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Survivor – Science Context

Assessment Task: Design a Sea Creature Learning Outcome: To design and create a sea creature of their own drawing on their knowledge of environment, adaptations, feeding and features needed for survival in the intertidal zone.
You are to think about the following: What type of sea creature is it? What group does it belong to? Make up a name and classification crustacean/coelenterate/echinoderm…), food group(scavenger/predator…) etc.


Think about where it will live on the rocky seashore and therefore the conditions it will have to survive. Describe its’ habitat which will influence it’s structure and features. Examples: exposure to weather, drying out, temperature change and therefore the adaptations it will need – shells, suction pads, water retention methods etc What does it eat? How does it eat and what may eat it? Include a food chain that has your creature in it. How does it avoid being eaten (e.g. camouflage, spikes, bad taste, poison etc) – this is part of its’ adaptations for survival. You are to draw, design, make a model or computer generate your sea creature and write detailed descriptions of its special features and adaptations based on the guidelines above.


You may use either of the graphic organisers “My Research Project” to plan your creature. Refer to the attached marking schedule to help you in your planning. Due Date: