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Capo on the 2nd fret.

Otherwise when you finger the chords, they will be a whole step below. The guitar doesn't play on the intro, but it is the same chords as the first verse, if you wish to play it. Verses --Emin: x03231 (Dead meat) Em7: x30231 (Don't you know you're) Cmaj7: x1323x (Dead meat) Cdim7: x12020 (You just messed with the) G/D: x33211 (Wrong team) Cdim7 (Better not try and) G/D (Fall asleep) Em6th: x2323x (Now, yeah) Emin (You better) Em7 (Run out of) Cmaj7 (Here, I'll) Cdim7 (Close my eyes and) G/D (Count to) Cdim7 (Ten and then I'll come) G/D

you can move your chord position up and down in those three half steps for all eternity. with this chord: E: x00232 . and with a dim7 chord being a four note chord with each note securely seperated by three half steps. In the) Am (End you're gonna) G/D (Learn. the difference being the root note or position. couldn't I just play said latter chord? The answer is tricky: Cdim7. Ebdim7. if you want to play it close to how Sean plays it.and B7#5 (see below) (Deserve. impervious! --. Now. whenever it appears on the Verse. you) F#7sus (Get what you) B7 (Deserve) On that last chord. slide up to this chord: B7#5: 50566x (Now.(Find you) Em6th (Yeah. yeah. wait --. But. It is a different chord. you might say. You're gonna) Chorus --Am: 3x0033 (Get what you) G/D (Deserve. Oh. F#dim7 and Adim7 are all the same chord. with different lyrics on the verse (of course) and substitute the G/D chord. since I am lazy. Gonna) F#7sus: 020230 (Get what you) B7: 002023 --.statement. The idea is based in simple math: you have 12 different notes.) Repeat Verse & Chorus sequence once more. no matter how similar it sounds. to summarize this answer to the question posed earlier. just do as I say in said previous --no.that B7#5 chord sounds a little bit like the Cdim7 chord from earlier.

Gmin: 122111 --. . In the immortal words of Letterman. sustaining the last chord.The chords on the Chorus are not open for substitution: The G/D chord remains the same there.Am Then walk the bass line down (1 and 0 on the low E string) and end on: Emin How sad.B7 Chorus X2. "I'm kind of depressed now. Come back in on: Em6th --." Hopefully this is close enough to radiant.Cmaj7 --. Instrumental --Cmaj7 --.F#7sus --.Cmaj7 --.