh and Blood. Free and :-:atural Man I t\'ing-on land, Earth is 10 my
PUtsU.ln1lV Ihe Universal Oeclamlion of Ilurnan Rights. 1948 and my unalienable righl to rree Ilnn'l PUrsWlnllO S. ! 76' of Ihe Criminal Code
as Mmistcr din.-.:ted by the ('reator's calling.
60 THIRD PARTY INTERFERESCE TO I"\I-LATERAl USER ACCOUNTS' de faCIO thin:! party inlervener, interloper, u.surper and any associates from
aoy man known jurisd!etions of Corporate entiucs defined and Named as law linns. Department of Justice, named g,)\cmmcnts, Named Pri\'Bte and/or rubltc agcntlsj in
ser.·ice to Admimhyn.laritime jurisdiction interfo:ring with private Bi-lateral User Accounts or 10 intimidale, harass Named NOlJries 10 my ser.·cd documenls, will
, Trodo..narl<. I I"oncy =nt. Of "* """'. or !lit <II .... oh. iDdivoduol or finn The CO"",",,, Ed", .. o .. fib< o.bcl ["Slosh D>c1lOOaf)'. e O"<t"onI L' .. ... ny I'!ns. pl111
; \ _ ... S<cun'Y' "",tude. Il l ' • .,..,.". .... ,hoque, ocqwrtIn« or odin ...:umy ,ba, ",,"d .. or .. odrnc .. th< .MI< of o.y p<nOI' ( ,) II> • shar< or """ ... \R I poIbi .. <lack or lUnd '" ,. 'IOY fund or. body corpor>". ",mp' " or
_.ny. Of /'.1 to. doopoo..- '" • r .... ,.. .. 1 "",,,,,<ion. (bl .. y ""ben,,,,,,. boDd. b'll. """ ............. onIer Of ... ".,. fOr IIIOft<"Y Of b po) ....... , of!DOll<"Y (¢ \ I >Ia<um<nt '" land> or -" ... h<n:, .. , ,,,,,"ltd. 14) •
....... or .. n ... N' _ ........ cnlm<n ,ul< '0 Of ..... tan, ... d .. ttd ... tha, .... rdrnc<ti d<1io..ay of . d .. tod pmooaoL ...s 1<) I "Iou • . r<ee-.po. ..... or Of"'" .... n.nc1tl ... ldcn<"'I! or IDQa<)' I'o<k ..
CnmmaJ C ...... C ...... e ::003. p!2
I mod< ru>d« .. J6ofTbo C,DAda E"'IIo:rr« ....'" (R.s.c.. 0 14S) ... y be made .......... ""' .... th< """",,,,,,of"'1 ,,·ntrnJ, or ""tnIID< ... "' .... "" ""'" ofony ... or .. KCO<IIII m>doRd '" ""'",!!. Such
rk<:bnr""", .... 1 be m.odc befOre • .iudI ...... ..,. p.d>lic. juslic. of .... po>< •• ""'II ..... ' •• recorder, ... '" _ .. .".,.. 10 w. • .t6d.o, .... ",,,,,,,,,,,,, .. I 0< Oom,"","".,...... or lilY"",", ponoo -'«1 to .a....."'CT
.. oalb ", ... y "'"'''''" ionra. A H. O· B ...... M ....... &rnsI .... ".t.. ... 1.001 C\en: Df,lIe HOU$CofC"""""", of C ... founh Edm"" .. Cuodo 1.0"," BoDIr C"""""y l '.U .... ''''''-'"to, (: J>IOO
'C"I'J'T'Fol ..... tbenahl "'''''I')' Ordy Jbe".. ..... of,,<>I'ynpr.,.-cry 0;;'" .. -ort.is alto..-od '0 prO<Iuuorl"t"pnld ..... ,t.:...",.. in C[Ut'I""'''' pomu' .. .t...,do .... Tho ... 1110< II _lly th<\Itnoo...no
" "'01 <be "mk, GcneraIJJ. if""" lit"< die ....... ,0< of <be ""'" you """ Wtoto!'OU a<tl' I ...... " 0< odin ...,q= ......... ptOIOCTed COI>fn-oM. yon ",II ......... ' ... lly ba, .. «>pyn,"";>n:*<'''''' I. , Ptual(,
... "1""" tMn! '" c • ..do om cnpy .... t.: .. r ... of ""<>mO'': '''I'rt,!,bl ptOOectrOo'I. \ GlJIDt: TO CO'\'RIGHTS. CIPO. All oflnolo>suy C.JI>do. s.p..,."", :OOJ. P J. -
I ....... r"'HDWI'<O'O!t/Tl.bl' ''''. 1!6
• 6 - ,bod POl" 5 ofQ
• ntAOC\IAII.K ACT - II'iFII.r.-.'GEME1<o"T [It S_ T · 10 . •. :O! The "¥hI of .... 0""'" of. 1'<!!'S!<te<I uo.k,,,",,,, '" us US< lball be deo:!ncd 10 b< ;m&m!l"'l by • _ ... ( ... to in ... unO« Ib,. '<"0 ,,'100 sci:,
<Ir,ttilM.ol<:> or _ wate< or >er\ ':", '" IS_""'" ... ,111 1 roofu""lln<kmm"I<or ndo·na ... by, "" ndo ..... '" Pfe' ....... _ Ieom ... bo., r;.;. ........... 1 .. ""' ... . f' 1d< . ...... Of
lb . .. y bona lid< ..... ",be, rlIIn .. I rn<i< ........
..... "1"':006 -g: 7'! 6 •
, s 116{ II!! , 11 Qb,'rn<tn'1l .... • ·O>/.... v In 0" ___ " uf''ifkla#,« <1...,.,,·_ · ['.cry one ..... f., by 'hmrn ar tOn:c. unlo"'fully <>kmI<" ar ..... or <dIl<a", .... to ..... """ or p'''' .... clctllll\l(o ....... ' ..... fn>m «:lobo"""
do,,"" ...... >U or l'<'"fo<m'"J ... "'U" r.",,,,," lrr ........ _ ....... h .. . . 1I"'¥- 10 , ...... Iu 01" 10 hom. Of I ti l ........ bl .. Oft • • ",1 pn>«">'. "",nItr III< prtI...,. M •• ,,",1 ...... "".J'Y 0( ..
ond","bl. ofk""< ...:I ! .. bl. 10 &>r lIomr "" ... «<1"5 ',,·ol"""- r",_ ,.C"m},oaI("uJ. b-.· fJoa>·OJ WafI""J!,f",I>dI. F,_,. c.:,. .. ·.n 1"' JI\Io\ p! tJ
Jural : Quod Meum est sine me aufcrri non poICSI - Whal is mine can not be laken a\\lIy withoul my consenl. 1-2
automBtically usume Iheir Name{sJ and Corpontion(s) to applicable Crimina! chalies on User Accounts that bears I penalty (lfS9T tr-:ine Trilh(ln) ofh:mi !a ... fu!
cUrrem'y \10 ilhoul further N(luce.
7.0 TIME &: SERVICE: Time IS orlhe essence and sill-nce. failun: 10 respond or no payment oflITCN US<-T Accounts wilhin a 7 (Se\en) day lime hmHatioll from
the datc of lilt Notices will d= your IXlt consenl to aU the non negociable tC1lllS and conditions as Jaw that Name Me 1$ Credilor and lOU IS the Debtor to Priv;ne 81-
Latenl Contr:lcts for II paialty of S9Trilhon per annum for no settlement. silence or failure 10 respofld. Ser.ed copillS of this Uscr Alreemenl 31t: 10 be true as
origmals are kept by m} appoInTed Pm'lIte Fidociul)' TTUStee(s) for seetlnty reasons.
8.0 AR£JI TRA TION. Any misunderstanding about the terms and condition5 of scr .. documl'Tlts will be handled by an independent privale
IIpp<tintcd Third Pany fiducial)' Truste\' of :Chier KiaplanoT>I's cboosing for due lawful pT'Ol:e$S to monetize or coll<.'Ct on unpaitl Uscr AccounlS ror COP}righl Trad.:marl.
Name infringements lI'ith an equitable remedy by ('Stoppel
9.0 NUNC PRO TUNC: The df«tive datc of this lITCN User AgreemMt is nunc pro tunc circa 1937 perpetual and that as e (m:man, Agent, C!'edllor for th(
known NAME in any st)<1e of cause rt:SCr.e the ri,btlo accept, reject. define or any man made laws or legal definitions as statements to b.:nefit My interest
pursuant 10 Common La ... Jurisdlclion and SquBmish'" Nation LonghoU5e laws. r-:aturalla ... 'S -lalli'S for the people by the people, oHanna. dhanna and (ree-
will with n:medy 13w by cstoppeL
100 ESTATE: Sbould I die befon:, dunna or alter seulement of my ,..amcd Cre(ht eccounts. I doll3te with my lo,c for humanity's freOO.>m and peace ror Eanh. the
'':Ilu(: of.n my Tu free
. , no internt nltes, no Inflation niles Accountslbi-luter31 contracls With 25'_to my immediate famil}. my agents, friends and Siudents.
to Humanitarian projects and 10 Earth projects and that the distn'bullOn IS pres.:nted by my Pnvale appoinH.'d Third Pany riduciary Truslet. Thatllny inlerference
or claims 10 the distributIOn of my Estlile frum a fncto third p3ny intcr.'cner, u511rper will automatically iniliate a pell3lty ofS9T INine Trillion) in hard lawful
Earth cum:ncy by Name as Debtor 10 I UCTN User Account without furtber NOlke
II 0 F AMIL Y &: ASSOCI.'\TES: Tbat Dny one or any thing 8uemptingto bann. conliscate. delibcnuely steal, injure family members, nowriC'> or associates due
10 my consdou$ process 10 be go'o:med wilh lalli'S ortbe land for tbe people by tbe end be frtf! from governmMt, private bankCTlllI1d religious control , enforcement
ofTr.tdemark Cop)nl!bl infringements claIms with Ust:r AccounlS, Will incur applicable cnmlll.ll charges lined at S9Trillion per .... 'ithou\ further NOlice
issued and enforc.:tJ by my private FidUCiary TnJllCCS at their discretion in Good f.:!.ith fllr Ibe fl.'Iribution of me and my Family and Squamish'" r-;ation lands and people
12 0 T AXiUSUR YIINFlA TION fREE AlIlITCN Accounts an: till free the SIN aka Sla,e Identification !'umber that connecu my Name in
any slyk of caUSC' 10 governmenl issuo:d 10 111$ abandoned cin:a 2007 b) Notices and StalUIOry Da:lar.lIions to Ht:r Majesty the Queen in her private Ind public
capacity as Il[R MAJESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGIIT OF CANADA. In,'oh'cment of rhird PlnY(leli) to Ri-Iateral private User Accounts/contr.lC1S is fraud end pcl)UI)' .
Penod, no elcepuons PC)UI)' rests on making false oath I will swear no oalh and I .... '11 nOI commit fraOO I am not a str\ant in service 10 Iler Majesty 1M Quem in
orCenadl fO( I ... iIl s ... car no oalh of allegiance to anyone or any thin,. fn:cdom frum slavCl)' wa'i on Do:cember. 2007 10 the Queen of England, Bank of Canada
and llousc ofth.: RothschJlds by registered notices and Ik'nnan(nt abandonment of gO"ernmcntID. ThIs mcans thal 111 ' t.:I,lcd' are hereby omclally and
permanently abandoned. dosed ronb ... hb. My DIM Cmlficatc is surrmd=-d II) the Issuer wllh a cenitied True Copy to the QuC\.'Tl Bnd tbe presiding Depuly Minister of
!"inance for the &Ink of Canada by an Indemnity Bond /l!BOC-860-Q40-63S·QEII d:lled Dccemb.:r 17,2007 to them from harm. as I know that they are In servrce to the
orthe Itoths.child and private clue few banken, shan':holdcn. memb.:rs orthe One World Order (NOWO) aka Shadow government.
130 · UNIVERSAL DECLARATIO:"J Of HUMAN RIGHTS (UDOHR}. lkccmber 10. 1948 I r.:str.'e the ri,hllo ebarle any known ta.1 a!!ency includmg the
IRS. CCRA eRA. FBI. ISTERPOL, NEW WORLD ORDER, WORLD GOVERNMENTS. CIA. Ule. WeB, CPP In'ntmen! bo:trtls for any CanadJ Criminal
vlohuioru and tbe followin! violations of the UOOIIR - Preamble: Wher.:as dIsregard I1nd for human rights resulted in barbarous acts ... hich ha\e outraged
the of mankind, and the ed,'ent of. world in which human beinlls shall enJoy frea10m of5pCCl:h and beltef.nd freedom frum f.:ar and want has tH:.:n proclaimed
lIS th.: hilJbnt aspiration of the common people inclusive ""rth Anicles I to 30 Vio13tions orany sa:tion oflhc UDOIIR imposed upon nly human body, mind, splnt and
soul ... ·ill D fine al S9T per violation.
PO NUREMBERG PRINCIPLES (NP): The ,,"umnberg Principles ao: upheld by our l'a\lOll's COmmitmMI ... ith signature and sC)I on the United Nations
Ch:lner adopt;n, the InlcmationalLa .... Commission oftbc Unil.:d Nations in 1950. Principles of the Nuremberi Tribunal. 1950 No. 82 recognil-ed m tbe (haMer orthe
NUn':mbcra Tribunal by 1r1l<!Tt1auOIIal Jail'S 1I'l\h the Judgmenl of the Tnbunal lien: adopted by tbe International Law Commiuion oflbe United Nauons. 1950.
Roths.:bi\ds and the 11Iuminati. Privatc Bankcrs, 14,1 agencies and ilS employees bave a moral obligation to undmtand Ibnl any involvement in ·co1Je.;ting !lIns' rrom
innIX;:nT to fund weapons of mass for WQrs in the world I13mes tbem as u pany to conspro: In murder by the killing of humanity pUl'SUlmt 10 the roUowing
pnn.:iples, I, JI , IV, V, VI, VII- Comphcity in lbe commission of a crime against peace, a war crime, or a crime sgainst humanity as ronb in Principles VI is a crime
under intenrationallaw Crimes against peace' PlanRlng. preparation, initiation or w:lging ofa war or ag!fC'Ssion or a war m violation of m!crnalioll31 treaties, agm:mnns
or assurancu,
IS' WITNESS WHEREOf THIS fiduciary mterest acceptance by Cbief Kiap3laoo' ... .. Creditor. Secure Pany. Fr«man. Aothor ofCopyri!hl Name. Trademark Claim
OlltOil1lpb forOCHIEF CAPILANO or any other derjvlllve thereor seals this la ... ful instrument lIith due diligence as e"idmeed by my flesh and blood alllOlnlph an
al1h.:d Canacb POSt stamp servin!:lS coosidcmion", receipt and ofwbicb is bereby acknowledged and accepted, to exercise my righl to hV(: free
=:': .f""""",h,. ill .. ", "''''00'' fri"Ii" .. ,,""", ,,,,,,,",,d,,,,,,.1 ''''m fill
Oflicer t1:rTl(ia"OII YourlUIOIfT3p/1 COfl$lUblet. lhol you are a Noary Public IUlhonud by The Evilknce A<:t. R.S B C t99.., ••• Inc mailers KI oul U m.:y pcnalll 10
C'flC'Ul M) n ormi, ;R$tn.lmtnl Usinw I ,,"OTMyOCIIIm dTx'um""l o:Iocs no! consl1lUle any adIInion, QQl'doc$ 1I.lIer my slalUS III lily I1l3ZIJ>er The purpose for N\lU." Il; .newnon, prtllut,"ion.
11' 1101 inIQ Iny This D€CE:'vtBER. 2007 - UNIVERSAL TRADEMARK COPYRIGHT USER AGREEMEt.T IS 1101 re.xl, no
10:,31 advice '> """gill Ill' \""e;h>."nl I>uM1SCd m.: lba,,, by (b",r KJaPafino"' ..... ofCopYl1pt T...s.:..wo. Clallrt nlOsn;pIi 1'1,""", forOCHIEF CAPILANO or Uly OIlier
the: , SQ) bcnort IS.,. aUlhenl1C act ar. and affirmed befon: me: tblS I <by ofOECEMDER. 2001. Bnush Can:ad.1
.' /' ":"--'
.. T .. ,1lo. .. ;..yLowfwlOC_IO_.-'!r..-tIl_ ..... _ aq k_l'I'A.\fE ...... ""' o.-· .... __ fott..ut __ .. _ AIl __
",C ...... _;01 <Jo.I. --. ...a """ ",oJ .... I bow ..... U. __ bow<! ..... ..... 10 _ .. .....,.,.-.- \lIoII <nOOI < _ 01_ "'"""""'" ... 10 .... WW'I ,w-.d lily .... Sfto 0... Woold Order .;u,
.,., ........ ........ Io.. ....... I!OI"'bo_
" .-u.w.>. "" _ _ ;".. . ... <I ... of ... __ lOIMclIol""""l_ ... y bo lb<Indod. _ .. ,Il00 U. 1O.oIOrcoo I .. """" _ ....... ... ..;!\iq poo<ni_ ... Il10.. oI ...... lIOfUd ....... or ....... oI>loplon .....".,d.
... h,;,_ 0I ....... ''''"iI- __ Ion b ..... wllich " o>Iulned a.er.t.r Bt.ek'. Low Doaioowy, Hc.Yy Block. ThonI Ed,,,,, ... C 19lJ, pl791
!'JfaL Quod Meum est sine nrc auferri non potcst - What IS mine can nOI be (aken away without my coni.cnt. 2·2

Sk:xwUmish Uxwumixw
- OSquamish
Greeti ngs sxwlxwl tewsfPeople of mlqwt' xwenefEarthfGaia,
Upon The Sovereign Original Supreme Jurisdict ion: Of Sovereign
Hered itary Siam/ Chief Kapialano™J Of The
Lands And The Resources' Of The Traditional Territory Of The Sqami sh™ Nati ons People, Take Not ice Tl1a, 4.
CHIEF OCAPILANOTM of the SquamishTM Nation and Terri tory
11le First Party. PLAINTIFF
The Second Party, DEFENDANTS
'ISSNQ Indcpcoocnl SquanllSh'" GOV('fTIrmn'
I So,n'Cf(:'1I" ,sa SID' " ofbc:."& .han MlI.oyahyM by colon .. l European langWlgc. I ","vc Mlow me: 0'''' 200 heud'lIIr')' Chiefs III n.:llIllf d a"" 011 T,,"lc 151a"d
TOj;t1hcr as all HcrN,UuyCh,,,fs and Landlords of rhcsoe lands. .. -e stand IS wonS 'P,ms and souls lih, a,mws In a builth ,ha, can be bc\ll.ell dolPnc the mallY ye:Uiofabusc
ond agenda of getloe'do,: O"""",,SUllled by the Go\o'Ctllmt'OlS who opo;rate from IhcnJunsdoo;1loo
I The u. k ofm) Name ,s IlOl cle:. u INAC crooted my Fami!y Name 0tI1 or luOl"'Y books 10 dehbcnndy prOVIIlc: lies lbool my Tnoe Her.lagc ond ,cn.:alog,cal cla,m. 10 lhe
Sq .... n"slI"· NallOOI l.and, As I True member of lhe Red Race, the ",ord docs IlOl O,SI because lhe """hnc lias erulcd .hlS ','Ie 10 rnal;e True Ked On,,,,als fru<l1lbc
Unds behe'c lile COIpOI'IIc Ellie f,om aIICIIJ urosdIChOll"'llfds .1Ia. Sleal, k,n my people and de5troy OtIr SqUlltllsh
" N",oa lands and d", fUlu", for our ch.ldren 111510<)' ",O'b
IlIallhcCcwponIc Ellie .. ,11 «)11111"'" " ',,h Ih .. de$truct1OR until !heT"", elaun$ or 'lle Red R.ce atC 'NUed. fel l, Ioc:ard and KaI The Word 'Starn' tf elo$ef III ,,'" true corTt'<'
6csI; .. phon IlIIe of my f .... "y Name and ,$ rcplaces the word 'cn",r "'hcn refernn,'o the Flesh and 0100d Mill' lIS'''' the CAI'ITAU 7..ED lhe<''ORI'ORATF
HCnON 1001 ,n nWI .... of Fa" Trade and COfIIInC«':e
, 11_10 n:ad IbiS docu"",,,, ScmclICfl Pro:semcd Wllh Upper And Ca5c Serllcnc,n, 4 Common law Jllnjl!oClIOR l.an,..age As Spokl:ll And U!llknlood 8y AI1I'«>p1c
'-"'nIOn l.. .. ne1- Word,nl Adikessed In Captilhttd Veosions Arc FiNAI..OROERS To Adm""s'f'JIOfS For CafporaIc Ellie fltllOllll On 1he Record Undocntandon; In
AhenlAdminohyfM»lumc JlII'1sdlC'iJOil Tha. Fl1Ioo And l11uslonary Thl::fI Ofl.ands And Na\Illlll RCSIOUI'ees. CierIoc:IIk Of My PwpIc On SqIllmW.'" NallOft ..... nds OUled ThrI>Ua;l1
l'r,,'alc Cor\'JOf1ilc C(lniraas Arc NOIl'enn011ed In The I'asl.I'rnenI And Fururc Should ThIS Undlord Of The Sq ....... 'slI· .. NailOR lands And Re5GUrc<:$ DucoIeI' 'nun
I'Ktoonal COIIII1IoCtS h lSi Com,_ To he Pn:pam:I And Used, ThCfI TIns landlord The R'lIit OfF' 1lt CIa"n To Enlel' 11\10 A Pn''lIle 8,·l.atcD1 ContIXI Wnhlb:
PCfpCI'ralon Wllhool hllther NOI,« FOf S9T l.a" fullbrd For Each Treupass And Fraud COfIIm,tltd Oy Each NamN DrlMor FOf TbcTheR OfNaunl Resoun:n.
Thf01,gh M,n,nJl, Watel'. A" And All Other NannI Resources Crealfd By MOIbe. Earlh And Ho:rG"u,ks FOO' The l'wple Who 1.."" On II ... Lands In fnendslup And Pea«'
. Crodn And Gnotltudc Is Offered Wllh Our S""crc Rcspcc1 For Our Fncndsh,p And Peace To ''''''''n Moon Ghllslch,ld And
Ok'"....,..·W_l:lntCkancc:l ForThe rce$hc.Clan. FOO'. ...... SOverc,gn-SOIo-Natlon f or1'bctr Ge,.1e Gllodanec: OfT"" Prcserttrnent Document
4.flunc PfIllunc 1917 perpCi""I. all TIghtS Tnul llldenn"", Trademarlo tl) u.., Name ofl he s« .. red Pan)' to Ihe N""led Jj'I5I!ICSS Debtor ,t, an)' SI)'''' of C3USC
of U...., I, s<",,"',gn lIe1'ed"1If) S,amlCh,ef l:,;,p,laoo .... prc!CfIt th,s ,nformaM" ,n my full <:apal:ily:lS I Cred,tor. (=nWi, Ab..,m. Secure Pan)" AudiO! of .""
