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Ambelain Spiritual Alchemy-Ambelain

Ambelain Spiritual Alchemy-Ambelain

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Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A.

Vaughan © May 2005


“ hnh T m lsa hv be cner e, T e t e p hl ae en osc t e e l ad its dead stones will become alive, impure Metal will be transmuted into fine gold, and Man wilr oeh pi iv ete le vr i r t e s t c s mi a …” (oe Fud“ r tus theologo-pi spi s) R br l :Ta a t d ct h ooh u” l c


Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. Vaughan © May 2005

To Georges Bogé de Lagrèze, Faithful depositary of so many initiatory filiations: In memoriam 


Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. Vaughan © May 2005

I humbly present this work in a spirit of celebration. Robert Ambelain would have approved of the Martinist group at Yahoogroups.com! In his Warning to the Reader he stresses that his reasons for making this information available in print, is to reach out to Martinists who hv ntee e t i tt nh dsr e ( r yt R s Co dOrient?). He adds the ae o r i d h n ii e ec bs s e h oe ri ’ cv e iao i ul e x caution that the vast majority of those who have received the scant teachings and accompanying regime have done nothing with them, but hoard them up as another certificate to covet, and another elegant membership to drop into conversation. Ambelain has never been shy about putting teachings into print, in the belief, shared by I al ea i w e h pb se t f os‘l kB o’o t H r ecO dro t s e R gr e hn e ulhd h a u Ba r d i e m c ok f h e t re f h e m i e Golden Dawn, that it is better to safeguard the rituals and teachings in the hands of the many, than see them lost in the drawer of collectors of initiation who never do anything with them, nor pass them on to the successor, as they swore to do at their initiation. He believes, as do many, that the true import of the secret is not in the words but in their practice. He makes a specific point in this text of the manner in which well-thumbed old manuscripts bear the spiritual imprint of their readers ad users. The Martinist Order now sees much communication between its branches. Indeed, as I write a number of European and American branches are coalescing into a group which, while retaining their specific rituals, initiatory successions and teachings, nevertheless recognize both t vl i adt eu a ne f aho e s h ad y n h qi l c o ec t r traditions, and now allow free visitation rights e it e ve h’ and access to materials between the groups. This can only be for the good, and I only hope this precious harmonizing process continues. I would like to thank Michael Buckley, Ronald Cappello, Mark Jones, Andrew Stephenson and Gordon Stewart for their support and for their guidance and courage in this new millennium. I would especially like to thank Elias Ibrahim, whose guidance and support have been invaluable. I know he very much wanted to translate this important work, but as his commitments prevented him from applying himself to this task I was inspired to take up his mantle and complete the translation. I now offer it to the English speaking community in the hope that it will help them in their search for the Summum Bonum, and the Way of the Heart.

Piers A. Vaughan May 2005


Elements of the Great Work VI. Putrefaction 5 6 8 10 11 18 22 32 PART TWO IV. Vaughan © May 2005 INDEX Tas t ’Pe c r lo s r ae nar f 3 PART ONE Warning to the Reader Introduction Hermetic Diagrams Glossary of Alchemical and Hermetic Terms I. T e h oohr Fr Pae h P i spe ’ i : r r l s e y VII. Postface 86 87 103 4 . The Technique of Prayer X. Universal Reintegration 48 49 56 65 69 81 PART THREE IX. Philosophical Vitriol V.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. The Elixir of Life VIII. General Observations on Alchemy II. Spiritual Alchemy III.

Vaughan © May 2005 PART ONE 5 .Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A.

However. as independent disciples of the Unknown Philosopher. s de Saint-Ma i wt t a o w ri t a s Id i aR cniao” rn i h i f ok go r “ i d l eocii . the Martinist Order of Elus Cohen came into possession of authentic documents and manuscripts from the Eighteenth Century in 1955. he or she who has not had the opportunity to enter into the domain of initiations. but from the Rosicrucian group in Cairo. IX. e t lhr i. and them that were et i i y h drd n r g n e i ee. In fact. Philippe knew the method and the corresponding initiation. from which our own initiator had himself received it.os e n o e fh e i tt ” c ay be t i i ine r s di w e n ie ul v e sp t i tt n w i t y ae ee e. from another French mystic we suppose to be Sédir. both towards himself as towards others. 2 Fo t L t “ rm h an reconciliare”t r s b s.nr. who have been regularly received i ot scl i tt yca o t “ nnw S pr r . o w d e e lt n As for the incomparable Martinists of Saint-Martin. Mercy and Justice must be balanced. w r a n t a shio n r ocii ” ok l eo r t r w “ cniao 2.ts r tayi ps b t pt n h eu rn io hi fh U ko n ue os iipa i l m os l o u t e a ia r n e i ” cc l ie 1 Papus had also received it. which Papus emphasized with so much vigor. 52) The same Rosicrucian organization which gave birth to Martinez de Pascuallis and his Elus-Cohens which had the aim of working towards the ultimate aspect of the Great Work called “ n e a R i er i ”w s tr u t r ya le b h d et i i e L u -Claude U i r l e t ao . h h e o m pol ad e bl e. documents sought in vain up till now by historians of Martinism. Moreover. thirty years earlier. a brief oral explanation. an occult technique. and the initiation which went with the other two items. 25). t. h e m n w d nvu lt n Now.n hr e vd w i w s o bl e. So. su ad a … ib m n o uf z Believing it useless and unjust to see it reserved for so many years to a very restricted nm e o ap at cni r ghw f o t s “ ia s at l osre h d c l of u br f si n . It requires constant vigilance of its practitioner. Unfortunately. a sr d p h t er a r y i i c d c l oi vs n g tn ie iy s t s r sp . it is not achieved easily. this initiation has no link to classical Martinism1. and which is. and not just a banal sensibility. e i . for in the ABSOLUTE. We do not believe that it came from M.r have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves. e ae aehs w rs f c p ror w :A d h n ii s h h h hv r i dw hv m d t e od o Sr t e u o n “ n I e iao c e cv e iu wlclt m m pol w i w r nt y ep . Epistle to the Romans. It is useless to e od n ca t lioee a s ni sagyl t ln l y b go ad hra es n r i ev u. mainly composed of English and Christian Copts. can at least. in this century. in Cairo. in fact.en e T iii i dal reintegration. d transmitted to us by a final initiation. a yr f y Wo t yuL w es o e . we are absolutely certain that M. alone of the Ordre Martiniste. of e t L-C. Vaughan © May 2005 WARNING TO THE READER “ eo o. XI. i a h l l e y ep . en n ” (Luke: Gospel. The person who had received it in Egypt. T ait ya bfr t t hi e fh “ nr htse er e eh e n u o t i e n s o e c q e n w y. it acts on this cardiac path on which we have written extensively. h h a nt e vd e c e e o c o ” (Paul.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. by a happy coincidence. h sn v u o ea i u t s di 6 . was a” cni d o . gave us an alchemical diagram. de Saint-Martin and transmitted by him directly to his intimates. Philippe de Lyons.

and which remains susceptible to numerous re-editing. Vaughan © May 2005 them individually in possession of this technique. For they had never put them into practice! 30 November. who wanted to be the sole and rare beneficiaries of this secret techniques. 1960 Feast of St. as long need makes itself felt). All these reasons amply justify the present dissemination. as that it was totally unknown to them. envious or avaricious.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. they should know well that it was not for their benefit that we now circulate these secrets. Andrew 7 . other than by means of a printed text (a text which it is then difficult to alter. As for the proud.

In an age where the progress of imprudent physics and chemistry have placed in the hands of man. Vaughan © May 2005 INTRODUCTION “ o s r i iU i. evolution and progress.h e yt i s ur a f h Threshold” t t eo r e eo dn e . before finally confiding in him the keys of Adepthood3. Mercury and Sl a …” t (Bernard Le Trévisan) Integrated into the traditional trilogy expressed in the triple portals of our great metropolitan cathedrals in enigmatic bas-relief. the keys to death with which they could. and according to a lapse of time conditioned by the Stars. and not learning susceptible to decantation. S iTi t n n y ny t and Unity in Trinity. often denuded of all spirituality or moral. So it is with wisdom that those who. for there where are the Spirit. So it is that these postulants apply themselves materially and experimentally in the secrecy of the laboratory of the Hermeticist. little by little. using material m as i rul i n clot s o i d t t r i i t R yl ro E yto a“ r en r oos d ta t h e ft ia oi n n h oa A t f gp n fs g y ei o s sn g s e . r d cntu s fsa aa t” m ay e ae it r c These same secular rules lead the philosopher who perseveres. it m trw oe a ei m t lkpsc t l ay ost e aitr n. there are also Sulfur. Alchemy and its sisters. Astrology and Mysticism are the traditional knowledge portrayed. Soul and Body. as toys of their own inner anarchy. he will travel the same roads. destroy the World in a few moments. from the Latin initium: beginning. Like them. The same immutable. total and absolute sum of what we call the doctrines of Hermes: immutable in their principles (if not always in their application). and through his own knowledge. Expressed originally by devotees from when it issued form the loins of its sister Mysticism. Alchemy demands of the Initiate that he places himself in the School of Nature. and associated them t s m s r u ga i so t “ . and often suffering the same setbacks. Alchemy is not solely and uniquely the search to create of material Gold. in which the most extraordinary simplicity of material means used are bound to one of the most hidden theories. As such. a reflection of that of First Adam. 3 Initiate. to the same results and to the same conclusions as his distant initiators. those celestial promoters of Metals. he is slowly led towards his final goal. u b eter . marked out by the same hopes.o h st i e ec symbolism of the triple entrance to the Cathedrals. To terms whose true meaning which the profane world frequently invert! 8 . they thus comprise the complete. ae hs nm . but also and above all quite another thing. guided the hands of the Medieval builders. symbolic unfolding of The Work.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. it seems to be important to dissociate traditional Alchemy from those caricatures by which people have wanted to make it the distant source of the destructive knowledge mentioned above. both spiritually and occultly. Adept: from the Latin adeptus: who has acquired. And this follows archaic processes.

This substance is the “ Chrysoprase”t Philosophers Stone. a crystalline silver star must appear and float upon the surface – fsi i t nhth O e t io t r h pt aitn c i t t pr o s nh i t a … r d ao a e ar eg h 9 . the Lion and the Dragon. the procedure employed nevertheless constitutes a real spiritual enrichment for the Hermeticist. As the mysterious Stone engenders and multiplies itself in continuous mathematical progression. innumerable and symbolic personalities4: the Crow and the Swan. since Life will eventually deliver one of its greatest secrets to him. and without any possibility for industrial application. . And in the a’f d t nli frh – n a ao i middle of the matras. the Star of Compostella. in the plane of his inner spiritual alone. to become and remain forever: the Illuminated One. appearance. Now transmuted by this second Revelation. Pilgrims wear a scallop shell as an emblem. the Initiate finally becomes the Adept. It is a substance which university theses do not describe. Iago of Compostella. and. each of which poses their particular enigma for him to solve! It is only after having understood the secret meaning these that the pilgrim will finally see rise. he can finally become transformed. the artisan of the Great Work will have met strange companions along the way: such as the Archons who stand watch over the successive thresholds of the intermediary worlds. which they have never analyzed. is one of those enigmatic myths of the quest of the Great Work. upon the finally decomposed prima materia. the Illuminated One. the better to bar the way to the seeker.e h To obtain these fine crystals. shining in the heart of the metallic shadows. which the Chemistry of men ignores. and whose very name makes the profane smile. Yet. as the beginning of The Work. to which the shadows instantly reflect back their mysterious luminescence. will themselves accept the need to die as lead in order to be btreon s o … eer r a gl t b d 4 5 From the Latin persona: mask. the King and the Queen. Vaughan © May 2005 This goal is a strange substance. divorced from any rational basis. with the Arcana finally conquered.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. also called mérelle (cnti ar s t n o t s PV). of the color of ruby. The pilgrimage of St. which announces the end of the golden periplus5. and which they will perhaps ignore forever. etc. in his turn. transmits his own spiritual light to those who. intelligent and docile prima materia..

Vaughan © May 2005 HERMETIC IDEOGRAMS     3 Q   Air Water Earth Fire Mercury Sulfur Salt T e hyor e rP i spe Soe h C rspa o “h oohr t ” s l s n (symbol of Reintegration) T e lMa. et s edo “ a nd h Od nD a ’H a.r D m e h E r ”prhb m tr a h (e sal ae t i e t 10 .Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A.

Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. Vaughan © May 2005

     

We believe it useful firstly to give fairly general definitions of the terms habitually used by authors who write about Alchemy. As a result, this little glossary will allow readers interested in studying material Alchemy and, in parallel, spiritual Alchemy t dcd osuew rssc a “ Book of Images Without Words” o Mutus ,o eoe bcr ok,uh s The ,r Liber, T e y bl Tete fh P i spe’ S n” yJC B r ue, “ Amphitheater of Eternal “h Sm o c ra s o t h oohr t e b . . a hsn and The i i e l s o c Wisdom”by Henry Khunrath. Also, if he is ready familiar with the general significance of these rather abstruse words, it will be easier for him to read the works of modern alchemists, and above all the greatest of these, JeanJulien-Hubert Champagne, alias Fulcanelli6. n ito ok,The Mystery of the Cathedrals”ad Philosophical I h w w rs“ s ,n “ Dwellings” h t a ec s e o Ace i l uj t B th df ios eg ehr wlb ue l hn , e r t xl i l f l m c sb c . u t e n i w i e es uv y h a es e it n v e i e sf w e l u completed in the practical aspect of which they treat.7


We have an important dossier, resulting from an inquiry patiently pursued around 1935 –1937, by ourselves, on the real identity of Fulcanelli. This dossier includes recollections of those who worked with him from 1907, of those who were his collaborators during the course of his ardent life as an adept, photographs and documents which show, without any possible argument, that Fulcanelli and Jean-Julien-Hubert Champagne were one and the same person! Regarding this identity, we fear no contradiction whatsoever, and moreover we possess a photograph of an essential dedication which make the proof incontestable. 7 Note that the terms are in English alphabetical order – the book they are, of course, in French alphabetical order. in Please note also that I have translated those terms I could find: not all ancient alchemical terms are obvious! I have indicated those I could not translate in red, in the hope that others can help – PV.


Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. Vaughan © May 2005


DEFINITIONS One of the four elements of the Ancients. Has no connection with what we breathe. See page 19. Calcination to white or red. Apparatus composed of vessels superposed and linked together, to permit a slow sublimation. Intimate union of several metallic elements into a very homogeneous and malleable whole. Sometimes a symbol of sublimation, or ascension of a volatile principle, as in the da i s fViatorium Spagyricum” r n o“ w g . As a general rule, which one finds oneself in presence of two animals of the same species but of different sexes (such as a lion and lioness, dog and bitch), it signifies Sulfur and Mercury prepared in accordance with The Work, or also the fixed and the volatile. The male represents the fixed, Sulfur; the female represents the volatile, Mercury. United, the animals express the conjunction of the newly-weds, marriage. If they are fighting: fixation of the volatile or volatilization of the fixed. See the drawings of Basil Valentinus8 i “ Twelve n The Keys of Philosophy” A i a m ya osm o z t Ee et E r (o, . n l a l y b le h l n : a h l n m s s i e m s t i bull), Air (eagle), Water (fish, whale), Fire (dragon, salamander). If a terrestrial animal appears in a hermetic image with an aerial animal, they signify respectively the fixed and the volatile. The sun, gold. Refining or alchemical verification of gold and silver by means of slagging lead in a cupel. Reverberating furnace. Equipment which ensures that the vase containing the material to be treated bathes in warmed water. Large, round glass vessel for receiving the products of distillation. Symbol: 1) of the dissolution of gold or silver; 2) of the purification of these two metals. Flying towards the sky: volatilization, ascension, sublimation. Pointing towards the sun: precipitation, condensation. These two images reunited in one figure: distillation. Two birds opposed to two terrestrial animals signify Air, or the Volatile. Also symbolized by the Crow. Image of putrefaction. Heat. Reduction of the body into lime. It can by dry or wet.

Albification Alludel




Apollo Assaying Athanor Bain-Marie9

Balloon Bath


Black Caladity Calcination


B s V l t u:The Twelve Keys of Philosophy” M. . aclt n o t r e i i e o F l nl,a ai a n ns“ l ei . E C nee oe fh a d c l f u aei s i, e r sp s c lh just published an erudite and excellent translation of this essential work, published by Editions de Champe-Elysées, in which he has put all his Alchemical science. 9 Ace y e nt s t epes n B i r ” l m ds o ueh xr i “ a -Ma e. h e so n i


Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. Vaughan © May 2005



Glass container with a mouth, which one puts on the neck of a urinal or curcurbite to be able to distil spirits. Head, chappe, chapel, alembic are almost the same thing. Operation by which, using mineral powders called cement, metals may be purified to the point at which only a very pure metallic substance remain. Symbol of unity of Matter, and sometimes the color black (first stage of The Work), and putrefaction. Coating made of thick and oily materials, in order to seal the joints linking various vessels. Clothed in royal vestments, or simply crowned: symbol of the Philosophical Stone, sometimes of the Red Work. The Philosophical Stone, The Great Work achieved. Consists of having the liquids in a sealed container circulate by means of a slow heat. See the Pelican. Unity of Matter, Universal Harmony. Action of placing distilled spirit of metal onto its reside. One of the four elementary qualities in Nature. See page 18. Act of heating common slat in a crucible to drive off water. One of the first stages of The Work: putrefaction. S m o o ce i loay o m tl pr co.I “ a ra t Pei a, y bl f hm c ryl , f e lc e et n n L Ma ra r o ” a t ai f i gi cs the six metals are firstly represented as slaves, bareheaded at the feet of the king, Gold. But then, after their transmutation, they are drawn with a crown upon the head. From this, in spiritual alchemy, comes the sentence of L.-C. de SaintMartin: Al a i h o nk g ,htst sy a m nwt nt m t “ lm n s i w i …” t i o a, l e i i h h s n a l h e e ps b i o r un gt t i l t ryl te,nt sit and angelic os it f e ri o h r o “ a s t i h p i i ly t n e s o a” e rual plane. Bowl of fireproof clay, wider towards the top, used to fuse metals and hard materials. Also called coucourde. Vessel in the shape of a gourd, open at the top, which is covered with a capital for the distillation of vegetables and other materials. Or deliquescence. Natural resolution of salts in water by exposing them in a humid place. See Moon. Disaggregation, involution or maturation of matter obtained by exposing the container to the warmth of a bain-marie for a suitable length of time. Operation during which one separates the gaseous parts from the solid or liquid parts, or again the spirit from the matter which holds it. Symbol of Sulfur, and Gold. The dog eaten by a wolf signifies purification of gold by antimony. Dog and bitch when associated, signify the fixed and the volatile. A dragon eating its tail: unity of Matter. A dragon in flames: symbol of Fire. Many dragons fighting: putrefaction. Dragon without wings: the Fixed. Winged dragon: the Volatile. One of the four elementary qualities in Nature. See page 18. Symbol of volatilization, and also of the acids used in The Work. An eagle devouring a lion signifies the volatilization of the fixed by the volatile. Two eagles fighting have the same meaning.

Chaos C e ss l hmi’Ca t y Child Chrysoprase Circulation

Circulatory Circumference Cohobation Cold Crackling, Decrepitation Crow Crown

Crucible Curcurbite Deliquium Diana Digestion Distillation Dog


Dry Eagle


or Philosophical Sulfur. if it acts in the entrance of the Closed Palace of the Queen. Metallic Sulfur. and designates au contraire Living Silver. or addition of an active element. which would require to much space to explain. See also à a ( t s pr n r Se l i t B t ? PV). Enclosed in a Sepulcher: these two Principles united in the Philosophical Stone. The Volatile. The lion. Nothing in common with the vulgar body of this name. of reincrudation into a form analogous to that of its primitive substance. Energizing agent of an igneous subtlety. The priest who officiates represents Salt. or salamander. One of the four elementary qualities in Nature. Alone: symbol of the Fixed. Naked. Operation consisting of separating silver from gold by means of saltpeter. Silver of the Wise. Corrosive. One of the four Elements of the Ancients. Summit of the Philosophical Egg. Orifice. One will find them described notably in the works of Fulcanelli. Mercury. Vegetable or mineral waters with dissolving properties. Used to digest the prepared material. The lion also represents the mineral (or green vitriol) from which one extracts oil of vitriol (sulfuric acid) which is used by Alchemists. Sulfur and Mercury. Vaughan © May 2005 Earth Epée Faulx Fire Fire of Sand Fixed Flowers Fountain Gold of the Wise Hermaphrodite Hot Jupiter King and Queen Lion One of the four Elements of the Ancients. There are other B i i h a e o o “e a o n h a ” – ns i s s e h aspects of this word. Interposition of sand between fire and the vase containing the matter to be treated. which lives in fire and is made pregnant by it.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. Generally represent the successive colors which succeed each other during the course of The Work Three fountains generally represent the three Principles. The result of conjoining Sulfur and Mercury. Their wedding night: conjunction of Sulfur and Mercury. Symbol of Fire. or dog of Corascène. designate impure silver and gold. Trituration of materials on marble using a pestle. mean of union between them. the orange nuance in The Work. Never to be seen as the ground on which we tread. Mercury. Philosophical Sulfur. symbolizes the Earth. Water. opposed to three other animals. Mercury. Silver of the Wise. Alteration of matter through trituration. Winged: the Volatile. See page 18. Nothing in common with common fire. Union of Sulfur and Mercury. See page 20. See man and woman. Entrance into the Closed Palace: discovery of Silver capable of effecting the reduction of the Fixed. Also designates access to Living Gold. or Philosophical Mercury. It is also called porphyrizing. It is also the symbol of Silver prepared for the final Work. This is Lioness Liquation Magic Ruby Man and Woman Marmorizer Marriage Mars Matras Menstruum Mercury Moon Mortification Mountain Neptune Opening Palace Parting 14 . Mercury and Salt. Symbol of tin. Gold of the Wise. It is also the symbol of the Chrysoprase. Sulfur. and also symbolized by the heraldic Lizard. Round. clothed in the color and multiple properties of fire. the Fixed and the Volatile. Also called Oil of Christ. See page 18. oval or flattened glass vessel with a long neck. The Volatile. One of the constitutive occult Principles of Matter. if it gives access to the Closed Palace of the King. Fire. Furnace of the Philosophers. also called Rebis. Oil of Crystal. The Philosophical Stone. See page 19. Symbol of Fire.

