OGR Part 2 Arts & Animation Unit 5: Animation By Amrit Chohan

Contents: Character designs……….P1 Storyboard………P2 Essay Introduction………P3

Character Designs
I started really to understand what kind type of chair I have wanted to use for my final idea. So I started with a wooden chair with four legs and some of them I researched and looked for a basic face that is obverses to be seen as a character. Mainly to create a basic chair shape. But then focusing on a nervous approach is the key idea. I had to understand movement of the way the chair can move. Here are all key thumbnails. These images I found were very helpful shows movement.

On the left is a range of different sketches of chairs and also natural expressions.

More character designs sketches


Introduction This essay assignment is to understand what is Animation? What is camera angle movement? The book is called ‘Animators Unearthed’ and is by Chris Robinson. Another book is ‘Understanding Animation’. I choose these books as it tells more about the topics of camera movement and learning to understand what Animation is.

These are quotes from the book ‘Animators Unearthed’. Just as a thought. First paragraph “Independent art- or personal animation avoids genres and are generally written, animated, directed and designed by a single artist.” (Robinson, 2010:p1) “In fact, the success of these works relies heavily on the viewer connecting with the characters.”(Robinson, 2010:p1) “Which can involve scratching or painting on film, object animation, paint on glass, pixilation and speeding up or manipulating live action footage.” (Robinson, 2010:p1) Second paragraph Joanna Priestley ‘Animator’ “Seeing La Jetee detached me from gravity and threw me into the alternate universe of frame by frame filmmaking”. (Robinson, 2010:p81-82) “Priestly makes her films using an array of technique’s including sand, puppet, cut-out and computer animation.” (Robinson, 2010:p81) Reference: Chris Robinson (2010) ‘Animation Unearthed’ America: New York

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