Cop) " !:I,, F.,m!), N"me lutOP"f!h ,n any $!}Ie orca,," forCl l lEF (lCAPII.ANQ 11m co.'.-med by Com""", u. .... JunslhctlUfl IImkrsloo.l by thl: E"' ''PI'an
AmerK3n C"nmlun"y and Sq .... "" sh'" N.' IOn 10nghou,\C 1."" .. lIh equ'table remedy by C$lOJlIICI .o m)' nl',hlilid 1M m.ttcr.< nfccmnlt""e
Tln§ AI'!!. 11.. 2008 AFFlDA Vl1'j3 IS r,led wnh AdnHraitylMWlllme al "'l1 Junsd"'"on llgent! !>Chnll on the be$! o( thc Wor ld Ilank, LJN e1 aJ IUld 10 11:0,,, Named Ind",dlL1!,
",,,I COI'pnr<ltoons nn,lers.and that Ihere ... Fam,ly Na mc IIfK,apilaoo"" ond CAI'It.ANO'" lind Nanon Name Copynghl Tr...Jcm).l .nsumnce ,,,,I> all "WII' .tSI."t\ed
)uml : Quod Meum cst sine me aufcrri non potcsl - What is mine cannot bc taken away without my consent.
Within And Upon The Tradit ional Territory Of The SquamishTM Nations People:
As: ALL: CROWN EMPLOYEE'S: Are Hereby Lawfully Clai med By:
Sovereign Hereditary Siam Kapialano'sTM Supreme Original Traditional Jurisdiction:
Forever And Always: FOREVER AND AL WA VS.
Which Is I-Iereby Removed: As All "CROWN EMPLOYEE'S" Within And Upon:
The Traditional Territory Of The Squamish™ Nations People:
NOTI C': 1'0 PIUNCII· ..... IS NOTICt: 1'0 ACt:1'fr. NOTro : 1'0 ,\ ct:N'r IS NOTlet: TO PRI/Io'("IPAI.
C .. unc pro lUI'" 1'1)7 a1ln"'llJ .. ed TnLSI Indcnh"e, Tr.wkm:.rlc.o.he COp)'n&l" ofillt: Secured l'ar1y 10 the Named UluHlCSS IkblOf .n any .cyleof cause
(;0000110'" of Use I, $o\"",'gn KlJl"bno' " pn::!CfI1 .llIllnformilll"" m m)' full npIICl!)' as I C",<lIIOf, Agt"nI, Sec_ Pan). A",bor of II ..
Tn&"",II. COJI)T,gh. famd)' Name ... In any SI)'1c 0(_ for CHIEF OCAI'ILANO I am lO"o:med byCommon taw JumdIcuon by ,''''' and
Conlm\Ol •• )' al\d Squaml>h'" Nillon laws w,,11 cqul1able .rme4), by CSlDpJIC.'OU..rl ... m)' "gil, al\d fi'ffdocI, 10 com""", In un,,'tf'S3I nuI'e", oro;Qnlm=e
1 h,. AI'RIL 1008 15 filed WIth Adm,rallylMan1l_ ahtl1 J"",,,""'OII Ilgt"ms acl"" ,n 1M beSllnlC1't'S1 0(.110: W ... kl lhJlk, UN C1.1 and 10 ha,,, Named '''lh.-.d",,1s
,..,.j Corpon.II"nl .",dC1'1il3Mlhallhcc,,, ,". N.meofK,apllano'" af\d C".'II .ANO' " and Squam.sh"· Nallon Name COp)'nghl Tra.tlc I"",llnSIIIlInce ,,,, h aU

Junll: Quod Meum est sine me aufcrri non poleSI- What is minc cannot be taken away without my consent.
\"ithin Supreme Original Traditional Jurisdiction:
Of Sovereign Hereditary Siam KapialanoTM And The Squamish Nati ons People:
And Their "Standing Beside" Outter Nations·Relations,
Introduction: It Is By The Will Of The Creator, That I Am, Sovereign Hereditary Siam Kiapilano™ For The Squamish™
Nation, Lands And Natural Resources, The Gatekeeper Of1ne West Pacific Coast To Turtle Island, I Am Original.Traditionlll·
Sovcreign·Living.·Soul·Spirit Planted As Seed On Unseeded Lands Of Turtle Island as the Original: "Those That Had To
Come Here" Are "ABORIGINALS", ABORIGINAL Simply Delined Means, "Not Original", I Swear And Affiml That The
Following Facts Are True, Correct And SA Y AS FOLLOWS:
A, FAMILY ' Kiapilano
A, I I Am Known By My Family Name As, :Sovereign Hereditary Siam Kiapilano™, As An Original·Traditional.
Sovereign·Man Who Understands That In This World Of Fair Commerce And Trade, The Creator Wishes Me Not To Touch
The " MONEY, ILLUSIONARY FIAT CURRENCY" ThaI Bears The Taxed Blood Of1ne Human Race Through Wars,
Famine And Death Kanna Crellted By The Few Elite Who Feel Thai They Have A Right of Claim Over The Family Names Of
Men. Women And Children Living On Eanh, I Am Guided By Dharma To Remain Pure In Love With Thought By I-lean
Directed By The Creator To Bring Peace on Gaia/Mother Earth;
A.2 In Order To Conduct Fair Trade and Commerce On Our Planet Earth And With a Conscious Knowing of Who I Am. I
Am Able To Act In My Full Capacity To Use This Commercial Venue Of The CAPITALIZED NAME Known As
HEREDITARY CHIEF CCAPILANOTM, In Order To Live My Life With Abundance That The Creator Has Given Me To
Use My Name In Mailers Of Commerce, I Am The True Landlord Of The Squamish™ Nation Lands And Natural Resources
Who Will Bring Peace To The People Living On Squamish™ Lands;
A.3 Thai In Order To Use My Name In The CAPITALIZED PRESENTMENT I Do Not Hann The Spirit Of The Human
Defined As The Man Or Women With The Ability To Reason. Out Of Respect To The I'luman That I am In Contract With I
Use The Upper And Lower Case Presentment Of The Family Name With Consent Or Pennission In Order To Emer Into
Contracts That Benefit Both Panics. The CAPITALIZED NAME Is n le Vehicle Used For Commerce On Paper And It Is The
Autograph Thut Sets The Consciousness Not To 1·lann The Individual That One Is In Contract With. In A Meeting Of The
Minds Both Named Parties Must Agree To The Tenns And Conditions Of The Contract To Benefit Both And Provide An
Equitable Remedy Should Matters Of Commerce Require An Exit Clause In Order To Resolve Issues To Ilenefil Both Panics:
A.4 I, Sovereign Hereditary Siam Kiapiiano™ Have An Insurance Coverage To Protect My Family Name In Any Style Of
Cause. This Insurance Protcction Is A Contract Charge Issued To Any One Wishi ng To Harm My Spirit And Soul By Taking
The CAPI TALI ZED VERSION Of My Family Name Without My Written Consent. The Issuance Of The Private Bi·Lateral
Contract Of Commerce Will Be For The Trespass And Theft Of The Usc Of My Name In Any Style Of Cause:
A.5 That The Commercial Value Of Hard Lawful Currency Is Set AI §9T (NINE TRILLION) Per Infringement Without
Further Notice To The I'erpelrator(s). That This Fee For Trespass, Fraud And Theft Is Set At A Universal Tax Free. Usury
Free and Inflation Free Currency, Applicable And Usable Within Our Universe As Far As Pluto, This Internat ional Trcat y
Right Copyri ght Trademark Law Is Recognized By Named Individual Agents Administrating The Governments Of Our Planet
A.6 CORPORATE FICTION OF CORPORATION, [CANADA. U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission No.
0000230098) Acknowledges My ';Claim Of Right" Of The CAPITALIZED NAME. I Further Accept For Value That The
Criminal Code OflCANADA (ibid») With·ln Sect ion 39.1 "Defense With Claim Of Right." Accepts My Claim Of Tile
CAPITALI ZED NAME OCAPILANO. I, Siam Kiapilano™ Swear And Affirm That I Am In Peaceable possession Of The
'one.: 1'0 PRI .... ClPAI. IS Noncr. TO ACt:N"I'. \'01'10 : TO ACf.N'r IS None..: 1'0 I'RI\'CIPAt_
1""" lUll\: 11137 P<"Ioc:lual. all Trust Indenrure, TrlI<iernark ... e o{thc S«urN PIIr1y 10 lhe Named lhallte» Deblor III a" y ,,)-Ie of
('{ ViC I, SoWfC,gn Hc:n,dllBrY S,am/Cllle( K",pllano"· pn:se1Il1hos In{llflnahon In my full capacltyasa freeman, AI/Cnl. S.:cure !'any. AmhOl" o{rhc:
I ,"""mall C"op)'nj;kl Fun"ly NRmc In any ,,)Ie of",,1OSC forClrrF.F CCAl'lI.ANO by JUllodl(1I0n ,,,tdcrSI,,,,,1 b) 1M lcur{l(lC3n and
""", .. can Communuy.nd Squanllsh'" NallOO longhouse la ...... .... uk e<tunable fem..dy by enoppellO nCfl'Ise my and freedom C<,\Illrnct In un"""",1 of co""nI.'ttt
rh.s Al'It lL. 2008 AI'FIDA VlnJ.s liled .... aloen JunsdoCllOll PClO"1 In the bc:sI or l"" World Banl, UN". al and 10 ha' "e Na,ncd Ind"'ld""I,
,,,,d CI>f"ll'J'""Jlhll'1 "",l".""nd lhalll ... ... Name of K,apilano'" atld CAPILANO' " and Sillia"" ,h' " Namc T'lIdI:"" .. lIMU .... JIICC .... uh.1I "111'" ,1:>0:"""
Jurnl: Quod Mcum cst sine me aufcrri non POICSI - What is mine cannot be taken away wi thout my consent
OCAPILANO NAME Without The Bonded I Slave False Security Altachmenls That Benefit The Few Elite Who Created This'
Manner Of Trade And Commerce. The Trade And Commerce Is Not Fair For The Bonded Value Allached To The
CAPITALIZED NAME Of GERALD FRED JOHNNSTON, As This Is NOI My Name And Was Abandoned By Registered
Canada Post Not ice #27 1·120·245-06 To The ReMP. Deputy Commissioner Gary Bass And INAC Minister Chuck Strahl On
March 31. 2008:
A.7 NAME RECOGNITION: [Am In Receipt Of A Letter Dated February 28. 2008. From The Be Minister or Finance
Confinning Her Receipt OrMy Press Release Issued To The Uni ted Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon Addressing My
Proper Family Name Or"Royal Hereditary Chief Kiapilano Squamish Nation" And From Claude Alain, ChiefOfStaIT From
The Receiver General For Canada Correspondence Dated March 17,2008 On Behalf Of Michael M. Fortier Acknowledging
My Name "Siam Kiapilano". Copies Of These Documents Are Available Upon Request For A Fee.
A.8 I, Siam KiapilanoTM: Accept For Value That Section 29.2 Of The Criminal Code Of[Canadaj " Defense WithoUi
Claim Of Ri ght" Applies To Her Majesty In Right Of [Canada (ibid)] et-al And That Everyone Who Is In Peaceable Possession
Of Thei r personal Property, But Does Not Claim The 'CAPITALI ZED NAME' As A Right Or Does Not Act Under The
Authority Ofa person Who Claims 'CAPITALIZED NAME' As Of Righi , Is Not Justified Or Protected From Criminal
Responsibility For Defending His Possession Against A Person Who Is Entitled By Law To Possession Of The
'CAPITALIZED NAME'[R.S. c.C-34 s. 39.J;
A.9 All Transactions In Commerce With The PERSON / CAPITALIZED NAME Shall Be Governed By The UNIDROIT
8.1 I.: Con finn That No Treaty Was Ever Created Between My Natura l Father George-Johnston: CapilanoTM Of The
B.2 EVICTION NOTICE: That The Named Churches Are Served With This Notices On March 16, 2008 By My
Temporary Appointed Fiduciary Kevin Anneu Who Is Only Acting On My Behalf For The Church Issue On My SquamishTM
Nation Lands. That The Churches And Their Agents Arc Asked To Leave My Lands Immediately Upon Notice Of My Filed
Affidavit And Statutory Declaration Of April, 2008. That The Genocide Charges Remain To The Named Members Of These
Organizations And Those Who Had A Private Agenda Of Private Contracts To Kill My SquamishTM Nation People And
Despite The NOIices Colllinue To Do So;
8.3 The Undersigned Accepts For Value The Royal Proclamation Of October 7,1763, As The Royal Assent For, "The
First Treaty", "The First surrender", "The Protection For The Original-Tradition-Sovereign-Indian-Nations. Their Lands". And
As An Affinnalion Of "Queen Ann's Order In Council Of 1704", "Canadian Domestic Court Are Without Lawful Jurisdiction
Over Indians On Pri vate-Original/ indian-land. "
11.4 The Undersigned Accepts For Value Thai, Land Occupied By An Indian/Original Is, :Unalienable, Allodial Private
Indian/Original Land" As CROWN LANDS;
B.5 Unceded-Land Remains Unali enable, Allodial Private-lndianlOriginal-Land UIlIi! Sold To "The Crown Of Great
Britain":. With The Consent Of All Those Concerned, First Being Obtained;
13.6 The Undersigned Has Accepted, "The Oath Of Allegiance" And "The Oath Of Office" Of Every PERSON Employed
In The Service Of Her Majesty, In The Right Of The-Crown-Of-Great-Britain. In Right OffCANADA(ibid)] Or A
IPROVINCE (ibid)], Or In the Service Of A MUNICIPALITY, And All Agents, Heirs, Assigns. And Successors. As A Finn
And Binding, I}rivate, Bi-Lateral Contract Between Both Parties. In Which They Agree To Perfonn All Duties As A Public
;.0'('10 : TO I'IUNCII,,, L. LS NOTLCt; TO ACt:N' r . NOTtO : 1'0 ACf.NT IS NOTLC): TO rkLNCL I' AIH
t'.,m,e 1"0 Iunc I'H7 perpe"UlL • • n 1'Iih15 rescrwd Traoona.k 10 lhe Copynghl of the Seemed I'lny 10 the Named B,,:sUlu., Ocbtor '" any Ayk of..,.....,
Cond,hool! of Usc I, So-,..,rc:,gn KIafl,lloo'" pn'Sf<11!h" mformahon m my fu LL apxory,.. a f.«man. S«"fC l'any. 1\111"'" or.be
U:lp)l,gltl tamil)' Name auogaph In an)' o(QIrK for CIILEI' CCAPILANO I am lO,moed 1:>:1' Com""", 1_ J,,"sdOCIIOll undcr$lood by.he hrop:, .. . 1>11
A"I(,l(an C""""""") and Sqll3m,sh'" NatlOlllonghousc laws .. ,," remedy by CSI"""d 10 m)' 1'1"" and Ifttdom ,oconuxt III """"",,I ... allen "rromlll","u
APRIL?008 AFFI DAVIT') IS filed .. "h AdnllraLl ylM.,,,me .Il(n Jllmd,c"on agenlll kim, ,n 'he best 'nlfrnt WOI Id BanJ,;. UN e1 al and 10 Iuo,,, hld",.!» .. I,
;u..! Mder$und .hallhe.e •• , No"", ofKoapilano'" and CAl'ltANQ'" and Squan .. ,h .... Nau" .. Name Coplngh! Tr.wltmlll'l , .. ,umnce • .:sen·cd
.. ,
Jural: Quod Meum cst sine me oufcrri nOli potcst - What is mine cannot be luken awoy wi thout my consent.
Servant And Promi se To Uphold And Enforce All Of The Original·Tradilional·Sovercign-Nations "Right s. And Interests"
Elizabeth Mary Alexander Windsor, Her Majesty's "Order In Council":
B.7 THE CORPORATE FICTIONS TRESSPASSED On Sovereign Original Landfferritory Protected. By The Crown Of
Great Britain. Its Heirs And Successors, In Perpetuity, THEY DESTROYED AND CONTINUE TO DESTROY, Our-Sacred-
Religious-Ceremonial-Medicines, That Was Given By The Creator, To Cure The Man Created Dis-Eases That Arc Rampant
And In Epidemic Proportions Throughout Our Nations. Our-Sacred-Religious-Cercmonial-Mcdicines Are Given By The
Creator To Heal Our Peoplc, The I-lean or The Originals. The Red Race And Mother Earth/Gaia And Her Nature And Her
E[ements: Water, Air, Fire. I. Sovereign Hereditary Siam KiapilanoTM Never Gave Up On My Squami sh™ Nation And My
Right Or Claim To Heir Apparent or The Lands That TogClher. We Stand On. It Is My Responsibilit y To Claim Thai Ri ght
And Retum The Lands To The Originals 0f111e Squamish™ Named Lands And Natural Resources And Ask Those Who I·[ave
And Continue To Trcsspass Against Us, To Leave These Lands Upon Service Of This Manifesto Directive.
The Use Of This Document Does Not Constitute Any Adhesion, Nor Does 11 Alter My Status In Any Manner. The Purpose Of
Thi s Document Is For Verification And Identifi cation Onl y. This Document, NOTICE. Presented By,; Sovereign Hereditary
Siam Ki·ap_lano™. Agent For The CAPITAL NAME For CHIEF ©CAPILANO Is [n Witness Whereof This Fiduciary
lntercst Acceptance By Sovereign Hereditary Siam Ki-ap-lano™, Creditor, Author Of Copyright Name, Trademark Claim
Autograph For CHIEF OCAPILANO In Any Style Of Cause Seals This Lawful Instrument With Due Diligence As Evidenced
By My Flesh And Blood Autograph, Receipt And Sufficiency OfWhkh Is Hereby Acknowledged And Accepted. To Exerci se
My Ri ghi To Live Free Without Mal ice Aforethought, III Will. Vexation Or Frivol ity, Without Corporale Dictate. I Declare
111e Aforesaid To Be True. It Is By The Will Of The Creator, I Am, An Original Trustee For, "Those That Come Aft er" And,
The Benefactor/Beneficiary/Credi tor, Sovereign Hereditary Siam Ki_ap_Iano™, CAN A D A $1
Aut ograph Per:
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, We, The Autographed Witnesses' Below Are Over TIl t; At;c VI I Wl!ncy-une tears, Acting In Our
Full Capacity To Attest That Sovereign Hereditary Siam Kiapi[ano™ Of The Squamish™ Nation Did In Fact, Autograph This
EQUITABLE REMEDY BY ESTOPPEL By His Flesh And Blood Hand On Squamish
Nation Territory Of Turtle Island or
The American Continent Land Mass Known As llle GREATER VANCOUVER REGIONAL DISTRICT In The STATE OF
BRITI SH COLUMBIA, Corporation CANADA, This 21 st Day or April, 2008, AD. AND THAT We Know Sovereign
Hereditary Siam KiapilanoTM orthe Squamish™ Nation And Make This Solemn Declarati 0 scientiously Knowing It To
Be True And That It Is Of The Same Force And Effect As If Made UnderOa y Vinu fTh Canada Evidence Act.

Witness # I as to the above au raph,
Sovereign Hereditary Chief Red Jaeket™
ofTunle Is land Known in Alien jurisdiction as
Land Mass of the North American Continent
Witness #2 as the above autograph,
Irene-Maus: ravenhorst
, Private Named
Sovereign Living On Tax Free Lan(l
'OTIO : TO l'IUNClP,\L IS NOTlO: TOi\Ca:NT. ;\'OTIO: TO ,\Gf.ro.T IS NO .... O; TO I'RINCII' ,\ L
(.nnnt pro lune 1937 flC'p<1ual. 311 l"CSCf\ted Tru:\l Indenlun:. Tm.xmatk 10 Ihe COJ»T1ghl Name of lhe s.:.:ured Pany 1<) Ihe Named nOISiness I)"bl", In any of ca"se
C("w.Ju.1»lS of Usc I, So""re'gn Hen;d,laty Sialn/Ch,cf K,al',l.oo'" prest1\l l l"s onflJor"mahon In my f,, 11 ""paclly as a C",dllor. Agem, $""",." l'DJ1y. A\lIhlll oflhc
lrndoma, l C""yrigill 1'3m,ly Name aulogntjlh In:lllY 51yk (}f".usc forCfll EF CCAI'Il.ANO. 1 am gov.:mcd by Common l.l'1w J",lSdlcuon ""dtrlolood by Ihe European and
A",","can Communl1y and Sq ... n".h.,.... Nal,on longhouse 1m" .. Wllh "'l,mahle . tn'ed)" by CSIClprel 10 exerc,se: my and frccdoft, 10 com"",1 ,n "n,,·cn<:ll "mile" orcommc,,'c
TIllS APRll AFFIDAVITH" fi led wllh alien Junsd,ellon ab'<:nl! a<: linl: '" the best ,,!teres! of lhe World Bank. UN el aI and 10 h .. ve Namcd
and COrp0r3I1(1n! Hnooswnd Ihailltcrc 'S a Family nfK' ap,laoo
, and CflI'U.ANO'" a,td Sq'l3m"hT01 Nauon N:une Cop)·nghl Tmckma.k "lIh.11 <CSC"cd
Jumt: Quod Meum est sine me aufcrri non potesl - What is mine cannot be laken away without my consent.
