Death Penalty

Death penalty is basically a term used to describe the act of putting a person to death, after judgment by a legal system, either as an act of retribution, or to ensure they cannot commit future crimes. The death penalty is often described as capital punishment. There has consistently been a movement towards abolishing the death penalty, as well, although different cultures have arrived there in different times. China, for example, banned the death penalty in the mid-8th century, only to restore it after 12 years. A public statement in England in the 14th century argued against the death penalty, although England would not actually ban the practice until 1973. Although most countries on earth do not allow the death penalty, more than 60% of the world’s populations live under threat of the punishment. This is because the most populous nations on earth do still practice it. For example, the United States, Indonesia, China, and India all still have capital punishment. However; I personally think that no country should ban the death penalty, because if one can walk around murdering and taking the lives of others with no penalty then this won’t stop anyone from committing any crimes and therefore will not build any fear in people. What’s stopping people of committing any crimes is the fear of law and morals however we cannot depend on ones morals so I believe laws should be strictly and clearly put out and death penalties should not be banned.

Name: Nadeen El-Hadidi Group Number: T05 ID Number: 25-12115 Submitted To: Mr. Omar Obead

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