It has nothing whatsoever in common with common salt. h hei s g s h h ooh a x e l c Egg. a a l e o pr o h sm f h e n t s e e e addition of two factors10. It is not other than the union off Sulfur and Mercury in the metals. Action of destroying combustible Sulfur and exteriorizing incombustible Sulfur.e e l ss o e sn r agal T e fr I ae sd h e salt’ s c ay h r tc y e e r t ogoth bo w e e h ue ‘ o ‘ . serving to distil materials in the course of The Work. both wet and dry. Exaltation of internal energy of the metallic spirit by the action of a violent fire upon the matter containing this spirit. the aurifying principle dissimulated within the mineral. or soul and the psychic double. with a mouth curved towards the base. double matter. Also called circulatory by reason of its function. A red and a white rose: union of the Fixed and the Volatile. united and conjoined in the last term of The Work. Marrying a man and a woman. the reciprocal activity of spirit and soul.sh ia ok n h uhut ok ht r e ssscel’ rsel’ As a t ss bo o Spiritual Alchemy. or lead (galena). Also called Arsenic. final stage of The Work. Designates the color red. Also symbolizes Fire. grave dust. Closed curcubite containing two hollow handles connected to the top of the abdomen. Universal spirit enclosed in the heart of metallic darkness. constitutes t bd o hm nbi s Sl cna ob cm a dt t “u ”o t h oy f u a e g. See page 20. See also Magic Ruby. The Phoenix is also Sulfur and Mercury of the Wise. deaths head.. hr oe hv ue t t m‘ a fr r n . i m e iot i e a t w w rssel’ n ‘ i t ok ‘ a e tp y e e io r h o ‘ o sl Wh e d n t l h c i so s ‘ e lm t ueScel’o a ei h r l ue btt m i e hneb . Sometimes: complete desiccation. final stage of The Work. Scel’s l Fec frsel’ ra.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. one of the three mysterious Principles composing the body. Final distillation to obtain an extremely pure metallic spirit. Designates lead. What remains at the bottom of a vase after distillation. Final stage of the Great Work. from which it results. Synonymous with the Crow. Consists of separating the water contained in the body (or phlegm) by evaporation or distillation. Generally pyrites of fire. Also the color black of The Work. having received form Nature and Art a double occult property which is exactly equilibrated. spark of life enclosed in all that is in its natural primitive state. or even the color white which precedes it. 15 . or a king and queen. Symbol of the Philosophical Egg. It sometimes signifies the color red. S m o o t r cl i T eWok T eP on ’ egi t P i spi l y bl fh e o rn h e d o r. when the King and Queen are enclosed in it (Sulfur and Mercury). the use of arsenic r e h o i is academic! – PV. of Sulfur and Mercury. Residue Retort Reverberation Room Rose Rubification Salamander Salt Saturn Secret Fire 10 A bln f nn rl sh to od ‘ ad scel’n h bo. or albification. It is also the image of condensation. Round glass vessel. The rose is sometimes an emblem of the entire Hermetic Art. Vaughan © May 2005 Pelican Phoenix Priest Prima material Projection Rain Rébis Recipient Rectification Rectification (or alcohol) Red Refining refinement. Symbol of the color white in The Work. First matter of the Hermetic Work. Action of submitting a mineral in fusion to the action of a detergent or transmuting powder. in the course of its realization. Synonymous with feces. l . Symbol of Fire. it symbolizes the Salt Principle. at the stage of putrefaction. Operations by which all that is foreign to a metal is separated from it. Here designates a glass balloon. Besides. terre-damnée. Result of the amalgamation of Gold of the Wise and Mercury of the Wise. Often created over a very strong fire. It is particularly practiced on gold and silver.

or the signs of the sun. it is the Great Work. Designates copper. sometimes designates Sulfur of the Sages. Without wings: the Fixed. Slow is the best. Violent or slow. over a slow heat. it is treating of the prima materia form which the metals are born. One of the four elementary qualities in Nature. Symbol of Antimony. Designates unity of Matter. Nothing in common with the common element of this name. Symbol of ordinary fire. It is also the symbol of Gold. Sulfur. Serves the same purposes. Image of Mercury. If it bears suns. Symbol of the four Elements. Synonymous with the Crow. Putrefaction. That which can be separated from the fixed elements. red. Separation of volatile elements fixed elements. The mix works. Action of transforming a solid body into a gas by heat. The matter is put in a closed vase with a long neck. Mercury. Symbol of the three mysterious constitutive Principles of metals: Salt. prepared for the final Work. Sometimes ordinary gold. Superposition by alternate planes. second stage after putrefaction and irisation. The Work at the stage of the color black. the still imperfect stone. prepared for The Work. One of the constitutive occult Principles of Matter. Nothing in common with common water. slow and gentle fire.. See page 18. See page 20. the white stone. One of the four Elements of the Ancients. See Marriage. white. If it bears the symbols of the seven metals. This latter does not figure in the classical ternary of the Great Work: black. Two serpents on the Caduceus: Sulfur and Mercury of the Wise. Symbol of The Work at the white. Dryness. of different materials placed over a violet fire.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. Sublimation Sulfur Sun Swan Trees Triangle Urinal Venus Volatile Volatilization Vulcan Water Wedding Night Wet Wheel of Fire White Wolf 16 . moon and five stars. See page 19. Sulfur. as it must be rational and scientific. Three serpents designate the three Principles: Salt. but a little longer. First phase of the Second Work. Vase similar to a curcurbite. by fusion. Winged serpent: the Volatile. in rising from the base of the vase to the top. in which all the potential for transmutation has not yet been developed and obtained. so that the subtle (or pure) parts are separated from the gross (or impure) parts. the red stone. then. Mercury. Philosophical Mercury. but superposition is not left to chance. Crucified serpent: designates the fixation of the Volatile. Same significance as for the Dragon. White Stone. A tree bearing moons signifies the Little Work. Vaughan © May 2005 Sepulcher Serpent Siccity Silver of the Wise Skeleton Sphere Square Stratification Philosophical Egg.

l c lg o o s o ’ e c 17 .Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A.t P i spi l w ln ”t i a a i Fv ok”e …. i s ai e es When it was worth the effort. In particular.n y h e i see en vr . Ncl V l s“i B os. Vaughan © May 2005 * * * Here we have summarized some of the terms scattered through a certain number of works treating of Alchemy. in his book “ Theories and Symbols”adb t trd e ekr Ja Maé ci h bo “ h Me lc ro t A c n ” . we had recourse t F l nl’ tow rs “ h Myt yo t C t da ”ad o u aei w ok: T e s r fh a er s n c ls e e h l “h ooh aD ei s. a ut . we have followed the significations given by the late lamented Albert Poisson.n i ok T e tl A t fh ni t .

opposition. is manifested by a vibration of retentive. divides homogeneity and units heterogeneity. active desire of persuasion. origin of masculinity. supple. action. Its action is thus astringent. Vaughan © May 2005 I GENERAL OBSERVATIONS ON ALCHEMY Hermetic terminology uses words and expressions which do not have direct correspondence with their equivalents in the profane language. retention. fixing. passive desire of domination. penetrating atoms. stimulating. A) The Four Elementary Qualities – Cold. origin of femininity. skepticism. and thus. – Hot: reaction. crystallizing. ennerving. emollient. enthusiasm. unstable. B) The Four Elements –Earth: the reactive action of Salt on Cold divides it. mutable. is manifested by a complete or partial absence of vibration. and of its evolution towards the ultimate state: Gold. these four Qualities give: – Cold: impassibility. relaxing which. which contradicts and retains the given impulse. 18 . slowing. Its activity is retractive. – Wet: passivity. supple. dispersing. – Dry: expansion. symbol of perfection at the heart of the metallic life. softening. whose effect is to coagulate or crystallize Matter. which provokes the evolution of atoms. egotism. –Wet. passive desire of submission. Its action is vitalizing. the principle of concentration and reception. –Hot. by destroying the principle of expansion which can be found in Hot (preservation). and thereby provokes the involution of Matter. dynamic.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. passive desire of submission. is translated by a vibration of expansive nature. in opposing its total fixation. It is indispensable to define what one understands by essential words which are the names of the constitutive elements of Primary Matter. the origin of fixation. assimilation. –Dry. Its activity is temperate. erethic and irritating nature. is translated as a vibration of nature which is attractive. rarifying. dilating. or its disaggregation. transforms it into the element Earth. origin of reaction. In Man. variation.

and Fire and Earth generate the Salt Principle. Vaughan © May 2005 of the Qu e en e e ce ce lac lac ala ala Pa Pa gP gP ong ong on on St r St r Str Str Str on gP a la ce D + D + white black AZΩ AZΩTH ALKAHEST red 4 6 7 5 COLD WET HOT Fig. Boucher. g g ng ng Kin Kin Ki Ki the the the the of of of of COLD DRY 19 .Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. The copulation of the two then gives the Chrysoprase. 1 You see by means of this diagram (which has been confirmed to be perfectly exact by J. Hot and Dry generate Fire. and Dry and Cold generate Earth. who received an identical one from his master Fulcanelli). and the Sulfur Principle and the Salt Principle generate Philosophical Gold. that Cold and West generate Water. Earth and Air generate the Mercury Principle. At the second stage of The Work. or Gold of the Wise. the Mercury Principle and the Sulfur Principle generate Philosophical Silver. Wet and Hot generate Air. or Silver of the Wise. Air and Fire generate the Sulfur Principle. In their turn.

Mercury Principle: Wet. ardor. nonchalance. these four Elements give: – Earth: Disquiet. the principle of molecular attraction. In Man. ambition. presumption. coagulating nature. ingenious. called Mercury. courtesy. versatility. In Man. It is the principle of the unification of Male and Female. aversion. –Air: Affability. fervor. –Air: The expansive. promptness. passion. D) The Two Metals of the Wise Silver of the Wise: Also called Mercury of the Wise as opposed to Philosophical Mercury which precedes it in the previous stage. From it are born form and weight. contained in Air and Water. contained in Fire and Earth. generosity. incertitude. mutable and generating nature. and from it is born smell. and the fundamental color blue. and the fundamental color red. subtlety. the closest Substance to beings and things. prudence. it corresponds to Body. reserve. –Fire: The reactive. the principle of circulation. reflective. indolence. transforming it into Air. vanity. suspicion. harmony. erethic and irritant action of Dry on Hot. In Man it corresponds to Spirit. inconsistency. enthusiasm. It results from the absorption of a certain quantity of the 20 . dilating and rarefying action of Hot on Wet. These are the three constitutive principles which are. pride. It is the Female principle of all seed. coagulating. dulls. In Man it corresponds to Soul. Salt Principle: Dry. engenders a principle of vaporous. also Philosophical Silver. repressed tenderness or egotism. C) The Three Philosophical Principles Sulfur Principle: Hot. and from it is born taste. obligingness. cleverness. Vaughan © May 2005 – Water: The refrigerant. transforming it into Fire. authority. ingeniousness. and transforms it into Water. It is the Male principle of all seed. cohesive. prodigality. and the fundamental color yellow. irascibility. studious. engenders a principle of hot. which is common quicksilver). initiative. lassitude. retentive. reserved spirit or pretentiousness. atonic and fixative action of Cold on Wet thickens. subtle. engenders a principle of dry. submission. called Sulfur. fear. fertile and fermentative nature. the principle of violent and active dynamism. – Water: Passivity. –Fire: Violence. or Mercury of the Mad.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. timidity. taciturnity. courage. impetuosity. as well as the result of their union. assimilation. solitary. in the vocabulary of traditional Alchemy. called Salt. contained in Fire and Air. unconsciousness. laziness.

In a word. In a word. which is common sulfur).Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. it does not have to have been recast or alloyed with itself. or. which precedes it in the previous stage. 21 . of the mixture and co-destruction of Gold of the Wise and Silver of the Wise. it does not have to have been recast or alloyed with itself. It is not necessary for this Gold to have previously been subjected to exaltation (sublimation or volatilization) or transfusion. even more easily. It results from the absorption of a certain quantity of the Salt Principle by a determined quantity of the Sulfur Principle. Gold of the Wise: Also called Sulfur of the Wise (as opposed to Philosophical Sulfur. or Sulfur of the Mad. It is not necessary for this Silver to have previously been subjected to exaltation (sublimation or volatilization) or transfusion. It must be virgin. E) The Chrysoprase or Stone of the Philosophers Chrysoprase: This is obtained by the slow cooking in the Philosophical Egg (matras). Vaughan © May 2005 Sulfur Principle by a determined quantity of the Mercury Principle. placed in a sand bath. by the absorption of a proportional quantity of common Gold by a determined quantity of the Sulfur Principle. within the Athanor (furnace). by the absorption of a proportional quantity of common Silver by a determined quantity of the Sulfur Principle. It must be virgin. even more easily. also Philosophical Gold. These two Operations result from a series of successive cookings (multiplication). or.

that postulate from the earliest days of the Hermeticists of former times. affirming that spiritual Creatures had been emanated by a Unique Source: God-Abyss. The consequence of this doctrine: all that are thus of divine origin and that find themselves here below. in discovering materials and products hitherto completely unknown. l o e r h n or y s l o e e n n contains within himself the part of the Exterior World that the Demon also contains within h sl btn d f etom i e . in the spiritual plane. is now being proved a fortiori by modern nuclear physics! Chemistry as well. prisoners of a gross World. 12 Out of nothing – PV. Tertiary Causes to the Secondary Causes. and this work of regeneration is called Reintegration. may yet claim their former estate again.h hv a en ih i t i o e e l re e sm Mo e ae tr h …” (aiV l t u: T e r m hl hr tf n m n” B s a n ns“ h Ti paC ai oA t oy) l ei u o i And. etc. from his Benedictine Abbey. Basil Valentinus. f t ss m s i . by means of successive emissions of Secondary Causes to the Primary Causes. 22 .. and absolutely not created ex nihilo12.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A.tn nm m i a a that is to say that one is in all. traditional Gnosis had already proposed11 this concept in its affirmation of the doctrine of Emanation. o ne . degenerate and lessened in their spiritual potential. d ae lr it ‘rpsd c r e i pn a te – PV. and which has been mocked so much over time. 11 I t oi nl transposait” h h en ‘asoe’ Ielh ia i r t n hv ae d to pooe’ nh r i . from the ONE-ORIGINAL. is showing us that the ancient adage is right when it states: “ m i a uoei uu o n …” O n b n. Jacob Boehme also affirms: “ h S u o Ma.uia ie n fr …” m f fr Jcb oh e“ fh Eet n f rc” ao B em : O t l i oG ae) e co Long before these philosophers. the transmutation of imperfect metals into pure gold. Who is God. was already proposing in principle this magisterial unity: “ lt ns o ermt oe ed t y ae lbe b t d nh beginning by the Alh g cm f h n se. e ga“ w i m ast npsd. Alchemy consequently divides itself into three probatory stages: a) The Work. and all is in one. e os H l A gl a cm f m t oeS uc… A dMa T e ol f n D m n. Vaughan © May 2005 II SPIRITUAL ALCHEMY Unity of Matter.

thirdly. to defile the most heteroclite products of the three kingdoms. The Alchemists preserved and demonstrated the sound basis of Hermeticism and Alchemy. 13 ‘ofer . There is no doubt that they were all good Chrisitans! But surely this is because they understood that Knowledge and Wisdom must work in tandem: that Knowledge without Wisdom is worse than Ignorance alone. is proven without contest if one reads the ancient authors. idea is more like ‘uf s . But they invented Chemistry. * * * The existence of a Spiritual Alchemy. on the contrary. that of our heart and will. happy. literally ‘ Su l s fu ’ reciters’but a ‘ uf ra o en ‘ bet ’ rt pf. Their field of experimentation is the metallic world. Many pious men. working without the least hesitation on the strangest substances. it is convenient to distinguish between Alchemists and ’u es n pfr . have been regenerated in spirit and will. c) Universal Reintegration. with regard to this final aspect of the Great work: “ hr in r l ie ne e enEternal Birth. empiricism being their chief guide14. the rebirth of our reason. Jacob Boehme effectively tells us this. Everything having issued forth from Unity. and also on the most repugnant natural residues. ss fe l m ast r h o ‘ uf the o l’ s o ae o ’ hf r e ad uf s which I used instead – n pf r . 14 ‘ Empiriques au premier chef’ PV. the ultimate goal of true Alchemy. that is to say the regeneration of the entire Cosmos. are people unaware of esoteric knowledge and learning. secondly. philosophers in possession of an ancient doctrine (Gnosis) have specific theories which do not allow them to stray from certain limits in their research. who seek God. h ‘ T ehuffers and puffers’ ignored them. element of the individual Reintegration of the Adept. The latter. and the discovery of T e s o e d f ec bt e e a fr w the P i spe’ S n. all must return to it in the h oohr t e l s o sm m ne a e anr …” ( cb oh e“ e i a r R rm ) J o B em : D S nt a eu ” a g u Concerning the mysterious Elixir of Life13. and assuring considerable longevity. capable of healing almost any ailment or infirmity.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. – 23 . Reintegration. our physical rebirth. even immortality. One should probably only take this affirmation to be in the spiritual sense. Vaughan © May 2005 b) The Elixir of Life. in their pride. a type of universal medicine. e’ PV. of all spiritual Creatures. bte hv ko n opr leih u f ae nw croe r r …” w a bt (Eckhartshausen: “ h Cod pn h Snt r” T e l U o T e ac ay) u u Still. we can find an echo in these words of Eckhartshausen: “h r T e e-birth is threefold: firstly. hfrad u es f f ’ The former.

ad ae ii a os’hv t s od – co y i 24 . Let us now analyze the two aspects of The Work. to help and relieve those who are in m s r n…” iot e f u (aiV l t u: T e R b ’ ot T e e es) B s a n ns“ h ‘éi16 fh w l K y” l ei s e v Indeed. classification and `succession. and it is in this sense. must. to Perfection.f o ws t c a or t e b wt u s . be led to a incomprehensible life. according to the mystics. successively associated with this transmutation. e e a o rS l rMe uy n Sl l a u u. i ota w r “ nd va n s r . and of carnal Man. the contemplation of Divinity in His Splendor. n pr vr i Vr e Ma I r fiyu i o r t u So .n U i i Ti t fr hr S it oln B d a . y n e h ee n h n s e t your spirit be illuminated by Light and Truth.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. visible and spiritual. Vaughan © May 2005 T u B ra L Téi ni h m sr e ok The Abandoned Word15”tlu t s: hs e r e r s . in the Microcosm. and that. that Life is O h e ae . the perfecting of Moral Man. must b pee e…: er r d sv (Basil V l t u: T e w l K y o P i spy V Key) a n ns“ h T e e es f h ooh” th ei v l “ bi . in the Divine World. my passionate friend of the Chemical Art. and. when you find it in yourself. that one should listen to these words: “ The Work is with you and within you. and with metallic Pyrites. where it For continually resides. e r t r has a triple aim in the Material World: the Transmutation of A a e l t G e Wok s th a Metals. you will also have it with you always. After acquiring the Divine gift you desire. be it on land or sa e…Hermes Trismegistus: ‘ Seven Chapters’ The …” (l rP i o: T er s n Sm o o t Ace is) Ab t o sn “ hoi ad y bl fh l ms ” e s e s e h t Let us also quote Basil Valentinus: “ nt s m tr ko . the essential elements.hr T u iTi t n n yad n y n r i . r r ad a…” s e f c t And Albert Poisson concludes that: “ s r u . take a resolution to offer your hand to the bemired poor. so that. Man is thus the philosophical athanor in which the preparation of the Virtues is accomplished. to turn them into Gold. e i oti ad e ee n iu. all that the vulgar and ignorant person thinks to be dead. in that. these elements are identical in number. and this is a curious fact. in consequence.o w e p i S u ad oy r t e ny t t ny e r. nw O e ts uniquely a true Spirit. l sh es i “ hss r i i U i . in return. * * * e15 “ a a lD ls e – L Pr e é i é” PV. wherever you are. o as 16 Even a thouhsn pg d t nr dent aeh w r! PV. According to the second aim.

being: Water + Air Mercury Principle Air + Fire Sulfur Principle Fire + Earth Salt Principle There. as by the copulation of the Sulfur Principle and the Salt Principle. which they called that of the realization of Azoth.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. 25 . the Adept obtains Philosophical Silver. they obtain Philosophical Gold. the Philosophical Stone (Fig. and the Way of Salt is te Palace of the King. through the copulation of Mercury of the Wise and Sulfur of the Wise. because it leads to the White Bride (Mercury). Vaughan © May 2005 These are the four natural Elements of the Ancients: Water (Hydrogen) Air (Nitrogen17) Fire (Oxygen) Earth (Carbon) corresponding to the four Qualities: Humid and the four Temperaments: Sanguine Bilious Nervous Lymphatic Hot Dry Cold At the higher period of these four modes of manifestation of Life in Matter. by the copulation of the Mercury Principle and the Sulfur Principle. that is to say. as it leads to the Red Bridegroom (Sulfur). drew the three terms of this second plane. through copulation. The Adept obtains the Chrysoprase. 1). 17 T e r c frNt gn i‘zt – word of import (Azoth) to most students of the esoteric! – h Fe h o ‘ ioe’sao ’ a n r e PV. * * * This material and experimental way is reflected in a spiritual and transcendental way. the Alchemists. or Sulfur of the Wise: Mercury Principle + Sulfur Principle = Philosophical Silver (Mercury of the Wise) Sulfur Principle + Salt Principle = Philosophical Godl (Sulfur of the Wise) Finally. In effect. The Work passes from White to Red. the three essential principles coming out of the Word. The Way of Mercury is also called the Palace of the Queen. The Work may hope to pass from Black to White. or Mercury of the Wise.

and I will give you a heart full of Wisdom and Understanding…” (Kings. correspond to the three Theological Virtues. called: Fire Air Water Earth – Strength to – Justice to – Temperance to – Prudence to The three Principles coming from these four Elements. 26 . being: Sulphur of the Wise to Wisdom Mercury of the Wise to Understanding These two Sublime Virtues. 10) 18 T iia e l s t nli o t Bb !A A bln s ai a o tt ae m r sneo s ‘i h s vr o er s t n fh i e s m e iim k g pi im ks oe es t ue h ’ s y o a ao e l a n n s translation rather than the usual one – PV. and I Kings 10-12. and because you have asked for Understanding and Wisdom to act with justice. with complete preeminence: “ n G d a tS l o: i e o hv ntse Meo l gi .Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A.” (Proverbs: IX. V. 11-12 Catholic Bible. 2) “ fear of the LORD is the beginning of Wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is The Understanding. and reduced to the rank of gifts of the Holy Spirit (which would be infinitely better named otherwise). I will act according to your word. to perceive the words of Understanding…” To (Proverbs: I. born from the copulation of the three Principles (Sulfur. 6). being: Sulfur Principle – Faith to Mercury Principle– Hope to Salt Principle – Charity to The two Philosophical Metals (Silver of the Wise and Gold of the Wise). Vaughan © May 2005 To the four Elements listed above necessarily correspond the four Cardinal Virtues of ancient scholarship. if they are passed over in silence in classical theology. are signified in the Holy Scriptures.i e. Mercury and Salt) correspond to the two Sublime Virtues. “ know Wisdom and instruction. Protestant Bible18) We also quote: “o t s your Wisdom and your Understanding it s h o t nt n…” F rh is i n h i t fh aos eg e i (Deuteronomy: IV.o t A d o si o o m n Sn yu ae o akd fro ler hsnrh d o c n f c e death of your enemies.

