OGR 1 Unit 5: Animation

Ernesta Baniulyte

The premise of the story
• Don't trouble trouble until trouble troubles you

The logline of the story
• The story tells about hole-puncher which punched all the office, and having troubles facing what it did


The action is in office. The first shot is printer in the process of printing documents. Suddenly the voice of the office man appears saying ‘’Come on, come here and look what you have done’’ Hole-punch carefully steps forward and really carefully looks, the realizes that office man knows what it done, hides quickly again. Second time the hole –punch is being warned: ‘’Come here, now!’’. Then hole-punch realizing that office man definitely knows that it’s hiding behind the printer quickly runs and hides under computer box. However it did not worked for it. It is encouraged another time to appear: ‘’Come one, I know where you hiding! Come here, you naughty hole-punch’’. Then it gets even more nervous and starts doing the punishing move and quickly running to hide behind the lamp, which is obviously not the best place to hide. The hole-punch is encouraged the last time ‘’come one show yourself and look what you have done, I warn you the last time!’’ So the hole-punch quite slowly and really carefully shows itself. Then Office mans tarts to yell at him ‘’look what have you done!! You are naughty hole-punch. No paper for you for whole the month!’’

• •

Then camera zooms out and shows all the office being punched, and destroyed

• • • • • • • • • • Setp by step outline:

Step 1: Hole-puncher hiding behind the printer. Then voice appears saying ‘’ Come one, come here and look what you have done’’. Hole-punchers ‘’leg’’ (corner) carefully appears, steps aside and hides again.
Step 2: Then hole-punch is encouraged again, voice appears again. Then it carefully appears and starts running toward the computer box, and hides behind it. Step 3: after third encouragement it shows again, then nervously starts running and doing puncinh move Step 4: it hides behind the table lamp It is encouraged 4th time to look what it done; it shakes head and refuses to look

Step 5: it finally really carefully walking and a bit shaking appears.
Step 6: The camera zooms out and shows all the things in office contains holes/ appears being punched.

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