DRAFT. Selected Units. Business Phrasal Verbs.

Burdine and Barlow, 2007

American English

Business Phrasal Verbs
and collocations

Stephanie Burdine and Michael Barlow


Burdine and Barlow.com info@athel.DRAFT.com 2 . Business Phrasal Verbs. Selected Units.athel.com www. 2007 © 2007 Athelstan Publications ISBN: 0-940753-19-7 Athelstan 5925 Kirby Drive Suite E 464 Houston TX 77005 USA www.corpuslab.

All the phrasal verbs in this book are very frequent in English. Meaning. and can be consulted at any time for quick reference. Phrasal verbs are often used in idioms such as the expression look at the big picture. Studying these tables will help you to learn American English as it is used in everyday situations. as in the sentence we had to deal with a lot of complaints. as well as pattern identification. you will find a short set of comprehensive review exercises dealing with the phrasal verbs from the previous four chapters. error correction. crossword puzzles. The information in the table is brief. Business Phrasal Verbs. fill-in-the-blanks. (b) defines its most common meanings. Selected Units.g. For example. 3 . These meanings are often extensions from the core meaning and they may be abstract. complaints is a collocate of deal with. We include a number of idiomatic uses in this book Each unit concentrates on one phrasal verb (e. The index contains a list of a list of the phrasal verbs and collocations used in he book. Some hints on the meaning are given next to each sentence. The exercises generally progress from controlled practice to more open-ended exercises. Burdine and Barlow. 2007 To the Student The CorpusLAB series of books are based on computer-aided analysis of spoken and written American English. A wide variety of question types are used. Idioms. which you can use to check your answers. The phrasal verb is introduced in a table format that (a) highlights the grammar of the phrasal verb. You should study the sentences carefully to see how each phrasal verb is used. concordance-based research. Following every four units.. and re-writing. multiple choice. including. You will also find a key to all of the exercises at the end of the book. Also the collocate complaints provides a clue to the appropriate meaning of deal with. By studying the exercises in this book. Each table is followed by a series of exercises intended to check your understanding of the meaning and uses of the phrasal verb presented in the unit. and discussion. Every 10 units is a CorpusLab section which allows you further practice with American Business English. you will be learning the most frequent phrasal verbs and associated phrases (collocations) in Business English and you will be working with sentences based on real American English. Collocations. go out). sentence matching. easy-to-follow. Studying the sentences will help you learn these very important word associations. We give several common meanings for each phrasal verb.DRAFT. and (c) provides examples of how the phrasal verb is used in everyday English. Each meaning of a phrasal verb is usually associated with a set of particular words (collocates) within the sentence.

call for Unit 6 GO ON Unit 7 COME FROM Unit 8 WORK ON Unit 9 COME IN Unit 10 REVIEW: go on. Selected Units. meet with Unit 16 MAKE UP Unit 17 DO WITH Unit 18 ACCOUNT FOR Unit 19 RELY ON Unit 20 REVIEW: make up. put on. set up. account for. do with. give up. look at.DRAFT. file for. Burdine and Barlow. come in CORPUSLAB EXERCISES 1 Unit 11 LOOK FOR Unit 12 DEPEND ON Unit 13 PICK UP Unit 14 MEET WITH Unit 15 REVIEW: look for. point out. 2007 CONTENTS Unit 1 DEAL WITH Unit 2 LOOK AT Unit 3 SET UP Unit 4 CALL FOR Unit 5 REVIEW: deal with. put in Unit 36 TAKE ON Unit 37 FILE FOR Unit 38 PUT ON Unit 39 GO THROUGH Unit 40 REVIEW: take on. enter into. rely on CORPUSLAB EXERCISES 2 Unit 21 TAKE OVER Unit 22 POINT OUT Unit 23 GIVE UP Unit 24 END UP Unit 25 REVIEW: take over. come from. pick up. find out. specialize in CORPUSLAB EXERCISES 3 Unit 31 SHUT DOWN Unit 32 COMPETE WITH Unit 33 FIND OUT Unit 34 PUT IN Unit 35 REVIEW: shut down. go through CORPUSLAB EXERCISES 4 Unit 41 GO INTO Unit 42 FIGURE OUT Unit 43 FOCUS ON 4 7 9 11 13 15 17 20 22 24 26 27 27 29 31 33 35 37 39 41 43 45 46 47 49 50 51 52 53 55 57 59 61 62 63 65 67 69 71 72 73 74 76 78 79 80 82 84 . compete with. Business Phrasal Verbs. come up. depend on. work on. end up Unit 26 SPIN OFF Unit 27 ENTER INTO Unit 28 COME UP Unit 29 SPECIALIZE IN Unit 30 REVIEW: spin off.

