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During court one busy day, the judge quietly passed

The the clerk a note reading: "Blind on right side, may be
falling. Please call someone." Understandably alarmed,
the clerk called for help before whispering to the judge

Communiqué that paramedics were on their way. Puzzled, the judge
pointed to a sagging Venetian blind on the right side of
the room and explained, "I was thinking maybe
someone from maintenance!"
Order of Services Today Real JOY

9:30 AM Sunday School, Children’s Church This side of the Day of Judgment our joy is either
10:30 AM Morning Worship counterfeit-forget that death is coming, forget
5:00 PM Choir Practice inconstancy and half-heartedness, life for today alone
5:30 PM Prayer Time with the fun it may provide for a time-or it is only under
6:00 PM Evening Service – Harvest Service - Pastor way-already we can see the God who is removing tears
Johnson, Preaching and death and planning the existence from which all
*7:00 Tuesday Thanksgiving Prayer Meeting evil will be subtracted. That is why we celebrate
festivals in a time of waiting-every Sunday, every
Christmas and Easter, every Advent-for they are
Singers for Today reminders that the everlasting God has been on the job
for a long time, and he isn’t about to falter now. –
Morning Service — Gene & Angie Davis Richard R. Caemmerer.
Evening Service — Fultons
__ Gilberts Got Bread?
Panera Bread and Baked Goods will be available for sale
Upcoming Events at FCA from Tuesday to Friday each week. All proceeds
go to the ACE Student Convention Fund.
Sunday Nov. 30th Fifth Sunday Sing 6PM
Friday Dec. 5th FCA Christmas Play 7PM at the Library
Sunday Dec. 13th Children’s Programs in AM service
Monday Dec. 15th Church Christmas Pitch-In at the
Thought for the Week
Pitts Building 6: 00 PM “When Christ is the center of your interests, life will be
Sunday Dec. 21st Choir & Caroling 5PM in focus.”
Jan 20-25th - Midwinter Revival Rev. John Parker,
Evangelist “Happy Thanksgiving”

Story of the Week