As is born at the appointed time. So. It thus presupposes that this does not operate but through elimination. this athanor (or philosophical furnace). cooking alone can change it into the philosophical stone: “only command you to cook. and knowledge to them that know Understanding…” H (Daniel: II. with the Matter prepared once. Understanding is ultimate knowledge. whose Heart is the Sublimator (or Philosophical Egg) –Total Illumination. they cannot succeed. nor on the degree of heat necessary for success in their works. from the union of Sulfur and Mercury of the Wise. intuition. cook at the beginning. for t y rb ne b t ii oac…” h a l dd yh rg r e e e i e n n (am n L l: V d Meu o Sot ra s o t C e i l r ) R y od u y“ ae cm r hrTete n h hmc At l i e a ” In fact. As such. 10) “ e giveth Wisdom unto the wise. cook at the end. Knowledge of their thermal conductivity and the degree was regarded by them as one of the most important keys of the Great Work. Let us hear Raymond Lully: “ n Ace is r i e o. in the Phi spe’ E g(which the Alchemists still called the Sublimator).Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. intelligent and comprehensive submission to a Being which it perceives as the dominating power. the decisive factor in Reintegration (Fig. 21) We know that. so reticent about all things concerning the Great Work. it is discrimination between Good and Evil. As such. * * * The Alchemists. cook in the middle. Vaughan © May 2005 “ that thou incline thine ear unto Wisdom. Understanding is also the absolute Knowledge (Gnosis) of Divine Things. which is May l m s a n r rfrh d h t e r e the key to the Work. Binah (Understanding) is the attribute of that which corresponds to vision. were careful not to be open about their fire. and Wisdom is the use to which it is put. and apply thine heart to Understanding…” So (Proverbs: IX. And this ultimate term for the Inner Work bears the name of Divine Light. which clearly expresses the idea of choosing the best from among all the gifts accessible to Understanding (Binah). and the learning of this.h l ohr g o s t Rd t ” t e n e Chrysoprase. is thus born in the Soul of Man. For partner it has Chokmah (Wisdom). in the superior ternary of the Sephirotic system of the Hebrew Kabbalah. I ad o od ay t rh g n d nt o n o et n…” h i 27 . 4). It is spontaneous.h “ e Soe.o t y o not know the disposition of the fire. penetration and information. for they dissolve and coagulate at the same time.

and also that they had the same effect as fire upon the corpus. in fact to the contrary: Europeans who partake of the practice (often for reasons of snobbism). and which gives an almost uniform warmth. pr r t H r ec r…” l i odt e om h e t Wok a g o f e m i (Marc-A t i “ i th i ie ot f e hdw ” n n : Lg si n t l u ot Sao s) oo h n g sf h The hermetic Philosophers therefore used oil lamps. Karma-Yoga. Albert Poisson tells us. Mark-Antonio rails against ignorant “ huffers and puffers” who . It is often used to melt chocolate and other o le l ui ! – fi ’ u r s PV. are generally claimed to help towards the preservation of youth and health in the West. In general. the old Masters tell us. this 2) Supernatural or Artificial Fire –which designates acids.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. generally classified under the term of Hatha Yoga. which provides a constant temperature. If such acquisitions are realized. i ews m nnvr s a et hr a nr O w a ue r h e i e f m s s c i e ee ue r n ca ol o e e on a n e d c .r y and work. Also. depending on whether The Work is more or less advanced. For non-chefs. Alchemists used neither charcoal nor wood to warm the Philosophical Egg. But experience has not proved this. This comes from when Alchemists remarked that acids produced an elevation of temperature in their diverse reactions. which is easy to maintain. and of which only a few have spoken openly. or on special modes and rhythms of respiration. Fire is represented by Prayer… “ et labor…”pa Or . in which a second container with the ingredient which needs gentle heat is place. this is a metal container filled with water. do not finally come to Illumination. This is the fire which they have veiled. with an asbestos wick. Our Fire has absolutely nothing to do with those psycho-physical practices. 3) Natural or Ordinary Fire – obtained by combustion. Vaughan © May 2005 19 (nnm u: T e uf of the Philosophr ) A oy os“ h T r es ” The Alchemists distinguished between many types of fire: 1) Humid Fire – is the bain-marie20. Raja-Yoga. indeed even simply to mysticism. fs x e 28 . it is through other techniques that they must find it: Bhakti-Yoga. They rapidly disorganized and destroyed their basic aspect. It would have required continual surveillance. These practices. which rely on more or less Baroque practices. Alchemists admit to there being many degrees to their fire. They do this by regulating the number of threads composing the wicks: 19 20 O“ rrabble” both are equally odd! – – PV. use charcoal: “ f ht s a t s v l tl e. f m n w o. and it would have been almost impossible to obtain a constant temperature. nor has any transcendental knowledge been obtained. Dhuani-Yoga. Samadhi-Yoga. In the plane of spiritual Alchemy.

because it must (in material terms). The Matter bathes. until the Fr o s Matter begins to blacken. n ’ 29 . that used at the beginning of The Work. Unfortunately. o v l tsb e sr udd a y Mae aoin i . Let us listen to osi c” o t rah l e br ei u o e e if s r two other old Masters: “ o wlnvrev t vs logto w r . it should suffice for us to remember that the first degree of fire. i . at e cn nos nt i e . It was to ward off sc dne t th C uce (anadE s r) m oe t pi i eo a“ i c r f uh agr h t hr s L t n at n i psd h r c l f Dr t o s a e h i e e np eo C nc ne frhif t u m m e dsos f penetrating such domains. ot uu. deviated and strayed into irrational paths. and you will achieve perfect whiteness …” ( apl s“ poi i aiai) H peu: A hr m bsi ” i s ln Here. as if you had only four threads in your wick. n t s i ot u t uhut i o t o t n e h a n i l i r em e uo R p y“ ra s o the T e e a s) yl : Tete f e i wl G t” v e “ k avpr i fe m s r . their frequency. forbidden before such unexpected psychic events. dutiful . their amplitude. use twenty-four threads. ut. is called Egyptian Fire. i r a ao i n l as d o ea ‘ cm uat– I o brn PV. and Neophytes who were poorly prepared for the shock of intuitive revelations.o ht o cna asoc iwt a Y u i ee l eh es t et a s t yu a l y t h t i l a e e o m a w u h brhn wt u f r f un g A dh wlcn nehogoth t e fh sl i …” a ad i ote o bri . in the realm of spiritual Alchemy.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. Vaughan © May 2005 “it f all make a gentle fire. Finally. and above all their immediate and intended goals. this is not uncommon in the history of Mysticism. equal the maximum summer temperature of this country: “ k yu fen rpro t t hai t m n s fue n Jl Mae ori ipoot n o h etnh ot o Jn ad u …” r i e e h y (nnm u: Da g f r ad rs) A oy os“ i o oMai n Ao” l e Now. To the quaternary at the beginning is added a denary. and from fourteen to twenty-four. zg r ed i on l o r 22 closed in. Then augment it to fourteen threads.lr g ae n…” ti (enr d Tei n “ h B o o N t a P i spy f t s) B rad e rv a: T e ok f a rl h ooh o Me l s u l a” 21 22 But not in nlh T e i ct nli o t s r c cl qii w u b “ br t s gs – E g s! h d etr s t n fh Fe h o ou lm ol e t un h t e” PV. Wanting to pass through without stopping (a phrase full of esoteric meaning21!) would be most dangerous. The fire goes from four to fourteen. so: tetrad + decade + decade If these words do not evoke Alexandrine Gnosis and its Aeons for us. ur ne. the manuscript is most certainly Egyptian! This progressive evolution of fire in The Work is thus repeated in spiritual Alchemy through a progressive evolution of Prayer and all its Asceticism. then another denary. and becomes grey. we have a precious clue to its esotericism. while the author is anonymous.

because they essentially have God as their object. . in a way. a little like the Eternal Ideas of Plato. essential element). Vaughan © May 2005 “ n pro fire possesses more potential energy than one hundred parts of air. Nobody may be e gs e e . h a t y. for these Virgins cno sf rh l ss i antuf t e ttn e e a a …” ( em s“ h Sehr” X 3 H r a: T e hped . But the least stain they encounter. cod g o h a re xr i f o e r n l boil a n e v t so e a. immediate inheritors and successors of the Apostles in the oral tradition of Christianity: “ n t s Vri .hy so s l n ns r gsn or hb ao” t n e i i ti e will live there. and. . Principles to be firstly laid out. We are now going to study the Elements of our Work. one of the four n a w r h i The c a i . All correspond to Spiritual Entities linked to the Divine Plane. Two called Sublime.ti t o tb e Apostolic Fathers. which are called the Essential Virtues.PV.) 23 “ Brûler du karma”a t ne hae i n ov u m ai . If you receive only the Name of the Son of God without previously having received form the hands of these Virgins their vesture.i i i ps b fr yu t pee e Hs Wi ot h e f h e i n t s m os l o o o r r h e p e gs ie sv i Commandments. sag pr wt o bi s en gIia hm t ao e osue n ‘ ee r s h o n a h l ’ phrase confuses the real beauty of this paragraph which identifies prayer as the spiritual version of the fire of physical Alchemy. door. it will serve you nothing! For these Virgins are the Virtues of the Son of God.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A.– A dh e i n w o r h ?. Three called Theological. t nst Hm w ocn acri t t f oi epes no sm O i ts “ with h k o i h a. ( em s“ h Sehr” I. admitted into the Realm of God without having previously been clothed by them in their own Vestment. because they are the most elevated result of the practice of the first seven. one part of fire can easily master one thousand parts of earth…” (hm s qi s“ ra s o t P i spi l t e) T o a A u a: Tete n h h ooh a S n” n i e l c o From this we see that the way one can emulate the conduct of our Fire is by Prayer. A l ga c al es e n i yu “ait n. ue cv ad e vg ti e e e v e . nine in number: Four called Cardinal (from the Latin cardo: hinge. it in vain t to baHs a e” h yu er iN m . and are. 23 Karma ” . they will immediately depart.ts sa ehtnt r bcr ad c vr .o t a h sl s hs . their sublimation. i rejoice in the great favor of the Lord. I see that the t e l sr i yu “ait n”ol c a iw l T e wl ya p auen or hb aos. 30 .X 1) “ t u t hl o t s Vri . a .3 H r a: T e hped . in Oea f t consequence. then those born from these. I f t e edt sn“ Shepherd”ar u dt Hermas of Cumae. They are Spirits of Sanctification.n l n t e! hy i k e ti y e l l hv p auen i n i a rpr hb ao”frhy r t m e e cat pr at e n ae l sr i l i n poe “ait n. If you bear His Name without possessing His Virtue.

N. and it was clear that Judaism.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. the Breastplate of Understanding.a d oh e e L r. and all as efficient and valuable as those typically Christian ones which we use here.B. sw svnm ndesdi w i w osi t m : A d t e e f r eet asI a ee e r e n h e h a o e ‘ h. t y s t d Rise up! Put on the Priestly Robe. the Crown of Justice. Vaughan © May 2005 The well-informed reader would know how to discern the beautiful esotericism hidden beneath the banal text of these pasWise. 31 . the Miter of Marvels. as it is now. an extract from a Gnostic apocrypha of the second century: “ n a B t la e svn dy.o a t t c l ny (T e et et fh P tacs. – Rosicrucian tradition has only been clothed little by little in an exclusively Christian garment. the Ephod of Prophecy…” n Ad each o t m w a n a O nm n p cdiuo m adsi “ ecfr .o ad oraefrlEei …” odyu n yu r . it was very Judaic. in these pages. The author of these pages felt he should mention this. er g n ra et l e t pn e n a : H ne t b Pi t fh e i . We shall end them with a quotation. Hindusim also furnished texts and their own practices to their specific mysteries. Buddhism. Initially. e r so t fh . ei ) “ h Ts m n o t a i h” Lv 8 a e rr . the Vestment of Truth. the Diadem of Faith. Islam.

ISBN 0-914732-14-5. edited by him. This enigmatic collection evokes Memphis. uniquely and completely n i ot eu fl ok “ h Myt y fh a er s24 s i e e h l dedicated to the Art of material Alchemy. sr e d c o with wings spread.95.com in May 2005 showed it to be still available – PV. at the beginning of the Work. h e oee o t itet c. 1990. These 24 An excellent English translation exists.not sure what these are – Sp crs as ne ” i s PV.n s a r n f ha s d e iu : n u .Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. udrh tlo “u aeiMat Ace i”t nle b Ma ne t ie fF l nl: s r l m s . h svn as nt oi 27 i e e the seven deadly sins28.erm c f i ” m i a n.rmt L t ‘ ptor . p. 24) And so. If we were to doubt it. the Hermetic crow is there to remind us. and published by the Brotherhood of Light. 27 “etop ps onl . bs e r ota a ao adt “ ei a e r n t nr n h Mutus Liber” pndt i fssn ne a a oi c w d t . a search on www. rh cdvr n t spl e ae n. it re a s l e B tft i . sr n r . 744 “ . I h m sbatu bo. Boucher. 25 Witnessed by J. Pub. Now Memphis signifies blackness. in which a proud Sphinx appears in profile in the dying night. stands upon a human skull. and with them y ble b t c i e . Nevada. capital of ancient Egypt. Vaughan © May 2005 III PUTREFACTION “ Here is a tomb which does not contain a cadaver it is a cadaver which has never been interred in a spl e. sm o zd y h “aput corvi” T e ee ps oa bd s must disappear. 26 The usual paraphrasing by Ambelain. ha’a epe i w i sek t u m r l s . ” Nicolas Barnaud: Theatrum Chimicum” Tome III. Fulcanelli tells us the following in the preface. 28 H r A bln ae a o t h h os’w r iE g s. and which he then assigned to M. Las Vegas. founded in olden times by Menes. It is probable that one can find this etymology in the term mephitic. the necessary Putrefaction must appear.T e s r o t C t da ” . n r c t svn ed s s r cld h “ e m e i m ks pi w i dent okn nlh I Fe h h ee dal i a ae t sept e a n c i n e y n e l e péchés capitaux” rS o ‘even Capital Sins’ H pi s ut th if m‘ p ax. In the first drawing of the countryside of Lower Egypt. and with them the seven fundamental errors which stain the Soul. The skull a o ae u ba i m n t w rs f c p r “ t t Ia t yuul s ga o w et l m ks s ern i h od o Sr t e I r h syo o. manifested to the Artisan from the earliest pro t w r…” a fh ok t e This color is expressed in the first plate of the book.amazon. e i 26 dies. Here we are in the hermetic stage of putrefaction. eu hrf t aae adh eu hr r oe. This Key consists solely of a Color. but the import of the Gospel quotation is not changed by the omission of words – PV. by one of the figures decorating the Te present work. e o toth t ssr c iu’f h an c u n a i o at o e i a ’ ‘ed. which describes a malodorous gas. i od – so c vo yn s 32 . E Canceliet25: “ h Key to the Major Arcana is given. u iid sba uh r t n o e s u… (John: Gospel: XII.n xr s n h h paso s a e ul i h w rs PV. in truth. as t y r et c l e h t r ad y Sworder. Paperback price $21. c o e e c .

n g t e t r n e c u H r ec hm sysh a o w ri wtN t eo e ethm e t C e ir it r f ok g i a rtpr ct …” m i t e t n h u f e ( o P re : G ek n E yt n al ” D m ent “ re ad gp a F b s) y i e “ ae a t th cn nt n fh Husband and his Spouse is not performed without T k cr h t oj co o t e a e u i e first removing their clothes and ornaments. if he o . that everything he has acquired in bits and pieces all over the place. which oppose the seven virtues: four Cardinal Virtues and three Theological Virtues. t C s oo t “ ou l e cy i u d l i P i spou ” h om ple N vm u n hmc m ea d h oohrm ) e i: m a pe l For: “ eed go t pryo i pryo t elements composing Sulfur or Mercury.u n n cau t n – s n s uo s ao 33 . so that they enter the Tomb as pure as when they entered the world…” (aiV l t : T ew l ky o Wi o ” B s a n n “ h te e es f s m ) l ei v d And it is only after having made everything clean. This pseudoknowledge and false wisdom have no part to play here. It is completely useless to try and go further if this ineluctable phase is not achieved.ot t Frl ts ees y o t oy o e i o e o t or t h pnd s h sy a e s v e e a N t e i t pr e a rm g oe t u h a …” (Sethon. Vaughan © May 2005 are the heads of the Dragon of the Apocalypse.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. s t os l o ae tn ie w nt o’agree to admit once and for all. nie ue n d sl i . will all do nothing but oppose his mystical journey. Here. that the Aspirant may once more set out a road which is completely new for him: “ o wlko t t o p t mastery consists of nothing more than dissolution29. or t ci s h h o’cnom t t dc i h e h g w i dntofr o h otn e a n c e re wishes to follow and apply. let us hear the voice of the old Masters: “it iincs r frh B d t b d sl dfrh D osot oee. often in poorly digested lectures. He must realize that: “ u ace ir it a o dsoi t cm ons h h a rhsom dad V l rhm sysh r f et y gh o pud w i N t e a fr e. and upon the ruins of an inner and originally degraded edifice. seven in number. then Y u i nw h cm le l a e coagulation…” (l rt G et“ h B o oEgt hp r ) Ab th ra T e ok f i C at s e e : h e” * 29 “u T sauras que tout le Magistère ne cos tq’ ue i o t npie ue ogli …” PV. D pni n h ui r m ui f h n e t t e pr co i pr cm ts i b poue…” e et rm e et e lwl e rdcd f f a l (R gr ao: T e r r f l e y) oe B cn “ h Mi o o Ac m ” r h And: “ is not possible for him to make any have gener i wt u cr p o…” I t ao i otor t n tn h ui ( ui s B r a “ h T uht e) H g u a am : T e ocs n” n o N w ii ’ps b tm k the Aspirant evolve in the sense that we understand it. both from their countenances as from the rest of their bodies. again.

on the contrary. It is evidently the one with nine that spiritual Alchemy uses. smell. Classical Theology adds two internal senses: imagination and memory. which put man in relation with the exterior world. taste. under some vague initiatory pretext. in the hand of a hunter or a jealous person the desire to kill. can awaken in him a desire for power. We normally only consider five physical senses: sight. which are susceptible to have received a magical consecration which might render them spiritually malefic. can be effective. placed in the hand of an adolescent. manuscripts and books on the subject of lower magic. In the realm of Touch. seven or nine senses. More importantly.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. most definitely be left asleep. depending on the plane on which one is studying them. or in contacts susceptible to wound our health or our life (wounds. by holding sacred and holy things. e om d y e i a e c n f incalculable significance. One should avoid all contact with funereal remains (bones. There are thus five. funereal objects (shrouds. cemetery earth. for good or ill. Vaughan © May 2005 * * A) On The Mortification of the Nine Senses The senses are the faculties (which ancient scholarship called the apparatus). however intelligent they might be. For the Aspirant. h h r t ii t m n ( en sont les instruments” – rw i a h rn r et “ c e e su s qui ) PV. one should take care to avoid the worst injury to the Divine Plan. touches susceptible to awakening in us those centers of power which should. etc). e y h sne f c 2nd) Taste 30 31 O . and in the realm of the Inner Way. skulls). without any un g . whose contact is forbidden to the profane. in sacrilegious hands – presumption a which has often caused spiritual loss in some Magistri. s h r d c l s ny e sp ” m r …T e es o Touch corresponds to the Element Air. coffin nails. 1st) Touch The sense of Touch is only dangerous in the profane world inasmuch as it awakens our passions. For the same reason one should refuse to submit. 34 . and that is the one that we are going to study. whose instruments they are30. caresses can similarly constitute appeals to the sensual pleasures of the senses. Sorcier de campagne – PV. and ritual objects from witches31 and fetishists. Classified in this same domain are pentacles of low magic. which are clairvoyance and clairaudience. psychic senses. to Lust. to being touched in certain inappropriate places. and as such. The feel of a firearm. it is quite different. Classical Illuminism adds two more higher. cni l uet i“i i e a atest subject. Nothing is more dangerous t nt s pyh “w kn g” pr r e b sm -profanes who do not understand their h h e sci a aei s. or who. In the spiritual world. touch and hearing. and the senses are linked to the organs of his physical body. operations). cadavers (their transportation and burial as an act of charity is clearly quite another matter). contact with some objects charged with mysterious power.