DOCKET S036483
Royal Hereditary Chief KiapilanoTM described and known as ©CJ-II EF CAPI LANO of the Squamish™
Nation, lands and natural resources
I. Canada PM Stephen Harper, Parliament Bui ldings, Ottawa
2. Governor General Michael le Jean for Queen Elizabeth Mal)' [1 of England
3. National Chief Phi] Fontaine and Minister Chuck Strahl of lNAC for Be and CANADA
4. Directors and Registrar of Be Land Tille and Survey at 88 Sixth Street. New Westminster
5. Gibby Jacob, Roger Graham and Brian Martin. Squamish Band Council Office
6. Moderat or for United Church of Canada David Guliano
7. General Secretary for United Church of Canada Nora Sanders
8. Archbishop Emeritus of Roman Catholic Church in Toronto Aloysius Ambrozic
9. Archbishop for Catholic Church Thomas Collins
10. National Archbishop for Anglican Church of Canada Fred Hiltz
11 . Former National Archbishop of Anglican Church Andrew Hutchison
12. Bi shop of Anglican Church Colin Johnson
13. Archbishop of Vancouver Catholic Church Raymond Roussin
14. Benedictus X VI Joseph Ralzinger. Cat holic Church, Vatican. Ital y
15. Khaz.1rian Zionisl. Jesuit's General Count Hans Kolvenbach. Vatican, Italy
Pursuant to the provis ions of Evicti on Not ice compliance rules and regulations understood in Admiralty/ Maritime
and Common law jurisdiction, you are hereby given an evicti on Notice and Notice 10 vacate on Tuesday. March 11.
2008 or before Sunday. March 19, 2008. from the lands and buildings owned by the true Landlord of the
SquamishTM Nation TerrilOry localed on Turtle Island, specificall y defined and described in Admiralty/ Mari time
Jurisdiction as a surveyed port ion ofBrilish Columbia. Canada which are now occupied by you.
The reasons for this Eviction Notice are:
A, Your failure to pay renl or provide monetary compensat ion directly to the Landlord known by name as
Royal Hereditary Chief KiapilanoTM of the SquamishTM Nation Lands for the hundreds of years of occupat ion and
c:.....nc: I"",unc: 1')7 _UOI. 011 TI'II" 1>Idem ....... ""h<>C"P)'flIbI r; ..... <:>1"110 S<o:w-<d , ... yoo ,110 1Iu""enl_", ," 'o,' .. ConddioRlofU .. I,
K'Of'il,,,,,, .. _ ,h .. ;.r"""_",,, ,n "'I' fun capooc.oy •• Srcu<<od P""". Au'''''''' o/',IooT..demo,k C"I'Y'o;oho .-."'ily N,_ .... """"" ," lOy "' ..... rOT CCIHl:F CAI'LlANO 10m
11"'=>0<1 It)' Commo. Lo ... JU'1><i,c<"", .. "" "1",,0111 • .......,y It)' CSlowel '" ... <moe my ""'" ond f,«<Iom '" ,. I,INv ..... t mou,"of ..... ",.",. Th. \L,\RCtI 200II - F.\IICTIO" I'OnCE I<> N.rned
o.bI"" '<I""""4I •• c,,,il .......... 'OQUFLN EIJZASl:,lI 11 <I 01 "'0110,,, ,hem und .... ...:l ,t. i. , r,,,,,lyond OSquam,'" Not "" "'"""" Lond and p ....... Trod""""k ("UP}'1j.h1 '"",nnu
"''''..,._ <>fS91 .... '.,;,ns .......... '''8'01 .. 0<1 """ PPSA CO ond ,"'" rail,n '" <anply '" 'h" EVICTION NOTICE ,,,II doeno a dobo 10 1'/&_ COTfIOI'ZI ..... . nd "",,,o<Iuol', «fu"" w • • ""b K ......
"",,,,,,,', r""",t .pp<oi_ .. """I""VY Fiduc .. ,y Po...,.. of An<>mn ....... ,100 Un"ed, C""",hc 004 A"l!l"". ""'&10<1 011 Squomo""'" N.ion lond.
IS TO I' MIJ'WIt'AI. I\S ,'OTIC[ ISTOA(:t: NT. ,'I10TlC[ IS TO A(a:N"r AS N01"l [,E IS TO I'MIN['II'II I_ 1-1
your sil ence and failure to comply and meet with me and my witness on film as an equitable remedy to registered
and served Notices;
B. Your fai lure to fix violations of the residential school abuse, death, torture inflicted upon members of my
SquamishTM Nation people for hundreds of years and by recently withholding money or the promised settlements to
my people and' fattening' the corruption pockets of individuals at the AFN (Assembly of First Nations) whose
greed about the illusionary monetary game of money created out of ' thin air' by the Federal Reserve and NOW
(New World Order) remains unchecked, not disclosing the burial sites and not returning the remains of the children
who died in the school after being asked to do so;
c. This unconditional Notice otTers the following named individuals an opportunity to vacate the premises
peacefully; Stephen Harper and Phil Fontaine to vacate the Parliament buildings that contain the crematory dust of
First Nations murdered children and people in the cement blocks of the Parliament buildings in Ottawa, Minister
Chuck Strahl oflNAC to vacate the premises located al 1138 Melville Street, Vancouver, Officers and Directors al
the BC Land Registry office located on 88 Sixth Street, New Westminster and elected "Chiefs" at the Squamish
Nation Band Council Office located on my grandfather's property in Nort h Vancouver on Squamish™ Nation
Territory, United, Anglican and Catholic Churches within a 3 day time limitation pursuant to the Bills of Exchange
SUMMARY of STATEMENT OF CLAIMS: Pursuanlto www.consulllcrfOnnJllnll.ca websiteevictionreasons
and regulations the named individuals to this Eviction Notice have:
1.0 violated the cause and conduct regulations as described Ward Churchi ll' s book Since Predator Came, Notes
from the struggle for American Indian Liberation, A National Crime, The Canadian Government and the
Residential School System 1879 to 1986 by John S. Milloy. Perversions of Justice, Indigenous Peoples and
Angloamerican Law by Ward Churchill;
2.0 committed and conti nue to commit genocide to my people - Eviction due to death - Church and INAC's
residential school and reservation I prison camp agendas to herd First Nations sovereigns into prison camps on
SquamishTM Nat ion lands and that the Federal and Provi ncia] Government, its agents and agencies and Named
churches failure to stop the genocide to my people will deem a tacit consenlto be named Debtors to Bi-Lateral
Contracts of$9T of lawful hard currency per years of abuse to each of my people;
3,0 fail ed to leave at the end of a tenn lease; ordered by Registered Notice to the United Nations Secretary
General and failure to comply by the Named Individuals to said Notice, hand delivered by Kevin Annett to the
Named Tenants on this Eviction Notice;
4,0 not paid rent for the hundreds of years of occupation on SquamishTM Nation Territory to Royal Hereditary
ChiefK iapilano™ as elected band counci l members continue to ' do their job' in committing genocide as
compl iance to the puppet masters of the Canadian and British Columbia Churches supported by Federal and
Provincial Government agents for [NAC and AFN;
5,0 committed and continue to commit illegal acts by slowly killing and torturing my people, evidence of this
claim is seen at the Eastside of my SquamishTM Nation lands aka Vancouver. A majority of the poor and homeless
on the streets arc my First Nations People of the Squamish™ Nation;
6.0 committed and continue to commit significant damage and physical assault to the sovereigns of the
Squamish™ Nation, as teenagers overdose on drugs and alcohol. The genocide is the vast amounts of suicides that
occur after the $1 OK settlements were issued by the Church and INAC and government social services continue to
0.... .. pro ..... 1931 pot;><ruaI, oil nsh! • .......ved. T ..... '_ore. IOtbo C<>pJnSIo; _oftbo Seo:.nIII ""'" .otbo NAmed __ 1JocI:>cof 1n -r OI)'loof.., .. Condj,,,,,,,o(U .. , I, ChIef
Kupi,.,..,,,, po ...... ho. ,..r.:.rm."", in m, !WI ... CRdi,.,.., A .... Seand Pony, _ Cov.Yri8h1 r ... "y Nun<........"" in .. y Slyk 01_ lOr OCtllEf CAPllANO I ..
--' by eon...- Low juriIdictiooI wnh ...... """..,.,..,,;ly by ... .,.",.. 10 """";"111)' """...:I rr..:do<o '" _ I. ___ ......... 01""""""'" n... "!!<RCl I 2001 - 1,"VIC110N NOTICE 10 N_
OdIwJ....,.,.,.... .. ci..;I ......... 1O QOJF.EN El..I7.AB£Tl' II '" 01 is", "..""""'"""""",,,, ".. ...... lo. F .... il)l...., 0Sqi.I&In;'" Not;"'" Not ..... 1..-1...:1 """""T.-..rk Copyt.p i_
pmt«:I .... ......... od ""'" PPSAco""" tho> "''''''''', IOIIIisEVlCTION NOTICE";II ........ _'" _ Corpono,ions"'" '011...-1 "''''''''''"'01'' ....... Kemo
A ..... •• bmal """"_ .. """P"fW)' "-of <7-'« tbo Urutad.. cat""';' _ """'"" _ iocatod OIl Squami"'''' NoIiort lando
' kidnap children from First Nati ons Family members for government sponsored foster care programs without
consent or Notice (0 the fami lies. This theft or our children stops now and I call upon my Crealor to enforce the
laws of karma and reflecti on on to every individual who consciously participates in committing genocide 10 my
people of the Squarnishn,l Nation;
7.0 Breach of contracts between government oHicials or Briti sh Columbia and Canada are presented every lime
a Treaty is produced wit h Nations residing on rny Squamish™ Nation lands. These Nations must understand that
there is no ri ght of claim IQ the Sqllamish™ Nation lands and natural resources for these assets are governed by
Common law jurisdiction and SquamishTM Nation longhouse laws. The dai ly theft orSquamish™ Nation natural
resources is an ego served monetary greed for illus ionary commerce by corrupt government and church otTIcials
through fi ctitious, fraudulent contracts wi th private corporations to destroy Mother Earth's natural resources; I)ilt
River project with BC Hydro. Transmission lines for private hydro projects. Mi ller Creek incident of September 8.
2007 on Squamish™ Nation Territory. Visit w\\ w.wildcmcsscommittce.oru for more information;
8.0 The true Landlord. Royal Heredi tary ChiefKiapilanoTM wishes to renovate all the Named Churches.
enlarge it or substantiall y change its nature in service to house the homeless and poor regardless of cuhure, race,
creed or color living on SquamishTM Nation lands.
Common Law J urisdiction and SquamishTM Nat ion longhouse laws: l arde r that the Be Land Registry and
Survey, INAC, SquamishTM Band Counci l olTIce, Anglican. United and Catholic churches vacate the buildings and
premises immediately to open the doors to Ihe homeless. poor and hungry by my right of claim to the land and
premises and Ri ght of Entry. This Eviction Notice is served with a Notice of Appointment to ha ve Kevi n Annett
Eagle Strong Voice be the Named temporary Fiduciary Power o f Attorney to this Eviction Notice. This
appointment will allow Kevin and his assistants to act in a peaceful manner as il is a moral undertaking and legal
obligation of the Named churches to correct their wrongs for the hundreds of years of abuse, tort ure and killing of
my Squamish™ Nation people to provide free shelter to the homeless and poor living on Squamish™ Nation lands
regardless of race. creed or color.
DATED this 4th day of March. 2008 on SquamishTM Nation Territory, Turtle Island known in Admiralty/Maritime juriSdi ction
as a surveyed pori ion of British Columbia, Canadll. Autograph of Royal Hereditary Chief Kiapilano™ for the Squamish™
Nation Lands and nat

\....::,"'I"W,U· I

.... Endorsed and enforced by Ambassador Hereditary Chief Red Jaeket™ of Turtle Island,
Autograph per: @
!I.e RJ
I hereby cert ify that on the " of March. 2008, I gave in hand to /left at the abode of the
Anglican, United and Catholic Churches a true copy of this Eviction Notice on the Squamish™ Nation
Territory of Tunle Island. Autograph per:
-:.. T1i
Kevin AnnenTM Eaglc Strong Voice, Appointed Temporary Fiduciary Power of Anomey over the lands and buildings of the
Anglican. Catholi c and Unit cd Churches located on Squami sh™ Territ ory. Turtle Island
Cw"pO 1<10< p<ffI<I ...... oil ';MIIU ,-.."ed TNM 1 ........ '"- 10 III<COft)'fllj.ltl Natnon(,II< Scwto<l Pony ,a,II< N. med 1kt"_. U."",,n ony Myleofcaw<. (· oniI,,-.ofU .. I. CI>icf
" .. "d."",,, 1"-'" .h .. ' nf"nn .. _ in "" lUll_tty ... CfOdl,.,... """"". s..:..o<l PIITl'. A",boo COS'Y'''''' F.'IIIly N ....... 'OWopl< '.ony .. yIe of ..... ror OClliH CAPI LA.'10 I ....
I!P'tmo<l by C"""",," Lo ... ",nod,,,",,, with oquaobr. """"'Y b)· OSIopp<IlO ... ""' .. mY "8'" ond [,codon! '" <Ont .... in un,.""'" mOl .... of""""",",," lb" MARCil 100II leVlCliON NOnel: 10 1'1.......
o.tx.,.. • ..,.,...,'" .. <;,·,1 ........... \0 WZADETII II .. 01 " ' 0 litem " nd.",."" 'hrrI ,1>«. ". tom,1y and OSquom"" N"'_I' .. y'",I Il ...... ' cn, Uno! . nd ....... CopynKhi ", ... """,.
pror<Goon ofS9T .... ,nfrinf!<"'"'" o. ''"lI' " .. o<l """ It PPSA <0 ond ,Il0l f •. ihuc 10 """",ly 10 du, EVIC1l0N NOTICE WIll deem • dr:b< ' u Nornod C ___ ..... It>d,vlckrol '. ,<"Ill'" '" ""It """ttl
An ...... f.,.. ..... """,,'''''''''' .. """"""'Y Pu", .. of AUom<)' "' .. ,110 Un"ed.. C",boI", ond AIllP"''' <Iu< .... koc;"o<l "" Squ.o",,"'''' Nor""" Iotll.<
Number of churches located on Squamish™ Nation Territory:
I. 79 United Churches
2. 71 Anglican Churches
3. 93 Catholic Churches
Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide adopted by Resolution 260
(ill) A of the United Nations General Assembly on 9 December 1948.
Article I: The Contracting Parties conJinn that genocide, whether committed in time of peace or in
time of war, is a crime under intcmationallaw which they undertake to prevent and to punisb.
Article 2: In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent
to destroy. in whole or in part, a national ethnical, racial or religious group. as such;
a) Killing members of the group
b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical
destruction in whole or in part;
d) Imposing measure intended to prevent births within the group;
e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.
Article 3: The following acts shall be punishable,
a) Genocide;
b) Conspiracy to commit genocide;
c) Direct and public incitement to commit genocide;
d) Attempt to commit genocide;
e) Complicity in genocide.
Article 4: Persons committing genocide or any of the other acts enumerated in Article 3 shaH be
punished, whether they are constitutionally responsible rulers, public officials or private individuals.
a..."" "",lUll< 1931 pctp<IU&I, oll rilllu<aorVtd, TNttI"""",",,,, TrwJ<marI< Sean<! P&ny,o,1'c N_ Iko ........ Dobo(lli"",y 01)'1< of ........ CQIId"""",ofIJ .. 1.0.001'
Koapiloto>'" _ ..,.full.........,. .. . c..ditor. ,..... Sean<! Potly. """"" <:rt .... TrwJ<marI< Cq>yrip F .... ily N""" .... ogopIt 10 &It)' .ykofauoe!Or CClIIEl'C""ILANO I ...
.......,...:I by c-La ... JUriodlctoon ""'" equgbI< ranooIy by atOppOI '0 __ my risJot """ f'noodooo> 10 __ ;" ................ of Thio MARCH 2001 - EVicnON NOTICE to Nornod
Od>con II ",vii _10 QUFP.H EU1.ABF.Tl1 II .. ol il 10 ..... tIoom ....w...d u. -.. i •• fomily oncI 0Sq0w0,'" Notiort N ..... 01 Lond ond ....... Tno!<mook Copyrisbt 'MUBtICC
""" ..... of S9T pot '"&...- .. ... tb I'PM.ClI ond tho! raaw.. to o;)mpIy to tlIis IiVICTlQN NOnCE ... 11 _. dtU 10 NOI>I<d Cotpontioooo ..... iodi..o....l·. ,etUalw wilb Kevon
_', bmoI .. • .......,. ""'_ of 'be Unitool. CaIhoIi< ond Ansi"'" du<hoo loClIIoci ... Sqooami"'''' Notiort IandI
Squamish Nation""
DOCKET 5036483
HEREDITARY CHIEF e CAPILANOTM of the Squamish™ ation and Territory
I ) Premier, Gordon Ccunpbell DBA GORDON CAMPBELL
2) Attonlcy General, Wall y Oppal DBA WALLY OPPAL
3) Assistant Deputy Attomey General , Ri chard J ,M. Fyfc DBA RICHARD J,M. FYFE
5) Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconci li ati on, Michael de Jong DBA MICHAEL DE JONG
6) Minister of Finance. Carole Taylor DBA CAROLE TAYLOR
7) Be Lieutenant Governor, Sleven Point DBA STEVEN POINT
8) Mini ster. Chuck Strahl DBA CHUCK STRAHL.
9) Comptroller. Gmcme L. Beare DBA GRAEME L. BEARE.
10) Manager. Funding Service Operations Gerry Namel DBA GERRY NANTEL.
11) ChierFederal Negotiator, Brian Smith DBA BRIAN SMITH,
12) BC Treaty Commissioner. Jody Wilson DBA JODY WILSON,
13) Regional Director General, Jeff LOll cks DBA J EFF LOUCKS,
MlTIU : TO l'IU'\'CII',\l. IS 1'o0TI CE TO ACt: ..... r. 'OTIC"; TO Ac.: ..... r I:. NOTln: TO PHI'\'(
I:"""" "" """' I"H f'<'1'<I" .... 1I "BIIt .. .".,.....! T' .... ,_ ...... T,_k 10 'IooCop)'\' .... ..... .". .... POlly '0 .... Somod 0 .. " .... !).t.""'ft .... I1I .. ('''''''', ..... '''' , '" I _ .. """
" """''' ..... K .. ... • .. 1'f"O<'II It ... ,n/bnno,,,,,, ,n"y full U!*'My 0 •• Se<ot .. Panv.MI'hor of • .,. T...,. .... k ('0""",,", F ..... t. _ """""""" ,ft OIly .",!cor ....... ro.
(,\,'11 ""'0 I om",,_"'" by (·0 .. ...,., I , .... JU.,od,,,",,,,1OCI .".,_ ...... "h """"abt. rnnody by ... oppd 10 .... <0.. "'. "8'" MIl lIoeol"'" 10"""'"1" ,n " .. , .... t ......... 0\(
rlu. APIlIL lOOII lULl, OI' CO'",S FOR lUF PLA,r-Tff .. m<d .. i,h Admnhy!Ml"" .. <lu,,,.:I,c,,,,,, ............ '''lI ,n ,hthosl I ....... ,,(,100 1I0USI' ROTHSCIIII.l)S IIId "' .....
"'.......t 1 ... ,,' ..... 1. MIl ( '''' ............... ''ud , ... " ........ f anuly CoprniiJII ... """ .... _ 0\($91 .. 1',,1I"") Iwd 1o.. r.,I.""_r "'"' _,"',."..,...,. ftormof""",",u",,,,,_ ,.q
JUI'lI! Quod MClIm est sille me Duferri lion pulesl - Whot is mine ( IIIUlO{ be luken away wit hout my consent.
14} Commi ssioner. Raben Phillips DBA ROBERT PHILLIPS.
IS} BC Treaty Commi ss ioner, Jack Weisgerber DBA JACK WEISGERBER,
16) Sen ior Negotiator ofBC Roger Graham DBA ROGER GRAHAM,
17) Director of Treati es Canada. Brian Manin DI3A BRIAN MARTIN.
(18) First Nation Negotiator. Gibby Jacob DBA GIBBY JACOB. North Vancouver; Commbia.
(19) Director and Registrar Ian C. B. Smith DBA IA C.B. SMITH, Ne\v Brit i.?Jl Columbia
(20) KPMG - Board Member, William A. MacKinnon DBA WILLIAM A. MACKINNON-
Vancouver. British Columbia -
TRANSFERRED TO: (21) D. friedmann DBA D. FRI EDMANN and (22) R.L. Phillips DBA R.L. PHILLIPS
MACDONALD DEITWILER AND ASSOCIATES LTD .. 13800 Commerce Parkway, Richmond. Be V6V 2J3
2) Finance Mini ster Jim Flaheny DBA JIM FLAIIERTY,
J) Nat ional Chief. Phil Fontaine DBA PHIL FONTAINE
4) Moderator for United Church of Canada David Juliano DBA DAVID JULIANO,
5) General Secretary l'or United Church of Canada Nora Saunders DBA NORA SAUNDERS.
6) Archbishop Emeritus of Roman Catholic Church in Toronto Aloysius Arnbrozic DBA ALOYSIUS
7} Archbishop for Catholi c Church Thomas Collins DBA THOMAS COLLI NS.
8) National Archbi shop for Anglican Church of Canada Fred Hiltz DBA FRED HILTZ,
9} FOmler National Archbishop of Anglican Church Andrew Hutchison DBA ANDREW HUTCHI SON.
10) Bi shop of Anglican Church Colin Johnson DBA COLIN JOHNSON,
II) Archbishop of the Holy Rosary Church Raymond Rouss in DBA RA YMOND ROUSSIN,
12) Bcnedictus IVI Joseph Ratzinger DBA JOSEPH RAZINGER and
13) Khazarian General Count Hans Kolvenbach DBA HANS KOLVENBACH, Vatican, Rome. Italy:
14) BeLTS Nominating Entit y(ics) - members, Godfrey Archbold DBA GODFREY ARCHBOLD.
15) Chair. Wayne Braid DBA WAYNE BRAID,
16) Connie Fair DBA CONNIE FAIR.
17) Michael Kader DBA MI CHAEL KADER,
18) Chief Roben Sam DBA ROBERT SAM.
19) Grant Pamell DBA GRANT PARNELL
20) Tawance Joseph DBA TA WANEE JOSEPH
21) Ant hony Moody DBA ANTHONY MOODY,
22) David Jacobs DBA DAVID JACOBS
23) Bill Wil liams DBA BILL WILLIAMS.
24) Byron Joseph DBA BYRON JOSEPH
25) Ilaroid Calla DBA HAROLD CALLA
26) Ian Campbell DBA IAN CAMPBELL
27) Kriss)' Jacobs DBA KRISSY JACOBS
"oTln: 1'0 I'MI:\<;II'Al..S ,"OTIC.: TO AG.:","r . ,0Tln: TO AGE:\"r IS ,'on CE l 'U I'MI "t.If'AI*
...... ",n""", 1011_ ..... oIl, ........... td nl""ftIlIft,.", .. T ......... .. !>I "'-oI",tIe 'iooiI .... .... y.o ,tIe .. . 1tIOCI Bu ...... 1_ .. ... Y""'c"fCA<l"o'O ("""" .... 0(('''' ........
