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List of Selected Projects: Project Title: SIPp Tool Enhancements

The Session Initiation Protocol which is widely used for controlling multimedia communication sessions is, by far, the most common implementation for Wi-Fibased phones. Having done my internship on SIP in my second year, this concept that I am very familiar with has always managed to capture my best interest. It was an adventure ride into the field of network and protocol. At the internship, I learnt about SIP in depth which included the following topics : *SIP architecture *UAC, UAS *GSM, SIP, H.323, ISUP and IMS Call Flows from * SIP requests, responses *security issues of SIP, SIP-T *Session Initiation Protocol with encapsulated ISUP(SIP-I) *SIMPLE *CSCF, SIP signaling packets in IMS *RTP Using Wireshark, the network protocol analyzer which is an invaluable resource for troubleshooting problems with VOIP calls, the underlying SIP traffic between speech platform and SIP gateway, SIP message statistics and SIP call setup flow graphs were also viewed. It would be a great opportunity to continue working in my field of interest, especially on SIPp application, SIP DTMF Signalling and to implement dtmf pattern and media pattern into SIP.