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Science Words
crater n. a hollow-shaped depression created by a volcanic eruption Diamond Head is an example of a volcanic crater. erupt v. to explode or burst out suddenly As Klauea erupts, it produces a fiery display of lava flowing to the ocean. fault n. any break within the earth across which there has been motion Some faults are really big and correspond closely to tectonic plate boundaries. Other faults are tiny. intensity n. strength or power of something The intensity of an earthquake is measured by the amount of damage to property, such as buildings and surroundings of an area. magma n. volcano matter; it is the molten rock beneath the earths surface The magma collected beneath the volcano, and finally surfaced as a lava flow. plate tectonics n. a theory that the earths surface or crust is divided into plates, whose constant movement and interaction with one another explains the dramatic differences between continents and oceans, the distribution of many fossils, and the distribution of earthquakes and volcanoes Plate tectonics helps us understand that there are several ways an earthquake can occur. seismic adj. relating to an earthquake or to tremors of the earth Seismic waves can be felt as they travel outward from where the earthquake originated. surge n. the rolling swell of the sea The surge crashed against the rocky shore, creating a spray of salt water that splashed the onlookers. surge i.v. to rise, move, or swell forward, like a wave Waves of over 20 feet high are expected as the ocean surges after an earthquake. tsunami n. a very large, often destructive sea wave, or a series of waves, caused by an earthquake, landslide, volcano, or meteorite and extends from the surface to the ocean floor An 8.9 magnitude earthquake triggered a tsunami alert throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

deposit n. let fall as sediment; accumulation of solid The floodwaters left a deposit of mud at the edge of the road. disaster n. an event that causes great damage or destruction A tsunami is a disaster that is familiar to people who live in Hilo, Hawaii Island. disbelief n. a condition of not being able or not willing to believe something The people watched in disbelief as the wave washed boulders from the breakwater onto the highway. formation n. something that has been formed or shaped (e.g., rock formation, cloud formation) The formation of the islands occurred over millions of years. frequent adj. happening often; many times in a short period of time Although there are frequent earthquakes in Hawaii, many are so weak that they go unnoticed. hazard n. something that is very dangerous and likely to cause damage It is important to pay attention to hazard warning signs. inactive adj. not in motion or use, not active An inactive volcano is extinct if it hasnt erupted over tens of thousands of years. locate v. to find Scientists use seismic wave motions to locate the epicenter of an earthquake. location n. place or position Klauea, on the island of Hawaii, is the location of the current volcano eruption. mantle n. one of the earths layers that is about 85% of the total weight and mass of the Earth Most of the Earths interior is made up of the mantle, located between the Earths crust and core. origin n. the point or place from which something comes; source The origin of the earthquake is located 5 miles below the Klauea Volcano. potential adj. having the ability to develop; possible A tsunami poses a potential danger to homes on the waterfront. pressure n. a steady physical force upon a surface, weight When two plates collide, the great pressure causes the land to fold and bend. protection n. the act of keeping safe against harm or injury It is wise to follow earthquake protection dos and donts. severe adj. very strong, intense, or serious The jolt from the earthquake was so severe that it generated a tsunami. swift adj. moving very quickly The falling tide can cause swift movements of water through a channel. threat n. something or someone likely to cause harm The threat of a tsunami occurs after an earthquake. undetected adj. unseen; undiscovered Scientists are locating fault lines that have been previously undetected. vent n. openings in the Earths crust from which magma and volcanic gases erupt Lava fountains often erupt from vents on the ridges of a volcano.

Science Related Words

ancient adj. very old; having existed for a long time We studied both the modern and ancient customs of the Hawaiian people. avoid v. keep away from Avoid the hazardous volcanic ash by staying away from areas that are downwind from a volcano. collapse v. to suddenly fall down or give way A poorly built house will collapse during a severe earthquake. collide v. to bump or crash into one another with force When tectonic plates collide at their boundaries, one plate will slide over or under the other, causing an earthquake. continuous adj. without stopping; ongoing The continuous northwest movement of the Pacific plate can be traced on oceanic maps of the area.


ae n. an expression that means, yes ina n. land, earth au interj. an expression that means Oh dear! or Goodness! E huai ae! v. Erupt! Burst forth! E uoki v. stop Haumea n. Peles mother Hiiaka n. Peles younger sister honi v. to touch noses on the side in greeting Honua-i-akea n. name of the canoe on which Peles family left KahikiKahiki n. Tahiti Kamohoalii n. Peles brother Kwahailo n. Peles father loina n. rule, code Lonomakua n. Peles uncle mahalo n. v. thank you, gratitude mlama v. care for, concern for Nmaka n. Peles older sister, goddess of the sea and of water n. a digging stick Poa n. name of Peles digging stick Pele n. volcano goddess pono adj. correct or proper

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