• 1oaI .... '·n ..... K .. ",I • ..,'" 1""_ ,".,n/"o< .... "on ,n CfflI"",. AfmI .. s..cu.e ..... 1 . ...... bot ..r,tIe T_t C<lJM'JIf ......... " ........ , _'" 'B ........ Ie of ...... fur <Xlln.!
I \I'l l "''-II I am "" ... oaI bve"', ...... 1..0" 1',,,0<1,<1",,, OftiIloqwm,.,,'" "'ll_ k>ni! ........ I .... , "'Ih ... ubl< , • ......ty t>y.,.oppd IOC>-C« ... m,"Wo 0ftiI frOOll<>m.o ......... ," ""',-er .. I .... ,, .... nf
.. "" .... co n... .\I',U, 1001" rill I OF COSTS "!tl' 1·r.. ... , ... r,iaI",'h Mml .. "yIM."',_Jut'oa'eho" ...... O<""8 ,".htbeM """"" (lftht 'IOIISI, 0" TI' E
N. '".,( h.It"J".".,.., r",I'<Jl "''''''' undn."'" tho, t ...... " . r om,ly t'op)"ght " .. ".p' .. ...,....,oU 1T (Ni ... Trill"",) ha<d II,,-fu' """""r pot u .. ,h"",!'h "n, <.'fc""'_"""K",
JUTS! Quod Meum t::ol sine nil: auferri IlOI1 poles! - WhlU is mine tllllllOt be IlIken awu) wi!hClu\ my
PENDING DEBTORS: BRITISH COLUMBIA MINISTERS OF: f'orcsts and Range - Rich Coleman, Mining-
Richard Neufeld, Environmenl - Barry Penner, Agriculture and Lands - Pat Bell, Fi sheries and Oceans - Loyola
!-Ieam; Canada Environment Minister John Baird and Intemationalrrrade/Gateway Minister David Emerson,
Transponation. Kevin Falcon. Run of River Power Inc .. President and CEO. (Jako) R.G. Krushnisky. P Eng. Jargen
V. Jensen. eFO. Victor S. Dusik, CA - 202 - 4882 Delta Street. Deha. Be Y4K 21'8
I)ursuant to the Attached Statutory Declaration, paragraph 6.0 and as Schedule 4. this SPECIAL BILL OF COSTS
FOR TI-IE PLAI NTIFF is served to the Named Debtors with Good Faith Public NOTICE TO:
A. PLAINTIFF: I am known by name as Sovereign Hereditary Chi efKiapilanoTM, Creditor. Surety aCiing in full
capacity as Author of the Trademark
Copyright Autograph for CHI EF OCAI>ILAN0
in any style of cause. I am the
gatekeeper of the West for the Pacific coast of my SquamishTM Nation Lands on Turtle Island known in alien jurisdiction as
corpor.ltions " BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA", I have personal knowledge of the malters herein and do Hereby Attest and
State My Truth as Follows:
O. As the eldest, surviving male of my father, George-Johnston: CapilanoTM and Sovereign head of the Cl$quamish™
Nation, the 'royal' heritage DNA of my Family Name runs through my body, mind and spirit as Sovereign Heredi tary Chief
Kiapilano™. As the Sovereign Hereditary Chief of the Squamish™ Nation and Natuml Resources, I declare my right.
position and title as a sovereign man of natural inheritance from my naluml grandmother. Josephine: Capitano
to name my
Ibther, George-Johnston: Capi lanoTM in her Last Will and Testament ofSeplember 20, 1923,
C. JURISDICTION: From the John Bouvier' s Revised Sixth Edition, 1856 A Law Dictionary. "Once jurisdiction is
challenged, the court cannot proceed when it clearly appears thallhe court lacks jurisdiction. the court has no authorit y to reach
merils. but, rather, should dismiss the action". Melo v. US, 505 F2d 1026. I claim Common law jurisdiction understood by the
Europeans as nalurallaws of the land for the people by the peoRIe and laws or the Squamish™ Nation longhouse laws with
equitable remedy by estoppel.
D. DEBTORS: Some Named Deblors are civil servants in service to I-Ier Majesty the Queen in Right of CANADA
and other' s arc Named Private Individuals 10 this BILe:; OF COSTS FOR THE PLAINTIFF, attached as Schedule 4 to this
Statutory Declaration. Phil Fontaine's inclusion as a Named Debtor 10 this contract is explained in paragraph 9 of the Slat [)cc.
NOW THEREFORE with Valuable Secu-:,ityl and in consideration of this Canada Postage stamp affixed to this APRIL, 2008
BILL OF COSTS receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acceptcd and acknowledged, and I make the following
declarations, attestations conscicntiously believing them to be true, and knowing that it is of the sa me force and effect by vinue
of tile Cmlllda Evidence Act (a), TAKE NOTICE THAT:
t . 1 In II maIler Ce ll Canadian Ltd. \'ersus Law Society of Upper Canada 120021 FCJ . No. 690 Federal Court of Appeal . May t4.
2002. The La w Socicl Y photocopied material upon requestS from individuals and three Canadian legal publi shers hrought an action against
the Lll\\ Society for Copyright infringement. 'Ibis infonnation can be researched on LAWfNE'1 Legal Updale Sen icc.
2.0 COl'YR1GliT ACT CHArTER C-42
C.S lnfringemcm generall y: 28. 1 Any act or omission that is contrury to any of the moral rights ofthc :luthorofa \\ork is. in
the absence of conscnt by the author. an infringement of the moml rights. R.5 .. 1985. c. 10 (4" Supp.). s. 6.
.1Mc'--. ......... _ ... ' Ioo ... _vi .. .....,.,oI ... r ..... .... O'fbrd"""h ... .. _) "' .... plJ11
, Thto utl'''''' .... _ "",II,,. vi"')' r _IJ 1'1..... llK'lI '" _ "')' &no .... viloat dtu .. 'Mio lOW< ,.,. SquamnIt ........... Ionoh., pooopk .. _01 _«> '" • tIohbcr .. r ....... '" """,,,c _ ft .... ""
...... ,.hI '" ... ., ,he 1-1_ _ tMd.ond Mlunl_ I loy r".cLwo 'a ...... Iovi' ... 1'o.,_Iond.,,,,, _.1"'"""" .... M .. _ ... fi .... "I!ht .................. ",<10 "''''
I \.oIuabIo S« .... .",,1ucIa '", .. ""oIa. -""'I_ ""_ (It "'_ ........ y ........ '" ....-c. .... ' nlo or...,. pcr_ ('I '" • ot.o ... .....at III. poIbI .. """k or "-I '" WI • .,. liMo! or. boil,
- __ '" _ ... y_ '" Ci,l "' • ...,.,... ... finao<>oI ... ""' ...... (b,...,._ .. -. t>ood, looll. _ .... an ......... '" or ............. , tIbt-,. ... vi_.lcj."""-,",,, "",.10 '0
10"", lit ...,... .. I!ctna ... "'"'<d. Idl I ,,_ ... "'n"" ,. or ,.Ie 00 .......... al, •• < ....... per-', ... ,1rt.I .. oIm<a did,,·..., or . <1Ioot0i ... (01. rdeti<:. ....... ,.. d,"" ...... '"
",hot ' ............. COo",""" .. poy .... ",vi""'*J P«ko, (,rnauWCocio. c.....Q. 0200:1.
'<nICE TO l'IU"Cl I' AI. IS i'OOnCETO AGt: ' ·T. ,unn: TO,\Ct:N' r ISI'OTI (;.: TO I'MI'CII',\L
c...n. '''''' ,Q17 PtfIl<'l"aI. 011 Ttu" hwlowu, .. '0 ' ho('''1'), .... S«wod PUll' ' 0 ........ ...., 110>.. _. Ooblor," ,n, ,,\·10 or ...... '" c_".,.,.", I .. I \oWct"'ll"
II .... ", .. ) n,of 10;."1"1_'" PI ..... , N. 'nfbt .... '_ ," my rullcopoo"y ... Pany • .4.,,,Il00 d,b< C"""'lhi ' ·om,l. No"", ""owoph '"""" .. ,Ie"f ..... r". ,:('1111
C"PII • .v'O I om ... tfn«l by C"",_" l.ow ,..,<4""",,,.ntI N"_l<m+Iboul< ",,,, ... l1h _" ... 1 ... ....,)' I>y O<I(Ippod "' .... "' .. m)' n@,hlondl'loednm"'''''''',><',""o ...... I ..... ' ... '''
,."" ....... Th, "PII II Zoo. FlIU Of FOil. 1', 11· PI-"' II'ITTf" r.led ", ,,hMmnl'y/M. ,,"mo ... ';0<1,,,,,,,, Ojf<fI1• ..:,h",.n ,hebul """"'" on,ho< IIOUSI;or 10 110,.
'4med 'nd" ...... I ... (",,,,,,"ion>u.odnOlond ,hal ,hooo". Fam,ly ('<IP)""'" T'od< .... ro... n. 1''' ....... ,,'" Q($9T {""'. T"lIit"'l IuoId UowNl "I/fancy POI"" ,lIroulti' "., fur",ofron'mu"","'''' ).Q
Jural. Quod Meum est s ine me aUrerr1 lion potest - WMt is mille ClUlllOt be token 8WI} withoul nI) consent.
2R,2( J) The author':. righllo the integrity ora \Iark is infringed only if the work is 10 the prej udice of the honor or reputation oflhe author.
C.6 J hat the inh::grit)' of the copyrighlflntdc name was prejudiced b) the Nam.:d COrpor:llC and Indh idual !Jusincss pani cs despite In)
Rcgish:rcd Copyright rmdcmark Claim Name Notice and User Agreement.
Copyright Ch il Rcmcdic.s: 34.( I) When: COP) right has been infringed. Ihe owner of the copyright is. subject 10 this I\CI. entitled 10 all
remedies b) Ila) of injunction. damages, accounts. deliver)' up and otherwise Ihm arc or may be conferred by Ill\\' lor the infringement ,If a
ri ght.
I i:lhilit y for illfringcrncnI: 35.(1) Where a IlCrson infringes copyright. Ihe person is liable 10 pa) such damages 10 the OWner of the
COP) right as the owner has suH'ered due to the infringement and. in addition to those damages. such part of the profit:. that the IHL"
made from the infringement and Ihat were not talen into account in calculating the damages.
OlTenccs and punishment : S. 42. ( I) E .. el)' person who knowingly (3) makes for sale or rClllal an infringing copy of:l II urt.. or other suhjeet·
maneT in II hi ch copyright subsists. Possession and pcrfonnancc offences and puni shmcnt.
S. 42(2) Every person II ho knowingly (b) for private profil causes to bc perfonn ... >d in pUhlic. 1\ itlwulthc cunscnt
(I f Ih.: l)\\ ncr of the cgm risht. an) \lork or other subject ·mUlter in II hich copyright is guilty of an offence and liable.
3.0 ' I RI\1)EMARK. ACT - INFRINGEMENT IR.S .. c. ]'·10. s. 201: The right of the owner ofa registered trade-mark to it s
usc shall he deemed to be infringed by a person not entitled to its use under thi s Act Ilho sell s.. di stributes or a(h'erti scs ware:. or
l>CT\ ic.:s in association with a confusing tr.lde·mark or trade-name. but no regi strntion of a trade-mark prel'ents a person from m:lt..ing (a) an)
bona lide u:.c of hi s personal namc as a trade·namc, or (b) any bona fide usc. other Ihan as n trade·mark.
3. 1 I RADI·. MARK
AUTOGRAI' II : My autograph is TradelMrk proteetcd as the fksh and hlood trademark claim tlmt gives
" We" to contracts Ihm identity the CAPITALlI.ED ARTIFICIAL PERSON OR CORPORATE NAME. The I rndenmrt.. Claim to 01) Name
m) autograph. ru. no one has thc right 10 duplicmc this aUlograph \1 ithout my expre.'iS wrinen pcnni ssion for it is uniquely allached 10 my
DNA energetic spiritual force and produced in my full capacit y us a Creditor acting freel) in mailers of commcrcc of any man knOll n
I , 2U08 \crsion naming the nell' debtor.> wi th Pending Named Debtors 10 NOTI CE that thi s is ,I promise, n011l threat by intimidation for I dn
not opcrJle in thi s manner.
I hI S bi-Internl. PRIVATE COlllraCI lI"ilh applicable Criminal Charges pursuant to the cec (Ind (onnal indictments IIgainst the
DECLARA n ON or INDhPENDENCE - Adopted by Congrt.'Ss " Jul) 1776 I'alu.:d at 9'1 hard. lal\ful JX'r violation to the
NAMI.D DEB IORS. When. in the course of human evenlS. it beeomes neees.\8f)· for one people to dis.'iOI\ e the polit ical Ilhieh h"lc
c.mn.:eted [hcm \Iith IInolher. and to as.<; ume among the po\ler of the eanh. thc separate and equal stalion 10 IIhich the laws of nat un.: and of
nmure's God enti tled them. a decent rcspect 10 the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the eau.'oCs \\ hich impcllhe rn 10 the
We hold these muhs 10 be self-evident. thllt all mcn arc crcated equal. that they arc b) thcir Creator \1 ith ccnain unalienable ri ghl "i.
that IImong are life, liberty und the pursuit of happiness. To secure thcse ri ghts. gO\'crnments arc institutcd among men. deril ing th!.'ir
) 1I ' t ptll\': rs from the consenl of the go\·erned. Inat IIhenc\ er any fonn of governmenl bI.:comcs dcslructi\c to IhCl'C ('Ods. il is thc ri g.hl of the
p • .'opl !.' til a lter or to llboli sh iI, and to institut e nCII go .. emmcnt. laying its foundmion on such principles and organil.ing its po\len. in :.uch
foml . as 10 thclO slmll St!'Cm most likcly [ 0 elTectlheir safety and happiness... When a long train of abllSCS and usurpations. pursuing
inlariahl y the same obj!.'et evinecs II design to I"L-duec them under absolute despoti sm. it is their right. it is their dut y. to thTOII olT such
g.U\cmmcnl. and to prol ide new guards for their future sccurit) . To prove thi s, Ictthesc fact s be read 10 humllnity on Earth:
O ... -scription of lonnal indictments!'ii 59T (Nine Trillion) lawful currency per ehargd infringement X
I"rilli on
lie refus •. :d hi $: asscntto laws. the mosl wholesome and neecssar) for the publi c good
lie has Cllltcd togcther Icgislati\c at places unusual , uncomfortable and di stnnl from the dl'posi toT) ofthcir
public records, for the sole purpose of fatiguing them into compliance \\ ith hi s measures
fIe has di ssoh'e represcntatives houses repcatedl y. for opposing wi th manl y hi s invasions on [he rights
oflhe pcople
lrt.\l>\ AC'1 IMIlI "G01L>nt lt. S.< r·lo,. 20t l'h .. ,.", oI" 'ho_ ..... tqIOt""" " ......... l "' ... """" ..... .... .....rl II< __ ",II<",r".1jC>iI by' ___ ....... .. _'ho.
"'-, ...... ><II.. d, .. """""", ..t. ... ,1e> .. at .. ", ""0000 i. __ ........................... _ l Of , ....... _ "'<11"'._ 01" ......... -'. 1'<"._" 1'<'_ rt- ....... ' • •• I ..... bona r."" _ .... 1."
P<'_ ...... a>.' .............. ... u... •• " .........
,onn:'l o I' RI"nl'At. tS 'OTIC.: TO AlOt,!,,', '0'1 ICE oro At; I,' r I S. !'OTlCE TO I'RI' ( II',\L
4Jruo< ' ..... 11111 P<"'P" .... 011 n-"', T ..... I_ .. e, 1'.odcftwj, lO . he ('01'\''1'" NMw of,he $oao1(111 , ." '0.11< , • .at u .... _. 1_ , .... II ........ """'" ('."",, __ .,( I·... 1 ........ <'&'1
Ik,<d.oOlvnud" 1\.,""'1,""''' ...- 'h" ",""_, .... ,ft 11011 ... s.w.. Port\'. Aulhor 0(111<1',..-.\ ('"0\"""" f ..... ly "'-auIoIjiI"I'I'.n ........ k 0( .... '" r ... l;("IUI f
( \I' ll I om b. 1:'_1 ..... ""'od"' ..... ..t Sq. ..... , ...... \'0..... kHorI"""_Io ....... h '"""PP<1", <. __ "'Y .1W-.nd f,ri>oo ... " .... 1 ...... , ... 0(
" .... n. .. "'1'1111 1111 I (,"OS"TS fOIl Ti ll FF •• filed .. " kAdm"altyI\IOI.'mo "'"od,<""" "'"" ..," .. '" ,he _ , ... =11 or,,,. or TIll It( lTll,>("I IlI .IlS.11d
".noed 1"" .. "".\0 .... (,""'"",Of""" "td«oIOIId 1"'1 1""'-". .... C"""";gIn Trodomal \ " ..... ofS9T(N, ... Tnn .... \ lo .. ful "'"' uoe ,hr ... !'io ""y rorm o/"rommIIn'<oI....
Jural Quod Mt'urn est sine me aurelli non potest - is mine cunnot be lat..enllway witholll Ill)' COIlM:1l1.
I II: ha:, refuM--d for tllong time. after such dissolutions. to cause others to be elected: "hereby the legislathe
poI\ers. incapable of annihilation. hale returned to the people at large for their c:t(ereise: the state remaining in
the meantime \0 all the dangers of invasion from IlilhoUI. and convulsions "ilhin
lie ha:, endealOrcd 10 thc population of these states/Indian reservations: for that purpose obstructing the
laws for naturalization of foreigners: refusing 10 pa.'\S others to encourage their migration hithcr. and rais ing the
conditions of new appropriation of lands
l ie has ohstructed thc administration of justice, by refusing hi s asscnllO laws for establishingjudicitlry ]>OIlers
li e hn!'> madejudg(."S dependent on his "ill alone. for the tenure of their oniees. and the amounllllld payment of
their saltlries
t Ie has erected n multitude of new offices, and sent hither swarms ofoOieers to harass uur people. and cat out
their substance
9 lie has !.. ept nmong us. in times of peace, standing armies without thc consent of our It:gi slature
10 I II: has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction forcign to our constitution, and unacknOl1 Icdged by
our laws: gil'ing hi s assent to their acts of pretended legi slation
II For quartering large bodies or anned troops among us
12 For CUlling off our trade with all parts of the world
13 For imposing \'l.l.'es on us without our consent
14 For depriving us in many cases, ofthc bencfits of trial by jury
15 For tu!..;ng away our ehaners. abolishing our most valuable and altering fundamentally the fonns of our
For suspending our own Icgi slatures. and declaring themselves invested wilh po\\cr to legi slate for us in all cases
\\ hacSQCI er
l ie abdicated governmenl here, by declaring us out of his and war against us
li e has plundcn.-d our seas. ravaged our coasts. burned our towns. and destroyed the lh'cs of our people
Il c is at thi s time trnnsponing large armi es of foreign mcrcl'flaries to comph.:te the words of death. desolation and
tymnny. already begun with circumstances of cruelty and perfidy scaredy paralleled in the mos t barbarous ages.
and lotally u",\o"h) the head ufu eil'il iled nalion
li e has constmim.-d our fcllow citizens taken on the high seas/lands eapthe to bear arms ugainstthcir
coulltT)/ pcoplc. to become the executioners of their friends and qn.1hrcn, or to fal l thcmsclv ..:s by their
li e el.'eited domestic insulTCCtions amongst us by the INAC aka Dcpanmcnl of Indian Affairs
disregard and cont empt for human rights hal'c resulted ill barbarous acts II hich hale outragl.'d the conscience of
and the advent of a world in ",hich human beings shllll enjoy freedom of SJ)l."Cch and belief and freedom
from fear IlIld want has been proclaimed as the highest aspiration or the common people Aniclcs 1-30 inclus il'c.
NUREMI.IElHj PRINCIPI.ES (NP): Our SquamishTM Nation'S seal acl..no\\Il-dges the duty to uphold the
Nuremberg Principles of the Nuremberg Tribunal. 1950 No. 82. Principlcs of Intcrnational LalU arc n:·cognizt.-d
ill the Char' er of thc Nuremberg Tribunal and in the Judgment of the rribunal us adopted Trc:uy laws by thc
ImernaliOlml Law Commission of the United Nat ions. 1950. N:urred Debtors have II legll l undertaking lind moral
obligation to unders.and thm any involvcment in collecting· fractional fedeT'.!1 reserve debt no,es· from innocent
people for fraudulent tn.1.' eOrllrac\s based on CI'P investmelll board memoers fund \\capons of mass dcstT\lc,ion
in lIars in Afghanistun and Iraq. names them us II pany to conspire in murder ofhurnunity pursuant 10 the
following principles: I. III, IV. V. VI, VII - Complicity in the commission ofa crime against peace. a war crimc.
or a crime lrgai nst humanity as set fonh in Principles are crimes under in.emationallaw. Crimes agains. peace:
Planning. preparation, ini,iation or waging of a war of aggression or u war in violation of intcrnationaltrcatics.
agreements or assullmecs. As a Sovereign Hcreditary Chief of the Squumish'M Nation I am forced against Illy
free-\\ ill hy members of INAC and Churches to live by Ihe good wi ll of people to share ut:commorlutions. 1
churge Ihe Named Debtors with Ihe violations of these 6 Principles as retribution for the di srespect to me and
Nation p .... ople. The genocide continues as the I'ROVINCE OF BRITISII COLUMBIA is el' icting
my pt."Oplc out of subsidi£cd First Nations housing, straight into the stl\. 'ets in preparation for the 2010 Olympics.
I invoke the law ofkanna for these cri mes upon me and m) people "ilhoUI Notice.
]'0 munkr charges by the Churches; alcohol death of my natural mother. Marguerit3 Flort.'S. m) natural father.
murder(.-d - George Kiapil:molCAPILANO. my brother. Jim Kiapi l:mofCAPILANO unel.'plained accident. my
brothers ·Iom Kiapiillll olCAJ>ILANO and George III KiapiianoiCAPILANO - alcohol deaths. my sislers of the
KinpihllloiCAPJLANO family Name: Dcanna - residential school. alcohol death. Georgina - rcsidential .school.
alcohol death. Arlene - Williams Lake mysterious death and Constance - alcohol death. My murdcn.-d
grnndmOlher Josephine Capilano:and my murdered great uncle ChiefTonl . nrc de:uhs of my famil) members
II ill bear the repercussion b) the unhcrsalla\\ s of karma to the perpetrators dCSII'O)ed the happiness of my
r.'lmil) life.
s. 229 Murdcr: Culpablc homicide is murder (a) where the person who causes the death ofa human being (means
MHt( t: ·10 I'MtO\Ctf'AI. JSo\OTlU: TOAGt:l'r. ",OTtCETO.\ Gt./\ r t.!oNO"I tet. ro t'IUN(tl',\ t_
30 459

II 6 12
Qoo, .. ""B'U" 1'17I""f'O'\IOI .• U TN .. ''',1>oC''Pl''1101 ..... or,,,,, S<w.od ",,1>0 No""'" 11.,,_ lJobI", iaMy •• '"ore ..... ("oM"""", <>1'1 .... 1. .. <..,.
