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“Love is hurt with jar and fret, Love is made a vague regret, Eyes with idle tears are

set, Idle habit links us yet; What is Love? For we forget. Ah no, no.” Intro here: Main point of the picture: I like this picture because it has layers of meanings. On the surface, it depicts a beautiful young lady in the nice weather of spring time; however, underneath, lies the pain of love and the sadness of a passing youth. Main reasoning 3: The first impression one has in mind when seeing April Love is the deep, vivid color and the contrast between light and darkness in the painting. With a natural background, Arthur Hughes depicts nature realistically in great details. We can see clearly every single leaf, blossom or flower in the background. On the other hand, April Love shows a lot of dark shadow, despite it was painted in a spring day. It shows how careful Arthur Hughes was in choosing the right angle to get the best view that expresses his message. Right away, a spectator has a mixed feeling of cheerful and sadness, of happiness and sorrow when looking at April Love. Main reasoning 1: The contrast of within the painting. The beauty of the lady and the sadness on her face. Main reasoning 2: The story and its implication Conclusion