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Published by: Nikitha Dsouza on Mar 20, 2012
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Validity addresses the problem of whether a measure measures what it is supposed to
measure (Zimund, 2000). According to Thietart (2001), the main concerns with the validity
are whether the measured data is relevant and precise, and the second is the extent to which
we can generalize from those results. In this research, it brings up the question of whether the
interview has measured in the right way and also all the interviewed questions has been
proper and go well with the research’s objective and purpose.

Reliability concerns the consistency and accuracy of the results obtained and it is achieved if
research results can be repeated (Collis & Hussey, 2003). Reliability means dependability or
consistency. Neuman (2006) suggests that the same result can be achieved under the identical
or very similar conditions. This research uses many sources of data and all are cross-checked
before included in the thesis. The interviews are made with several parties to gain insightful
data. The interview data and data from secondary sources are compared to confirm the
reliability of those data. To obtain higher reliability, the authors sent transcripts from the
interviews to the interviewees to let them confirm their answer again. Therefore, this research
is valid and is reliable.


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