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sample outline for manager anti-harassment training

sample outline for manager anti-harassment training


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Published by Jonathan Bates

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Published by: Jonathan Bates on Dec 03, 2008


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Training Outline for Managers

1. Intro and Purpose of training 2. Not here because there has been a specific problem 3. Purpose is to avoid issues, and I’m guessing that we have issues somewhere 4. Discussing: a) Harassment b) Respect for the individual c) Diversity and its affect on behaviors in the workplace 5. A few words about the law: a) It isn’t really working – history and effect b) Bi-sexual defense and severe or pervasive test c) Liability issues – quid pro quo vs. hostile work environment d) Explain hostile work environment and show graph e) Where cases are brought, however, that can be difficult for everyone f) Managers and co-workers can be sued individually g) Be aware of specific state issues, including extra protections (rudeness cases and favoritism cases, possible bullying laws) 6. Beyond the law – expectations a. We don’t focus on the law, we focus on appropriate behavior b. Discuss example and the problems with people and sex c. We’re not trying to be prudes or the secret morals police – we’re trying to be preventative and smart

d. We’re asking you to do the same e. Dating and relationships f. Sending messages – strip clubs, poker nights, etc. – no drinking preclusions, but exercise good judgment and avoid exclusionary issues (executive and stockbroker cases) 7. Judgment and stupidity and alcohol (among other things) 8. So what is respect for the individual, in a workplace context? 9. And what does diversity have to do with any of this stuff? 10. How concerns are raised, and what we’ve told your employees a. Who they talk with and how you respond b. What will happen c. Investigation requirement d. Remedies e. Confidentiality 12. A word about retaliation and rights 13. Discuss case study 14. Company policy – let’s discuss 15. Go through the policy guide and points for managers 16. Q&A

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