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Midterm Exam All essay – Bring Blue Book Covering Cover Letters/Resumes, Interviewing (Applicant/Recruiter), Motivation

and Meeting Facilitation 6 Questions – One or two paragraphs per questions Specifics Application Questions – Ex. Recreate a paragraph from a cover letter? Challenge, Connection, Creativity – Example of one meta-narrative Articulate 3 different styles of resume – Chronological, Functional, Combination (What type of person would be best for each style) Take a look at EEO laws (Recruiter view) – What are they? What are some of the strategies to help avoid an sort of EEO violations? Theories of Motivation – Maslow, Hersburg… Etc. – How will understanding these help with motivation in the work place? Use all three! Meeting Facilitation – If someone hired you to come in to fix their meeting problems… what steps would you take to improve their meetings?