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Process Migration

Jait Dixit (07IT214)

Abstract We define process migration as the transfer of a sufficient amount of a process’s state from one machine to another for the process to execute on the target machine. in essence a load-balancing system with fair usage policy. . This project intends to implement this Process Migration mechanism.

Implementation The nodes will be in essence terminals running a stripped down Linux system The process migration mechanism will be achieved by Making changes in the Process Scheduling Module of the Linux Kernel A Call System will be made to facilitate the communication between nodes .

because the network will be affected due to the additional traffic generated by message passing between nodes(RPC) How to actually transfer the entire process address space Handling open files Handling messages for the process that is migrated .Possible Hurdles in Implementation Cannot support diskless workstation.

Implementation The development will take place on a Linux Machine and the testing will take place on the Modified Linux nodes running on a Host. via VirtualBox The project will be deployed on test machines where each will be running a pre-compiled Modified Linux Kernels and have a basic GUI using which we can run diagnostics .

Platform Linux .

all the test systems will be updated using the new image .Programming Language Primarily. C Coding will be done in Vim Compiled using gcc and make Each change will be made and a new kernel image will be formed.

Thank You .