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EXPERIMENT PLANNING Name: Class: Date:16 Jun 2008 1.0 Title: Stages in the germination of seeds 2.0 Aim: To study the conditions needed for seed germination 3.0 The hypothesis I am testing: A seed will germinate if there is water, air and suitable temperature All the variables that could affect my investigation: -Conditions for seed germination -type of seed - germination of seed. Group members:


C12a C12b


4.0 a) Variables I decide to change ( Manipulated variable): Conditions for seed germination - presence of air & water only b) The variable that will change as a result ( Responding variable): -seed germination c) The variable that I will keep the same(Controlled/ Fixed variable): -Type of seed 5.0 Equipment I will need to use: C12d

Materials: green peas ,cotton, cooled boiled water, labeling paper Apparatus: test tubes, refrigerator, test tube rack, thread 6.0 Brief outline of how I will carry out the experiment: Diagram: C12g


labeled A. Test tubes A.ii. The seeds are observed 7. Test tube D is placed in the refrigerator C12f 3.1 C14i. Four test tubes are prepared. B & C are placed in the laboratory.2 Stages in seed germination [test tube A] Radicle grows C14ii.0 Observation: 7. with their contents as shown in diagram 2.iii. B.PeKA Science Form 3 Procedure: 1. C & D.iv C14i C14:3 Test tube Presence Water Air Warmth (suitable temperature) Germination of seeds A B C D / X / / / / X / / / / X Germinate No No No 7.iii 2 .

air and suitable temperature .The hypothesis is accepted -A seed will germinate only if water.0 Conclusion: .0 Analysing Data: 8. air and suitable temperature are present.1 State relationship between manipulated variable and variable observed: . the seed will not germinate 9.PeKA Science Form 3 8.seed will germinate when there are water. C15:2 C15a C15b C16:2 C16b 3 .If warmth(suitable temperature )is absent.

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