'1ct .. J" ,.p.lam'M"....... ,h,. inf"' ..... "'" ,n ",yAlll<",*",I"" Sew .. Pany. ""'''''' of,1>o ·r,JW.I<m;u\· CopI"tho F .... I, N ........ "'0tI. ",ylo or"....., R>r (;("r lll f
r .\PIl "''10 I am ... "...., hy c ..... ""'" L .... juliwt<I ... ....r Squam,.,,'" :>.a,,,,,, 10"" .. "h .,.,O!flbl. ".ned)' I>yW,>pp<I1O .-'"«' .. m) "thoond fi...tom "'''''''".,'' ,n """ .... 1 ... ,,«)01"
'''''',11<1<0 ·'11" 11111 01'("0","5 fOR 1·111; PI.Alvrff i, mod ... h "'dmwollyi I 1&ln' ..... Ju,,/Odi .. ""' ............ '''lI 'n lhol>ool nII"""ur,,,,, TilE ond ",,,",.
l.-.l"..tu.,. """ r"'"",OIiant u ......... rd 1110, ' .... e ". F.""ty e"l'Y',ght T,odomorL ,.. ..... proIN"'" DfS<rT (Ni .. Tn".",) hard "'",rut """me' II" .... ,1Iruu,r. ".v fQtn. or",.."'"",,,,.....
Jural · Quod Meum est sme me lurferri non fl'I) lt'St - What is mine CWU10l be tilkc:n ilway \Iithoul my c\mscnl.
3 1
] ,1
10 e:m,';C hi s death (i) (ii)
S. 231.(2) l'lanned und deliberntc murder, Murder is first degrcc murder it is planned and in a
with the Canadi,m GO'vemmcnt and the ehurch to commit thcse acts through the residenlial schools
administered by the United Church
S. 231.(3' Conlr.leh:·d murder. (5) Ilijad:ing. sexual assault or kidnapping (b) S. 271, (e) S. 272. (d) S. 273
aggravated sexual assault. (e) S. 279 - kidnapping and forcible confinement (I) S. 279.1 - hostage tlll..ing
S. 231 (6) Criminal harassment and S. 23 1 (6.01) Murder during terrorist flcth ity
COP) right 'I rademark Name infringement for the CAPILANO Suspension Bridge. CAPi t ANO Strect.
CAI'II .ANO Mull. CAPILANO College wilh more ehurges pending:
17 Rescrvations I prison camps on SquamishTM nUlion hmds
JANUARY 200R . ADDITIONAL NEW CII ARGES - 25+ First NalionsiNatile women ki lled III the I{obcrt
Picl..ton l..ilHng field: 25 x S9T " $225"1" - further charges pending
S. 337 rur a publie scn'ant failure: to delivery propeny I'hich is liable to imprisonment for II tenn not exceeding
14 )ean;: com mined 1\\ icc b) nell named Debtors at INAC. ( 1) Graemc L. Beare: on 1J..."'Cember 21'1, 2007 and (2)
011 Junuar) 3. 200S with Gerry Nanlel; II herein both public servants rcfuS(.-d to provide mc II ith a ror my
nc\, vehicle ftI Dueck on Marine
·Criminnl Defamation. slander and libel pursuant to the Criminal Code of the Supreme Coun of Canada wherein.
someone circulated a poster with my pielUrc on il. naming me as ""Mr. Fred Genlld Johnston. 69 years old
claiming thaI I wus considered to be 'violent' in the past"". I demand thaI )OU cease and desist \Iith thi:. s lander.
libel and criminal defumation as fraud and conspiracy to discredit Ill) photo Ilnd Truc Famil y Name
Kiapilanolll and/orCAI'ITAI.lZED NAME e CAPILANQ initialed by the Squamishl" band council \Iill
inerea.>;c the dcbt of the I'alue of the. contracl by 3 timcs. Also, cease and dl'sist 1\ ilh the falsehood of calling me
FRED GERALD JOII NSTON as thi s is INAC'S name and Ilot my True Name.
Nil: My bllsiness manager. Irene has nothing to do with John Ruiz Dempsey, Ibus an) gossip aswciating. her
name to (hi s name will incur Ihe same penally. I was u personal wilness for John' s fui lure 10 perfonn un a
Seplcmber 2007 IJOA find witnessed the submission ofa revocation of thai rOA to the RCMP in Ottawa un
October 12.2007.
17JANOH: I elll"!" and envclope from Richard J.M. F) fe. Minister of Allome), General
STA II .MLN r OF CLAIMS: INAC. nc AND CANADIAN GOVERNMENT and its R!SpCetile ti\ il servants in
to III .R MAJESTY Ti lE QUEEN IN RIGln' OF CANADA arc in a direct I"iolitliun oflhc UN
Declaration on Ihe Rights ofSo\"ereign/lndigenous Peoples: Anicle I. Anicle 2. Anicle 3. Anicle 4. Anicle 5.
Article 6. Article 7{ 1)(2). Article t1( I )(2). Anicle 9. Article 10. Anicle. II{ I X2). Anicle 12( 1 )(2). Article
13( I )(2). Anicle 14 (I X2X3). Anicle 15( I X2). Aniele 17{ 1 )(2)(3). Anicle 111 - as long as the clected Band
Council members and elected 'ehiefs' remain at the Squamish"'" Band council oflice on my grandfather's land
this I ;ola]ion enms me S9T per day for this \'iollllioll. Anie1c 19. Article 20{ I )(2). Article 2 1 (I )(2). Artkh:
22( 1 )(2). Anicle 23. Anicle 24( 1 )(2). Anicle 25. Anicle 26( I )(2)(3). Aniele 27. Anicle 2S( I )(2). Anicle
29( I )(2)(J), Aniclc 30{ I )(2) - as long as private commissioners secure the and buildings of INAC.
Squamish'''' Nalion Band Council "mee and BC Land office. this violation remains. Article 31( I )(2).
Article 32( I X2)(3). Aniele 33( 1 - m)' people have a right to kl"CP their OIl 11 Last Will and
Article 34. Article 35 - lhi s article applies to respect m) right 10 protect the interest. health and wealth of Illy
Squamish' '"' N:llion pt."Ople as a Sovereign Il ereditary Chief Kiapiiano
• Anicle 36( I )(2). Anicle 31'1. Anicle 39.
Artic\c 40. Aniele 43. Art icle 44. Anicle 45. We understand \Ihy Chuel.. Strahl, Milli stcrof lNAC refuscd 10
sign the UN Oeclaralioll on the Rights Pcopl es on September 7. 2007. thi s ralified
l)cclar,lIion gil cs indigenous people hili ful fC{:OU1"SC to charge gOI emments and its agen(S II ho arc in direct
Ilollllion ofl he Anicles.
Since Ill) ljI;."!"vi!;:e of documents on to INAC et a1. 1 hal e been subjl"Cled to death threats with the fol1o\\ ing
experiences: on 3 1 Januar) 2001'1 'they' for I do not who 'they' ure or are in contract lI'ilh: anempts to kill
me arc noted as follows: by lampering lI'ith the hood ofm>' car. CUlling my II iper washing lilles lll1d giL" line.
taking the boll 00" engine to the II1l)\or mound. CUlling the power stl'Cring line. destro>cd my Buick. physically
thwlling me against the hood of my car and taking m) money and throwing my II) on Ihe ground. follo\lillg me
around in cars occupied by indi\ iduals who intimidate and harass mc around
FEB2008· TAX FREE Df.ll"1 OVER DUE AND OWING BY • 22 Named Individual Business Deblors aod 7
Curporation!' x I"ulue of contract: calculation: 29 x SI ,920T pursuant to the BILLS OF EXCIIAN(jE ACT -
Silcnce and No response increast:s the debt dail) by $9T hard la\\ ful cum:ncy\. Equilable remedy Ihat continucs
'" m
1. 155
1. 173
• 10 Named lnd,\O,duab and Co.po.allons an: to 'bllhe OOVERI'oiMEN"J OF BRITISlt C01.UMl ll A AND CANADA" 1000cck>«:d 1)1' b} a lhal
C3I1 not be ",,,,,,,"Cd and ...... ,kl" be lho" .... e till; n!:h' 10 twnC lhe R .. " o .. "nl\ PartlC$1l$ o.brou to th,. Con,ract. (t, Robn1l1 /odhck. rn,.,lknl WORt.l) llANK
(;ROt.'l'. 11111111 NW. Wll$hmgtooo. OC 2(l.l3J USA (2) Nall\an",l Cb-Ics J..:ob OIlA NATHANIEL CHARLt::.S }.\'-'OII RO"flI<;(;IUt.l> ofll;ot\);u:l Jo>dIlI,
'10Tt Cr.·10 I' RI 'ClI' \I. IS ,'01"10: TO 'On CE TO ·\ G •• !'i r IS /'oUTl n : TO 1' lI. t'( IPAI_
e:...... ""'...., ''111 P«P" ...... I ,'*"" menu T,- ........... T,,,,,",,,",1 I<Ilho,,,,,,,,,,,,, ..... oflht Scaorcd '''y,o,,,,"''amaI_ DdImr no .. , ... "' .. f ........ .... ofl' .. I _ .......
' ....... "'fP'IoI.u' .......... ,ho, "",,-,_ ,ft "'rl'ullcapot.yu. CmiiI .... _. '""1. (""!'\"f,p. F ..... ty "'0 __ """",, ,n ..... ..... f ... (;("11111
<1">1() I ...... · ....... b. Com""", 1..-.. "",.001.""", oro! ... s ....... ""","""" ... Io" ..... h """ • ..,..,........tvb. """!>P<I'o ..... ;..- m) ,;.".....,j 11_"" '0_ ,n un, .. , ... 1 .... , ... or
«"" ....... tn.. <lPIIII ZOOt 1111 ,. 01 COSTS FOR lHr PI "IVT!"f" foltd ""h ""''''''.ltyiM.'''' .... J .... di,,'''''''¥.nt. on, ... ,n ,bob< .. u ....... or,,,,, IIOUSt OI'T1'r. .nllo,.
:-<a ..... 1""',""',I ... d I',,,,,, ... ,,,,, ..... ....! ,hal "",,clo, COI')'''8"' :-;'."11'010<1"'" ofS9T (N",. 1">111.0") ""rei 10.. ",1 """_r J'<' v .. •• y r",", or""Hu""n"""," 6-Q
Jm81 Q\Joo Meum si ne 111<': auferri non potesl - What is mine CIIIlIlOl be tllken away wilhoul l1Iy,ulIscnt
10 enforce thi s contrdcl is 10 mcet \\;Ih independent media and enforce a public inquiry as to \Ihy the
GOVEltNMENT OF CANADA AND IJRITtSl1 COLUMIlIA continucs \0 commit genocide 10 the First Nations
People on Squamish™ Nation lands.
ANGLICAN, CAnIOLIG. UNITED CII URGES and INAC genocide charges pursuMllo cvidcncc presented in
the Indian Act of Canada. (RSC c. 1989). Sections of crimes 10 the Act as claimed on the allachcd StatulOI')
IA:clamtion in paragraph 4.0; 15 + I S. 231(2) =. 16:( S9T - S I44T
ANGLICAN. CATI tOLle AND UNIHO CIIURCII ES pursuant 10 served Elo' iction Notices of March 16. 20011
as \\ilncsscd b) the Vancouver Police. Media and o ... er 60 panicipams; 243 churches x $9T " S2.18Tf pursuant
10 parugrnph 6.0 of the Statutory Dcclarotion:
NB: Nmural Resourcc.'S sale ofS6.5M on December 19. 2005 to Nonhwcsi Squumish"'-l Forest!) Limited
Pannership in 'l rust by the Squamish'ltl Nation - this penally \\ill be calculated al a later time as for no\.\ it is
duly noted for the record that the Sovereign Hereditary Chief Kiapilano'M never R.'Ceived a penny from thi s
Trade and Commerce contmet on his Lands:
Pursuant to February I, 2008 Permanent Dishonor by Breach ofConlmct ! Statemenl of Account. pamgrnph 9.0
Fincs and Permlties: February I - April 30. 200S "" 90 days x S9T- 5S10T
22 J'ennanent N1UllI:d Dcbtors ,Illd 7 Corpunttions '" 29 + 27 New Nnmed Individual Debtors + 4 Business
Corportlt e Debtors: Anglican. Catholic. United Churches and GOVERNMENT OF CANADA :;'rOTAL 60
Named Dcbtors x value of contract $58.S2IT - S3.529.260T hard. lawful currency
NAME Johnston. Fn:d Gerald. 2 chl.'Cks issued from the BANK OF MONTREAL. 959 Park Royal Suulh. West
Vancou\-cr. BC V7T IA I Check #24691 for $256.25 signed by unidentified autographs on April 3. 2008 and
ChT..'Ck 11 58133 for 5250.00 signed on April 3. 2008 by Byron Joseph and Bill Williltms. who is not a Chief but a
civi l servant in service to INAC and the Quccn. Deliberate Frdud eomrnillcd bythesc Named DEBTORS
aeli\'a!cs term and condition 4.0 itcm N32 of thi s BOE as a Stalemelll of Claim by fmud: 53.529.260 value of
enllll"llCI x 3:
NO: Silence No response. Failure to settle inercasT..'S the debl by $9T hard la\\ful eum:ncyl. Equitable
remedy th31 continues 10 enforce this cOlllract is to meel in a medin and a public inquil) as 10 why the
GOVERNMI.:.N"I OF CANADA AND BRITISH COLUfviplA and Pri\'ale Corporalions and Named Agents
conlinue to opcmle in privale contracts 10 commit gcnocfac: 10 the First Nations I'roplc on N::l\ion
16 55.824 1
243 SKOIl l
60 3,529.260 r
5.0 TAX FREE: My tax free position is 10 stay in honoroflhe NUREMBERG PRINCIPLES (NP) - NUREMBERG
WAR CRIME TRIBUNAL, 1950: " Individuals have international duties which transcend the national obligations of
obedience and therefore [individual citizens) have the duty to violate domestic laws to prevent crimes againsl peace and
humanit y from occurring." I will not violalc the Nuremberg I'rinciplcs.
6.0 UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS (UDOHR), December 10, 1948· Preamble: Whereas
di sregard and cont cmpl for human rights have resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind. and
Ihe advent ofa world in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief and freedom from fear and want has
been proclaimed as the highest aspirmion of tile common people along with Anicles 1.3,5. 12, 13(2), 17( 1). 20(2). Anicle 4
No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their fonns because in 1833
the Slavery Abolition Act was passed by the British Parliament . Any reference made to " Personll-· in any law is defined as
Indi vi dual, Sovereign. freeman. frcewoman and free child by my Common law understanding.
a...uman ofRITCA"ITAL pie. 27 St James's I'btc:. London, En,land SWIA INR (ll Ikputy M'nlSter ofh_. ROOcn A .... Hanl o(Can;,d;i.
234 SIIcct. 011<1"-" Ont3OO KIA 009
· .ferHn,nallkra""'hi>n. , bndo. MIl Iobel. •• nl,m,d"l>o". Sla\l;,ng.lr'eSp3ss,nj; _IInue lhar Ihll dcbI,,',11 be: b)'.lIIJnes 1M ,-;rluoc ror •. ' US.f>lKrr
S 11>1 .6401 of ta .. fwllwd
' KtPOO,nlllo Indmduals and CCJI1>Ofl'IIOnS arc loconfirm thai I"" GOVERNMENT Of fiRITlSl1 COLUMmA ANI)CANADA forcclosal 011 by a 'CII,;lC.tt! II"" IhaT
em no! "" rcmo' -..... un1css Repo."n, ""lSh 10 be: ,",eluded IS lhe Named DHMot$ 10 Ih" rotIlr.lCl. (t) Robm II WORLO BANto.
GROllP. 1818 II S1fed. NW. Wasrungton. DC 260J USA (2) Na(hanoccl CharksJ,xob RodliCh,ld ooA NATIIANII;.L CIIARLI:.S JACOI.l ROTIISCIIII.D Joonh
( h.:urman ,,(MIT CAI'LTAI. PARTNERS Pic. 27 St JllITItS'l Pb«. I..ond<>n. F..IIgland SWIA INR OJ t)q!o.tly MlnISlttofF,nancc-. Robm A Wnthl. Banl of("an;wb
lJ4 Y.tthngton SUed, 0113 .... Onrilno KIA 0G9
• 1'",-, means COfpolllilOn pllfSlWlllO lhe IlLxk .... w nUl" done 10 Iklibtr.ildyconf">I: lhe Ind,\'ldto:lJ ,,110 lOO>los Ih:01 hclshe IS 5<1>'<:1(111"
'(J"IIC( TO I'RII>t:II'.\I. IS 1Io"OTl Cf. TO AC;t:I'o I'. 'O·llct. TO NOTICY. TO r' IU"'CII'AL
c..."" ,. .. wnc '911 I'<'J!d.aI • .ur "tN .. Ttu. '"""",,, ... to a..C"I'l'''''' Nomcofl'" 5«u<od ' '''1 ' D,1I< N.mal llu,,_ • • _ ... in on> .. ylo ..... -"" I <;0., .... 111'
U .. od" ..... CMcf .. , ......... ' .. "'...." 1Iu, ,.""-'"'" '" "'Y filii ... y. A.,,,,,, 0(,11< T ......... (""""" .... r.mll. 1'1.... .. "",,1IpIt 'n....,. .'I."r ....... (0)1 onnu-
(AI'II .... '«) 1 .......... 0>tII II) ('_I ...... juI,od.""", ond $quomu!!"' N ...... loojjh" .. "" ....... "h "'11' ........ ,.,.,..,. by ... <>ppot '0 .. """ m) "iiJo! on<! f,O<dolrn "'''"''',>Cl l. "'", ..... 1 ... ,I<,..of
"'"',.,..". 1l., APRU 100lr 11111 OF COSTS FOR ' n1l, PI.AI/I.'TFf .. m ....... 1lo Adm"IlIyt\I .. "" .... '."sd .. ,"'" ...... """I.n lhobnl ."' ..... ,lfobt r(ousr,Qf Till- ItO' nlM IIILI)\" and 10 ,"",.
""RIN 1..J,,",uor •• noll "'pol""""' """""RAnd .bo, , .... ... fom,ryC0f'1" .... :-. ..... PI"'''''''''' 0(191 {S"", T"II .... ) hanI "wM ='r«<y pel" .... ,h" .. gh o.n}I fo,n,<>fwn,n,un""'"'' 1-'1
Jum, : Quod Meum es. sine me non pottsl - WhUIIS mint cltrlrl(\t be .&kcn away wilhou( 'II)' COIIS(nl.
7.0 PENALTIES & FINES: Silence, failure to comply and meet with me and my witnesses on film. will incur a dail y
fine ofS9T (Three Trillion) lawful hard lax free currency without fun her notice. This daily 59T per day fine for continuing 10
keep I1l l' isolated from m)' True Squami sh™ Nat ion Family and people. without a home. without a phone. without an address
illcrc:lses the debito your names and credits my Family Name. Section 33 of thi s BILL OF COSTS enforces thi s dail y fille by
a violation of Article 1810 the UN Declaration. Any harm or dClIIh inflicted upon me will incur a finc of9 times the vul ue of
thi s contrilct and this contmet will be made immediately available to the common public for collection without further notice.
di shonor by Breach ofContracl and Failure to Senle pursualll to the BOEA. Public and PriVIitC Bonds secured by the Quecn' s
unlimited international insurance bond of SIN and other government issued IDlbonds arc forfeited upon the posting ofthesc
documents of Title. This places each Individual and Corporate Debtor in a vulnerable economic position with the other
"crown" positi oned secretl y behind the Queen. This crown is owned and operated by the Bank of Canada an 'unregistered'
eommOlmealth subsidiary of the I louse of the Rothschild. The Named Debtors are a pennanent monetary liability by
registered lien and economic ri sk to the financial corporatcJbus iness structure of tile Rothchild' s major shareholder of the
World Bank.
9.0 DOCUMENT OF TITLE') AND REPORTING: This document is watennarkcd as International Bill o/Excll(mge
(//JOE) 10 Credil/he Named CredilOr by Equilable Remedy (md Esloppel wilh off righls resen·ed. As a document of titl e to
moneti ze and secure Ihe value by my flesh and blood seals into true lawful currency by the forfeiture of the Named Debtors
public and private bonds. No reporting is required to credit bureaus, government agents or banks as the reporting partics
understand thi s infonnation. Gordon Campbell has applied to the World Bank for a loan and uses Squamish™ Nation lands.
\\at er and air as taxed security without full financial di sc losure to me or my Sguami sh™ Nation. This claim of right to credit
my Name is reported 10 the World Bank to ensure that the World Bank understands that tllese taxed lands, natural resources.
water and air bear an outs tanding monetary liability by de facto "BRITIS!-l COLUMBIA and CANADA" corporations. The
reporting of thi s debt to the World Bank deems my right of first regi stered lien claim against the Nilmed Debtors through the
Canada Post registration number that is governed by Universul Post.'ll Union.
10.0 MONETIZED: The value of thi s account I bi· lateral contract is moneti zed into Inwful currency and avai lable for
immediate use by the Named CREDITOR. Original Statement of Account will always remain in the possession of the Named
Creditor and Certified True Copies thereof are used as deposit s or investments. as the case may be determined at the sole
di screti on of the Named Creditor. The pennanent Named Debtors titled 10 this account/contract remain in full force and cnccl.
The Named Indi vidual(s) who accepts thi s document for deposit or investment is/are entitled to percentage of the value to be
detennined in a Private Tax Free contract with .the Named Creditor pursuant to the Bills of Exchilnge Act and Common law
jurisdiction by this FINAL ORDER for equitable remedy and estoppel.
