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The Night of Broken Glass

The so called “Night of Broken Glass” or “Kristallnacht” was caused by Herschel Grynspan, a 17-year old Jew, who lived in Paris. On 7th November 1938 he shot a German politician because the Germans treated his family in Germany badly. The National Socialists used this event as an excuse to attack the Jews. Two days later on the night of 9th November, they smashed the windows of Jewish shops and business. Some of them also broke into Jewish homes. They destroyed their flats and stole everything they wanted. Even the regular German police didn’t do something against it. The Nazis burned or destroyed about 1400 synagogues, but the fire brigades didn’t help. They only make sure that the fire didn’t spread. About 26000 Jewish men were arrested in this night. Approximately 25% of them lived in Germany. The arrested men were sent to concentration camps and 91 of them were murdered. On 12th November the National Socialists decided that every German Jew had to pay one billion Reichsmark. A lot of the arrested people were released after a few weeks or Month, but most of them were scared by the treatment in the concentration camps, sold their shops and tried to leave Germany.