Spain has turned out quite a few excellent horror films in the last few years, a nd in my opinion, some

of the most terrifying and original films of the last dec ade. The Orphanage is a brilliant, near flawless and beautifully constructed gho st story. The film benefitsfrom all the necessary ingredients to make a terrifyi ng, and memorable horror film. Director J.A Bayona crafts one of the best ghost stories I've seen since The Others. What makes The Orphanage such a solid horror film is the tense, creepy atmosphere and effective pacing to steadily build up the horror. This is a solid, well acted horror film that is a must see for Dieha rd fans of the genre, or anyone looking for a good scare. I love horror, been a fan since I was a kid, and I've been quite unhappy with the current state of hor ror with all the remakes being released. Aside from a select few, most of them a re terrible. However, it's nice to see an original, creepy horror film like this that comes out considering the fading trend of quality horror films. The Orphan age is a solid horror film. This is a smartly crafted film that delivers genuine chills and suspense. The Orphanage is simply put a brilliant, well acted horror film that is memorable and is one of the best horror films of the last decade. The film is scary, thrilling and spine tingling, as what a good horror film shou ld be.

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