11 .0 TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE: In order to understand the importance of time and pursuant to the User Agreement
there is a 21 (Twent y·One) day time limitation to rcspond. Failure to do so will deem that your silence is a tacit consent to all
the terms and conditions of this colllmct/account and that thi s account never dies as it is pilssed on as a hereditary debt to the
Family Names until the Debt is settled. For iI debt is a debt that must be paid pursuant to contract IIIW in any man known
j urisdiction.
12.0 DISTRIBUTION: I ler Majesty the Queen docs not use registered mail. This means that the posting of thi s
information is served in full force and effect with Reponing copies to Named Parties and Pending Debtors. There are over 49
Named Individual Debtors but onl y II Named Corporate Debtors therefore. originill documents served to the Corporations will
be deemed served to lhe Named Individuuls leaving it up to the I lead agent of the Corporations to distribute thi s infonnation to
the Named Debtors. as the original service to the Corporation and copies thereof are deemed served.
13.0 THIRD PARTY INTERFERENCE: Named de facto third party intervencr, interloper, usurper and any
associates from any man known jurisdictions of Corporate entities defined and Named as law finns. Department of Justice .
• (If IhlS Io'ftflW>tn1 o.shonot by 8rueh of Comrao:c, St3Iemenl of USC'r accounl 111.. of Iolk 10 and <kfincd as booJ:hl and sokl ""'''. b .. 1 of Iad,n\!.
"'"3fl"inl «ruroca,c.,.. onIcr f.,.. 1M <klwCf) conds <'II an) OIher valuable Ihong, and an) Dthcr dot:uQ1t!1U1ISCd In lhe <)I'd • ...:)' WUnl." as ",Ida..:c of ll>c-
p;awoo 01 conuol of....,.t... 01 pt.trpOn,nll lO Iulhom.e, b) endoucmenl 01 b) dcl""I)'. lhepcnon ,n possessoon Or lM OOc:ulllCll110 ir.IIlSfe. Of ICCC"" an) goocb Ihncb,
t.:1'I<$C." cd or lhen:,n menllOned Ilf .eferred Pocl Cl Crim".al Co<k. Carl ... ·,,!!. 0 200). pS
'0"1'1<.. .: 10 PRIM] I·AI. IS 1Io0TICI: 1'0 A(":' -I . '0 no.; 1'0 A(;.:'\"1 Il> 'IOTIC.: 1'0 I' IUM
DMI"" PlO '""" _ ..... oil ",!h .. ,""",,"<I T"' .. I_ ..... "" ... t·"",.,," "_of"" <;c,,;urcd P ... 10'"" ......-11.... -.0 ...... ,. ony .. ( ...... ,, __ '" I ... \ ""' ......
.. , ..... ,"'""'w pre><:nl ''''' ,n "'I s.c. ... P."". ""' .... 01' .... TraJtmark C"""",," f&DUly '" _ .. '10,,( ...... '" fuo 0('11 11 \
I \I'll "',",U , .... .., .... oed In' r",,,,,,,,,, I .. ,,' "'''''''"n,,,, tneI :..,,"" .. ".""h..,.."ab .... ",..,,. by 011"""", 10"' .. .,.... '"r"'" ,oot fi_ '0 ""'", .... ,n .""." ... 1 ," .. ",,"of
'''''" .. lh ... WRIt 11 11.\ at tOS'TS f Oil Till, PI ........ rfF Ii filed ,,"h ... ,'''''''''''' 'lI""''''''''' ,n ''''' ..... Ofl'llI. ...... ,n .....
".".,..j 1000"",,,.I •• tId unilt,,,onol ''''11M!0 " I r om,lf C"I')nllhl 1"01""'''''' "U9f ("'n< TnU"",) IwlI .... lid a.mn<)' II<' y .. IIIrooilh 'IT)' r""" oI'<Offimu""'",_ S· ...
Jurat Quod Meum est sin.: me aufcrri non potcst- Whul is min.: ClUlnOi be Iw.cn away withou1 my conscnt.
named govcmnlcnts. Named Private andlor Public agent(s) in service to Admiralty/Maritime juri sdiction interfering with
pri vate Bi·[alcral User Accounts or to intimidate, harass Named Notaries. my famil y and me \0 my served document s, will
autOlntllicall y assume their Namc(s) and Corporalion(s) to applicable Criminal charges on \0 User Accounts Ihal beurs a
penalty of$3 Billion of lawful hard currency without further Notice.
CONCLUSION: J am extremely interested to meet with the Named Debtors andlor reporting partics. in a meeting of the minds
on film with my witnesses in order to resolve thi s liability which increases dail y by $9T hard, lawful currency. This Debt will
be passed on to Family members should the named Debtors andlor the Reponing Panics fail to settle the claims, then the
Reponing Parties arc added as Debtors to the contract. In the Name of Peace with the wings of the eagle, may your hearts and
spirit soar to meet Father Sky in order to embrace the abundance oflhis Universe to bring the Victory of Peace and Freedom to
humanity and Mother Earth/Gaia.
CREDITOR held and used in Trust by the Agent, Sovereign Hereditary Chief KiapilanoTM
cl o PO Box 30, 2902 Main Street. Squami sh™ Territory. Tunle Island IV5T 3031
IN WITNESS WHEREOF THIS fiduciary interest acceptance by Sovereign Hereditary Chief Ki_ap-lano™. Creditor, Secure
Pany. Author of Copyright Name, Trademark Claim autograph for OCHIEF CAPILANO or any other derivative thereof seals
thi s lawful instrument with due diligence as evidenced by my flesh and blood autqgrapll, receipt and suffi ciency of whi ch is
hereby acknowledged and accepted. to exercise my ri ghl to li ve free without malic'e aforethought. ill will, vexation or frivolit y.
without corporate dictate, I declare the aforesaid 10 be true. 0
A",ogmph pe"
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we, the autographed wilnesses
below arc over t e age of twenty-one years. acting in OUT full
capacity 10 attest that Sovereign Hereditary Chief KiapilanoTM of the Squami shTM Nation did in fact. autograph lhis BILL OF
COSTS FOR THE PLAINTIFF, CHIEF OCAPILANO by hi s fl esh and blood hand on Squami shTM Nati on Territ ory ofTunl e
Island of the American Continent Land Mass known as the GREATER VANCOUVER REGIONAL DISTRICT in the STATE
OF BRITI SH COLUMBIA, corporation CANADA, thi s 18th day of April. 2008, AD. AND THAT we know Sovereign
Hereditary Chief KiapilanoTM of the Squamish™ Nalion and make thi s solemn declaralio c seientiously beli eving it to be
tru\! and knowing thaI it is of the same force and' effect as if made under oal The Canada Eviden e Act.
Witness # I as to e above autograph,-
Soverei gn Herc nary ChiefRw Jack
of TunIc Island known in aHenjuri sdiction as
Land Mass of Ameri can Continent
the above autograph.
Irene-Maus: avenhorsl™. Pri vat e Named
Sovereign living on Tax Free Land
1"OTlCf: TO I'RL1"CLPAL. IS NOTLn : TO A<a:N'r . M)TLO : TUAC.:1". r IS No no: TO
Or."", ptn 1\1", •• H "8"'.,.",.,....,;1 T"", Indeo,u ... '" ,100('''''''''8''' 1'1"",,""111< Sa:utod Pony 10 'M 1'1.0'14:<1 f).u.,,, .... u.t. ... ," O"y .. yle..r ..... '" \ Qrd"""".,(II .. I s.''''''lI''
!I .. K'''I"I'''''''I'fnmI,h" ,"fi>nno,''''',n "'t' IIdI <_ny •• ,Cmh,,,,. A"""". S«urc P ... hmil. N.""' .... OWapl! ,n.",. or .. u,. r", Q('IUlI
,.\I'II .... MI l om!l"'<Jnoot b. COMm,," law ,luti'llH:!"'" aIId Sqog.mi"''''' NOIH)O 1o<ttI1I<)u .. Io ........ h "1""01* ..... ntappd '08"",'" mf.iglo "nd (,_," ..... "'".,,-.."1 .... ,' ... '"'
n".APRII_ 2001 BI Ll. F()I( THE to nlal ",iob "-<Im''-''t!\Im""", lu""t.<ti.oa "tIO"" in tho bt., "" .. ",or,ho llOUSEOP "'11, ROTH,ellU "nd '" hoi,.
"'"o'I4:<Ilnd" ."".1 •• nd ('''' ....... '''''' ."""," ... nd ,hOI ,1>ere,.. Fa,,"ly " ...... PI'''''''''''''' of'f9T (/00;" Tnlho"llwd ... ,,·M "'''CNl' pot u" ,btoo,op ""V (",m of """''''''no''''''''
Jurot. Quod Meum CSI sine 111(: aufcrri non polCSt - What IS mme cannot be laken away withoul my COn5Cnt.
For Immediate Media Release: First Communique from New,
Independent Genocide Tribunal in Canada - April 15, 2008 at 3:01 PM
The Internat ionall-Iuman Ri ghts Tribunal into Genocide in Canada (IHRTGC)
IHRTGC Communique No. I
IIIRTGC Onidall), launched at Ceremonies commemorating Fourth Annunl Original Hol ocaust Memorial Day:
More Mass Grave Sites Revealed al former Indian Residential Schools Squarnish
Nation Territory ("BRITISH
COLUMBIA, CANADA") April 15.2008.
Ilcrcditary leaders of five Sovereign nations. residential school survivors and their supporters officially lautlched the
International IllIman Rights Tribunal into Genocide in Canada today, on the Fourth Annua l Original Holocaust Memorial
AI the event. an expanded li sl of mass gmves at fonner Indian Residential Schools was issued. detailing thirt)' one such
sites in live provinces across Canada. (see II'wlI'.hiddellfromilistol"l'.org. April 10 Itpdate,for a list of most of these sites)
This li st will be presenled to Sovereign delegates to the United Nations this Friday, April 18.
Greetings were also read rrom the Dcfensoria Indi gena, a Mayan organil.8tion rrom Guatemala. and a Cypriot human
rights group. both of whom wil l be moniloring the work of the IHRTGC through their role as international observers.
The investigative work orthe IIIRTGC commences today, as teams of researchers wilt travel to every region or Canada
and document the first-hand testimonies of residential school survivors, as well as documentary and rorensic evidence
relmed to Ihe death and disappearance of children althese schools and at Indian Hospitals.
Accompanying the researchers wi lt be Tribunal judges, who will convene formal hearings to consider the evidence and
issue reports, including recommendations for the establi shment of Original courts of j usti ce to try and sentence
perpetrators of crimes against native people.
The presiding elders orthe III RTGC call upon all people 10 cooperate with their work as an alternative to the rraudulent
"Truth and Reconciliation Commission" oflhe government of Canada, which has no power to subpoena. summon
witnesses or evidence. or bring to Irialthose responsible for the residential school crimes.
The IIIRTGC will issue a final report to the international community al an undisclosed time and place. and wil l be pan of
a wider process of establishing popular couns of justice to try the gui lty and lay (he basis for truly sovereign and
independent Sovereign nations across "Canada".
The IIIRTGC also issued today the following Declaration (be/ow). \\ hich we urge you to reprint and circulate 10 all people
and the rnL"<iia.
In the cause of justice and in memory of the murdered children, We arc The Elders and Judges of the IHRTGC
contact: gcnocidetribunaVa. yahoo.ca pager: 1-888-265-1007 (Canada only) www.hiddenfromhi storv.org
Kevin Annett - IHRTGC Communique No. I 1-4
A Founding Declaration
Today. as we arrer prayers for Ihe children murdered in church-run Indian Residential Schools and hospitals, we begin a
longjounlcy to tcllthe (ruth about officially sanctioned genocide in Canada, and to bring those responsible to justice.
We arc taking this step in the face of centuries ofcxlcrmination, of land lhell. and of mass murder in the name of a foreign
god. And as we do so. we arc confronted by Ihe same monster that did these crimes. and is still destroying our lands and
OUf peoples.
The occupation of our lands by this monster has not extinguished OUf sovereign identity as distinCI peoples, our claim to
our land. and OUf capacity to act as nations, wilh our own language, culture and couns of Illw. This self-awareness is a
direct challenge 10 the monster and its constant efforts to destroy us, throw us off Ollr land, lmd hide and just ify its murder
of so many of our people, including thousands of innocent children.
That monster is the corporate state of Canada, its state-sanctioned churches, and the wealthy foreign interesls it serves. No
words of "apology" or hush money from thi s monsler can change its nature. its deadly impact on ollr world, or its
culpability for cri mes against humanity. We have established our Tribunal to confront this monster and to end its reign of
terror and tyranny over us.
rhnt terror began centuries ago as part ofa deliberate criminal conspiracy known as European Christendom, ofwhich
Canada and its churches are but one branch. That conspiracy has murdered more people than any Empire in human history.
and continues to poison and rape our Mother Earth in its new gui se as international corporate capitalism.
We know that thi s murderous Empire destroyed many non-Sovereign people as well, and by warring against the rural and
poor people of Europe. driving them from their land and displacing them to Turtle Island, caused the genocide of our
peoples under the guise of "Christian civilization".
We stand with all the victims of this Empire. including the descendents of European and other seltlers who came here as
traumatized victims of capitalism and Empire, and who still suffer as we do at the hands of the wealthy oligarchy that rules
Canada and the world.
Twice in our common history have Europeans and Sovereign people taken up anns together to light Ihis imperial and
religious oligarchy. during the MacKenzie-l>apineau rebellion of 1837 and the Riel Ri si ng from 1869 to 1886. Both times.
Empire crushed the forces of true democrac), in Canada, imposing a colonial, church·dorninated government on all our
peoples that persists to today, and has caused the evils of the Indian Act, the Residential Schools and the continued
destruction of our lands and people.
Ordinary "white" people have as little to gain from the continuation of this ne<Kolonial "Canada" as do Sovereign people.
and accordingly. through our Tribunal, we hope to unite all people in an effort to reinvent "Canada" morall y and
politically. This. then. is a spiritual dec laration of independence form a long and terrible legacy of Empire. greed. religious
bigotry and murder.
Our Immedi ate Ta.<; ks
Most of us who are establi shi ng the IHRTGC are veterans of years of political and spiritual struggle against the monster
we have described. Over these years, we have witnessed how nothing is improving for our people. and how a small elite
among Original nations have enriched themselves at the expense of their own people and lands.
We work every day with people of all races who are trapped in a culture of intcrgenerational poverty and sickness, in the
heart of the richest nation on earth. White, Btack, Asian, or Original, Ihey continue to suffer and die every day rrom the
Kevin Annett - IHRTGC Communique No. I 2-4
effects ofa Genocide Machine that has never been turned off.
The mosl obvious and single cause of this institutionalized murder of Original people is the so-called "Indian residential
school" system. which was clearly a program of deliberate ethnic cleansing and de·population masked as religious
education. This system was an intentional plan of genocide against nalive people designed by the Roman Catholic church
during Ihe mid 19th century. and adopted by this church in union wilh the government of Canada and the Protestant
churches at a formal meeting in November, 1910 in Ottawa.
The purpose of thi s plan was not to "assimilate" Original people. bullO destroy them in order to secure their lands and
resources. The codi fied language ofgcnocide masked thi s intent under the rhetoric ofHcivi li zing nnd Christinnizing". nnd
thi s grenl myth Ims come to dominate Euro-Canadian euhure. But the evidence speaks otherwise. for under thi s system.
more than half of the children imprisoned in residential schools dicd there.
This evidence of intentional genocide has been so well documented over the years, including by the govenllllent and its
churches. that rl reiterat ion of it is nOi required here. Our ai m is not to convince the perpetrators ofa crime of their own
culpability. Rather, we seek to bring these cri mi nals to justice, on the terms of their victi ms. and according \0 intenlational
and Sovereign standards of Ill orality and j ustice.
Sinee the spring of 1996, when the first residential school lawsuits began against the United. Catholic and Anglican
churches and the Canadian govemment, we have tried and failed to win justice for the victims of thi s genocide through the
eouns of Canada.
With Ihe aid ofstalc-funded native collaborators like the so·ealled "Assembly of First Nations", Canada has defined its
genocide of our people as a matter of "physical and sexual abuse" in an absurd effort to avoid responsibility for mass
murder. By accepting this absurdity and allowing those who murdered us to tell us whatjustiee will be. we have reaped
only funher despair. suicide and injustice. While white lawyers and native politicians have profited off our lawsuits and
our re-tT1lUmati aHion, those who raped and killed our children have remained free and unaccountable.
This is nOI accidental. In a secret communique from the Indian Affairs depanmem in the spring of 1997. it was declared
that a eoun process that limited residential school cri mes to minor ton offenses like sexual abuse was the cheapest and
safest way to contain the \.,.hole matter. And yet. the truth could not be contained.
Through the persistent elrons of our network, and especial ly Kevin Annett Eagle Strong Voice. the evidence of genoci de
and murder in residential schools has been uneanhed, documented and publicized ovcr Ihc past len years. As a result, we
have forced the govemment to publicly admit that children died en mass in these school s. and thai crimi nal acts occurred
in them. And accordingl y. we ure now at a great historical crossroads.
Canada nnd its churches now stand revealed as panics to a crime of genocide spanning several ccnturies; a crime thnt they
continue by their efforts to conceal what lhey did, protect perpetrators. and delay and deny justice \0 their victims. Yet
these gui lty parties arc the "law of the land", protected by the couns and pol ice, and nccouJ1lable only to themselves.
This si mple fact means that the only way to secure justice for residential school survivors is by refus ing to recognize the
amhority of the colonial Canadian state and its churches, and [0 create in their place legi timate. responsible bodies.
Any oppressed nation secking to overcome a colonial power faces exaclly our challenge today in Ca nada. To quote one
great Irish sovercigntist. Bernadette Devli n. "We slarte(/ oUllryillg to will civjJ ";l(llls and reforms from a gm'emmellllhat
was 1/01 Ollr cremion. Arid lifter alai of blood and 0101 of grief, we had to rcali:e thallhe Ql1ly way 10 reform a colonial
.1')'SIl!m is hy o\'erthrowing il." (Belfast, 1972).
Our Irish brothers and sisters won their independence by first acting as sovereign nations, and winning their spiritual and
mental independence frOIll the British Empire long before their political. Their independence movement, Sinn Fein. means
"Ourselves Alone" in Gaelic. They establ ished their own couns of law and their own parliament. the Da;1 Eirean. under Ihe
noses of tile occupying British forces. and cut all ti cs with the Empire in their dail y lives. But to do so effectively, they had
Kevi n Annett - II-IRTGC Communique No. I 3-4
10 first unite among themse lves: they had to dest roy all collabor.ttion between their own people and the British.
The face of Empire is no different in Canada, beneat h its chi c image of benign "niceness" and liberality. Native lands and
people arc dominated and ruined through coll aborating nati ve agencies establi shed by the Canadian statc. These puppet
bodies like the" Assembly of Fi rst Nations" (AFN) are the chief roadblocks to genuine soverei gnty and j ustice for nalive
people today, including residential school survivors.
We must therdore follow the only palh Illid out for us at this cross roads moment : that of real sovereignl y, of
declaring our independence from the forces that are destroying our people and our lands. This is the motive force
behind our work as a Tribunal, since it is only by doing so that we can gather the evidence and begin the process \0 put on
lria l the genocide of native people in Canada.
We ask that this spirit and intent be the guiding force to uni te the work of all the dilTerem groups that are gathering around
our Tribunal at thi s time. In practical and immediate lenns, thi s requires the following sleps:
I. The establi shing of 10ca llHRTGC committees in your own communit y. with the blessing of tribal and hereditary
cIders. These commillees will do the advance work of the IHRTGC. gathering residential school survivors.
recording their stories and other evidence, and invit ing the IHRTGC j udges and researchers onto their land to
convene formal hearings.
2. Supporting the Eviction No!'i ce of OSqunmish Siant/Chief KiapilanoTM, issued \0 all Catholic. Anglican and
United churches on hi s territory. by issuing s imilar notices 10 these churches on your territory.
3. Ending support for or involvement in any government-funded colonial Origi nal bodies such as band council s and
the AF"N: and establishing traditional Sovereign bodies in their pl ace.
4 . Creati ng Soverei gn court s of j ustice with our Tribunal to try and sentence perpetrators of residential school tlnd
other crimes.
We beli eve that taking such practical steps towards sovereignty ean be Ihe main lever 10 force change and win justice for
1101 only resident ial school survi vors but all our sulTeri ng people. This will be a long and dangerous journey. but it is the
only one leflto us. If we are to survive the ongoing genocide. and prosper again as nations and as human beings. there is
indeed no other path left for us to take. We commit our lives and our sacred honour 10 thi s purpose. under the guidance of
the Great Mystery and the Creat or of all peoples.
signed, The El ders of The Intenlll tional 1·luman Ri ght s Tribunal into Genoc ide in Canada
Issued thi s day. Apri l 15. 2008. to the people. Sovereign nations and media of the world. from sovereign Squami sh™
territory. For more infonnation:
Contact : gcnocidetrihunal@yahoo.en Visit Kevi n's website at: www.hiddenfromhistory.org
Contact Sovereign Hereditary Siant/Chi ef Kiapilano
of the Squamish™ Nation al www.join! hefcdcTalion.coIl11Illd/or
Sovereign Ilercditary Chi ef Red JacketT'" of Tuni c Island at 778-883-3859 andlor
Contact Business Manager: Irene-Peace: KiapilanoTM at 604-603-2103
Kevin Annett - IIIRTGC Communique No.1 4-4
FORM 24 (RULES 32(6) AND 57(29»
DOCK ET S036483
Royal Hereditary Chief K iapi lanoTM described and known as oel-! IEF CAPILANO of the Squamish™ Nation.
lands and natural resources
A. PLAI NTIFF: I am known by name as Royal Hereditary Chicf: KiapilanoTM. Creditor. Agent acting in
full capacity as Author of tile Trademark
Copyright Autograph for CHIEF CAPILANO in any style of cause.
This capitalil..ed versi on is the European, English spelling and pronouncement a rmy Famil y Name. I am the
gatekeeper orthe West for the Pacific coast of my SquamishTM Nation Lands and NalUral Resources on Turtle
Island lands known in AdmirahyIMarilimejurisdiction as "Brit ish Columbia. Canada". As the eldest. surviving
male of my father. George·Johnston: Capi lano™ and Sovereign head of the CSquamish™ Nati on. the royal
heritage DNA of my Fami ly Name runs through my body. mind and spirit as Royal Hereditary ChiefKiapilano™.
