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Evaluation Question 3

Evaluation Question 3

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Published by: emmaflim on Mar 20, 2012
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What have you learned from your audience feedback?

Before I sent out my survey on my final production, I asked people in my class for constructive criticism. Although I haven’t managed to put much evidence of this on my blog, this audience feedback helped me very much. I got feedback commenting on the singer, and how I could improve the character. Also, this version of audience feedback gave me a casual response to my music video, and I found that I needed a wider variety of shots. I’d say I learnt a lot from this version of audience feedback. Once my final version of my music video was completed, I decided to make a survey to collect information on my audience feedback, as it was more accessible because I could send the link over facebook. I used surveymonkey.com to do this, by making an account and designing the survey. I used a lot of open questions rather than closed, as I wanted to really understand what my target audience thought of my music video. I sent the survey to people aged between 15-18 years of age, as this was a similar age group to my target audience. I sent the survey to around about 25 people, and managed to get 10 responses. In the first question I asked ‘how would you rate my music video?’, this was to get a general understanding of the audiences overall opinion of the music video. These were the results:

As these results show, I had a fairly positive response. With 80% saying it was very good, and the other 20% saying it was good. This shows me that I have managed to successfully produce a music video that appeals to my target audience. The second question was ‘What did you think of the narrative in my music video?’ I asked this question because I felt the narrative was one of the most important elements of my music video, so I especially wanted to have audience feedback on it. Here are some of the results:

Overall, I got positive feedback again. Although, one of the results said ‘needs to be in more sync’. I’m not sure whether this person understood the question, and referring to the sync issues I’ve had with the artist, or whether they are referring to the editing of the narrative, and whether they think that the shots of the narrative need to be editing more in sync with the music. Either way, I think this could potentially be something I could learn from and improve on. For the third question I asked ‘What did you think of the editing?’ as this was another important factor I wanted to reflect on.

I am very pleased that the audience thought that the editing of the flashback sequences worked well. Because this is something I found challenging, because I really needed to make the flashbacks look like they were genuinely in the past, whilst still making it look professional. The one criticism I got for this question was about the sync issues again. I couldn’t do much about this, but if I was to do this project again, I would make sure I would leave much more time for refilming, as the reason I couldn’t re-film the artist to resolve the sync issues, was because the artist wasn’t available. This could suggest some error in my planning; although, I feel that compared with last year my planning has significantly improved. For the fourth question I asked if they whether they would add any improvements to the music video and these are some of the responses I got sent to me:

I learnt from this that I could’ve added in a few more effective shots to help build up the narrative, and emphasize on the girls emotions. The sync issues were also mentioned again in the responses to this question. The fact that a lot of the

responses are saying this suggests to me that this could’ve been the main this I should’ve improved on. With the next question I asked whether my music video was similar to any others they had seen, and most of the responses said no, and that it was unique. Another response said it was ‘Similar in story line with a few videos but different in the way you presented the storyline’ I think that this is both a positive and a negative thing. I think it is positive in the sense that I have created a unique music video that my target audience enjoys, but I think it could also suggest that maybe some of the conventions I needed to make it feel like a music video and the sense of the genre could’ve been missing. I think that because of these results, that if I was to do this project again, that I would focus much more on this issue. The next questions results were extremely positive, as I asked ‘Would you recommend this video to your friends and 100% responded with ‘yes’. This suggests to me that my music video as a promotional item was successful, as this would mean that it would be recommended to other people within my target audience, meaning that more people would view it. For the last question I asked them ‘Do you think the costumes and locations were appropriate? If not why?’ and here are a few of the responses:

None of the responses said that they didn’t work well; I am very pleased with this, especially the 3rd and 4th responses shown. This is because in my music video I wanted the locations and the characters to come across in a similar way to how they’ve put it in their response. This tells me that my planning of costumes and locations were successful. In conclusion, I have learnt a lot from my audience feedback. I have learnt what went well and what was successful about my music video. But I have also learnt what I could improve on if I was to approach this kind of task again. Overall I think my audience feedback indicates that I have succeeded in my purpose of creating a promotional music video that compliments my target audience.

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