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Kesha was born in Los Angeles, California on the 1st March 1987.

She grew up with just her single mum and two brothers, she spent the majority of her childhood living off state benefits and food stamps as her mum was constantly short of money and her only income was from performing on local stages. Kesha was bullied during her school life because of her unique dress sense and style and felt like she did not fit in with the general trend of school. She started taking song writing classes and her talent for writing quickly became apparent. She sent demo’s to producers throughout her entire teenage years, when she was 18 ended up being signed to low level record companies before then finally making it into one of the main music publishing companies RCA Records and started to create an album from the work she had built up in the past six years, finishing touches were added and her first album Animal was created and her debut single Tik Tok was released topping the charts in 11 countries and selling over 610,000 copies world-wide on its first week of release, gaining Ke$ha the award for most sales for a number one single in a week by a female artist. She then went on to release 3 more singles from her album whilst also carrying out a worldwide tour. She later released and EP album called Cannibal and is currently working on a third album. She is often deceived as a trashy, party girl from her pop music persona but actually has underlying musical and lyrical talent having written over 250 songs containing many different genres. She also shows dedication to things she believes in, for example she has strong beliefs that animals should be treated fairly and has joined and organised many campaigns to prevent cruelty to animals and has now been stated as the first ever Humane Society Global Ambassador. The most inspiring thing about Ke$ha is that she has made it through difficult times in her life such as bullying and money problems and still managed to be herself no matter what which ended up paying off and allowing her to become a world-wide famous number one female pop star. She now encourages people to be themselves and stand up for what they believe in throughout messages in her songs such as We R Who We R which is a song written purely to tell people that they should always be themselves unapologetically.

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