As the Royal Hereditary Sovereign Chiefofthe Squamish™ Nation Lands and Natural Resources, I declare my
ri ght. position and ti tl e as a sovereign man of natural inheritance from my nat ural father, George-Johnston:
Capilano™ Last Wi ll and Testamem dated September 20.1923, I hereby present my heredi tary flesh and blood
claims in truth as foll ows.
B. JURISDICTION: From the John Bouvier's Revi sed Sixth Edition. 1856 A Law Dicti onary. "Once
j urisdicti on is chal lengcd. the court cannot proceed when it clearly appears thai the coun lacks jurisdict ion. Ihe
coun has no authority to reach merits, but, rather, should dismiss the action". Meto v. US. 505 F2d 1026, I claim
Common law jurisdiction. Squarnish™ Nation longhousc laws with equitable remedy by estoppel in matters of
commerce pursuant to the Bill s of Exchange Ac t.
Chief of the Squami sh1'M Nation lands and natural resources. I confirm that the SquamishTM Nation never entered
into a Treaty arrangcment with INAC BRITISH COLUMBIA or CANADA. SquamishTM Nation is an independent
government separate from the jurisdiction of the current de facto government/corporations known by names as
BRITISH COLUMBIA and CANADA. My government's charter is the United Nations Declaration on the Rights
o f Indigenolls Peoples ratified on September 7. 2007 by 143 votes. My constitution is the UN Declaration of
Human Ri ghts, December 10. 1948 and my independent tax free financial institution, Universal Sovereign
1 Trade·marlo; • rane:) 1Wne, or lrado """'e. or 11M: name of .... InJ"',du:l1 or firm Tk ComJ*:1 /,(l,I,on oflh<- Chfonl D",uORM)". 0 l\l7L a:.ronl UMI\"c:fSI l)' Pn:ss, p331L
CIoo... ", po , .... 19J1 porpoo .... 011 "tN,.--.ed T"", ..... _ . T,adomotl to "'" COlI) .... Nome 0(,,," s.a..d .any ,,, ,"" ""_ Ilu .. _l)obo", I •• oy ....... 01"........ ...... otu... I (1IoeI
... , .... 11"..... ,b .. in mY full_My.' C ................. 5«w<d Pony. " ....... F .. ,,,ly:'..-_,.-opII "'III, ..... ot.,.. .. fI>r OCIUEfC"I'1I.A<,;O 1_
.... ...-...1 by C_ La .. JUI ...... _ ",.k ...... """" '._y by ... oppeI '0 on"'''' my "*'" ond f>n<lonIlO -.nd .. "",,·_1 m.n .... 0(......-". nn M"RCfl "'OnCE Of "PI'OIVTMFj<."T '"
.. __ Oo-btO .. ...,on'''I ... fUl ...... JlF.1l L U .. 0110 10 ,n , .... , ... , ...... _.,. ....... ,,0IIII , .... , ..... no. CSq.>o .. otI :. .. "'" l'onuaI Roowcco. , .. nd and PeapIc
·r ............ ("opyn." ' ....... """ pOI""""" af$9T ""' Inf""iImm>! .. ,..,"'_ .... h PPS" to..-.! ,Il0l r.,I ..... 10 COfn!Ily '" ,b .. /'Olioo 0( Af>pl>lnI""'" .. ,II ri<-rm ...... .,"'" ,nd",.duaI·, OD-Opor ....
.. "h An ..... ,.. /bmIoI _ ........... '""'fMlIarY F"b:;ory!'<r<>.." of AnDl""l' over ,ho UMod. C ......... and ArIjII-uI •. "d,,,,, lowed "" Squom ..... ' .. .... .,., I.nch
1\OTl n : IS 1'0 I' IU M' II' AI. IS 1\O"rlCE TOA(; .:"'1'. 1\ OTl(".: TO ,, (;.::ofl IS SOTI Cr. TO l'II.I :'iCII' AL_ 1-4
Squamish™ Bank Credit Group (USSBCG) charter is the Bills of Exchange Act. This information was accepted by
email from Luis Rodriguez·Pinero, Human Rights Officer for lhe High Commissioner for Human Rights on
February 13,2008.
D. DEFENDANTS: Named Defendants to this Notice of Appointment are representatives for the
United, Anglican and Catholic churches that operate at an arms length through Minister Chuck Strahl and National
Chief Phil Fontaine for the government agency Named fNAC (Indian Northern Affairs Canada) as civil servants for
the Federal subsidiary of corporate CANADA and BRJTISH COLUMBIA to commit genocide against the
sovereign fi rst nations people of the Squamish Lands on Turtle Island. Named Defendants to this Notice are;
1. Canada PM Stephen Harper, Parliament Buildings, Ottawa
2. Governor General Michaelle Jean for Queen Eli zabeth Mary II of England
3. National Chief Phil Fontaine and Minister Chuck Strahl offNAC for BC and CANADA
4. Directors and Officers of BC Land Title and Survey at 88 Sixth Street, New Westminster
5. Gibby Jacob, Roger Graham and Brian Martin, Squamish Band Council Office
6. Moderator for United Church of Canada David Guliano
7. General Secretary for United Church of Canada Nora Sanders
8. Archbishop Emeritus of Roman Catholic Church in Toronto Aloysius Ambrozic
9. Archbishop for Catholic Church Thomas Col li ns
10. Nati onal Archbishop for Anglican Church of Canada Fred Hiltz
11. Former National Archbishop of Anglican Church Andrew Hutchison
12. Bishop of Anglican Church Colin Johnson
13. Archbishop of Vancouver Catholic Church Raymond Roussin
14. Benedictus XVI Joseph Ratzinger, Catholic Church, Vatican,ltaiy
15. Khazarian Zioni st, Jesuit 's General Count Hans Kolvenbach, Vatican, Italy
NOW n-LEREFORE with Valuable Security2 and in consideration of this Canada Postage stamp affixed to this
MARCH 2008 - NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT in support of my Press Release Cover dated February 1,2008 with
a Constructive Notice of January 22, 2008 #UN·JAN08·970--623·347·ISSNG to UN Secretary General, Ban Ki·
Moon and Deputy Secretary·General , Dr. Asha Rose Migiro, UN Human Rights Commissioner, Louise Arbour,
Special Rapporteur for Indigenous People, Rodolfo Stavenhagen, receipt and sufficiency of which was accepted
and acknowledged by Luis Rodriquez·Pinero of the UN Human Rights Commission office on February 13,2008,
TAKE NOTICE THAT I make the following declarations, attestations conscientiously knowing them to be true,
and knowing that it is of the same force and effect by virtue of the Canada Evidence Act (a) in good faith.
1.0 TEMPORAR Y FIDUCIARY POWER OF A TIORNEY: This Notice of Appointment is issued to
Kevin Annett aka Eagle Strong Voice to be the Named temporary liduciary Power of Attorney over the attached
Eviction Notice to the Named churches;
2.0 EVICTION NOTICE: Attached as Schedule I to this Notice of Appointment is an Eviction Notice to the
Named Debtors as described thereon and a list of the Named Church locations stated on the back of this schedule to
be environmentally respectful and save Mother Earth's trees. Failure to comply with Kevin's service of the
Eviction Notice will deem our right of claim to serve the said churches with accounts for applicable criminal
charges to the genocide for every individual of my nation who has died and for those who are alive continue to
experience torture and suffering on SquamishTM Nation Territory as well for each individual who receives less than
their promised settlement from the Federal and Provincial government;
2 v ........ '" ,ndudoo (a, .. oni«. CI<d><q __ ;,w.,.. Of other _y Ibar ........ Of ,he P"'_ (i) 10 0 _. Of , .. .....c .. a pub&"",* Of !WId Of in .. y fUM ofa _1
•• .. .....
land. OfI!f>OClo --. (4)0"*"'11 Of """""" .............. ' ."'IOOf .. iNcrtoIiII lelloud Of of.tbtrld 1I<""OfIOI. 1iII<I (.l .......... ....,.;p..diocha""Of
OfW __ or...-, I'<>ct<l Cn.,; .. 1 Code, Canw.O. 0 2001. 1'12 Tho ........... ooruid...oo. p<O"<icIod her .... by lite (hdilOf IS pr_ed in lite rom. at. ea-Ia .. __
by UPU i ........ o.n.J tlOti)' I.o,"*-
Cnotncprol ..... I'1J7 _uat 011 ';110,,-...1, r .... " I ........... r-..... IOlheCcpynallo Namoor,heSocured Port)' ""he _ a.. .. _ OoboOf In .. y "I'",ot_ CcndillodsolU .. t Chid
,..- 1IIi. iIIl'on>IotiooIl. "'Y fUl,...,...,.,. ... C"'"""". """". S«u'ed Port)'. AlII"'" 01 .... r_ F..,.,ly 1'1..... I. ony ....... for 00«"" CAPII..ANO I ...
............. by Co""""" L.o .. JUriildOa;'" """''-ranody by"'ow<I 'Q CUI"''' "'Y ..,. ond _ "'.....,... ie ....... onaI ......... or_ec. Th. MAlI;ClllOOl - NOnCE Of API"OIN'Th1ENT '"
1'1_ DobI<n...,..,.,. ..... QUF.EN EUl.ABElll II <I II II .. hove .. _ IDdi.oduaI. ill thou- "" ..... capodry 1M tb<re ioa F .... and esq.....m N .. ian 1'101""'11._ land ond
r........., ,..........., ............. ofS9T P'" oefii ........... ..,-ed,.;u, PPSA.ca and """ WIwc.., aompr 10 11m NIlIi<c or will _ • dot< '0 ,he ondiYiduoJ'. MIIsaI ,o_e
w>!lJ K ...... •• fonno/ opp<>i_ .. .......,..,. ""-" of AII<lmoy.,.., .. UniI .... c.ddic: ond MosIicoo '-loc.OIed "" SqIoomi ...... "'"'ian I.otW
3.0 NO PA YMENT OF RENT: The reason and cause for this Eviction Notice is for the no payment of rent
that was provided to me. the Named Royal Hereditary Chief for the SquamishTM lands for Ihe hundreds of years
Ihat the church buildings stood upon my SquamishTM lands;
4.0 UNCONDITIONAL NOTICE OF EVICTION: The Anglican. Catholic and United Churches were given a
time limitati on to respond to the registered Notice issued to the UN and named indi vidual s who were served
personally by Kevin Annett Eagle Strong Voice. To Ihis day. I have received nOlhing from these representatives of
these said churches or government officials. Representatives of these churches therefore arc given 3 days in which
10 remove all their personal assets before Kevin Annen and his assistants enforce thi s Notice of Eviction to take
over all the Named churches and buildi ngs located on my Squamish™ Nation lands and open the doors to the poor.
hungry and homeless people on SquamishTM Nation lands regardless of race. creed or color:
5.0 RIGHT OF ENTRY: As the Landlord to the Squamish™ Nat ion lands and natural resources. I appoint
Kevin Annett Eagle Strong Voice 10 act wi th a Right of Entry to claim the said buildings of al l the Anglican,
Cal holic and United churches located on Squamish™ Nation Territory. Kevin's posi ti on as the temporary fid uciary
Power of Attorney is to assert this undertakingofa Right of Entry as an equitable remedy to the silence of the
Named representatives of these churches. I concur with an Admiralty/ Mari timejurisdict ion legal ease claim that
their silence is a tacit consent to all the tenns and condit ions contained herein. Kevin is given full authorit y to
access the buri al sites for excavati on. conduct of forensic research as to the cause of death, provide a proper
traditional burial pursuant to Squamish™ nati on ancient ways and surrender those who are responsible for thi s
genocide to my people to an on camera Examinati on for Discovery or pubic intemational inquiry conducted by
hereditary/ traditional Chiefs of Turt le Island.
6.0 GOOD FAITH: Whereas Kevin Annett Eagle Strong Voice will exercise scrupulous good faith and candor
towards, and for the benefit and on bchalfofRoyal Hereditary Chief: Kiapi lanoTM, Creditor. Secure Party. Author
of Trademark to the Copyright Name autograph lor the BUSINESS CORPORATE NAME '·II EF CAPILANO
in any style of cause, the excl usive and limited purpose of accepting and receiving all service of process to thi s
Eviction Notice of the Named Churches. Kevin Annett Eagle Strong Voice may at nny lime relinquish hi s
temporary fiduciary nppointed position as a Power of Attorney for thi s task of claiming a Right of Entry to the
Anglican. Catholic and Uni ted Churches on SquamishTM Nation territory;
7.0 ARREST WITHOUT WARRANT: Kevin Annett Eagle Strong Voice may appoint Peace Officers of
the ReMP, CBP and local community police detachment officers and constables to assist hi m pursuant to the
Supreme Court Rules 10 act in my best interest 10 protect himself. his ass istants. me, my family, my property and
assets and Named Credi tors pursuant to Notice of Arrest withoul warrant by any person pursuant to Section 494.( I).
Pursuant to Arrest by owner ofpropcrty S. 494.(2), Kevin Annett Eagle Strong Voice has my written authori ty to
contac t the provincial and federal RCMP and Police detachments for assistance with this Notice as a separate
Notice of Appointment was issued to the RCMP under a registered Constructive Notice to the said security forces
in December 2007. Dick Bent. Superintendent of the RCMP may be contacted al 604·264·2223 as he con finned
receipt of lhis Notice on January 3. 2008 and my Power of Attorney Claim to the lands and premi ses described to
the BC Land Title and Survey. INAC and Squarnish™ Band Council onice. The difference wit h this appointment
is that Named churches are an addition to the Power of Attorney claims on SquamishTM Nation territory;
Protection of persons I individuals acting under authority - Every one who is required or authori zed by law to do
anything in the administration or enforcement of the law
(a) as a private person/i ndividual
(b) as II peace officer or public oni cer,
(c) in aid ofa peace officer or public omcer, or
O'-p'" ...... ... .p.'., •• " ..0>1 T", .. , __ Tn4tmarl"" ... C ....... "'-01 •• S<cwtd hrtylO'. _ 8u ....... .. CcnI,,_oIl ... I lloio(
1<.. _'" prnmI ,III. , • ...,. iUII_"f_ .c._, S<anrI ""'100001'" fradonwl. c .......... "'-_ ..... .. .,...",_ fo, onntl'c,,"LA.W 1_
byC_ Lo ... IuntdO<t ....... b .. _ .... IIIJ''''''' ond ...... oa to -'"' ..wnol_ ... ".. "'MOl lOOt MI1ln: Of ..... I'OIVfMOO'T ""
_ QUTJII F.LIL.A8£Tll" .. '" ........ ... I ............ , ..... 1"1_.....,..,.-.. ....... ... ronoilyond esq".".""j\; .. __ 11_ \.oIw:I 0IId....,.,..
T._ c ........ 'aN. ............ pn>I""'" afJQT pc> .nfn .................. «1 ... h I'I'S,\ eo ....... fOr ........ ..,.t, 10 "'" Nor .... crt AjIpoo ............. 1' ....... doa ... "'" .lIdivrdooll ' , ret.ro.I '" <:e>oop<o••
""'" 10:.............. ,',1OnnoI """""" .... u '<mfIOI1IY F ...... 'l """ ... ol Anotn<y_.ho Ultdod, CAllIoIw: and AnfIlocan _I".,.""",", Squarruoh'" N.,I<I1II."",
' o Tl n : IS TO 1'1l. 1,"I' C'l I' Al. IS :"10nn: TO M:';/lo"r . :"10TU"t: TO M:.: " .. I· IS MlTU"1( TO I'MI :"1C II'AL 304
(d) by virtue of his office,
is ifhe acts on reasonable grounds,j ustified in doing what he is required or authorized to do and in using as much
force necessary for that purpose. The protection of Kevin Annett Eagle Strong Voice to act under my direction as
temporary fiduciary Power of Attorney over the Anglican, Catholic and United Churches, BC Land Registry and
assets, buildings and lands is imperative as he speaks the truth. The Named churches's silence is a confession to
the genocide committed against all First Nations People across the world that we know as Earth and her spirit Gaia.
9.0 LEGAL MAXIMS OF COMMERCE: My word is the Truth and Bond for all arc equal under the Law, as
no one is above the law. Commerce, by the law of nations, ought to be common, and not to be converted into a
monopoly and the private gain of a few. A matter must be expressed to be resolved as he who fai ls to assert hi s
rights has none. An un-rebutted., unrequited affidavit stands as the truth in Commerce for he who does not deny,
admits. The Named Agents in service to HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF CANADA are noticed
with S. 19 • IGNORANCE OF THE LA W: Ignorance of the law by a person who commits an offence is not an
excuse for committing that offence.
10.0 DISTRIBUTION: Copies of this Notice of Appoinunent and attached Schedule I of the Eviction
Notice are deemed in full force and effect and submitted by Canada Post regular mail to the Named Individual s by
Good Faith and my Common Law jurisdiction claims by FINAL ORDER with equitable remedy by estoppel.
Original Notice of Appointments served to the National Chief Phil Fontaine and Minister Chuck Strahl of (NAC,
Lieutenant Governor Michael Jean and Stephen Harper and Bcnedictus XVI Joseph Ratzinger and Count Hans
Kolvenbach, Roman Catholi c Church, Vatican, Italy.
11.0 TIME: is understood by all civil servants in service to HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF
CANADA governed by Admirnlty/ Maritimejurisdiction pursuant to the Bills of Exchange Act in Good Faith
pursuant to S. 6( I) Where, by this Act, the time limited for doing any act or thing is less than three days, in
reckoning time, non business days are excluded, Silence, failure to respond will deem as a tacit consent to all the
te rms and conditi ons stated hereon as laws to be recognized in all man known juri sdictions,
THIS fiduciary interest acceptance by Chief: Kiapilano™, Secure Party, Creditor, Freeman, Author of Copyright Name,
Trademark Claim autograph of CCHI EF CAPILANO or any other derivative thereof seals this NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT
with due diligence as evidenced by my autograph to exercise my right to live free without malice aforethought, ill will,
vexation or frivolity, without corporate dictate. Dated this 4th day of March, 2008, Squamish™ Nation Territory, Turtlc Island
described in Admiralty/Maritimejurisdiction as Vancouver. British Columbia Canada. Autograph per.
Autograph of Royal Hcrcditary Chief Ki apilanoTM Landlord of lhe Squamish™ Nation Independent Sovcreign
Govcrnment, lands and natural resources
Endorsed and enforced by Ambassador Traditional Chi ef Red Jacket™ of Turtle Island, Autograph per:
Accepted on the day and year above written by the appointed Tern Fiduciary Power of Attorney over
the matlers claimed herein: V. 0 -f.I..- l'M
. _ "'\-'l.LL.
Autograph per Kevin Annett™ Eagle Strong Voice
0.. .. 1""' .... 1911,...,..." ........ raoned T_I ....... , T'-"' ... e....,.... Pony 10 .... _ 0..- DobIot"MI)I ..,.0( ..... I, o...r
K..,a-... .. fllJiaII ..... , •• c.-.. ........ s-rodPony, ........ "' ... ......... ..,..)40"' ... "'OOIIEFCAI'Il..ANO 1_
-"""brC_t.a .. "'_fllJ ...... hodom "' _ ____ -.,;"'_ no MARCH 2GOI _ N011CEOf -""'OI/'lTMENT ",
Nunod F.uu.Sf.:JlIII .. . iolO _tho _ 1ndo..."....1la- ................ "-cOo. FMIiIy .... N .... 1UounI l..-IMd .......
T...x...tCopynJll ....... i....-.. ..........,wQl'1'SA, ......... ....... .....
.. uh K ..... "''-' ........ .. '<mP<>rWY f'oducYIy _ of """"""r ""'" Il1o U ........ C.hoI;'..., ",-,a.. ._Iocoted ... ... no Not'"
Continuing Unlimited Power of for Property
(Made in accordance with tbe, Substitute DecisjoD Act, 1992)
And Form 1 (Land) - General Power of Attorney
This Power of Attorney is given on the li d! day of December, 2007 by; the freemap. Agent, Creditor, Party known by
name as Ambassador: Red-JacketTW, hefcditary ChiefofTurde Island and guest at the Squamisb
Nation lands, Author oftbe
Trademarkl CopYright autograph for the, Corporate Business Person CCHIEF RED JACKET (OCHIEFREDJ) in any style of
cause. I have personal knowledge of the facts and matters herein and make this declaration and attestation conscientiously
knowing it to be true and that it is 'afme same force and'effect by virtue orThe Capada Evidence Act (a), and as the
. Do_no(l/PrincipaJ, I HEREBY APPOINT:
A. Chief: KiapaJano.™ (KiapalanoTM), Named Creditor, Secured Party, Agent acting in full capacity as Author orthe
Copyright Trademark Name CTaim Autograph for the English spelling.ofa CAPITALIZED BVSINESS PERSON known by
name as CCHIEF CAPILANO (CCCAPlLANO) or any other derivative thereof in any style of cause is the Continuing
Unlimite4 Power of Attomer imd PublicJStalUtory Guardian) pursuant to the Property Management Act that refers
to decisions about property management and powers ofattomeyfor property.
positiOn as an Unlimited and Continuing POA
(UCPOA) and Statutory Guardian (SG) is to act on another person's beba1fwithout going to court as it applies only to property
andlor finances. I claim this UCPOA position over the BC - DEPARTMENT OF INDIAN AfFALRS CANADA located at
600 - 1138 Melville Street, Vancouver, BC V6E 4S3 and the SQUAMISH NATION BAND COUNClL office located at
Seymour Blvd, N9nh Vancouver, BC V7L 4J5 and NEW WESTMlNSTER LAND TITLE OFFICE, New Westminster,
British Columbia due to the following statement and facts.
C. JURlSDl<;;TION: From the John Bouvier!s Revised Sixth Edition, 18'56 A Law Dictionary, "Once jurisdiction is
ehanenged, the court cannot proceed when it clearly appears that the court lacks jurisdiction, the ooun has no authority to reach
merits, but, rather; should dismiss the action". Melo v. US; 505 F2d 1026. We claim Common law jurisdiction with equitable·
remedy by estoppel in matters of commeroe pursuant to the Bins of Exchange Universal Declaration of Human Rights,
December 1948, natural aka universal laws thiU protects the trulh, innoce.nce, freedom, peace, free-will , karma and dharma. In
ord.er 10 recognize our sovereign native position., we claim our Squamish
.... Nation traditional Longhouse laws as supreme
ancient unwritten laws that are based on the name of Peace for Gaia and freedom for humanity provided to us as keepers of
Earth by our Greator of All Life Foroe.
