20 March 2012

Dear Parents, The Year 2 classes will be going on a field trip to support the learning in our current unit “How We Organize Ourselves”. The purpose of the field trip is to gain a better understanding of the people and processes involved in getting products to us. The trip will provide an opportunity for students to observe and ask questions about the systems in our community which help to move products from their primary sources to our homes. The trip to Talaad Thai Fresh Food Market also helps the students understand the role of a wholesale market and the process of food distribution. During the trip children will be put into small observation/ exploration groups and each group will be assisted by an adult. We will travel by bus, arranged by the school. Parent Helpers: On our trip Talaad Thai Market we will require 4-5 parent helpers. Parents will be responsible for a small group of 3-4 children during the visit. For this interactive field trip it would be helpful to have a few parent helpers who speak Thai, as much of our information gathering will be through conversations with the Thai workers at the market. Clothing and snacks: Children must wear sensible footwear (trainers are ideal) and their NIST school uniform (not the PE uniform). Alll students should bring a drink bottle which has a strap they can carry over their shoulders or around their neck. Students who bring food from home should include a snack in a separate container from their lunch.The canteen will provide a snack for students who buy school meals. Kind regards, Year 2 Teachers 2NM and 2CC will be visiting the market on Tuesday March 27th. 2CB, 2RJ and 2BM will be visiting the market on Thursday March 29th.

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