work at. focus on. bring in. look forward Unit 66 CUT BACK Unit 67 WORK AT Unit 68 BUILD UP Unit 69 HEAD UP Unit 70 REVIEW: cut back. go back. roll out. get out Unit 46 GET INTO Unit 47 TURN OUT Unit 48 GO BACK Unit 49 COMPLY WITH Unit 50 REVIEW: get into. comply with CORPUSLAB EXERCISES 5 Unit 51 KEEP UP Unit 52 PAY OFF Unit 53 LAY OFF Unit 54 BRING OUT Unit 55 REVIEW: get at. Selected Units. get back CORPUSLAB EXERCISES 6 Unit 61 CONTRACT OUT Unit 62 COME OUT Unit 63 DRAW UP Unit 64 LOOK FORWARD Unit 65 REVIEW: contract out. put up Unit 56 GET IN Unit 57 BRING IN Unit 58 ROLL OUT Unit 59 GET BACK Unit 60 REVIEW: get in. 2007 Unit 44 GET OUT Unit 45 REVIEW: go into. Business Phrasal Verbs. head up CORPUSLAB EXERCISES 7 Unit 71 SETTING UP A COMPANY Unit 72 HIRING PEOPLE Unit 73 SALES AND MARKETING Unit 74 MANUFACTURING Unit 75 NEGOTIATING Unit 76 TAKEOVERS ANSWER KEY INDEX of Business Phrasal Verbs and Idioms 86 89 90 91 93 94 95 96 98 99 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 141 5 . figure out. turn out. get on.DRAFT. Burdine and Barlow. draw up. bring about. believe in. come out.

decide which use of deal with is illustrated in each of the following examples. 2. He likes his job and meeting people. Business Phrasal Verbs. The guidelines deal with topics such as sales and marketing. I told him I deal with all foreign sales. Write the number on the line: 1. Rewrite the sentences by replacing the underlined word or phrase with the correct form of deal with (e. 1. In my field of work.DRAFT. is dealing with). _____ 3. 6 .g. The company will have to deal with several contaminated sites. 2007 Unit 1: DEAL WITH someone/something STUDY THESE SENTENCES The management failed to deal with widespread problems within the company. Her advice column usually deals with interoffice problems and how to solve them. 1 2 3 handle do business with cover. The bank services a number of US corporations. I’d rather deal with you guys We’ll continue to deal with the Russian government. 5. We’d prefer to deal with a single supplier. Burdine and Barlow. The translators have processed thousands of pages of documents. you handle a wide variety of issues. Some companies only offer services to very wealthy people. Using the information above. Selected Units. 4. be concerned with EXERCISES A. _____ 2. _____ B. Her newspaper articles often dealt with problems at work. 3.

Selected Units. a/the) with the noun where required: lawsuit manufacturers companies corruption sales 1. We plan to ____________ ____________________ in China. The company has to find ways to ___________ the drop in __________. 2007 C. 3. 4. 5. Burdine and Barlow. The lawyer said we may have to _______________________. 2. I think you may have to deal with some complaints here 7 .g. All ______________ now have to ______________ environmental concerns.g. There was a recognition that ______________ is a problem and that it has to be ________________. Complete the sentences with a suitable form of deal with (e..DRAFT. Be sure to use the correct article (e. is dealing with) and one of the words from the box. Business Phrasal Verbs.

