UNKNOWN '************************************** ' Name: Open window and change c ontents ' of parent ' Description:When I open a new window, ' how can

I change t he contents of the ori ' ginal window from the new window? Found at: http://www. irt.org ' By: Found on the Web ' ' ' Inputs:None ' ' Returns:None ' 'Assumes:Non e ' 'Side Effects:None '************************************** Within the origin al window: <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"><!-- function newWindow(file,w indow) { msgWindow=open(file,window,'resizable=no,width=200,height=200'); if (ms gWindow.opener == null) msgWindow.opener = self; } //--></SCRIPT> <F ORM> <INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Open New Window" onClick="newWindow('a.ht ml','window2')"> </FORM> Within the new window: <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="Ja vaScript"><!-- function load(file,target) { if (target != '') target.windo w.location.href = file; else window.location.href = file; } //--></SCRIPT& gt; <A HREF="javascript:load('b.html',opener)">load document into opener&l t;/A> <P> <A HREF="javascript:load('b.html','')">load document&lt ;/A> Note this will only trigger the preloading of the next document if it lo aded in the invisible window.

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