Much has been written about VARNA and CASTE system. Even as BRAHMANA, KSHATRIYA, VAISHYA and SHOODRA as a communities; exist; and even as it is not easy to overcome our prejudices, preconceptions, grudges; we ought to realize that every individual has all four tendencies viz. BRAHAMANA, KSHATRIYA, VAISHYA and SHUDRA. The BRAHMANA element predominantly embodies; vision, perspective and ideas, KSHATRIYA; courage and gallantry, VAISHYA; expertise to gather resources and SHOODRA; painstaking patient physical work that is put in. We need to evolve all these qualities; according to our characteristic predisposition. We all need holistic perspective, thoughts, feelings, aspirations, conceptions, articulations, courage, expertise, physical steadfastness; according to our potentials. Holistic politics, holistic economics, holistic education, holistic health, holistic medicine, holistic agriculture, holistic industries, holistic trades, holistic banking, holistic art and literature, holistic sports; have to be conceived. Their implementation has to be carried out meticulously with courage. This needs calculation of pros and cons for individual and global blossoming and employment of resources in appropriate

manner. Lastly, all this requires unflinching dedication and steadfastness. These are the hall marks of; healthy individual and society. For this we need to nourish, vitalize, promote, regulate, coordinate, and harmonize the BRAHMANA, KSHATRIYA, VAISHYA and SHUDRA elements; inside and outside. We can achieve this through the great boon NAMASMARAN (The simplest and universally acceptable solution); and bring about the blossoming of one and all; as envisaged by Saint Dnyaneshwar; the cosmic consciousness personified.

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