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Rules & Schedule

Rosedale Library Picture Book Story Time Rules 1. Quiet Time
Pair the rules icon with the schedule to match behavior expectation within the session timeline for example, reading a book is a time to listen quietly; while a song is a great time to move. Use the 3rd column in the schedule to demonstrate what the positive behavior looks like, and refer to it positively when praising and redirecting the behavior for example, "I see Johnny is sitting nicely, which let’s me know he is ready for a book. Who else is ready? (point to the behavior icon)” Johnny receives praise for the positive behavior and serves as a model for the other children who need to catch up to the verbal instruction.

Story Time Schedule

How to use the Tools:

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Hello Book Song Book Song

2. Time to Listen

3. Sit Nicely

4. Time to Move

6. 7.

Closing Book Goodbye

5. Show Thanks

Created by Jennifer Candiano & Michelle López of Queens Museum of Art for the Queens Library at Rosedale's Story Time