It is nevertheless to be watched. tamed and curtailed. generally speaking. e e e ce ce ce lac lac lac ala ala ala Pa Pa Pa gP gP gP ong ong ong on on on Str Str Str Str Str Str g g g ng ng ng Kin Kin Kin Ki Ki Ki t he t he t he the the the of of of of of of 35 . of t he Qu e en Str on g Pa la c e D + D + Fig. we attach too great importance. 2 4 6 7 5 The purification of the sensual mode follows the same process as that in Figure 1. not one of the preeminent vices of an Aspirant.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. to bookish riches. indeed passion. transposed. Above all the sense of Taste needs to be disciplined when. Vaughan © May 2005 Material Gluttony is.

e t iy smell. if there are odiferous emissions able to make us take conscious notice o h hr w r s ad f i e “ ol ” n Entities. or to glimmers of brilliance. The odiferous emissions which rise from earthenware pots33 and censers are the summoning waves. letting him sups t th eo t no oe m sc m adspiritual poe h t vl i f n’ yti n a e uo s is growth depends upon banal olfactory impressions. Water. These fumigations should evidently be avoided. which admits no indulgence or weakness of Error. The sense of Taste corresponds to elementary Water. sui generis. 4th) Sight 32 “’m u et n o prrp a ad dpinm r d l t s – LA or su m t a t gl ué eu o be eu r ” lustre could refer to ‘ o v s se lustra’periods of five . is the domain of Feeling. 33 Casseroles – PV. but rather the care of Justice and Truth. an inner atmosphere which allow us to perceive the spiritual contact or activity of Beings different to us. familiar to Occultists. years. incite sexuality. giving him the impression that that we possess the secret of specific mysterious fumigations. or only used in those cases prescribed by our Master. and the influence that we allow them to have over us. Love is a word excessively muddled throughout the ages32.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. They are even less intended to impress the profane. there are those which are capable of making us descend into the g d opposite depths: odors which. and this is the Agapé of the Greeks. Smell corresponds to elementary Air. It is the same in the realm of aromatic combustions. where softness of empty words. and to the number and quality of our books. Vaughan © May 2005 to luxurious and beautiful bindings as in manuscripts or rare texts. True Love is constructive. the flight of shallow sentences. at a precise moment. are often only pretexts to satisfy our sensuality or incite us to lust. We should therefore avoid succumbing to an emotionality which is also shallow. On the other hand. happily tamed. intended fr w r s t tr ot oi l d f eto usT e a ntn ne t stf ores o o “ ol ”h a n l c l ie n t or hy r o i edd o as u sne f d a e o g ay f r . 36 . It is Taste which. and unpublished theories nicely enunciated. magical perfumes putting us in contact with the demoniac planes. I assumed the former meaning – PV. nor our inferior desire to create a mystical atmosphere. Quite the contrary. with its mysterious Intelligences which the Kabbalah calls Undines. they should serve to create within us. only serve to mask the most complete emptiness: all things which would risk bemiring us in pseudo-teachings without a single real initiatory character. 3rd) Smell The immoderate use of perfumes in the profane world. lets us avoid giving in to such temptation. a word which usually masks complete emptiness.

which incite Pride or Envy. The important thing is never to fall into excess in this domain. or Sloth (if these things incite us to a peevish quietism). Offense. in which atmosphere the Soul neither knows how to find itself nor to understand itself: discordant and inharmonious dance music. Lust or Envy in another. We will not study these. 5th) Hearing This mortification (another term which perfectly evokes practical Alchemy) is linked to that of Speech. which can excite Curiosity. Hearing is analogous to the Salt35 Principle. e i oi a hscatch fights34. upon the extraordinary aspect of certain spiritual or psychic experiences. capital executions. which dissolves any psychic atmosphere (military marches. This is in order to not awaken in the Soul of the Aspirant a desire for power. For the Occultist. enigmatic texts. pictures. e cm a …d ct – s c Ambelain uses the archaic term of ’ e i t d fslfor salt – s l n e o‘ ’ c ’ sa e PV. There are journals and books which are true psychic poison. or overly martial music. either internally or externally by contrast). Finally. Purity or Humility. Therefore we should avoid expounding too much in reciting certain facts which could trigger Anger. a single echo capable of arousing one or several of the seven Deadly Sins. imprudent teachings (an aspect of Gluttony. e … A a ee w i il s r e w f dbx gm t e. 34 35 L s o bt e a h PV. mystical). complete the quintet of external senses. Jealousy. Especially in the context of Charity. if one then strongly desires to acquire these things or books). modern hunting. this prudence consists of not expounding at length on certain procedures (magical. Two senses. Among Occultists. collections. vain curiosity. we should say or hear nothing which might awaken in another. and incites us neither to say nor to hear anything with might be contrary to Charity. Envy. One might add the sight of some more or less flattering and pompous costumes or ornaments. bull running.o a pol set l w i a uhah bcuehy sa e t g e s v u t e r fr l ep . or upon the rarity or interest of certain texts or books.pc c s h h r nel y eas t e e l e ae c e t e appeal to the grossest instincts of the human being: cock fights. all of which are the massacre of animals without justification. one proscribes noise in general. linked to animal sexuality. which are hardly v c s v n n c more elevated spectacles for man. dog fights. 37 . Vaughan © May 2005 It is not that spectacles capable of awakening sexual desire should be avoided at first sight. or Anger (if we prevent this with violence. theurgic. the equivalent is a vision of particular books. libraries. Avarice: mysterious diagrams. t c t l l h h se ga . where Envy. as in ourselves. as we have previously mentioned. hunting fanfares. etc). St. Clement of Alexandria t du wt j t esn t t“ sol nvr eahm do ogn w i G dw snt o s i u r os h : We hu ee b sa e f ras h h o a o l h s a a d c ahm d o i u…”B thr a . Pride and Avarice make their home. from the reactions to which they give birth or violently excite within us: notably the political press. or desire for possessions.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A.

modest and material actions that they are. 38 . but rather to discipline and subordinate their activity to the empire of reason and will. oesol fs o a caef m oe cnc uns a dne u images and memories as n hu it f l hs r n’ osi ses l agr s d r l o s o l o soon as they manifest themselves. In any case. which provide Understanding with the materials it needs for its work and practice. Imagination and Memory. Imagination to the Mercury Principle. It is also and above all that of the traditional initiatory writings. lead it lose precious time and give rise to a thousand temptations and relapses. or habitual activities. more alive and in the same way more attractive. they will populate the Soul with a throng of remembrances. as we have said: Wisdom and Understanding. Finally. Vaughan © May 2005 6th) and 7th) Imagination and Memory Imagination and Memory are two precious faculties. study. which are. however banal it may be: whether it be work. Imagination and Memory have a grounding which is familiar to the Aspirant. one should arm oneself against this danger by immediately and unceasingly rejecting all valueless thoughts. would ipso facto be a source of failure and ruin. Therefore. one should not strive to atrophy these faculties.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. T ebs m t do sced gi t s ot f ft t n i asr l t ap oee h et e o f ucei n h sro “ lao” s s e y o pl nsl h n i ir i ud y f totally to the work of the moment. carrying us to the heart of present. preparing our imagination for other thoughts which are infinitely more dangerous. which makes us pass from unimportant reveries to the perilous games of a partially invaded imagination. But. without which many aspects of higher Knowledge would remain veiled to him. y ocn an l n’ n lg c n cv y n h a t l r i l s tl e it t e s hand. In order to better suppress the flights of these two inner senses. as there is often a sort of psychological determinism. recalling those possibilities (future) and realities (past) which. delivered from themselves. images which will dissipate and squander its energies. If not. through the intervention of esotericism. It is absolutely necessary to discipline them and put them at the service of the two Sublime Virtues. this is the best way to d w a oem s d w l b cnet t ga oe i ei neadat i i ot t ka o ht n ut o e. Imagination may have access to the Truths of Understanding. They already make us lose precious time. both profane and occult. respectively. and that is the realm of human sciences. and they open the way. and Wisdom the possibility of portraying Truth through images and examples which makes it more striking. and Memory to the Sulfur Principle. and Memory prepare the Certainties of Wisdom… These two inner senses correspond. in which. past or future temptations.

and according to an ultimate need. who then expresses in his own language. tool. Traditional Scripture show us three aspects of prophecy and three different types of interpreters. he who sees with the eyes of the spirit what other oe h men do not see. despite himself. What characterizes these two heralds of the Divine Plane is that they never manifest themselves for unimportant reasons. one might imagine!) as recovering the elements of a more or less recent past. or which bear within themselves the seeds of anarchy. even if it is instantly associated with the voice of the nabi. in whom audition and elocution are confused by him. and most of the time. Vaughan © May 2005 8th and 9th) Clairvoyance and Clairaudience One must not confuse Prophecy and Divination. if sexuality reveals itself to be more insistent. the thousand and one forms of the divination. These are expressed through conventional symbols. The prophetic plane is altogether different. In this latter case. or seer. in which codified elements give the Seer or Seeress access to the means of communication of the Entities whose attention we have just attracted. They are uniquely created for ultimate ends and for the defense of interests superior to the collectivity. what he has seen. must above all avoid using them to solve problems with no spiritual consequences. If the periods of manifestations of these faculties coincide with a generally immoral or amoral inner sense. Finally there is the nabi. or the Great Archangels! It is here that the gift of discernment of Spirits will be indispensable to him. First of all there is the r’ . for individual problems or for concerns which are too human. Then there is the hozeh. the Virgin Mary. agreed –either implicitly and tacitly – with the divine force. He should remember that all manifestations of inferior Spirits. the divine language. or believed to be divorced from his vision. All the 39 . In this case Divination adapts itself to a type of convention. but who has more particularly served to identify prophets and soothsayers of false gods. if ready speculations accompany this type of phenomenon. who is analogous to the first.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. then the Aspirant knows full well that he is the toy of inferior Entities. through the intervention of poorly defined Entities which are no part of the Divine Plane (at the very most o i e eie p ns) fn r d t“l e” allow one to access in a more or less tm a a precise manner a more or less proximate future. or interpreter of God. and even more importantly of Dark Spirits. Therefore the Aspirant who sees one of these two faculties developing within him: clairvoyance or clairaudience. In the latter case. Thus the nabi is the seer. his voice necessarily is but the reflection of an inner audition. who is not only he who sees. The nabi is also the hearer. of the inconsequential. He should no longer imagine himself to be in a psychic relationship with God. are always marked by the grotesque. as well (and more easily. but he who speaks.

the source of so many errors. e v e w ee o a It m d r S itad h m d m ia as ps s d o a ed e o. and about a centimeter or more in height. T e rpe ia as ps s d o t H l S itt d i rs las ps s d h pohts l y “os s ” fh oy p i h i n ia y “os s ” w ee e r. is that if the prophet is integrated into the framework of a real Revelation. and if he truly speaks in His name. consists of a progressive blackening of the flesh. which changes color little by little. Clairvoyance corresponds to Mercury of the Wise. and Clairaudience to Sulfur of the Wise. but it has accomplices and instruments in the Body.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. he would be unable to become a spirit of contradiction and a source of confusion. e u w ee s in the source of their prophecies is to locate the level of their spirituality. Vaughan © May 2005 more obvious if he gives out personal theories to flatter his pride. Once more the Spirit is prisoner. and in a jail more somber than before. The key of this liberation rests in a true appreciation of the impermanent character of corporeal beauty and purely carnal joys. from a rose white shade to the darkest ebony black.Iety g f n n r ei y p i n t ei s l y “os s ” f D a Pr n dn fi e a r. Then. that of sexual desire and the strong amorous passions which sometimes proceed from this. For is it the Whole Man who is prone to falling if he is not absolutely disciplined. Without doubt is it not true to say that it is the Will which sins. seven to ten millimeters or more in diameter. with its external senses. one reminds oneself that the necrosis which takes over so rapidly in the tomb and strips the skin from the body when the soul has left. indeed he overthrows traditional teachings which are known for their excellence and high spirituality. Firstly. in which one visualizes an “ el o a”(or “ el a” o t kind one has i aw m n d i a m n) fh d . * * * In conclusion. and the Soul with its internal senses. the mortification of the nine senses of Man should embrace all the biological and psychic activities endured by his Body and Soul. a very bright jade green in color. and if he believes himself to have been called to complete or modify some religious corpus. strange mushrooms grow upon this dead flesh. void of all fumigations. This is very simple and ancient formula. and if he believes himself to have been chosen for his merits and intellectual qualities. What characterizes prophecy. indeed even disgrace or crime. The technique of purifying sexual desire consists of a course of meditations. e 40 . In the darkness these mushrooms shine with a green luminescence. * * * The purification of sexual impulses and their mastery We believe it useful to add a few specific instructions in the realm where the battle is particularly difficult and painful.

Besides. 41 .Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. legs. Yet only the face.T e rst e. i ed a l pe os a e s a ” (John: Apocalypse. as in real life (from the fact that they continue to grow after death and from the emaciation of the extremities. 37 “ ny ps noer l g m s – take this to mean it is a recent practice. take on this procedure. believing it to be dangerous. Novices of Tibetan monasteries practice. One might. it The Sephiroth flourish and shine on the Tree of Life. the skeleton which it will one day fatally become. w at im s rcl“ e d ao uo t H rb ” T eeci consists of visualizing. 1) In the Hebrew Kabbalah. and the Apostles too. which are the spheres of evolving manifestation. there is a sanctity in marriage. perhaps. XIII. silhouette appearing as though shining from the inside. Then. these meditations can focus on an object of passion from whom one wishes to liberate oneself36. In place of an imaginary ideal person. before a Charnel House. immobile. as described above. not for a long time37. We recommend what follows.h “i ce. in the posture ae t “ t psi ” a o ae “ la Turque”hnsl aa s cld h l u oio ( s cld à l e o s tn l l . 36 We do not recommend this method. one might unite with the liberation achieved by Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin. abdomen and sexual parts are necrosed.Ivr dad t Fa é” ne e n e n t opposed to this is the Little Tree of Death. which is called Kallah. ad f tgi t a n the thighs). rolled in on themselves. chest. and sitting. h t h g e e lh ti e ie a n beneath the form of a living being. On the Tree of Death flourish and shine the Qlippoth. are endowed with this ideal perfection. The Rose+Croix of former times were married. The nails are imagined very long. gifted with brilliance and all possible charms. or spheres of involutive manifestation. but as usual could be wrong. which a “er of that period exclaimed i cn m li h f m a r“ o h hsho nt w r se ” n ot p t g i r f : N w e a t w h ol e an m o a r e d bh d i …” ei h n m * * * B) The Seven Deadly Sins “ n Ia a esr i u A d sw batin p sg out of the sea. “ h Potu ”Qlippoth. having seven has n t hrs n o ed ad e on…ad n n h has b shm u nm . Vaughan © May 2005 forever imagined. detached in a luminous body upon a completely dark base. it is said that the Tree of Life (Otz Chaim) corresponds in the manifest world to the Little Tree of Life.PV. hth r at s a t Meit n pn h or l . i ’ a a ecr t so t p” I l è ne Perhaps it means this is practiced by relatively new novices? . The thighs. which thus comes away from the roots). given this previously described technique. a symbol of the Death which is carried within in latent form. arms.

42 . but never conceives that he might be but a simple instrument of transmission. so two dark manifestations oppose them. These are the Seven Deadly Sins. He hoards books and manuscripts. Unveiling. he swallows everything for better or worse. in its very excess. poorly digested by a lazy spirit. documents and initiations. and against Wisdom. PV. 38 39 “tle unr a m t ii eq’ et e r oat– better ideas for translation? – eir ore u a r lm . certainly alters. The initiatory lines to which he has managed to attach himself he now divides up anew. the most disparate teachings. Greed corresponds to Earth. books. Blindness (of the Spirit). As this Septenary is crowned with the two Sublime Virtues of Wisdom and Understanding. * * * 1st) Greed Greed takes the erring Mystic to an isolation which is both complete and sterile. revelation. the very excesses of his disparate knowledge. and schemes which are accessible to him without control: those doctrines which are most alien. 2nd) Gluttony Gluttony leads our Occultist to devour those documents. from this strange mixture. If on the contrary it is Sloth which comes to mix with his sensual cravings. transmission. as well as mixed teachings which he does not reject. Let us study this malefic ensemble in the spiritual plane. degrees and classes with the sole aim of delaying as long as possible the moment when h wlb ol e t edh o nrl adm k o ys ra’ s dn h euloa. and is the opposite of Prudence. (fundamental) Error.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A.ui sm r e sn any t a é as l i a p ” PV. multiplying the tests. Gluttony corresponds to Water. and is the opposite of Temperance39. n e i e b gd o n i w o n ae f et dys t et i qa t y ad l i s e e u s d perhaps even his superior tomorrow. Vaughan © May 2005 From this it is evident that for each of the seven essential Virtues (four Cardinal and three Theological) correspond seven opposed Virtues (from the Latin virtus: power). he tries to extract from this a personal doctrine which he is sure completes. These are: against Understanding. and. all that he has himself received or learned from others are always painful and shocking to him. Keen on anything which pleases his curiosity and his appetite for knowledge. teaching. T eetas Tm éa r”( m ea r)bt a sr he means Temperance! – h t sy “ e prt e t prt e u I m ue x u e u . where he can enjoy his rest38. treatises. the original Traditions which he had thus pillaged and confused. if Pride is also present. will lead him on day to suddenly return to materialism.

He will. He is indifferent to the sickness of beings who surround him. to appreciate perfection in a trite love of God.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. which leads him. Sexual Magic. believing that the ills they suffer are the equitable 40 Named for Pierre-Michel Vintras (1807 – 1875) who claimed communication with angels. a priori. without further thought. he becomes a follower of doctrines. Vaughan © May 2005 3rd) Lust Lust makes him introduce a certain sensuality into all the initiatory areas where our Occultist is drawn to work. licentious Gnosticism. Mary and Jesus. He easily cedes initiatory secrets to individuals of the opposite sex. inaction of the Soul. or those foreign to this current. a mixed initiatory organization is always much better than an organization which is exclusively male or female! Above all. he does nothing to care for them. and founded a sect based upon erotic-mystical masses involving a bloody host – PV. Vintrasism40. or. are defended by him. initiations and ceremonies which are often diametrically opposed. and he will subscribe to the need to adjust things in a most liberal manner according to the exigencies of lower human nature. 43 . etc). In his interest or pleasure he will not hesitate to find his base curiosity stimulated there. and absence of all external application. turning to the lower currents when he perceives that the Higher Powers serve him for nothing in these domains. Religions and doctrines where sexuality plays a role (Tantrism. if he perceives it. Lust corresponds to Air and is opposed to Justice. St. He thoughtlessly transmits the initiations and teachings to which he is heir to maladjusted recipients. 4th) Sloth Sloth carries the erring Aspirant towards a sort of quietism. like the fornicators and spiritual adulterers reproached in Israel by the prophets or by the Christ. in exchange for their favors! Finally. this failing is seen in the domain of easiness. Joseph. be hostile to those doctrines he find too spiritual or too ascetic. For him.

but in an inverted manner. 44 . Vaughan © May 2005 5 7 6 4 + D + D Fig. 3 The mortal and spiritual degradation follows the same progression as in Figure 1.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A.

often hidden within the banality of modest lives. and imagines himself destined for certain preeminence. Pride corresponds to the Sulfur Principle. In our brand-new Occultist. 6th) Anger When Anger manifests itself in the Aspirant. justified by his merits. but also inspires him not to hesitate to impede. he is one to whom all is due and who in consequence demands all. Pride leads him to imagine he is morally superior to all the profane because he is intellectually more wealthy. he loses control of himself. In short. even prevent the advancement.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. his pseudo-knowledge could make of him a black magician. He readily imagines himself to be in possession of secrets and teachings which have been revealed to him alone. Sloth corresponds to Fire (inverted) and is opposed to Strength. Vaughan © May 2005 result of their own past errors. He suppresses doctrines. considering Ignorance as sure a way as Knowledge. 45 . and his impatience will bring him to bully the weak and the ignorant. of another. Envy corresponds to the Salt Principle. and with just reason. and relies on Providence to give him access to moral perfection. Finally he loses interest in himself. teachings. and opposes Faith. And if he has the misfortune to become filled with hatred (a form even darker than Envy). h g w i e os’hv.vn f e l ay ei d h t i c r d a e ol e f o s t i d m and even if he is intellectually opposed to it. as in the future. 7th) Pride Pride has been called the father of all vices. His judgments become as hasty as they are definitive. 5th) Envy Envy leads the pseudo-initiate to desire not only preferential places and pseudo honors. and opposes Hope. books and documents which could harm his interests. and it is impossible for him to perceive those elite Souls who are a thousand times superior to him. in the past and present. His authoritarianism and out of control behavior do not permit him to accept that so and so among his peers is less well endowed than him. all around him. Anger corresponds to the Mercury Principle. He often imagines himself above all to have been some famous or important person in a previous pseudo-life. In this environment he acquires a firm and haughty contempt for what he calls Humanity. considering it an offense that there are t ns h hh dent ae ee ih a ed dc e t thyw u b o n ue oh . and opposed to Charity. He will not cease from possessing all that others possess. if he divines in this person a superiority which could eclipse his own.

