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Fresh Kills Renewable RFP Cover and Document FINAL

Fresh Kills Renewable RFP Cover and Document FINAL

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Published by: xoneill7715 on Mar 20, 2012
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As part of its 2009 Energy Plan, New York State adopted the goal of meeting 30 percent of its
total electricity demand through renewable resources by 2015. Since then, the New York State
Public Service Commission (“NYSPSC”) has, through its Renewable Portfolio Standard (“RPS”)
proceedings, established funding for renewable resources consistent with that overall
objective. In addition, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority
(“NYSERDA”), in conjunction with the NYSPSC, has expanded the focus of RPS to include
solar energy applications in NYISO Zones G, H, I and J. Moreover, there has been effort in the
State Legislature to establish a specific solar component for this overall initiative. The
development of in-city renewables represents a geographically important element of the State’s
overall renewable resource objective.

The City fully supports these efforts. Indeed, PlaNYC, as well as NYCDEP’s Strategic Plan,
commit the City to fostering the development of innovative energy projects in and around New
York City, including renewable power. As such, the City will accordingly assist the Developer
in preparing applications that are consistent with various municipal requirements. Respondents
are responsible for determining their eligibility for all incentives and credits.


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