Study Abroad Program MATH 280M, SED 280M, or SED 180M (3 s.h.


Exploring the Mediterranean Heritage of Geometry



A Mediterranean Cruise: June 30 – July 12, 2012 (Summer Session II) \



School of Education Health and Human Services  

    Program Fee: The program fee for participants is

MATH/SED 280M: Italy, Greece, and Turkey provide authentic settings and spectacular surroundings for studying the historical and cultural heritage of geometry. This course will focus on the content of Euclidean geometry and the evolution of deductive logic, as well as the influences of philosophy, culture and society on their development. Prospective and in-service teachers will have opportunities to observe, first hand, the impacts of geometry on the art forms and architectural structures of Mediterranean countries. They will explore geometric relationships embedded in the design of the Coliseum, the Acropolis, ancient Greek theatres, Ephesus, and the Hagia Sofia cathedral of old Istanbul. The course includes an additional two 4hour classes following the trip. For more information, please email Dr. Sharon Whitton:  

subject to change due to international currency fluctuations, energy surcharges and other price increases. The estimated cost of $5,600 includes: cruise and hotel accommodations (double/ triple occupancy), round-trip Rome airfare from NYC/JFK, all ground and sea transportation, and all cruise meals. Fee does not include incidental costs, excursions and meals in ports of call.

Credit Options: Graduate credit is $1,000 and undergraduate credit is $990 per semester hour plus University fees. Students may register online for the course at Professional Development Option: This course can be taken for Professional development hours or in-service credit. The fee is $ 700.00 Permission of the instructor is required.

Secondary Education Undergraduate Students: Students may take SED 180M as an education elective or in place of SED 178.

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