Business Phrasal Verbs. Selected Units.DRAFT. 2007 Unit 3: SET UP something STUDY THESE SENTENCES The Red Cross set up a temporary shelter for the homeless. The trick is to sets up an excellent marketing and distribution system. They contact the creditors and set up a computer network in the offices. Using loans from the SBA. The state is aiming ___________(set) a job-training program for high school dropouts. 4. 8 . Rockwell is in the process of set up a trade center. I hope he’s not __________(set) himself ________ for failure. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb set. Burdine and Barlow. 5. GDI set up a website linked to a database of consumer products IDIOMS 1 2 build/put up a structure make plans/establish something The company wanted to set up shop in London and New York 3 start or establish a new office or business EXERCISES A. 4. If there are two blank spaces in the sentence. There is one error in each sentence: 1. 3. Correct the errors in these sentences. 2. Match the beginning of each sentence with the most suitable ending: 1. The insurance companies 2. set up a conference call for Wednesday at 10a. Please setting up a meeting with Larry for Thursday at 9 a. The city is 5. 5. The Internet Connection Wizard setted up my Internet connection. setting up a telephone hotline. The IT people 3. set up a payment plan. set up mobile offices in Florida.m. He has already made enough money ________ (set) himself ____ for life. 2. they set up shopping in Northern California. 3. Judy is going to 4. Aviana is ____________ (set) a low-cost airline called Egg. C. B. write up in the second space: 1. They contacted the creditors and ____________ (set) a payment plan. He set up a meeting with his boss to discuss his ideas.m.

The architect is working 2. We had been working 5. on the idea that we’d reach an agreement this week. The pharmaceutical company has been working 3. 2. (company/said/it/software improvements) ___________________________________ C. (last fall/ad company/pro-smoking campaign/for Philip Morris) ________________________________________________________________________ 5. (biotech company/cancer drug) ____________________________________________ 4. (I/assumption/meeting will take place very soon) _____________________________ 6. Burdine and Barlow. (industry researchers/ways of reducing the size of batteries) Industry researchers are working on ways of reducing the size of batteries. She has been working on me to join her volunteer group 1 spend time on something 2 try to persuade someone to do something EXERCISES A. The first one has been done for you: 1. on a new design for a skyscraper. Match the beginning of each sentence with the most suitable ending: 1. The drug company is working on a new generation of Prozac-style drugs. The chairperson was working on them to change their policy.DRAFT. The construction firm is working 4. B. 2007 Unit 8: WORK ON something/someone STUDY THESE SENTENCES NASA is working on a new rocket. Discussion Question What kind of tasks or projects do you work on that require a lot of time and effort? 9 . Create full sentences using the words provided in the brackets and an appropriate form of work on. (company/correcting the problem) _________________________________________ 3. on a second condominium project. Add articles (a/the) to the nouns where required. on drugs to reduce blood pressure. Business Phrasal Verbs. Selected Units. The company will work on reducing debt.

arrive. _____ B.. Lou’s international experience will come in handy in his new job. I come in every week for my paycheck Results came in one cent a share above predictions. Using the information above. The plans have come in for a lot of criticism. Burdine and Barlow. is coming in) and one of the words from the box.g. The new data coming in looks good The quarterly net income is likely to come in below expectations A call from head office came in for you while you were out He came in as the new head of department. _____ In the May ratings period. Be sure to use the correct article (e. decide which use of come in is illustrated in each of the following examples: 1.g. 5 6 EXERCISES A. etc.. He was disappointed to come in second in the competition. Selected Units. Business Phrasal Verbs. _____ Thank you all for coming in this morning. IDIOMS 1 2 enter come in to work/the office enter. in first/last/… position come in handy. come in useful =be useful come in for criticism/blame/ abuse =be criticized/blamed/ abused. Some calls came in from places like Hungary. 2.DRAFT. a/the) with the noun where required: criticism airports checks loan management 10 . the television network came in third Judith Bridges will come in as president and CEO of the software company. Complete the sentences with a suitable form of come in (e. 2007 Unit 9: COME IN STUDY THESE SENTENCES We need to prevent drugs from coming in at the border. 3. be introduced (data/results come in) Email/calls/faxes come in 3 4 join an organization/situation =finish a race etc. 4.

The accounting firm ____________for a lot of ____________. 2. The US unemployment rate came The new models are coming As the evidence comes I called and said I would be coming The Independence Party came in. 4. 3. we’ll have to take out ___________. 2007 1. (c) You are on a long flight overseas. C. 5. D. 11 . More than 3000 flights __________ and out of New York _________ every day. (b) You have a headache. 2. in second in elections last fall. 3. but you are away from the office. Burdine and Barlow. Business Phrasal Verbs. _________________ team ____________ with a new plan during the last quarter.DRAFT. 4. Selected Units. Match the beginning of each sentence with the most suitable ending: 1. Discussion Question What item(s) would come in handy for the following situations? (a) You become lost on your way to a business lunch. If the money doesn’t ____________. in any day now. we can build up a better case. We are waiting for ____________to ___________. (d) You need to receive a fax. in late today. 5. in at 6%.