Beautiful and Ugly. In truth. and clearly appreciating his situation. translation let me know. and will obstinately imagine himself to be in the Path of Light when he is on the Path of Darkness. and makes us prefer the letter that kills over the spirit which brings to life. it prevents us from attaining a deep understanding of the Christian Scriptures or of another Holy Book. and Error opposes Wisdom. which oppose the two Sublime Virtues.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. as well as reigning over the progressive descent into Blindness that comes from a conscious letting go. We saw there that Blindness opposes Understanding. and Sulfur or the Gold of the Wise. Light and Darkness. e i tu l n …” if 46 . In these realms all discernment is removed. if one cleaves to another religion. and through the allure of specie or material objects41. Just and Unjust. ce qui relie aux poles opposes N u m t’ ps b i e i i lé d Be ed Ma – anyone has a better. 8th) Blindness This Dark Power takes away discernment of Spirits. It is in the Soul of the Satanist or Luciferian that this dark Power explodes and irradiates with the greatest 41 “ os elm os itd percevoir. and one can say that. irremediably veils from us the esotericism and higher sense of texts. and the Silver of the Wise. because of it. piece by piece. and takes away the judgment of Good and Evil. Vaughan © May 2005 C) The Two Spiritual Crystallizations We write separately on the two Shadowy Virtues. it may only with difficulty contemplate a return under its own powers. sous des espèces ou des objects matériels. 9th) Error This Dark Power brings us inner confusion. Good and Bad.PV. It stops up the hidden meaning of words. the misguided Aspirant will now easily mistake Evil for Good. Eternal Truths become inaccessible to erring Man. Given the impossibility of distinguishing what has been lost. makes it impossible for us to perceive that which binds them to the opposing poles of Good and Evil. and when the Soul has gone sufficiently far in its descent towards spiritual Darkness. evoked in the preceding chapter. This becomes more serious when it clouds our sense of the true and authentic in matters of religion. it reigns Mistress of the Soul of all materialists and atheists. By this the misguided Aspirant is not in a fit state to perceive what is of no use to him. when they have become such through a deliberate act of will. More particularly. It veils from us spiritual realities hidden beneath appearance.

Vaughan © May 2005 amplitude. aw l n JB r e i D w s g rn Maias) gi ” cn . The pseudo-initiatory doctrines of the famous Gurdjieff are both the greatest and saddest example42… 42 “ Wa…ia a contrary to Nature and God”qo d rmL Pu e ad . “ a n of the My y s w y (ut f e o . e i . 47 .Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A.

Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. Vaughan © May 2005 PART TWO 48 .

Vaughan © May 2005 IV PHILOSOPHICAL VITRIOL “ h first magnetic agent serving to prepare Te the Solvent which some have called Alkaest – is cld h G en i … Is gen n aerbic a e t re Lo t a re ad c l e n ’ f i a cm ae t a e ad i f i r t s o prd o rd n r er t u p u …” F l nl: T e s r o t C t da ” u aei“ h Myt y fh a erl c l e e h s There exist two vitriols. then we would have pure vitriol. then we have impure vitriol. and this gives us our body. will give us Sulfur. or rather vitriol can be found in two forms: pure v r l n i pro gos ii …” ii .Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. Rectificando. rm w i – p e …” f d o hh c according to a process well known to the Hebrew Kabbalists – one gets the word VITRIOL. sulfur and mercury. of salt. and is drowned and disseminated in a mass formed of phlegm and dead (r dm e” o “a nd) earth. and the Work will be so much the harder and longer when vitriol is more impure. once deprived of these principles. there is a soul. through a series of actions. says Tripied. the Philosophical Lover. What are the various alkaloids: quinine. etc. e a e u This operational series has been summarized in a famous lapidary sentence (the words have a strange resonance) by Basil Valentinus: Visita Interiora Terræ. in all things. according to Paracelsus. will take the form of Mercury or Secret Fire.i ie “ ith n as fh n n i s hs eo s f fs i e rl e earth. In poae agaet s hae i i m s r u r oacssn i : Vs t et i o t rf l ug. and by an intimate union of the Volatile with the Fixed. which he called the Predestined Element. it is this vitriol which is the basis of the hermetic Work. This predestined Element is composed. are without strength or activity? Now. We have a striking example in the vegetable kingdom. aconitine. the one that we see. it is the primary material of the Art. Invenies Occultum Lai m . let us suppose that we are able to suppress this phlegm and this dead earth. and you will find the hiddn t e e s n…” o 49 . in the case of material Alchemy. d m ue r rs v r l to a to (r i : P i spi l ii ” Ti e “ h ooh a Vto ) pd l c rl In truth. of not. The dead earth is clearly the hyle of the Gnostics. or when the predetermined Element is in smaller quantity. So. if not the pure and active principles of these vegetables which.tat gh U i r l p i t slm oi o A t h s ar i t n e aS it h aa m n c f r pi … t cn e v s r.h pr wt t yt i s e nne. it is the salt (not Scel) which. according to Paracelsus.

almost always contradictory. we offer contact with old Hermetic books. or foreign doctrines. We banish any evocative mixing with a different psychic atmosphere. and a framework (workroom. it is clearly necessary above all to have these symbols in us and around us. The reader always leaves something 43 That is. you will live in the hyperphysical. we begin to understand how one should perform the first action on the stage of spiritual Alchemy. For Sight. reread. read and reread by hundreds of Adepts before us – such a text becomes. Vaughan © May 2005 From this. we create a specific atmosphere by means of frequent censings at the time of our orisons. people of the West. For Smell. Pray first. strictly limited to these three qualities43. in a way. Words and sentences carry within them an unsuspected soul. cit. All objects become charged little by little in the course of their unconscious life: psychometry has made a definitive demonstration of this. Turn away from that which soils your view. An ancient work is always superior to a new book. and above all those most particularly linked to the definitive practice of magic. The Aspirant should first distance himself from all foreign doctrines. to make yourself absor ii t bsm o t A sl e btn h oo fh bo t e e u …” (Op.o ht o m y C od a l or cos n a orm r i ss t yu a form a perfect and ne l i l so a harmonious whole. we have texts with a profound resonance in these three modes. Our five exterior senses should see the unfolding of their conditioned and manifold activities take place in a traditionally Occidental. Make yourself acquire complete lucidity in your understanding. linked to its symbols and forms of teaching and to its traditions transmissions. and Faith will inundate your T e fr d nts fr ah e t soul! Yet I have already said enough for you to know that henceforth you must create a mystical body. and there it Wa…” sh e y ( rl d Gvy“ h G et r” I G io e i : T e ra Wok. A text which has been profoundly thought about. a series of words of power. we offer only readings. In his short work dedicated to the esoteric path of the Absolute. Do not listen to that which pollutes your ear. Rosicrucian. We shall return later to the issue of censing. Rosicrucian and Hermetic = PV.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. He should know that for us. Through this. meditated on and preserved with love by those who preceded us on the Way. which will substitute in all the visible actions of your body to effectively use your immaterial forces. For Touch. laboratory and oratory). For inner Hearing. II) Let us restate these profound thoughts more clearly. Western or Occidental. engravings. Hermetic ambiance. read.I lt r ) And earlier he counsels us in a precise manner: “ ori ta yu at n ad lyu i pes n. Exalt in yourself the sentiment of character. which have encumbered his spirit up till now. 50 . Grillot de Givry tells us this: “ hr oe o oak o Fi to be able to pray.

n h m sclsao” fah a n Vr e or pnso t r r lesna i da t e r si Element. Exalt in yourself the sentiment of character. sooner or later end up coming back. the power of his efforts towards his goal nevertheless remains.o ht o may form a perfect and C od a l or cos n a orm r i ss t yu ne l i l so a harmonious whole. Do not listen to that which pollutes your ear. 44 ‘rax literally crevices = PV. little by little. The power of Egregores is such that those who. to make your lasr ii t bsm o t A sl e s f bobtn h oo fh bo t e e e u …” ( rl d Gvy“ h G et r” I G io e i : T e ra Wok. Brah ai . Vaughan © May 2005 of himself. outside the church of Rome. with wisdom and good taste. disappear.I lt r ) * * * Just the Heavens and the influx of Stars pour out their regular rays. For Taste. those beliefs. and even an aspect of the divine Terramorph. We have numerous example of people who. Rosicrucian and Hermetic framework. mix together. are eventually taken over by them and completely rely on them: Islam. Make yourself acquire complete lucidity in your understanding. the general elements of this essentially Occidental. we reprise the counsel of Grillot de Givry which we have already quotes. following a welldetermined cycle. And what more evocative of these three norms than the medieval ambience. T e yta“esn o ec C ri l iu cr sod tae etasao. according to this Table. a temperament. that we should remain. Turn away from that which soils your view. with its prayers which are specifically evocative of the Goal towards which we are moving. C eu’ 51 . where one speaks neither clearly nor clear cut. his inevitable mixture of incomprehension and comprehension. We must also clean the spiritual dwelling! And here. mix with the masses who. we reserve the art of choosing. And let us not. this incomparable framework of the Middle Ages. and that knowledge coming out of that capital of the spirit which was Alexandria in Egypt. It is within such a framework that we create the indispensable inner climate from which. it is not enough to clean the material dwelling in whose framework our efforts unfold. readings and disparate teachings which had until then diverted our spirit and scattered our efforts. an ascetic mode. while traveling towards an identical Goal. from whence the Celtic traditions. through the use of common rites and customs. with the corresponding Angel. so. Let us therefore let go of these formulae which bind us. celebrate the Mass according to its liturgy. in the creases44 of its pages. and upon which we meditate often: “ ori ta yu at n ad lyu i pes n.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. Buddhism. We also take care not to use those types of prayer which are altogether too much a part of some other exoteric confession. It is within our Tradition. in his “ nr evn t i ehae”h n e A p ates sces n fy bl “esn” nul si nse a ucs o o sm o c saos ufr r i i . in entering into curious and sure psychic or spiritual currents. are not traveling the same road as us.t m nm e… s c Finally. upon the evolution of the Hermetic Work. to end.

hr t s cniosa o” o wt o” r i ao e h h h h a o” w e h e od i e e tn r e b d g B “nt rhnG d oe hu r dcontact with the Master who looks i i . Silence alone procures and leads to Knowledge of God. Silence Silence comes in two types: 1) Silence of the tongue. and Fire. Gift of the Virtues Holy Spirit Prudence Counsel Temperance Fear Justice Piety Strength Courage Seasons Autumn Winter Spring Summer Asceticism Silence Solitude Fasting Vigil Element Earth Water Air Fire Archangel Uriel Gabriel Raphael Michael Thus Prudence corresponds to Silence. and separates men and women in everyday life. Justice to Hunger. with the profane crowd. page XX). A. Think of God more often than yubet . B. h sh r r a o t si n a e. in many respects like Christian monasticism. Solitude Solitude is the means of assuring silence of the tongue. consisting of the rejection of all other thoughts relative to Beings and created Things. This is why Islam which. 52 . p tu tlu. and Earth. E ie ses sT iit pi a w yfrh A p at Silence equates to o r h . and particularly the symbolism of the Sphinx. and to Prudence. Strength to Vigil. with futile preoccupations. We find these four mortifications as much in Christianity as in Buddhism and Islam. c t l ” s e m y e r . to which we will return later. Vaughan © May 2005 Apostle Luke Matthew John Mark Card. It consists of the fact: 1) Of avoiding mixing materially with others.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. Air. in its Sufi heresy. This is the first way of the Initiate. y ao e t nn h a o” n sol e d a after one in the Celestial Assembly. with the tetralogy well-known to the Occultists: To know (Water) To will (Air) To dare (Fire) To keep silent (Earth) Which comprises the four Elements laid out exactly like the base of the Hermetic Tetractys.o wt “nt rt n G d. r“ i G d. 2) Silence of the heart. teaches the necessity of these four roads. Water. Temperance to Solitude. Earth. cnii o t as n o o sek go e t n“ ruh os t g fh bt t n f pai t rh t og sn e ei n h a h G d. in the classic order: Water– Fire– Air– Earth (see figure 1.

C. It equates to Air. in the terrible solitude of the Judean desert. It corresponds to Water. modesty. Hunger and Fasting Hunger. contact between Man and the Celestial Assembly cannot succeed except during sleep. by defining it. or Fasting. A sleep susceptible to freeing the Soul is a sleep which comes about during a serious fast. Vigil alone procures Knowledge of the Soul. Solitude alone procures Knowledge of the World. But our Vigil has another purpose. mildness. or that of the failure of the Apostles in the healing of a possessed man. iii.I ) . and of the recourse of Christ. Now. consists of a reduction in nourishment. It equates to Fire and to Faith45. D. relationships between God ad n e …I e m n a t bs o r sn cni r i o t e m n o pol s n t ia u et. Temperance. ii. and to 45 Vigil is about Meditation. purity.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. Avoiding evil coming from men. whose Prince it is. Vaughan © May 2005 2) Of avoiding in the inner realm contact with being and things of this world. procures Knowledge of Satan. and to Jsc (al“ utePu Epistle to the Ephesians”I 2. It obeys three variables: i.t t l et r h ai fe o. at the end of which the Christ had an appearance of the Prince of Darkness and the trial of His threefold temptation (Matthew: Gospel. which instinctively seeks contemplation. IV).os e t n fh l et f rb m ad h r r m n . during a kind of doubling of the Soul outside of the Body. Avoiding evil which one might do to a neighbor. for it expels useless sleep. and this leads to the natural diminution of these kinds of needs. and this is the first way of the Adept. n Ma. which realizes and objectivizes what is in the Heart (the Inner Temple and the Philosophical Egg). It is assured in the spirit of poverty. and particularly the fast of forty days. There are two types of Vigil: a) The vigil of the Heart. often weighed down by too abundant nourishment. Vigil Vigil is the fruit of Hunger. May the Aspirant recall the extreme fasts of all the great prophets and missionaries of the Scriptures. b) The vigil of the Eye (vision). i : . study of the divine mysteries. Hunger alone. calm. c se s e e s a d ao e e s e e g s 53 . Making the companionship of the Master whom one has in the Celestial Assembly permanent. who explained to them that certain typesof Demons can only be chased out by fasting. It is none other than a type of process of introspection about several particularly important problems for the Gnostic: the problem of Evil.

in oe pr nl r oyit s g g m e o a a cnlo a i t-light. in rustic and solitary places or at night. and page XXX). It constitutes discursive meditation. h i l l m r f w x ad r n h s s t n e ne i e g 54 . This Prayer comprises a purgative meditation. Meditation takes place in daytime. n’ e oaO a r. and must always be preceded by a Prayer which has making contact with the higher planes as its goal (see pages XXX onwards. Vaughan © May 2005 * * * It necessarily rests upon a perfect understanding of the traditional sacred texts.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. preferably in the open air. upon an equitable and reasonable comparison of analyzed arguments.

ce ce ce ace ace ace alla alla alla Pa Pa Pa gP gP gP ong ong ong on on on S tr S tr S tr Str Str Str g g g ng ng ng Kn Kn Kn Kii Kii Kii the the the th e th e th e of of of of of of 55 . 4 4 6 7 5 COLD COLD Spiritual progression follows the same process as in the alchemical path of figure 1.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. Vaughan © May 2005 of t he Qu e en Str on gP al a ce D + D + WHITE BLACK Fig.

h.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. Remembrance of past things. In this name we find a higher and transcendent inclination which perfects the exercise of reason in man. and dependent upon it). This very inclination comes to our aid for the same human reason each time it is needed. La révér c à’ do d c q’nd e e l nri e e uot éterminé les plus Wise qui nous ont précédés. properly speaking. or individual prudence. in the infinite complexity of circumstances which can affect his action. human reason remains forever subject to error or surprise. or memory. – a commandment in society. Reverence. or the determination needed at the time for action. Wisdom. to discover that which it would be impossible to find out quickly from another. As it is normally applied it is composed of several aspects. f. e. – a commandment in the family. both general and specific. and all that is required for final illumination. acquired or instilled from birth. or regal prudence. or compromise the result. has the quality of a commandment: – a commandment to oneself. c. Sane exercise of reason. For. Vaughan © May 2005 V ELEMENTS OF THE GREAT WORK A. or familiar prudence. A gift of the Holy Spirit corresponds to the Virtue of Prudence. so that everything wishes to do at every moment is for the perfect realization of every Virtue. b. d. Caution. so that. controlling it (or governing everything whose action is subordinate to. even providing for all the virtues. It is often the ensemble of snares that the virtue of Prudence allows us to avoid! 46 47 La claire-vue. Prudence. Precaution. applied to every action. regarding all that surrounds the said act. Circumspection. n e t 56 . Clear-sight46 in principles of activity. and that is the Gift of Counsel. in every activity it prepares and orders all things as is proper. g. being: a. Philosophical Earth: Prudence Prudence is an element of moral action which perfects the exercise of reason in Man. against all that could put an obstacle in the way. for the things47 which the wisest men who have preceded us have determined. This particular inclination makes it prompt and docile to receive the Holy Spirit (without special pursuit). with respect to the substance of this act. either for itself or for another.

b. Clemency. Philosophical Water: Temperance Temperance is a virtue which in all things maintains the affective party responsive to the command of reason. so that it does is not disposed to be induced by those pleasures which more particularly interest the five external senses. d. and the fact that one does not fear anything more than exposing to becoming distanced from Him as a result of error and fault. following the virtue of Charity. c. which presents us with a more or less exact image of God. is founded upon their own moral or physical. dseo nw hts o i m d ty sf r s l r al u to us or which is useless for our final goals. The gift of Fear consists of the act of standing before the Traditional Book of Revelations. Moreover. Continence. moderating or regulating the affective party in those things which are less difficult than precedents. consisting of moderation or regulation. B. C. of considering all things relating to the pleasure of the senses. that is to say. Temperance and the Gift of Fear are obtained through the practice of Solitude. Modesty. as Anger should never take hold. founded upon mutual respect between the Beings themselves which. and before all the Gift of Counsel. which corresponds to Philosophical Water. Philosophical Air: Justice Justice is a virtue which has the objective of having harmony reign in relationships between Beings.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. Prudence and the Gift of Counsel is obtained through the practice of Silence. with a holy respect. a dse o oe o neclnea ei t ko w aintm eie ue l ei fr n’ w xeec. having regard to the excellence of the end which Traditional Revelations gives us. consisting of refraining from. this virtue is therefore the first one to acquire. to various degrees. 57 . because of the excellence or goodness of the Divine Majesty. namely: a. as a corrective method for the ills committed by another. Vaughan © May 2005 As a requirement to future development. finally to bear ourselves in a manner which leads to the virtue of Temperance. consisting of dispelling the inner movement of the passion of equity. it consists of the act. Forbearance. which corresponds to Philosophical Earth. external action and movements of a carnal nature. It manifests itself in several ways. which the virtue of Justice demands to see more equitably corrected and expiated –things which are ineluctably necessary. consisting of choosing not to follow the violent emotions of passion. spiritual or material good. as being perfectly non-existent or dangerous. which is the Gift of Fear.

and brings him to treat with God. Spirits. Piety is the habitual resolution of that will. and in different degrees. and that is the gift with the same name. It applies equally well to temporal goods. to treat with all other men as with all reasonable Creatures (Angels. Magnificence. more particularly to endure the hostile intervention of other men in their relationships with us. As such. It manifests in several aspects. The gift of Piety is assuredly that which puts the most perfect seal upon external relationships when men can have or should have. A Gift of the Holy Spirit corresponds to the virtue of Strength. so that the Good and Superior Being who more or less unites them. consisting of a resolution of the affective party which strengthens or rules the movement of hope. 58 . with the First Cause. and with God. while looking to the final Reintegration. also called Courage. A Gift of the Holy Spirit corresponds to the Virtue of Justice. both between themselves. consisting of fortifying hope. It crowns the virtue of Justice and all its associations.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. d. or those of evil spirits if the occasion presents itself. Philosophical Fire: Strength Strength is a virtue which had the objective of perfecting moral order in the affective party in Man. it is distinguished from Charity. It makes peace and order reign. all the sadness which may come to us in the present life. Also. Magnanimity. which consists of combating fear of the length of exertion to achieve the Good. as to the reputation and spiritual dignity of oe f l n’ eo s lw man. so that Man. D. which one wishes to accomplish. Justice and the Gift of Piety are obtained through the practice of Hunger. and this is the Gift of Piety. on this occasion. Perseverance. which is the characteristic of enduring with stoicism. Patience. where it is arduous or costly to accomplish. It consists of standing firm against the greatest fears. will never turn away from his duty. which corresponds to Philosophical Air. Vaughan © May 2005 So its aim is to regulate our duties strictly with regard to other Beings.e d ae e. both in individual life as well as in the collective life. c. that is to say the Fast. which makes Man fit to receive the direct and personal action of the Holy Spirit. which is of a different sense and less amenable to these limiting norms. the First Cause. which are: a. and in moderating the most imprudent audacity. with the father of the great divine family. Demons) in our relationships with them. regarding great and important undertakings. b.n l v e v and obeyed as if by a son. considered in the most distant mysteries of his divine life as a f hr o a ci ”t dr r e d sre “ t ” r “h f e e y e r . or a fear of failure.