NOW THEREFORE with valuable consideration{, provided by the appointed UCPOA with this affixed Canada post stamp as
ESTOPPEL pursuant to Common law jUrisdiction and Squamish
Nation traditional Longhouse laws, receipt and sufficiency
ofwhlch is hereby accepted and acknowledged to authenticate this lawful paper instrument for enforcement in all jurisdictions.
TAKE NOTICE THAT the following lawfullenns confinn our
I T"'IImII:· • flDCy name. or IBdo: 1D_. or the: IIalIIC oru iDclividu&l or finn. TIlt f;:ompICl Edition of Ilk 0rl0nI (1197 1 o..rOfd UnMrsIt)' Pm.s. pl371
2 Donor·, Nlme ill Trade-mark Cop)Tlih' l'I"oIcctod .... ith.L1 ",bIs rnavC'd •• S9M per infioiripmcOI.
J POA NDlIIC Is T radellW\ COpyriab' Pn:ac.«tcd wilb . 11 rights rescrvC'd II SlB ptf illfriDg(mclll. •
( P.o .... er o( .... ttofllCy: an iDsmImeDi by whi<:h ODe indMdutl (the Pruldpal) _rtrs UjKIQ anoU>tT (tbe ItlOfMy Iltc powa.o perform Sp«iflftl ""tsO< kinds 0( 1ot1l "" bdIIlf
oftbe ........ Tnt power poneuocI by .. anomry III fac, by rcuonofouch u iDstrwnem. Soum.: bwSom I"I<Ioow WcbI!n·. Up] DKtioIIIry. Scco..l Edition. C 1996. r.-V
5 SWUlOf)' Glwdip: is • .....- .... bo is appoinkd 10 IC'I cat IIIIXber penoII ·1 behalf witboul sod.c 10 coun IDd applies 10 JIIOIImY or fiDalla'l. Sourtt. Ontario Millistty of
Anomcy Gmenl OIIIIIIC bookkI. •
(, V.]...tIk toIIIicItnI.ioa: A upoo which. prumiw IWIYM f"ouoded, which CIII itles 1M promlk lOairortt his claim 'p' nsl all vi.. ... ,UId& promisor A Ill ... of
.... ]\Ie" pU1cd ... ith. or. new obllp.ioIIlSSIIIIIcd. lillie lime: ofobtainiDl a lliin •• "'hicb is. subsWl:ia1 competi5aOOo for lhaI ... hich tSobtaiMd lhertby. BlJ,ck·1 la .... OlO:llOoary.
Hmryc.ntpbcll Black, Thin! EdirioD. C 1933, pl797
--- -----.---- .----_ ..
Jurat Quod mewn est sine me aufeni non poles! · What is mine cannot be' taken away wi lhoUl my consent. .
C.19l9porpcnoolIU .... .........t. C--'<:LU .. : 1 _ k-..Ioy .. •• Y fuII<apoaI)''' ' r---. " .... C ...... "_of .....
C"'PJf1IIII ......,.. *" die CAmAl.IZED .... Tlno ....... rusow No<. _. COltEf CAl'fl...VI() .. ..,. ............... tbc=f_ 101)' """ of _ _ lab ...... "'" 10..., f..-ly
111___ ..., .. ,..,...., .......... __ .. sn (Niooo TriIIiGo.) ill IowfIII Tluo DECEMBER.. 1001 _ UGISTU.ID C"OtlTTh'U1NG UNUMJTU) I'O'<A-'D. Of ... noI\.. ... "EY fa. •
..... Kouocof ..... R""""II ..W. ''''
Notice 10 the Agenl is 1"0tice It) the Princi pal. Notice 10 the Principal is Notice 10 the Agent ..
1.0 REVOCA nON: As the Named donor I principal, I revoke any previous continuhtg pOwer of attorney for property .
made by me and APPOrNT. Chief. Agent acting in full capacit): as Author of the Copyright Tradetnaric Name
Claim Autograph for CCmEF CAP£LANO in any style of cause as UCPOA and Public/Statutory Gwirdian over the Named
Crown Agencies as the BC - Department oflndian A'ffairs Canada (BCDIAC), New Westminster Land Title Office and
Nation Band Council offi<:e.
2. 0 SUBSTITUTION: In case the appointed UCPOA decides to resign or dies, as the Named Donor and
to this POA. we appoint Chief KiapaIanoN's agents. indc:peodenI. Producep and Diiectors, hereditary Chiefs, to be
the conscious collective Named POA by substitution ovezthe business affairs of the BCDlAC, New Westminster Land Title
Office and Squamish
Nation Band Council office. As the Named DooorIPrincipal. I am one arhis Named Agents and
therefore upon his death or resignation, as the case may be, I will with his a'ppointed agents of over 100 plus Named hereditary
Chiefs to call for public ioquiry by way oran examioafioo ofOiscovc:ry with the presiding officcn and directors at the New
Westminster Land Title Office. BCDlAC and Squamisb1'1ol Nation Band council members in order to discuss why
Kiapalano'sT'N land, air, water and natural resources interests owned by the Squamisb™ Nation commercial monetary gain was
never shared with the sovereign Natives of the said 1ands..
3.0 TIME: As the Named Dor:w?rlPrincipal and witnesses; we AlITHORlZE the Named UCPOA of the BCDlAC,
Nation Band Council aod New Westminster Land Title Office (Q proceed with occupying the lands and premises,
use the technOlogy. fire curreot employed Band Council mt:mbe:rs to hire new staff to create employment for true Squamish TM
Nation band members who carry the blood of the Squamish™ Nation through their veins immediately UpOl;t .the
posting of this Registered UCPOA or as otherwise understood by AdmirattylMaritimc jurisdiction pursuant to the Bills of
Exchange Act in Good Faith pursuant to S. 6(1) Where, by this Act. the time limited for doing any act or thing is less than three
. days, in reckoning time, non business days are excluded.
4.0 PARTIESl We, the Named parties as OooorlPriDcipal. wilneSseS and l,JCPOA., state for the record thai we do
not authorize anyone or any thing to make legal determinations for us., jointly or individually, in any man koown jurisdiction.
We claim Commoo Law jurisdiction and Squamish™ Nation traditiooal Longhouse laws to resolve matters of commerce with
equitable remedy by estoppel pursuant to laws defined and interpreted by us. As the Ambassador for Turt1e Island, I support
my quest for freedom for humanity and peace on Beloved Gaia fqr we are ber protccton and teacher of Ea.rtb ways in
the name of Peace. As witnes5«iS. we remain unidentifiedlanooymoos until such time as we deem necessary to stand up and
riSe 10 voice our support fOf the UCPOA in his mission of freedOm forhis SquamisbTM Nation people to restore peace on Earth.
5.0 TAX FREE: Our tax free position is to Slay in honor of the NtiREMBERG PRINCIPLES (NP).
NUREMBERG WAR CRIME TRJBUNAl.., 1950: "1ndivKluals have internationa.\ duties which transcend the national
obligations of obediem:e and therefore [individual citizens) have the duty to violate domestic .laws to prevent crimes against
peace and humanity from oca.uring." We will DOl. violate the Nuremberg Principles.
6.0 UNIVERSAL DEci.ARAnoN OF HUMAN RJGHTS (UOOHR), December lOj 1948 · Whereas
disregard and.contempt for human rights have resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind, and
the advcnt of a world in wtiich human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief and freedom from fear and want has
been proclaimed as the bighest aspiration oftbe common people along from Articles 1 to 30 exclusive WHEREIN Article 4 -
No one shalj be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms because in 1833
the SlaveJy Abolition Act was passed by the British Parliament Any reference mack to "Person
.. in this declamion is defmed
as Lodividual, freeman. freewomao and free child by our collective Common law UIldemanding.
7.0 DISTRIBUTION: Original distribution to the House of the Rodlschild and Exchequer, Deputy Minister of
Finance at the BOC, Robert A. Wqght. the Named Donor • Indc:pendeol Sovereign Herediwy Ambassador for Turtle Island,
anOnymous Witnesses, the appointed UCPOA and OW" appointed Fiduciary
7 Pn"5OOI _ corponotion purilWlllO!be BI"de La .... cIktiooaI)I This Ii doot: 10 ddibefWc-Ly COMIIK hwn&l\ beings wbo do IIIOC know AdminliylMwit,mf dots
DOt plOt"! rilbll bul Wt ... fi"ttw_n lbey have 1M &=. .... iII to be aovemed by Common La .... juri"sdioign, 11""$ OfCOnsc'f na'
Jurat: Quod meum est sine me auferri non POleS! • What is mine cannot be taken away without my conscnl.
01919 pnp<nooJ.l\L""", ,---, C.-litioeo ofUoe: I .... bowB"t)' N ....... CbJef' l(lopll...,nt ...:I _, IhlI ioJi:JnI>o,o;'" ill '"1 full • __ , ... Free_ """'. C_ . Sct\II"Od ""'1Ior 01 obc
CopynaIo, ........ for ,be CAl'TTALIZED Al!.T1f1ClAL 'EltSON 1'1_ k»wa .. CCHIU CI'Pll..ANO .. _ ...... okrivoo, .. doo<uIt .. ..,. .. ,... 01.- I.rn..--, lim to> '"1 f_,
N.- .,. •• pRacd -=,..,...._ .. S9T (Nioo: Tnu.a.I_ Iowfool cwtn<)" n... DECUlBEa. _ R£GISTD.ED CONt"IM.ITNG VNLlMtTm I'OWER or ATTORNEY FOR "onRIT •
WfWIII .. Ibt_oIlIooa-a.1f l'"
Notice to the Agent is Notice to the Principal. Notice to the PriAcipal is Notice to Agent.
8.0 MlSSION: That the Named UCPOA, Chief: Kiapalano
SlId his appointed Named Agents are a pan the
OConfederation of Sovereign Nations
created by an Independent Government Declaration ,that is backed by an independent
central bank land governed by Common law jurisdictIon and SquamishTM Nation traditional Longhouse laws. That the
voices of heredit8ry chiefs will be heard 10 declare free..trade, free travel and united economic strength of all independent
sovereign nations on land not governed by Admira1tylMaritime jurisdiction:
- 9.0 EXAMlNATION FOR DISCOVERY: Chi'ef: Kiapalano™ will drrect a public inquiry and call an Examination
for 'Discovery to the Named Officers and Directors oftbe NEW WESTMlNSTER Lt\ND TITLE OFFIC;E, BCD lAC and
Squamish™ Nation Band Council members to find out why bereditarY chiefs are-oeliberately ousted off their lands. Why
private contracts are ' handed' over by the government to corporate conglomerates without full disclosure to the Native
sovereign' hereditary chiefs for huge mooetary gain in a deliberate by-pass to the .original Landlords. Why is it that when the
government and cOrpQrations are questioned about their business pcaClices and lack of environmental interests. that the voices
of our people are not heard by Judges who rule in favor for private corporate interests? Why private corporate conglomerates
have Il() vision and protection for the future of our Earth and our children? This meeting will be documented on film with a
demand that the BCDlAC's response is submitted in an Affidavit of truth under penalty of perjury prior to the scheduled ' face
to face' examination for discovery. As Chief: Kiapalano™ and his agents, have a collective conscious faith that humanity will
previUJ in the name of truth and Freedom to restore peace on Sentient Earth. this information is Noticed and distributed to
independent media. Murdoch, Turner and private corporate· conglomerate media belonging to the New World Ordcr is Not iced
that any mis-information or lies presented to the public will deem an automatic Trademark Copyright infringemcnt to its
officers and directors without further Notice.
10.0 NOTICE OF APPOlNTMENT (NOA): I appoint the Canadian Border Patrol .CBP and the RCMP officers to be
my officers to act in my best interest regarding my private.ae«ountS and contracts with anyone or any thing. A NOP is
served to Commissioner, W. Ralph Basham at the CBP Headq;uarters in Washington, DC and William J.S.
Elliott, Deputy Commissioner, William M. Sweeney at the RCMP Headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario. Named appointed
Security members will receive payment as soon as our new Bank is operational in hard lawful currency by cheque to the
accounts at my new Central Bank for the Confederation of Sovereign NationsTN or will receive pa)11lent from me upon receipt
of an invoice staring the details of the protection service. A silence to the NOA is a tacit consent to the terms and conditions
claimed by my Statutory Declaration. This POA is attached as Schedule lA to the NOA attached as Schedule I to a Statutory
Declaration forming a part of the whole. '
11.0' NonCE WITHOUT NOTICE: ,This appointment is presented without Notice as there is undisputable evidence to
show how sovereign Native people 'have been and continue to be killed, tortured and abused throughout history and the present.
It is the experience and knowledge of the Named CUPOA·that government officials, directors and agents refuse to meet to
address these concerns in a face to face meeting with Chiefs. That by the power and stroke of my pen to this
document, I claim ownership over the b.uildings, all tangible assets and invei'ltory, technology and manpower as whatever I
deem necessary to effect positive change for my people to the three corporations; BCDTAC, SQUAMISHTM NATIQN
12.0 HOUSE OF THE ROTHSCHILD AND BOC: As the appointed POA, I will require Jacob Rothschild from the
House of the Rothschild and Roben A. Wright of the BOC 10 attend an Examination for Discovery to ask why the genocide of
the Sovereign Named People of the laM known as the Squamish™ Nation continues. Furthennore, we want a full
investigation as to wbo deteonined that ti. life of death, torture, pain.and continued suffering is valued at I OK (Jen Thousand)
per name as compensation inSlead of the billed S9T (Nine Trillion) that is issued by the POA's Statutory Declaration for the
death arid destruction of each familX member of the hereditary Kiapalano
The officers and directors of the BCDIAC
will be questioned on Land Treaties that are created with elected civil servants who are not a part of the Squamish™ Nation.
That Land claims have no force or effect over me and my people as these ' fictitious' documents are created out of
Ad.miniltylMariiime jurisdiction governance and we are governed by Common law jurisdiction and Squamish
traditional Longhouse laws because we do not live on a ship of commerce but in fact, we live on Land. As the Named Band
Counci l members and BCDIAC are acting in the best interest of the Squamish ™ Nation people on lands known by name as
.- - .- ..... -. __ ... _._- - , ..
Jurat: Quod est sine me auferri non potesl- What is mine canne)( be taken away without nly consent.
(;19)9""""",,,,,011 .... __ ( ___ ""u .. 1 __ "'N.- .. ... ••• C"""-, s-.w,,,,,,. "_<A""
C..,......T ........ -.nPIo ..... CIoJ'ITALIZEf).unnCIA.l.I'USON __ .. CCHl£fC.uon..ANO"'..,. ......... _ .......... ..,. .. yI<of_ .... IO.,.roaly
N_ ""'.r .. pr.-d .......... ,.,....._ .. WT (Nt. TriIlioo>,. ".-fIo]....-y T10iI DE(:D.lBD, lOO7, UGISTDl£D C"OtITlNtJl'NG 1JIoo'l1M1T£l) 1'O .... 'Ek Of A TTOltJ'''EY fQa Pll.OPO\1"'" •
...-I .. IlIo""" .. • M
Notice to the Agent is Notice to the Principal. Not ice to the Principal is Notice to the Agent.
. .
British Columbia, they must leave my lands lmmediately, forthwidt withoot further Notice for they have done enough damage
to my people, my culture., Motbtt EarthlGaia and the future of our children.
13.0 TRADEMARK./COPYRIGHT Cl...AlMS: ThaJ. my Trademark and. Copyright Family Name bears a PPSA
registration base 1I076609E, and control 118437225 under reference #CK 110437 is valid until December, 2013. My mission
was, is and continues to free my people oftbe Squamish
Nation and to bring peace to'Motber Earth'Gaia.
[N WITNESS WHEREOF this fiduciary interest acceptancc by me, the Named DooorlPrincipal, Chief: Rcd-Jacket'T1l4. Secure
Party, Creditor, Freeman, Autborofthe Trademark. to the Copyright Name autograph for CCHlEF RED JACKET or any other
derivative thereof in any style of cause seals this lawful instrument with due diligence as evidenced by my autograph to
exercise my right to live free witbout malice aforethought. ill will, vexation or frivolity, without corporate dictate. A"",,!f'l'"
per. @
Ambassador of Turtle Island. Sovereign Hereditazy Chief: Red-lacket
, DII<,lo 'Qw".,(lifigb' Light)
This fiduciary-interest acceptance as the appoin1od Unlimited Continuing Power of Attorney of the SOC, Chief: Kiapalano
Secure Party, Creditor, Freeman. Author ofTrademart to the Copyright Name autograpb for CCHlEF CAPILANO or any
other derivati¥e thereof in any style of cause seals this lawful inslrumen1 with due diligence as evidenced by my autograph to
exercise my right to live free without malice aforethought, ill will, vexation or frivolity, without corporate diclatc. I have
persooa.I knowledge of the facts and matters herein and make this declaratton and attestation consctcotiously knowing it 10 be

Olief. Kiapalano"' , Hereditary Cbieffo<tbe Nation Iland POOPI':::!
witnesSes' This autograph constitu1eS a representation that we are qualified witnesses over the age of twenty-<tne
years, acting in full capacity to attest and certify the matters set out as they pertain to the execution of this instrument_ Using
qualified witnesses on this document does not constitute any adhesion. nor does it aller our stalus in any manner. The purpose
for a witness is attestalion, protestation, verification and identi6cation only and DOt for entnmce into any foreign jurisdiction.
advice is sought or provided, baying wilne:ssed the above Named autographs. We place our bands and seals hereon as an
, authentic act to confum that we make. this solemn declaration consciously understanding it to be true that both Named
Lndividuals are known to us and that this Power of Attorney appointment is oftbe $Iplle force and effect by virtue oftbe
Canada Evidence Act (a), as we are the Named Hereditary Chie& of the North of lands known by name as British Columbia.
Subscribed and affirmed before Us this 11m. day of December, 2007, ,British Columbia. per:

And, e<-1'-'''-<-..,
Anonymous Witness
Anonymous Witness
Jural: Quod meum esl sine me auferri non polesl'- What is mi ne cannot be taken awp.y without my consent.
pofJIOI ..... all ...... ......-wd ȣ\1 .. ' I _ k---. by eo a..t. NOd prac-td 1M iIIforTw_ ill III)' MI CIl*ily .. I r __ A ..... , C,editor, s..: ... ed PIr'I), A .... 1IOI or !lie
T...srawt "" llItCAPITA,L\ZEO AlmFICIALP.EJlSON ",COiIEf CAPlLAl'IOoc .. yOlbor ........... IIIm>of • ..,. .. y\oofcause. lltiqcmeau lim 10>117 f_1i')'
N_ wrtbouI II)' • ......,t ........ po:moiuloo io 59T (1'1.. Trillooo.) • 1twfuI.-.-y. no. DECEM8D.. :lOGJ _ REGlSnuD COI'o'llNlJ1NG IJNl.lMrnD I'OWU. Of A TTQIU'iEY fm PltOPEltTY II
............. H ...... oIlkR.Aoclollol ""
Notice to the Agent is Notice 10 the Princi pal. Notice to the Princi pal is Notice to the Agen!.
nail - Squamisb Band Coomcil & INAC http://mail.googI •. ...
Squamish Band Council & INAC
1 message
lam Peace <ir3n3peace@gmail.com>
To: dick.benl@rcmp-grc.gc.ca
Bec: eFMNP'" <fpilalo@gmail.com>, badaboom@shaw.ca
Hi Dick,
lam Peace <1r3n3peace@gmall.com>
Mon, Apr 7,2008 al 9:34 PM
This email is to confirm my telephone message of this morning and my discussions with Dallas,
your assistant regarding our interest in meeting with Chuck Strahl , Minister of INAC his named
representatives and the Squamish Band Council members.
In December, 2007 we noticed the Squamish Band Council office and INAC of the claim to the
Royal Hereditary Chief Klapilano's(TM) Name. Since then we have received threats and
intimidation from the Squamish Band Council office members attaching the Gerald Fred
Johnston Name to the Chiefs photo by commiting liable, slander and defamation all punishable
pursuant to the CCC Act.
We believe that there is a conspiracy between INAC and the Squamish Band Council members to
discredit the Chiefs Hereditary Traditional Family Name with attempts to have him commit fraud
by issuing checks to the name Gerald Fred Johnston. We have the evidence stored in a save
place to confirm this. We know that pursuant to the CCC S. 380(1) Fraud is every one who, by
deceit, falsehood or other fraudulent means whether or not it is a false pretence within the
meaning of this Act. defrauds the public or any person, whether ascertained or not, of any
property, money or valuable security or any service, (a) is guilty of an Indictable offence and
liable to a term of Imprisonment not exceeding fourteen years · Pocket Criminal Code 2007, p264
and that the conspiracy charges pursuant to S. 465(1) of the CCC Act Is liable to a maximum
term of imprisonment for life, Ibid p317.
We know that the Squamish Band Council members wort< for INAC. We would never assume or
presume anything so we seek for a full criminal investigation as to whom is directly responsible
for a conspiracy to commit fraud upon the Royal Hereditary Chief Kiapllano(TM) of the
Squamish{TM) Nation, lands and natural resources.
We have reported our situation directly to the UN Human Rights Commissioner, Gordon
Campbell and Finance Minister Carol Taylor and they acknowledged receipt of our registered
Notices. We have been very patient by waiting since January 2008 for a response from INAC and
Minister Chuck Strahl as we understand that many indigenous people are in serious trouble with
the genocide that is Inflicted upon First Nations peoples and lands.
As the gatekeeper for the West Pacific Coast of North America and a surveyed portion of the
Squamish{TM) Lands, we seek for your assistance in a full criminal investigation of conspiracy
and fraud committed by either IHAC andlor the Squamlsh Band Council members who continue
to issue payments to the fraudulent Name Fred Gerald Johnston.
We would like to meet with you, if you can not arrange for a meeting with us and members of
these individuals so that we can visit INAC and/or the Squamish Band Council office with your
presence pursuant to the Notice of ApPOintment issued in 2007 and discussed with you in
"ail · Squamish Band Council & lNAC http://mail.googJe.comImaiVIW-2&il<=<3c25cc033&vieW"pt&search ...
January 2008, in order to keep the peace for this meeting.
Please infonn us if you are in a private contract with these companies, so that we can pursue
other avenues for a public inquiry andlor criminal Investigation to these members employed by
these organizations. If we do not hear from you within the next 3 days, we will assume by your
silence that you are in a contract with INAC and the Squamish Band Council Office and we will
proceed with reportings to private media on an International scale.
Hiyshkalthank you,
Irene-Peace: Kiapilano(TM) Business Manager
for the Royal Hereditary Chief Kiapilano(TM)
of the Squamish(TM) Nation lands and natural resources
Cell u-\J - 604-603-2103

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