After the hurricane. Burdine and Barlow. She proceeded to become one of the richest and most powerful women in the Arab world. a Hispanic marketing strategy C. A fax from X ________ this morning. for a number of years. COME IN A. Sega and Sony. Business Phrasal Verbs. Computers will have more power than regular game machines until next winter. to second careers on target. He said we should only accept funds that originate from federal taxes on products made here. US consumer data came in The fight has been going on These days many people go on The computer retailer has been working on The world I come from. 3. 5. Selected Units. everything is economics. 2. 5. what's happening? He is writing a book about globalization. 4. Hey. a large number of insurance claims are expected to be filed. Select the phrasal verb that best completes the sentence: 1. (a) worked on (b) working on (c) works on 4. (a) went on (b) go on (c) goes on 3. WORK ON. Match the beginning of each sentence with the most appropriate ending: 1. Rewrite the sentences by replacing the underlined word or phrase with the correct form of the appropriate phrasal verb: 1. (a) coming from (b) going on (c) working on B. 3. We're __________a couple of deals right now. (a) come in (b) came in (c) comes in 2. 12 . when new systems __________ Nintendo. The false accounting ______for nearly two years. 2. COME FROM. (a) came from (b) coming from (c) come from 5. 2007 Unit 10: REVIEW GO ON.DRAFT. There are discussions __________ with Enron about the use of the money. 4.

Business Phrasal Verbs. The new leader will have to deal with the company’s financial problems. 3. 2. The Act calls for banks to make loans in low-income areas. The toughest problem to deal with is the operating deficit.DRAFT. At the conference. c. b. 6. ______________________ Meaning c. One phrasal verb fits all the sentences. He has called for advertisers to boycott the magazine. Which is it? (Note: The form of the verb changes) Industry researchers have been _____ ways of reducing the size of batteries. The biotech company is _____ a cancer drug. Anyone who deals with corrupt companies will be prosecuted. DEAL WITH a. a. Selected Units.` 5. Phrasal verb _____________ 3. 4. half the presentations dealt with globalization Give a synonym for the three meanings of deal with in the above sentences? Meaning a.. predict: Sentences __________________ B. They sent in a team of engineers to _____ on the problem. A number of economists are calling for moderate GNP growth of about 2%. Burdine and Barlow. 2007 Corpus Lab Exercises 1 1. MacDonald’s expansion plans call for 2. All complaints are dealt with by a special committee. Have you seen the film dealing with the fall of Enron? We regularly deal with overseas companies. I _____ an important deal over the weekend. CALL FOR 1. c. ask for: Sentences __________________ C. Johnson is calling for Copper prices to be as high as $4.500 to 3000 new restaurants worldwide Assign each sentence to the appropriate meaning: A. a. ______________________ Meaning b. The new contract calls for worker to defer their wage increase for a year. What are you _____ these days? The construction firm is _____ a second condominium project for Ashby Properties. require: Sentences __________________ 13 . ______________________ 2. b.

Selected Units. Phrasal verb _____________ 14 . Examine the phrasal verb set up in the center of each line and note which nouns follow the verb more than two times. Which is it? (Note: The form of the verb changes) If more money doesn’t _____ soon we’ll have to take out a loan The sales _____ about 50% ahead of last year’s total The faxed purchase order from E&Y _____ this morning When the sales data _____. Business Phrasal Verbs. One phrasal verb fits all the sentences. 2007 4.DRAFT. Tony Chen will _____ as CEO of the software company. Concordance for SET UP Look at the following concordance lines. Burdine and Barlow. The first one has been done for you. I’ll be _____ late today. The accounting firm for Enron _____ for a lot of criticism. _shop_______ set up _a__________ _a__________ 5. we can see if we are on target.

DRAFT. 2007 15 . Business Phrasal Verbs. Burdine and Barlow. Selected Units.

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