It is by means of the gift of Strength (or Courage) than Man is thus moved by the Holy Spirit. both easy and welcome. the gift corresponding to the Holy Spirit addresses those dangers and ills which are definitely not within the power of Man alone to overcome. despite all the difficulties or all the perils which can place themselves across Mans path. when considered under the idea of this contact. These two mystical realizations are intimately linked to the presence. proportional to this divine state. The essential purpose of this gift is. without giving by itself the sole higher blessing which compensates and does duty for him. in the Soul of the Adept. through its own activity.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. Charity. knowing Him as He knows himself. of Reintegration for all the ills and sadness of terrestrial life. is obtained through the practice of Vigil. is the exclusive work of the Holy Spirit. children of God. then with the Divine Plan itself. From this comes t pr e fh Pa : G ds nsnt h ha o t sl “ o t d i h e s e m a e congregation of the mighty. Those principles of activity. u t t odr h hiG ds p o h re w i s o’ e c own. This effective substitution. the Gift of Strength (or Courage) allows him to overcome the sorrow which accompanies the separation which Death creates. presupposes two things in us: a. as God acts Himself. and introducing us to His intimate presence. The Salt Principle: Charity Charity is a virtue which raise us up to a life of communications. Strength and the gift of this name (or Courage). He judges among the god…” Psalm 82). Vaughan © May 2005 But since the virtue with this name in fact only deals with those obstacles and perils which are in the power of Man to overcome or suppress. of this mystical communication. raises us above and despite all natural order. and that s ( f mt G se “said: yo a gd…” John. as he marches towards the Supreme Goal (including Death itself. r h opl I o e : u r os ( e b. be it human or angelic (being therefore above the original world of manifestation in Creation). which corresponds to Philosophical Fire. in fact. which comes to all). making gods of us (evidently secondary gods). with all the blessings and joys of present life. as he knows that Reintegration and Life Eternal flow from them. the victory of Man over Death and over all the terrors which it inspires. Thus. according to its own advantage and which it deigns to communicate to us. A participation of Divine Nature which. of absolute Charity. X. rejoicing in him as He rejoices Himself. loving Him as He loves. 34). 59 . which makes us act as true secondary agents. divining our own nature itself. firstly with the intermediate Celestial Powers. E.

brings Man. nor. The gift of Wisdom (which is not THE Wisdom). Charity corresponds to the vow of Poverty. and he wishes for himself and all Mankind.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. The Gift of the Holy Spirit corresponding to the virtue of Charity is the Gift of Wisdom. is inclined towards Eternal Truths. really and intimately.n hl h w e hdes n sf r g s n’ w . immediately and forever. in all the ot oi lseto lead o t s r cens ad uf i a oe o n n l c apc fi . In the initiatory life. 2) Beneficence. but instinctively and in an absolutely intuitive manner. as those which can and should one day be our total illumination. Knowledge. Man. so that it has deigned to manifest itself to us through Faith. therefore knowing both. must be able to judge with absolute certainty and infallible truth. It is through this vow of Poverty that one also obtains the Gift of Wisdom. F. which leads one. under the action of the Holy Spirit. This is so that they might be admitted and professed. the true character of things created in their relationships with those of Hope. Vaughan © May 2005 Absolute Charity flows from an act of total love. coming under our control. the Philosophical Sulfur. by which man wishes God the infinite gift which Faith has revealed. o ga s f d i t en s to be point of suffering oneself. for it is Faith alone which gives Hope its purpose and the means to apply it. nh cs t od sd ss e e – i e cn 60 . which leads one to feel pity for the wretchedness of Others. which is the first postulate. this indissoluble gift of God. through divine action. to strive to prevent evil and to promote good. claims to b sut “bv”t m bt t t is to say. which however should not be confused with the Sublime Virtue of that name. knows neither how to ignore good and evil. that is a scorn for belongings. honors and the joys of this Inferior World. under the occult action of the Holy Spirit. the highest and most sublime of all Causes which is Divine Wisdom itself. in taking as the norm or as his personal rule for judgment. those which Faith reveals to us. Moreover. A Gift of the Holy Spirit corresponding to the virtue of Hope is the Gift of Knowledge48.h h a Such teachings have never served except to veil the latent amorality of those who make them their own. which it necessarily presupposes. This virtue is absolutely inaccessible without Faith. to judge all things with his intelligence. or that 48 I t s aeh w r ue i‘ i c’ PV. to avoid his own responsibilities. being gifted with a conscience which does not participate in its own surrender of principles. Charity contains certain secondary aspects: 1) Mercy. e i a d aoe h t e e o . not through the use of the natural process of reasoning. in the spiritual as in the material domain. The Mercury Principle: Hope Hope is a virtue which sees that our will.

intuition. H. is not sexual abstinence). notably by God Himself. ensuring that the spirit of Man. and by the channel of the most banal magical evocation. in His desire to communicate with Man the final object of His purpose. d i sn ve i rr i in shadow. which can csm c… ot uh 61 . Light and Darkness49. under the action of the Holy Spirit. In the initiatory life. Hope corresponds to the vow of Chastity (which. without mutual decline or depravity. while preserving all their importance intact. the possibility. as an ordinary human couple can perpetuate the forms of the species in a natural and legitimate manner.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. immediately seizing that which. or. The Gift of Intelligence (Which is not Understanding) helps the virtue of Faith in leading to knowledge of divine virtue. The Silver of the Wise: Understanding Understanding is the attribute which corresponds to vision. of which our world below is but an imperfect and inverse reflection. through types or material objects. In the initiatory life. the Knowledge of Good and of Evil. Vaughan © May 2005 they should serve as the ends and object of our conduct. in the material World. As such. of all the related propositions in a way which leads to a clear understanding. The Sulfur Principle: Faith Faith is a virtue which ensures that our understanding adheres very closely and without fear of being wrong – seeing as he cannot see it through the normal senses – all that comes to of him through the channel of Traditional Revelation. and allows the obtaining of the Gift of Intelligence. Ambition and childish reasoning. is in harmony with the Eternal Truths. The vow of Chastity is the first postulate. penetration and information. on the contrary. A Gift of the Holy Spirit corresponding to Faith is the Gift of Intelligence. of perceiving that which connects the opposing poles of Good and Evil. It is this which gives us the ability to discern Spirits. penetrates the sense of those terms. 49 T ait sy n sol ’cm t t s io o d i t ns y en o If i E t themselves covered htso a oe hu nto eo h v i f i n h g b m as f ne o n ties. and it is this which allows Man to free himself from the servitude of the senses. in Christian marriage. but as their indistinct perception. which is in fact Reintegration. Faith corresponds to the vow of Submission. Understanding is the knowledge (gnosis) of Absolute Divine Things. is opposed to them. which is its first postulate. or at least (in the vase of very profound mysteries) of allowing them to be approached. G. which should not be confused with one of the two Sublime virtues bearing that name. and the existence of an Invisible World. which comprise the affirmations of Traditional Revelation.

it affirms us in our certainty. at the End of Time. or the Holy Books if one extols another religion. and in the imperfect reflections here below. but by making us understand with absolute certainty. reminiscent of the hermetic pelican of the Rose-Croix. but by a kind of intuitive and subconscious vision. no longer intuitively as Faith.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. c It lets us understand. that which 50 The Second Coming – PV. and more particularly the profound meaning of the Christian Scriptures. 62 . At a higher level. it gives us a partial vision of God. disciple of Albert the Great. Understanding r el“ e ea t v s h higher symbolism of Perceptible Signs: rites. it reveals to us the invisible and unique source of the essential Sacraments. Vaughan © May 2005 It lets us penetrate the hidden meaning in words. the esotericism of texts. which is impossible. In the pierced side of Christ. while not allowing us to understand completely. shed at Calvary. the Creator Logos. This Virtue shows us the Eternal Realities achieved through Faith on a day that. According to Thomas Aquinas. the celestial realities thus deformed or veiled: as in the carpenter of Nazareth. or spiritual realities. not revealing it completely to us. then. to use a term dear to Martinez de Pascuallis. the purification of our Soul and our reconciliation. for example in the blood of Christ. their higher significance.ar et m t ise …” t sc m n l a r l t s a a ea . symbols. objec . his future Glory outside the Parousia50. Understanding shows us the effects in the cause. in the Christ leaving his Apostles at the Ascension. under the appearances.

The two higher elements left blank on the figure (Mercury and Sulfur of the Wise) are probably the gifts of Integrity and Grace. and the immortality of the body.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. in their development. 5 4 6 7 5 The gifts of the Holy Spirit here follow the same progression. The gift of Integrity comprises three privileges: innate knowledge. The gift of Grace comprises union with God: his descent into us. mastery of the passions. ce ce ace ace alla alla Pa Pa gP gP ong ong on on St r St r Str Str g g ng ng Kn Kn Kii Kii th e th e the the of of of of 63 . Vaughan © May 2005 of t he Qu e en Str on gP a la ce D + D + WHITE BLACK Fig. as the alchemical progression in figure 1.

And here finally is Charity. the Knowledge of Good alone. flows from an act of complete love. among the facts accessible to Understanding. having understood it. since this knowledge does not live in the event of general perception. of its complete knowledge. as we have seen. If Understanding is total Knowledge. of the Mercury Principle and the Salt Principle. defined it. but in the event of specific perception. which is. Seeing that he only seeks Good. tsh ef s i a t l r i ao e spontaneous intelligent and comprehensive submission. It is by this virtue that the Adept can reach the highest degree of knowledge accessible to humankind here below. to a gift which it perceives as the dominant one. this same Good. The Gold of the Sage: Wisdom Wisdom consists of the choice of the best. Wisdom is the use of which it is made. an We æon. for himself and for all other Beings. absolute Charity. the Christ was a divine entity.n ident pr e n gaybthog em nt n Iit th e r pe poe t sad t os’oe t i er l u t uh l i i . and he desires. N. which is the basis of the birth of Wisdom within us. In all that the trawl-net of his understanding of things will bring. the Knowledge of the two opposites. being the result of the action of Faith and Charity. inseparable from God.B. As such it is discrimination between Good and Evil. It r oe r upssh . and had not connection with the historical Jesus. all in all. In fact. by which Man wishes for God the Infinite Good that Faith allows him to know Him.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. – note that among the Gnostics and the Templars. nor in Intelligence as knowledge of Good and Evil. d i a es ve k ” I. he no longer knows how to confuse it with its opposite. Wisdom makes us judge all things by judging them according to the highest of Causes. It is in some way the superior aspect. from which all others depend and which itself depends on no other. Wisdom is the purifying filter of the action of Understanding within him. it is the act of total love which will serve him as a f i io f l h ps b ie’ s sn le i li touchstone. o h v i o a t ‘os itsin God. Vaughan © May 2005 He knows to be. Understanding reveals to us also that which Denys the Areopagite called the “i n drns . 64 .

at the summit of the preceding pyramid. pp 98 to 102. a state in which his consciousness approaches the Absolute. And. like the sense of the Sacred which it expresses. “ re Tu Prayer is the daughter of Love.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. and there prepare themselves properly by the means of holy Prayers51…” (R. being humbly excited by the exterior fire. which accompanies this necessary ensemble. begin by meditating on the sacred verses. when they wish to travel on the H l e f o. sacrifices from which it flows. It transforms all adversities into delights. 65 . Very short. Vaughan © May 2005 VI T EP I O O H R ’ I E PRAYER H H L S P E S FR : “ h Fr…ia i eu sit h h n oue T i i s n g osp i w i i rdcs s e n r. sublimates it. It is the salt of knowledge. extend as far as the manifestations of the Spiritual. saints. the scientific world understands the totality of what is observable. guides.“ h ko G dm r ot t nyubet …” t i o r t i n y T i f o oe f n h o r h rn w d e it n e a ae Epictetus told us. and. archetypes. is from all evidence a spiritual phenomenon. It clothes its highest expression in Prayer. through the intermediary of physiology. it calcines it. and the first verse of the Second Chapter. c t into a subject the same nature as the Stone. as if in its natural habitat. dissolves it. because it 51 The Thirty-two Paths of Wisdom are the thirty-two first verses of Genesis. as Dr. This domain can. How. which is the whole first Chapter. one must first make an effort to sa t a sh Dv i . y Thirty-two Paths of Wisdom. Far from consisting of a vain and monotonous recitation of formulae. the technique of its production and its effects52. Carrel: Prayer. See R. Krhr“ i s yt cs) i e: Œd u Ægp au” c p i But Prayer. but very frequent mental invocations can keep man in the presence of God53. P. It is therefore through systematic observation of the praying Man that we learn of what consists the phenomenon of Prayer. This state is not of an intellectual nature: it therefore remains as much inaccessible as incomprehensible to the rationalist philosopher and the ordinary thinker. “ o m no G d so Kabbalistic tradition tells us. may one acquire a positive knowledge of Prayer? Fortunately. or with the First Cause. 52 A. it makes it germinate in the heart of man. Carrel judiciously notes in his study. Ambelain: The Demiurge. true Prayer represents a mystical state for man. and resolves it in t bl ta rsc sy t C s oo t u u n t . To pray. the Spiritual World is outside the reach of our modern experimental techniques. and by the means of rites. etc. gods. then.uh ash om ple r ew e e i…” Limojon de Saint-Dd r T e em t Ti p” i e: hH r ec r m h i ” i u The sense of the divine is expressed above all by religious emotiveness. 53 One is reminded of the Hesychasm of the Orthodox church – PV. Prayer represent Ma’ e ot ocm ui t wt a i opr or metaphysical s ns f r t o m n a i l n roe f ce h l c al Entities: ancestors. ceremonies.

n r ett i eatue Wh wl xln o s e u i ai w lt tn vl ad e a iwt xct … ae n sn t i y p h id o i l tlso ei a h dr a i t vi w o es s e u tb l e ci .i e ales s“ah sh sbt c o t ns oe fr . each one of us will find beyond death that which. From this. from the interior voice which speaks inside us. It is besides worth noting that o t uh n’ s r s the sense of the divine pushed to the level of intolerance and fanaticism lead to the same sad results. aesthetic sense.C. and that is its constructive role. There is besides another role of Prayer. and the believer towards another life. The opposite is equally true. d e d m i dv e “r adw r…” A dt ppl aaead: T w r i t pa…” Wecn ei . a fundamental activity. and which can be seen equally among the primitive as well as the civilized. linked to a regular affinity to the contingent universe.e r n h o e h tlu…? l k l gdg e c l (L.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. Vaughan © May 2005 is the daughter of Love. and which joins with the Fire “ t dcdi ot sb c . Greece and Rome are sad examples. man is composed of tissues and organic liquids. notably personal will. for him. and because one must be sublime and v t u tl e iu soo … ro v “ u t s r e which is do efficacious. Perhaps the man who prays. Besides.osutt s l i som i ao e w r . has its e l o ” own existence. its original prototype. the sense of the divine appears to be a impulse coming out of the deepest place in our nature. the prayer. by this he deprives himself of a precious treasure. history shows us that the loss of moral and sacred sense in the majority f nt ns ost n e m n l d t i f l n o a ao’ cntu tl et e so t a ad i ie e s a s l its rapid subjection by neighboring peoples who have themselves preserved that which is often l thog oe own fault. we had hoped for. Pa n ok c y n h ou r dg ds “ o ok s o r e a y . f h hLm j d i r ue n h uj t o w i i o n e no t e e” c o Saint-Didier spoke in the epigraph quoted at the head of this chapter. through a type of two way flow: the projection of the terrestrial world into the celestial plane. a e 66 . in our carnal lives. The atheist travels towards annihilation. Can we not then suppose 54 A bln ssh w r ‘urr– m e i ue t od œ ve’ PV. that is to sywtoe hns . can it never be ours? Do we not need it to be B th Pa r i y ep i dt u? L t sm g e eie aet e .h “oy fi tw i w s pkn f cnt c h g r u fr n nt r ol t s bd o l h h h a soe o r s i oo h d i g” c by the Manicheans. a. as A. s ei y ot f i“ nre p ” u o h i e t l which was its cradle. penetrated by an imponderable e m n cld cnc uns . Carrel observed. de Saint-Mat : T e n f ei ” rn “ h Ma o D s e) i r We shall see later that we should understand this. in the same order of things. playing in the “p i a r l s w i r a uko no uep r : O e L br si t o H r ec sit le m ” h h e i nnw r nxl e “ r t ao” a h l e t ru a c m n od . sum of tissues and organic liquids. io n C l tl i ”born h w “ e saCt . These variations are linked to various other fundamental activities: moral sense. a conclude that that perhaps too. praying equates to working. in exchange for the original sn m e celestial influx. l etae “osi ses Now the living body. In this case. and which is his Celestial Jerusalem. And. because one must love to pray. i n’ ad54 s c Pu tlu:Fi it us ne fh g hpd o…” h s n l t e a i All depends on what one understands by this word. one can deduce that t m nw o dent r dent ev h o n h a h os’ pa os’ w ae i w e y s immortality. Psychologically.

Vaughan © May 2005 that consciousness. From this. and this by operation of the nutritive and respiratory functions? In this spiritual universe. intellectual. and we should love beauty and knowledge as much as moral beauty.s e a cld l by Louis-Claude de Saint-Ma i adh m s rMa i zd Psulscldt “ rn n i at . is it forbidden to see the Immanent Being. that of pure form equally to that of action. if austerity and asceticism are the elements. just as respiration and nutrition are for the physical body. it is no more shameful to pray than to breathe. ne gi iincs r frh “ n r at i . affective and spiritual activities. where only the lips have ay elcv yint r i . oa sne as ecsneadi ei ne t “es o t o e i n io m r es. if it resides in material organs. The recitation of vague formulas. there? In the affirmative. In this it is the Fire. where our consciousness draws upon the same principles for its own preservation and its moral health. carbon. and is a natural and normal function of our spirit. e tn v ad o o t i Ji dwt i u i . o pa n O c aa ts ees y o t Inner Man”a h w s ae a it t yg n a e . et t es n n lg c. rn e acai ae h Man of t. Prayer can then be thought of as the agent of the natural relationship between our consciousness and its particular environment. s e te l l e Desire”tb aet e n t make dynamic what the lips and brain conjointly give forth. in consequence of an i ate as n o t l h o ‘ ao’ n n lps o frh i t fr sn…” f i i eg e We must be careful to make a distinction in its practice.u suia od w “r c l oroln w r. . rt bo…” ae e tn Prayer is thus the complement and essential tool of all this transmutation of Man. Plato w s i t hnh dc r t tom r t nm o Ma. is similarly prolonged outside of the physical continuum? Is it forbidden t blv t t e r p ne i a sit l n e e ( db t s o eeeh w a l gd n “p i a ui r ” a y h i a e u ru vs n i fact. it is doubtful whether success in life i v e s i lo i demands the maximum. The spirit is both reason and sentiment. 55 There is proala ee w y f u i t s T e r c i “n e dnnu n puos ur p s os bb btr a o ptn h . l t ar . integral development of each of our physiological. a universe which we can no more evade than our body of flesh could avoid the material universe55. To neglect it is to atrophy our o n pi i e. as Nietzsche thought.h sne f h n h ttn l hi tl e e e Dv e g eh hm n e oat iflf w r g i n” i t u a pr nly tu l e n. nitrogen. n sol hv “r t aci . the First Cause. In this. and the Crucible only knows how to be the Heart. np” T e r t sconl tug s r u t t“ n nuoe a cue b t f tht h ge pyhaa sJn as e sh :May erss r asd y h a t a y ud a e e c a many people wish to remain blind to their own religious aspirations. to meditate than to eat or drink! Prayer is the equivalent of a biological activity dependent upon our structure. then. repeated over and over again with no true investment of spirit. hydrogen. which normal religions call God. a r h w e e el e h t e th a e f n oe hu ae c a d h d g ad a i e d ee l p n d t ew ie a ok . from which it draws the elements of its preservation: oxygen. even our consciousness having access to two different worlds). h Fe h s ui r otos e ovn gè l nu y t tg i n : vs e u ps r u nt crs e hin pulf r d l n e m t i” another tortuous grammatical Gordian knot as qe o e op d ca e etea e e’ i r a r l– e r r i u v s ee from Ambelain! – PV.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A.Now. 67 . fuel from its initial impurities.

19) 56 Alchemy comprises two procedures. 68 .Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. the dry path. according to the words of Scripture: “ n l day dawn. and the moist path. a long but sure procedure. a short but dangerous procedure. Vaughan © May 2005 The Work is long via the moist path56! It endures. and the day s rren u ha s U t the i t a s i or er…” a i t (Peter: 2 Epistle: 1.

of to this shows that Gnosis existed already.n h er f o m ns e p . psychic nourishment which supports our spiritual. i e t o e o d the propitiatory bloody sacrifices of animals. innocent enough in appearance.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. this initiation into a secret Rite which was new to Abraham. to the whole of t ft e s e Ide. which Rationalists never cease to attach to their negations regarding the value of this Rite. 18 This phrase. From this. Abraham transmitted to all his posterity. according to history. h ai f l hii rul e ae h e h Sc f e a e t re o Me h ee” e s l sa t l m f e ic t e cz So his Apostles and heir Disciples ree e a “ri t n f m h dt gbc t acr i ci d n od ao” r i an ak o e a v ni o m i tn origin in the time of Abraham which. psychic life or. he had the powers of the Most High God. This has been perpetuated in the rite of Seder. and the rite of Kiddush. 57 58 I Fec. when he received it from Melchizedek. 69 . n r ht ‘l io L n Lf n h x e A bln ust e t w r “ari t r i p i ‘ c f e . just as material nourishment is capable of supporting our material life if it is wholesome. we can assert a priori that.. and that certain people knew there was another God besides the common gods. if it is a spiritual poison. has however an unsuspected depth in the context of Judaeo-Christian Tradition. e Ei r f og i ’PV. so there may exist a spiritual. eas o t si t ha o S l o’T m l a ns e h u r I al ned bcue fh .l gi e u r . When the Christ made it t bs o a C rtn i ah cld i slt “ari r f rh O dr f l i dk. nineteen centuries B. affirms that which is above is like unto that which is below. Vaughan © May 2005 VII THE ELIXIR OF LIFE57 “ Melchizedek king of Salem And brought forth bread and wine: and he was the priest58 of the most high God…” Genesis: XIII. In fact this mysterious rite descended from occult elements and traditions as old as four millennia! Such antiquity clearly removes any value to the pleasantries. when Melchizedek transmitted the sacrificial rite of Bread and Wine – Corn and Vine – Abraham. For if. or on the contrary destroying it if it is a poison. on the contrary. Moreover. was around the twelfth Egyptian dynasty.o r sn w i bcm ei nt later in the m e i sbtu sh od sc f a u”m l n s ri r fre os h h eo e v e a it e ic e y g a ic ’ a c d chapter – PV. i t cl r e “ m r d T b t n h e ba d E e l al” e e t a e attributed to Hermes Trismegistus. the blessing of the cup of wine.C. during the time of the Middle Empire. in more or less good taste. we meet again the offering of azyme bread and wine. Let us look at this a little more closely. destroys it. which includes the presence of Matzoh or azyme bread. * * * There is a well-known Hermetic axiom which.

Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. a e en ” PV.ot c e fn s e spiritual purpose: “ h N t n o C na. unites them eternally in the traditions of the Romany gypsies61 of Central Europe. and that the rites associated with this communion have always worn the appearance of an assimilation through the oral. nasal. a h b t n of e o h ea e e cr t s ev l s ic e ao ed e t ancestors.t. 61 “ Tziganes” PV. 60 “ incantée” lit. 59 “a t svn eife i a . e t bh e (Bhagavad Gita: XI. half-consumed on the altar of holocausts.t i edd o u m n h G n sbna t f e fh e n i es. crowned with tears of frankincense. the hand of an adrim n o t ba o a i ei n m n “ gorge ourselves on them in the o a. e h ve s h seventh day. r gl nm e …)n ne t sm o t ei . sanguine. who thereby unite spiritually with Yahweh their god.17) Nowadays. I am clarified cow ghee. in all ages.eet h a o t ss n h b c t e e h e c e querant.ru … ot a a material assimilation with . that although they do not lack meat from domestically raised or hunted animals. e i …59” Im h f r gt sc f et c ri u e h i ahr t Fr e en h ic h a f d t . e h l n i y a h r rs e v …” e l (h “ ok fuie” X I 1 – T e B o o Jb es. It is also the Arab Geomancer. h h wn fh pi s fh em n ci r e r g e n” e i g s It is the ritual anthropophagy of certain Africans. – 70 . On the t “i n r ne. a t f e ay c o sc f eI mt oli s f r t t dpr d I m h ee V d i rul I m h i di at fari . and half-consumed by the priests of Israel. It is the animal victims. mixed and drunk by newly-weds. who pushes an earthenware stove on which boil magical r i ( cnemyr. water over which incantation have been said – Eau – PV. I am the transcendental incantation. rh r n f n n lg t a. people have tried to establish communion (or communeunion) with the Entities whose existence and presence they suspected. so that the querant may thus be momentarily and literally possessed and controlled by them during t t o i o t “o t o t G o at f ue. the priests consume them ritualistically. It is the Shewbread. Vaughan © May 2005 We suggest first that.a au . “a t of i . We t e i tl e manner the white man eats his good god…! oe fhm wlni l ep i t a i i at ” n ot e i a e xln o n n g n l vy a dn missionary. f r g ari so h D a uon tombs. I am the healing herb. they will eat the heart of a courageous warrior. which number twelve (one for each tribe) which remains six day upon the Table of Witness. e l ie btrt rule . together with the offering. the Sabbath. and this is then drunk by the infirm or possessed person. visual (contemplation)e . actually communed T e aos f aan of i sc f e t t ed p i en ic e wtE iB i sad o t s e r snt iWok w r ei i v e g. XI 6 17) l . It is the blood of ritual incisions. in which the ink signs are effaced and dissolve. I am the fire and I am t at f f r g – more accurate translation of Verse 16 – h co of i . in order to be impregnated in the Tabernacle of the Covenant by the Shekinah ( e d i peec”t pneuma hagion). e ari . 16 . the benediction and the imbibing of the cup of wine. it is the Fetishist who still transcribes secret signs upon a skin.n frh vr e o. which he then washes in blessed water60.

thanks to him. presaging the he-goat of Azaël?. a fallen god. etc. 63 In this verse of the bible t r in m n o o t “os f aos. i For. like Dionysius and Orpheus. the time of renewal. who must resume his new life as a Man! The Christian Eucharist. * * * This principal of communion through material absorption was so well accepted that later on. passes (Pâques = passage64) across the horoscope or First House of the world.. as St. sometimes by the intromission of the tongue in the mouth of the recipient 62 In the Egyptian religion. this initiation is regularly transmitted by the rite of transferring of saliva from the mufti to the new sheik. which is the sign of Aries. 20) In the agrarian rites of Dionysius. It concerns itself with the bringing to life. to the resurrection of Christ. Note âuss r h o ‘at ’ and n e t tPqe’s at ad pqeiPs vr PV. Thus he was supposed to imbibe the breath of Osiris..n I o’dseht would have communion with The ad dnt ei t you r a 63 demons” (Paul: I Corinthians.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. which in spring. and refused to eat the meats consecrated to the “aoagd” nt nl os. 71 . Yet why was it necessary for the lamb to be replaced by its antithesis: the kid. placed their lips upon the lips of the statue of god. we see an inverted Eucharist. so that it might be revived in the Mystery. The Orphic rites implied the same Mystery. lives again in the Initiate.ut pi islvl dsi t h es o et n fh gd o nt n”bth o ts tl ad ep eh e i e i e n i i t e rewriting of the epistle – PV. cake. X. which is also simultaneously a sort of slightly subverted initiation. On the other hand. as prefigured in the Jewish tradition. Paul later reminded them: “ national gods are demons. ever refused to burn incense before idols. image of the solar god. through him. concerns itself with the bringing a Man to life in the Mystic Body of God! Some have occasionally compared the resurrection of Hiram. at the instant the sun rose. a virgin goat. From this they clandestinely receive a baraka or blessing. people seek to drink or eat the alimentary leftovers abandoned by a holy man or a wise man: tea. of a dead man. in the Masonic ritual. in the depths of the naos62 barred to the profane. But Hiram. But here again. h ‘âusiE s r n ‘âu’s as e – a e o . There indeed is a matter for meditation. the Templars were accused of drinking the ashes of their dead Brothers mixed in wine and the blood of a black cat! Even nowadays in the land of Islam. they partook of a kid. the naos was a wooden or stone shrine in which the spirit of the deity was perpetually present – PV. respite the most dreadful tortures. 64 Pqe iFec frE s r– Ambelain makes the point that its root is both in Passover and Passage. Vaughan © May 2005 In the same epoch the priests of Osiris. in the fourteenth century. It is why Israel. in the Mysteries.

through of the rite of Shewbread and the Cup of Kiddush. As this rite is certainly completely unknown to ordinary Christians. “ Therefore be praised. fna et ytn s l anr – a v ie ’ 72 . ‘ m d snl ttnib ’ T e od b oy se sa e i prpi here. if not a very orthodox Judaic ceremony. and sometimes by the simple act of spitting. who has c a d h f io t v e r t t r t fh i …! ee e u e n “ e r sdOETERNAL ONE. Orthodox or Latin) is but the transposition. who has sanctified us B pa e. h w r ‘l d’em r hrn por n a v ie o t a ate ae i t :n audm n l ei ib m ne ? PV. has 65 66 I could find no translation. our GOD. up to the time of Christ. what was that Supper. w el i. i through Your Commandments. O ETERNAL ONE. sometimes by introducing a finger soaked with saliva. which is how it happened to one of our friends who was receiving the geomantic initiation from a daguèze65 from Mogador! There is an initiatory display and a type of fluidic transmission at the same time. we give it here by right of record. were ritual prayers. after the Office. son of David. Sovereign of the Universe. * * * Now. at the moment of the consecration of the Bread and the Cup. Vaughan © May 2005 (a word which perfectly states what is happening!). but the meaning is clear enough – PV. one goes to the table.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. at the time of the Liturgy (whether Eastern or Western. who has taken us for Your People. of the sacrifice of Melchizedek. So. our GOD. They still figure in the present day collection used by practicing Jews. and thus pontiff and king. GOD blessed the seventh day and HE to sanctified it. what does the Christian tradition tell us? That the transubstantiation of the Eucharistic species. for on that day. and says: “ w shn h s t dy A d h H ae ad h E r ad lt thy otnd a I a t t i h a. On the seventh day GOD had achieved His Work. perpetuated in Osrael from the time of Abraham. takes the Cup filled with Wine. n t evn n t a h n a h t cn i w s t e ex e e t la e ae ended. h “ akg i ” h h h vn cz a t l y t h vg c e were pronounced at the end of the banquet by the Christ. Perhaps he meant r hr‘ e oe ag nei s l . and of the Me h eei reofl w a ek re T e t nsi ns w i t E agelists tell us l i dk n i t o o . in a bloody66 and invisible manner. composed firstly of the annual Passover (with the partaking and mandating of a lamb and bitter herbs). and HE rested the seventh day from all that HE had done. and who. who was consecrated by Melchizedek. however recalling to our readers to note the remnants and echoes of the Eternal Liturgy w i t ti taeo h w rs h h a be ucagd o cn r s h h h n hgv tt od w i hd en nhne fr et i … c a g e c ue Kiddush Or the Inauguration of the Sabbath On Friday evening. Sovereign of the Universe. in Your Love. the LORD rested from all the Works which HE had accomplished.

O ETERNAL ONE. linked in fact to the very essence of the Savior by a mysterious grace wished by Him. and in Your Love.o t a a e l .” Then the following Benediction is said over two whole breads. te uH 73 . and reminds us that You had us come out of Egypt. in the Invisible. e e l e ep w o r m d ” t n h “ r e” We o give at e f i o i w w r i pol h de e… ) h t G a s. the Eucharistic species remain what they were at their creation. and given to each of those present: “ praised. linked by His promise.19) As sugar placed in a porcelain sugar bowl remains sugar and the sugar bowl remains porcelain. “r ”i da s PV. 70 ‘ vi“ vt l o m ” – A a r ê ’ m e’ PV. 67 68 Lit. at Jordan. XXII. feeling.ucp b t cau t n a i the religious orgies of ancient o’di h l d r w r sset l o ogli . Christ is not torn to pieces and eaten savagely by drunk and furious bacchantes. O ETERNAL ONE our God. You have given us as a heritage the holy Sabbath Day. Therefore be praised. d not n ek e a . that it is we whom You have chosen and sanctified amidst all peoples. We absorb a subtle substance. round loaf – PV. Psalm 127 (Song of Degrees) is recited: Whnt Ee a bogth “ e h t nl ruh t e r e 69 cp vsrm Zo. te l. hy a b fud n h o et n o “ e e e t n e l i . and through the power which He freely and eternally conferred upon a Rite ordered of the Apostles: “ oh im m r o Me D t sn e oy f …” i (Luke: Gospel. * * * But how do we conceive of the Occult meaning of the Eucharist? Certainly we do not eat the living. From this fact.sn n s o d m ie ao Thrace. without receiving legitimate powers and the pronunciation of sacred words.f the Israelites of the Ashkenazi Rite (Tephillath Adath Yeschouroun: Editions Durlacher). But when the Divine is mixed with them. who has sanctified the Sabbath. by His Order made twenty centuries ago. who provides68 the Be Bed n t Wi …” r adh n a e e After the Meal.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. Vaughan © May 2005 given us the holy Sabbath Day in commemoration of the Creation. so the Eucharistic liturgy links the wheat and grape sugar to the Saving Essence about which we have just spoken. eaten.e. a . occult and mysterious. uut ehd r l h i e s n n e i eo e m f And we certainly dnt r k ib o. and which impregnates and transmutes the materiality of the Eucharistic species in consequence of His Promise at the Supper.e e c t m hr frhy r r hrog T e m y e on i t clcos f Daily Prayers”o h e e . acri t t w rs f tA gsn. The matzoh67 is broken. This day is the first among solemnities. cellular flesh of Him who. a “ c t dh sla Ma70…” cod g o h od o S. and just as the Philosophical Stone changes lead into gold.r – ir t w 69 Ambelain appears to be confused as the Song of Degrees is not the psalm quoted here – PV. Sovereign of the Universe. transubstantiation will then be effected.

consists of the slow and progressive working out of the PREEXISTENT CHURCH. become analogous to that of God. T e r d sh “ sc oy o C rtad h Wi it “ yt su . Elsewhere. Now.Jsa t h Be it myt bd” f hi. is in error in our opinion. It is yet another anomaly in the practice of this Rite. when placed in the bowl. This it i opr i i oh “ sc oy o C rt ttfss g. such as the Darbists. and Humanity saved from the Demiurge. Man became the transmuting athanor in which ransomed Creation must pass and be integrated in order to return to the Divine. there is no longer a reason for an absence of Wine in the Latin Rite. er y er F rh “hne. And it is because all Creation which fell with Adam (and the Choir of Preexistent Souls which constitute it) reascends with Christ. we absorb an occladm sc“hne. nevertheless passes from the physiological plane to the psyche. en t n e so e td tn n o . ensure the porcelain sugar bowl would little by little become sugar in its turn. assimilated by e e r li . as a transmuting sugar would. wehatever they may be (animal. c e the Mystery. It is. Vaughan © May 2005 Then. fish. 74 . still reject pork. It is represented by the Eucharistic bread.c in all the branches of Christianity71. To absorb it is to build our o nm sc oy r r et b t “ et et f l y of which the Palestinian Kabbalists w yt bd. the Host. the psychic substance and spiritual essence of Man will little by little. the Eastern Rite. Withu t s V s et.n t a e i s e n sh m sc ol utsh e e i ” e bestial passions of consumed animals were passed along in the blood of the Israelites with those of impure animals. the order henceforth to consider all foodstuffs. 71 Certain Protestant sects. in the Latin Rite. that Peter received in a dream (Acts of the Apostles): X. t E ca so t f t u i ’t E ca so t pi t Il k oe fh to h uhrt fh ah ls th uhrt fh r s ta s n o t w elements of e i e if n e i e e. vegetable) as having been purified forever. if we impregnate ourselves with it sufficiently and often enough during the course of our t r talecu t nm tu lt b lt. A body needs a soul. And this is the role of the Eucharistic wine. closer to Judaism. for it is made to be worn. at Sinai. this CHURCH is the Mystic Body of Christ. or the reconstitution of the pleroma. i itt e e c tn t e i sa s r a With the Eucharist.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. Agreed upon at a time of persecution in order to safeguard the Wine from involuntary sacrilege (slippage.ol r s u sil y il ya b ya o t s cag” r si f d a e te te .e e n d y h V s n o Go ” i ps e e m r and the Fathers of the CHURCH spoke.u F t r tell us. broken glasses. through a second transubstantiation. * * * Reintegration. i our organism like all regular nourishment. so the Soul of Christ passes through us in the Wine… Now. because the blood carries the passions that. or spirit. the Jews received the order only to consume exsanguinated meat. where the ordinary faithful communicate in one kind. dispersed by the Fall. philter of immortality u n yt cag” a t i which. sh n roao n t Myt B d” f hi. nothing can oth “ et n or a es i m ” h bridge the Fire Principle separating the Created from the Uncreated… But a vestment must be used. and form the psyche into the nous. consisting of communion in two kinds for all the faithful. 9 to 15). in fact. etc). In his turn. From this cm sh spr s no t i e ii s gi t l d m ate …adalso of vegetarianism o e t upe i fh n r co aa sb o.

etc. The Pontifical Mass. winding-sheet. Occultists do not ignore the role of beeswax either. the altar stone of the Latin Rite is replaced with a linen cloth. sought after by all magicians and necromancers. Let us not forget that in antiquity there was a veritable traffic in these objects. the altar stone. the first Christians constituted a sect apart from the 72 “ Contre-ville” I f t . dead in the flesh. We should not ignore the evocatory role of the flame issuing from a candle (or taper) previously lit on a tomb.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. c antimension if mt G ek o ‘ sr h r frinstead of a table’ PV. crown of thorns.o hw ay ec e a ra i t y h e n n np” e ls e t b c e e pious and inspired forgers! Upon the Christian altar. secretly sheltered by the Disciples desirous of maintaining contact with the Master. o e e – 75 . It is very probably this which allows us to preserve the shroud of Christ. the skull used by the black magician. with the two great Archangels: Mikaël and Gabriel. These exemplars come to life because they are raised up on a miniature tomb. that called the Jerusalem Mass or the St. Serious Occultists will understand if we declare that we consider the Host as an infinitely superior symbol to regular. conversely. from which comes our hypothesis about the carefully desired preservation of the relics of the Passion: nails. This is immediately contemporaneous with the first known liturgy. The w w xcnl . lit upon Divine and Angelic Names. and one can add the masses said in Rome on the tombs of the catacombs. evokes and manifests the presence of the Savior. This is why it is used in wax dagydes used by spellbinders. It is called an antimension (counter-town72). solar and lunar forms. right and left of the Crucifix. These relics place the whole in contact with the Celestial City. All Central Europe acts upon this tradition with candles flickering on every tomb. flanked by two lit black candles. the upright Crucifix (or Tau). The first Christian liturgists knew what they were doing. i ot h haMas ol b “ vain” placed to the to a ad swt u w i e h c s w u e in d . also possesses a different occult value. evoke the presence of the Angelic World. ordinary bread. The corporal of the Catholic Rite is a deformation of this. celebrated exclusively by a Bishop. and erected upon a cloth coming from a funerary winding sheet. Now. just as. that good and faithful register of radiation. na .We r sek g“ pi i e hr fr o m n r i w r le f r a db t as n i a pai i r c l e . Vaughan © May 2005 in using ordinary bread in place of the azymes of the Latin Rite. Both are folded into nine squares. and this precisely recalls the magical square of Saturn! This rite of using bones appeared very early on in the East. on the night of All Saints! Martinez de Pascuallis used these candles. in his theurgic Operations. containing identical relics in its center. or the wax members utilized by spagyric doctors. put the necromancer in psychic contact with the City Below. James Mass. This occult knowledge is used upon the Christian altar. In the East. as illustrated by Paracelsus. which necessarily contains parcels containing the bones of saints. like the majority of the other relics of the Ps o.

74 Se . with the Choir of Izchim of the Kabbalah . who would he not have received them on his deathbed. refused to name it! T e it r oe o i srri i t f thth “ hr sh e r nt n upin n h a t t taboo of the cadaver” a nt e ef hg sg e c a e wso followed in the first Christian community. The Disciples certainly knew the Jewish tradition about the habal ha garbim o “p io bns. denied with vigor.ht h hSaia d G aa o i h h d l e t C m ui f a t t w i t s s e ui h i i a e o n” a c nl t 74 called Iona. then. thereby constituting a trigone of light with the Crucifix in the center. for all of history. the third wax candle ritualistically evokes t “r ec” fh A ot f m h pe ne o t pse r e s e l o whom the celebrating Bishop is necessarily and immutably descended.h “ o m n no Si s. who has been a Martinist for many years. notably Gence. Nowadays. The Christian was so outside of the strict Jewish religion that Josephus. S wt t st r f m .Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. However.d e b Nc u. From this. A Bishop must obligatorily light a third wax candle (behind the upright Crucifix in the Gnostic liturgy. m e i “r taK ba h. from a priest such as the Abbé deLa Noue? * * * 73 The reader will remember that a triangle of evocation is always drawn at any operations intending to manifest a spirit – PV. e R A bln Pa i l abl ”eid y ias a : cc a t l 76 . which his last immediate disciples. commenting upon its existence. There are specialist books on this subject. it is usually just a lit candle in a cad sc p cdotd aypn cl l ot om c frh arcana in the modern-day nl tk l e u i n et u ra u ei a se a a y …s uh o t e Church. Vaughan © May 2005 Pharisees. Why would the Unknown Philosopher have refused the sacraments from such a sincere source? In his book “ al uN t e h t du t t r s sa e ps s aypw r o e T b a a r ” e o sh pi t cr l os s n o e t r e ul l a es c y e s h than the sacraments of Penitence and the Eucharist. is invisibly present. * * * People have sometimes spread the story that Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin died having refused the Sacraments. In this he therefore recognizes the validity of these two. rsit f oe” r * * * But we are still talking about the level of the Mass as celebrated by a regular priest. We will ignore who could have propagated this tale. The use (and seeking) of relics from the Passion does not contradict logic. One knows that all fii s r ps l “ucs os m s ncs ryg bc t oeo t T e eA ots iao o aot i sces n” ut ees i o ak o n fh w l pse. near Aunay. lt n oc i al e v l The reader may rest assured that. at the home of his disciple and friend the Abbé de La Noue. and by then the Essenes (their doctrines prove this). Why would this surprise us? LouisClaude de Saint-Martin died at Valée-au-Loups. the great Churches have carefully kept their own successions –and those of their rivals –up to date. In this way the theurgic tradition of all evocations is respected73). the Sadducees.

Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. Vaughan © May 2005

Regarding the reality of the Eucharistic mystery, we will also note the following fact. In former times, some Occultists, more black than white, were curious enough to go to specific Masses, on the great days of Christmas or Easter, in one of the large Parisian metropolitan churches. At the moment of Elevation, when the celebrant elevated the Host, then the Cup, they would go to the axis of the nave, at the far end, by the doors. At that precise instant they would expose a crystal ball, that classic instrument of clairvoyance and a powerful psychic condenser, which had previously been immersed in clear running water, to empty it of all previously accumulated radiation. Immediately afterwards they would cover it again in a square of black silk, a good isolator. Upon retuning home, they submitted the crystal ball to the psychic75 examination of proven seers or seeresses. Every time these seers saw the crystal ball glow red like a ruby. Every time the phenomenon faded little by little, and disappeared totally at the end of around ten to twelve hours. The seers never saw ordinary balls (presented to them as proof), which had not been exposed to the Holy Species, presenting this strange phenomenon. Who could still believe in front of such facts that the Christian Eucharist is just a m m r l F rh er dc r o t R fr ao,h “ presence”w s cr i f t e oi? o t a y ot s fh e m t n t real a e l o e o i e a a ea a . tn c 76 T e, i “ e ea i t n ”hl n,h i oat ass okt d et of the church hn wt f e xm n i h r ao e i t g r m s t h ic pg e n n e o e r ion into their own hands, weighing their majority against the reforming synods, and over time Protestantism lost the formidable secret which God had confided to Man. And it is here we find the true Philosophical Stone of Spiritual Alchemy: the Eucharist, in which Water, image of the Mercury of the Wise and of the CHURCH, is united in the Chalice, image of the crucible, with Wine, symbol of Sulfur of the Wise and CHRIST. Moreover, and from this union of the PHILOSOPHICAL SUN (the Wine) and the PHILOSOPHICAL MOON (the Water), of these newlyweds cldt “ Bridegroom” n t “ ae h Red l e ad h White Bride” according to the treatise e , by Ripley, joins together as the PHILOSOPHICAL EARTH (the Corn), symbol of the Salt of the Salt of the Wise77. It is the fusion of these three terms which then constitutes the Spiritual Chrysopage, by which Man is identified with GOD,s ed eo e G l it ha o t Ma a… a L a bcm s o nh er fh d e t e ts r Then, in the astral, this ruby red color, which is that of the Red Stone, the Perfect Stone, shines in the crystal ball amenable to Clairvoyants. * * *
75 76

T e od sd s m t nm qe – h w r ue i“ é go i ” PV/. a u “be xm n m y ae seic en g a ua a o – l r a e” a hv a pc im ai I m nw r f PV. i -e f n e 77 I h w r “ h Sret f eei , t ll d G aa ei t th ex o le a ee eie f m a n i ok T e e n o G ns ” Sa ia e ui dn sh t l i fi hs vr x t r s p s ns s t e a e ir f sd o material point of view. This is clearly a statement which is self-evident! Moreover, what use would it serve? To fix, once and for all, that which makes use of it into a definitive state, destroys in advance any possibility of evolution! This would be to forever enclose the Being in a prison from which there was no hope of getting out, having as jail companions memories, often sorrowful, and moral imperfections, horribly embarrassing.


Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. Vaughan © May 2005

To end on this subject, we will give an extract from an apocryphal Gnostic writing entitled the Apocalypse of Adam. This work goes back to the first century. We read that according to the anonymous author, it was on the tomb of Adam that Melchizedek and Shem celebrated the first sacrifice of Bread of Wine. Here there is a foreshadowing of the antimension and present day relics. “ hnA a , e gc s t bd yda , a St h sn E och, the son of Seth, T e dm bi l e o oi et hd e , i o, n n o l h h s Caïnam, son of Enoch, and Malalahel, the sone of Caïnam, come to him, and he left them his testament, saying: “ e it vww i a yu os n t sn o yu sn m sosre Whn a H r sh o h h l o sn ad h os f oros ut be . e Im e e c l e v dead, you shall embalm my body with Myrrh, Frankincense and Cinnamon, and you will place it in a hidden Cavern. And he among my children who later finds himself alive when he must leave the neighborhood of Eden shall take with him my skin, and he shall place it in the central point of the Earth, for it is from this Mysterious Place that, in the future, when the Time has come, will come my salvation and the salvation of all my Posterity. “ n t S n o A a d a h hdldotot m A doe a t A gl fh A d h os f dm i s e a a u t h . n n dy h ne o t e d i e e e Eternal One descended near to Shem and Melchizedek, and appeared to them, having first frf d hiha s H t n a t Me h ee:T k t BedadWi t t hm hsn oti t r er. eh si o l i dk ‘aeh r n ie e t e d cz e a n h Se a i e a h hns adMe h ee t kt s t ns a t A gl a t dh t d.A dt y i ad…’ n s l i dk o h e h g, s h ne hd o i o o n h cz o e i e l m e remained by the Tomb of Adam until evening. And when night was come, there came a great brightness above the Body of our Common Father. And they sang, filled with joy. And when the sun appeared at dawn, the Voice of the Eternal One came to Melchizedek, and he heard Him say this: “ i u, l i dk adt e w l s nsadwt t m r s u adaa t Me Rs p Me h ee,n a te e t e,n i h a e p n lro . e cz k v o h e i t You will put the Bread and Wine, which Shem gave to you, upon it, then you will communicate t e e yuadh . Me h ee hs ndt this. And he prayed to God to accept the o t r o n i ” l i dk at e odo gh , m cz e offerings. Then the Spirit of God descended on the hosts of the sacrifice, and the mountain shone with a holy light. “ hn h A glsi ec t t o e “r s t Hm w o a c a d hs Cet e T e t ne a ah o h t r Pa eo i , h hs r t t e r u s e s d e h: i ee e ar wh h rnm d nado hmhv a o en eel poon Myt i …” i a a e Me,n tw o ae l be r a d rfud s r s c e s v e ee “ ithus that the Word of God appeared to Melchizedek and said to him: Here I have Is t made you a Priest. Shem and you have communed in the First Sacrifice that you offered. And as you employed twelve stones to erect this altar, so, when the Time will finally come, I shall take twelve Apostles to be the solid columns of the Earth. And as you offered Bread and Wine, so shall I offer My Flesh and My Blood. And I shall make of this place a holy place, where you have offered the first sacrifice, the same where is buried the Body of your Father: Adam... And Ihlgatr tl s g tt s w o hlcm hr sa r ge b s nso h e h sa o e e …” l n a ei o l e (Apocalypse of Adam, apocryphal Gnostic text) The reader will observe the very beautiful esotericism of this passage. According to the legend, Adam was buried where later Christ was put to death, and this butte, at the border of the


Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. Vaughan © May 2005

walls of Jerusalem, were then called Golgotha,htst sy “kl i H be , i its t i o a, su ” n er g a l w ven shut… i oee l t From this comes the very symbolic image of a cross erected upon a human skull, from which, perhaps, a serpent escapes from the orbits. And those who know how to draw on a planisphere certain geodesics passing through Jerusalem, claim surprise at finding strange coincidences78… * * * To those who manifest any doubt about the imprescribable character of the Eucharistic rite for the Christian, we content ourselves with reclling the very words of Christ: “ you do not eat the body of the Son of Man, and if you do not drink his blood, you will If have no Life within you. He who eats My body and who drinks My blood, has Life Eternal. A dI i r s t m o t l t a… fr bd itrue nourishment, and My blood is true n wl a e h l i e n h a dy o My oy s e s refreshmen H w oetm B d adw odi s yBodl e i Me n Inh …As t e h a y o y n h r k m l i sn … s n o v ad i i m My Father who has sent Me lives, and as I live in My Father, likewise he who eats me shall also live through Me! He who eats this bread shall live forever!. . . ” (John: Gospel, VI, 54 to 5979) “ oh im m r o Me D t sn e oy f …” i (Luke: Gospel, XXII, 19) What can we say, other than that Christ perhaps reiterates the test of the Garden of Eden. By refused to bend ourselves to the mysterious rite of the Eucharist, which our feeble human intelligence can hardly understand and follow in the vertiginous developments it implies, we will, without doubt, reiterate the fatal and prideful error of primitive Adam-Eve. To the complete defense of arriving at a Knowledge of Good and Evil, through a spiritual manducation which was fatal to Original Man, we associate ourselves with a refusal to conform to the Knowledge of Salvation by an analogous manducation. Even better, we make it worse by reiterating it in the opposite manner80! Just as the wood of the symbolic Tree is for us the symbol of our spiritual death, so the wood of the symbolic Tree became the ignominious waistcoat of the Cross (into which it was

O eo t s w o i da i l l e: h ol ue ko frgoei ii dm scnt c d s n frh e h l e r n e i s t n s I nw o ‘eds ’sn o e,osut a o k w g yn e y c r e alternative habitats! – PV. 79 This bears only the loosest of connections with the verses Ambelain quotes – PV. 80 This obscure passage seems to revolve around a double negative. Ambelain seems to be saying that just as original sin came from chewing (manducation) an apple, so we now conform to salvation by chewing the Host. However, this is a little hard to follow, since Gnostic thought, which Ambelain followed, often posited the idea that A a w sm roe i E e b t D m ug ad sae t ‘ro’ f dn y e gnp e ( t rhn dm a i pi nd n dn yh e i e n ecpd h pi n o E e b bi i i d r h t s e r e s n sr ae a tempted) by the true and ever-living God to eat of the Tree, by which Adam-Eve regained the knowledge which had been denied them during their sojourn in Eden. In this interpretation the serpent was Heli, or the Christ, bringing Gnosis to man. The act of manducation in Eden, therefore would be seen as a positive act! – PV.


and the word Pleroma explains it best. 81 If anyone knows this legend. would they not oppose themselves. Vaughan © May 2005 shaped. according to the beautiful esoteric legend81). It refers to the collectivity of Preexistent Souls. the translator would be most interested to hear it – PV. Orthodox. l e lopse o m t hs asit lyto pie ”oe f et ad n i a pois f e pyi lp i at w “h t s.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A.n o da n oe k l t a c ru i . etc. lr h of immortality. with Man as the stake…? * * * Let is recall here that the word CHURCH in these pages does not mean some human church. Protestant. be it Catholic. 80 . just as Christ and his Adversary oppose one another. and becomes the symbol of our liberation. But then why.

Say not that the Universe is on its bed of sorrows. the Earth shall be cursed bcue f o…” eas o yu (Genesis: II. you are the sole source from L a e n m es ad e i e er . 17 – 18) This phrase incontestably evokes the hyle of the gnostics. is the ultimate goal of true alchemy. so did Eden crystallize and f li o sao .Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. from which the Universe has never been separated. and all spiritual or material creatures. hyle was used to designate wood. the orient. 7 and II. which was designated the first matter of the Inferior World. In ancient Greek and word for word. and by extension. T egre o l h p cd i aspr r“l e. Primitively Adam was in Eden. a i a succeeded by a material. say: the Ma. Just as he had worn a garment of leaves (his integration into the vegetable plane). I tell you. and of the Universe. n e rb e whence the River of Lies and Death is daily introduced upon the Earth… Heart of Man. Universe is on its deathbed. this Source which is not God. it is up to you to reconcile it with this Source by purging it of all the substances of falsehood with which it has never ceased to impregnate itself since the Fall. unreclaimed land. In Genesis there is a phrase to which very little attention is paid in the ordinary Christian milieu. a a n hdw l t h a n f i t l e n ue o p n” w s d g. in fact. At this point let us listen to Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin: “ n the evil is yet greater.-C. Vaughan © May 2005 VIII UNIVERSAL REINTEGRATION “ Nothing can rest in itself. de Saint-Ma i “ rn Ministry of Man-Spirit” t: ) “ er hr a i m ne n t r lsc t Heart of Man. light. Myt i eu gu ” We know that the reintegration of the entire Cosmos. the entire Universe was degraded with Man its original guardian. then after his moral fall. It is your duty to perform the funeral rites. Final Summary ao B em . and to wash away all the days ised n aie…” tpn i vn i ts (L. This term was set against biblical Eden. it is up to you to reconcile it with this Pure Source from which it descends. According to authentic Rosicrucian tradition. how 81 . This is it: “ Henceforth the earth will only produce thorns and brambles. jungle. 21). copse. in which all elements became weighty and materialized. Eden had become Hyle. having desired to know Good and Evil. then one of the sins of beasts (his integration into the animal plane) (Genesis: II. unless it r o s i t t trmw i icm … “ e i wt o h f jn h a o h hta e c Jcb oh e“ s r mManm . a word signifying garden. shadowy Universe. but one of the eternal organs of His Power.

his closest disciple. through this Operation of extended commitment85 which constitutes the chariot86 of the Great Work. this Art leads its disciple to a position to be at first surprised.-C. to impede their action on men. 87 The Creator Logos. then a faith. o e tr e a r e s tu r r 82 83 O ‘e ’ PV. who must not be confused with the Demiurge. 82 . Thus.a llcv yn us v ! ee ma ae i t ee However. if one hs’s e d s irpr l at i ior l s antt r a i l . Later. It is also this science. intended to strangle the demonic action at the heart of the Cosmos. o m n n f a t r m n h ae h pr o e c a i a pt n” o n. Then we reunite once more with the venerable knowledge which ad guided us in the preceding pages. ir l ‘ e e be h d l u hln – el xn a’ n ee 86 ‘ui èe – A r i ’ suggests both the coachman of a chariot (aurige) and gold (Au) – gr PV. de Satin-Martin. But it is clear that it is useless to attack the problem of the reintegration of the Universe and its constituents. and to annihilate the Operations of Black Magic. since it is the sole philosophy that teaches Man these experimental and probatory rudiments which will lead him towards absolute certainty. intended to establish contact with the Angelic World and with the C m ui o Si s f m a ogt lt t O e t sl t prcl “a os. then to follow.-C. and which is limited to regeneration in the world of metals. de Saint-Ma i “ rn Man of Desire” t: ) The mysterious Masters who firstly set up Martinez de Pascuallis. b) Conjurations. 84 Alembic.o h E i i s l h t a s a e. we have already seen that all is harmonious in this ensemble. of Prince of this World. Vaughan © May 2005 many centuries will it take to root out this strange leaven82 which infects you? Listen to the tragic and harrowing efforts which mortals make to vomit forth this seed of death? Let us weep for the Heart of Man. and confided to him the keys of individual regeneration. rgr – m It is the Prince of Darkness. who must be strangled by Adam. boiler – PV. * * * The techniques of the Elus Cohen of Martinez de Pascuallis comprise three distinct elements: a) Exorcisms. with the bringing together of disorganized and corrupt elements of the Kenome. as we saw earlier. and then reproduce all the mysterious processes by which the Divine Animator87 l d h “ a eo L v” And so it is the philosophical sovereign par e s i G m f oe. In this matrass84. which is a miniature Universe. which should be the obstacle to Darkness and Evil83 became the light of A o i t n n t gi o Err L t s ep s t t v f d a t sem br d and bm n i ad h u e f r … eu w e. Alchemy reproduces the activity of the Universal Artisan. by this experimental lesson. ao e d o a ln l e r r may it be subdued to wander blindly in the dense night of its tenebrous Cave s r …” n (L. they sent forth L.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. 85 Lt ay et dd r t (eoge a i ) PV. Satan. this true master who this gives him firstly a gnosis. a s excellence. harmonizing them and amalgamating them in order to lead them towards their ultimate perfection. to break their power over the Operator and his disciples. to obtain the cessation or limitation of certain plagues. confided to him the keys of universal regeneration.

91 See . The whole constitutes what Martinez de Pascuallis cl t “u ” . Peau is skin – h w r ue i‘pax so PV. m e i “ R A bln Martinism”ad Practical Kabbalah”Nc u eio. 4th) Ritual of Prevarication and Conservation –Following on from the preceding Cult. Sephirah: Netzach). The Cohen battles against the Forces of Hate between Nations and tries to divert their activities. chorus leader90 of the choir of Preexistent Souls. sects. 6th) Ritual of Opposition against the Enemies of Divine Law –A theurgic Operation having as its objective a battle against human activities tending to spread atheism. From this proceeds a asceticism and penitential ritual. and is thus a liturgy. with a view to Reintegration. beyond any political or material interest. and are intended to channel and to amplify them. in order to have them participate in the fruits of his individual Operation (Sephirah: Yesod). he lends the aid of his theurgy to the unjustly attacked party. The first are the disembodied ones88. 88 89 T e od sd saeu’ this is a guess.n ui t am r i . (Sephirah: Geburah). ‘u e is a complex word in French. osi PV. and above all to chastise those fallen spirits which are their collaborators. Where this is impossible. to use an example used by Don Martinez himself. they continue to maintain and aggravate their bondage of all humanity. and does not necessarily have the negative connotations of the English word C l’ t ‘ l. c t Im aseg ndvt nrul ee t net s sc d i t nw r p u’ li i t ao h ai ao h90 Choragus. intended to allow access to more and more elevated Beings.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. (Sephirah: Tiphereth). Through Exorcisms (the famous Equinox Operations). a s a: . Prayers are integrated into the preceding rituals of conjuration. little by little the Cohen makes contact with higher and higher Hierarchies. satanism and luciferism under their equally human forms (books. Vaughan © May 2005 and in the Angelic World Guardians and Guides. intended to obtain His Grace and Mercy. c) Prayers. addressed to God and the three Persons of the Holy Trinity. (Sephirah: Hod). this Operation consists of combating and chastising votaries of black magic and sorcery. an archaic word for the chorus leader in ancient Greek plays – PV. collective homicide is evidently the gravest of all. revues. etc). 3rd) Operational Ritual against Demons – The authors of the initial degradation at the beginning of Time.n “ .i avnr i . t en r i o. ash cl89 l e t T eo ly fh “u ”nl e t t e o O e t n h t ato t s cl i u se y s f pr i : ti i t cd n p ao 1st) Ritual of Expiation – Man manifests his repentance. (Sephirah: Malkuth). propaganda. the Cohen combats them and repels them from the terrestrial aura. ias d i Pr. as much for his own faults as for the Fall of the initial Prototype.91 2nd) Ritual of Special General Forgiveness –Operations consisting of substituting himself for all terrestrial humanity. the First Adam. As the successive Ordinations progress. 5th) Ritual against War –Homicide being the greatest of crimes.eo o. or to those who indiscutably represent the morally superior right. l tn i 83 .

thrown into a vortex of hate and adding at the ultimate moment the power of their spoken word. But were these authorities in a position to understand that the soul of a suicide. with the privileges that it brings. exorcisms against earthquakes. sadly. linked to state neutrality. One might apply the words of the Roman Catholic Sacramentary a t cner i o ab hp “ L r.n pa Se t ec o t i w e hv cue o t b cre w y at ead r e e t e rd i y to the Lord for it. for in its peace you wlhv pae i ae ec…” l (Jeremiah: XXIX. the latter contain Rites which.. When the mother of the keeper of the dam at Malpasset was thrown into the artificial lake created by the dam and cursed it. etc92… It is the application of word of the apostle Paul: “ hr oeI xotit f lt t up ct n. From this arises the blessing of fruits of the earth. i l f h t ge f i f et ot f a e o r e ” n illumination. 1-2) And the Old Alliance had already said: “ek h pae fh cy hr I ae asdyu o e a i a a cp v. Besides. h h ru h ue e 8th) Ritual to strengthen Faith and Perseverance in divine Spiritual Virtue – Operation with the objective of understanding the Divine Mysteries. damage by water. does not relieve them of responsibility for this. r e . benedictions. that we may lead a quiet and paeb le ecal i …” ef (Paul: 1st Timothy. n i n f e r l a i i y s tc i vg thanks be made for all men. ipso facto becomes a demon?. bridges. 9th) Ritual for the fixing of the divine Conciliating Spirit within oneself –This is the total reception of the Holy Spirit. 7) 92 The fact that civil authorities. in words and deeds. domestic animals. all actions must be inserted into a framework having precisely this as its goal. i h t ait t b a th osc t n f i o: O od g e i h b i o e n e ao s v m e ly author of Reconciliation.. II. (Sephirah: Binah). through which the Operator hopes to sanctify the whole of human actions capable of existing. harvests. the descento t “ nuso feo Pn cs . e p i aAce y t i i t s pgs(Sephirah: Chesed). due to the fault of civil powers or the negligence of religious authorities: blessing of works of art (dams. this comprehension permitting the Emulator to affirm his faith in an absolute and definitive manner.ost i far ets t ia r t itn a a.n r s os adg i o T e fr ehrfs o a h splaos pa r i e es n. for kings and all who are in authority. are rarely used. never call upon religious authorities in such circumstances. religious or i tt y iscntu o o sc m n l e … n io re. c From this succinct exposé one can see that the Operations of Martinezism (to employ the neologism created by Papus) are parallel to religious ceremonies since they have the same purposes. Vaughan © May 2005 7th) Ritual to obtain the descent of the Divine Spirit –Operation with the objective of bringing about the infusion of the Holy Spirit and its gifts. By virtue of the very principle of Universal Reintegration. 10th) Ritual of the Annual Dedication of all Operations to the Creator –This section comprises the totality of consecrations. a ”t S it l l m s d dn h e ae. monuments). drought. inundation. through the power of Signs and Prodigi …” e s (Sephirah: Chokmah). it was the responsibility of the aforementioned religious authorities to neutralize this malediction with the appropriate rites. etc. This im r seicl t “ nr s oe pc i l h I e f ay e n Pt .Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. On the second anniversary of the bursting of the dam was followed by a second catastrophe! 84 .

Vaughan © May 2005 Here again. or the Book of Abramelin the Mage”pgs 1 o 5 Nc u eio. we see the true Rosicrucian path93. m e i “ e R A bln Sacred Magic. 93 Se . ias d i l tn 85 .Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A.ae 1 t 3. a: .

Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. Vaughan © May 2005 PART THREE 86 .

We must therefore pray to obtain. Molinos and his doctrines were condemned by Pope Innocent XI in 1687 (from Encyclopedia. Gospel. Vaughan © May 2005 IX THE TECHNIQUE OF PRAYER “ s. It is absolutely not Quietist in its practical applications. either from early Martinism (Martinezism) or from illuminated Orders of the same spiritual orientation of the 18th Century. The essence of quietism is that perfection lies in the complete passivity of the soul before God and the absorption of the individual in the divine love to the point of annihilation not only of will but of all effort or desire for effort. Precision in prayer. a 17th-century Spanish priest. We also add classical texts. XI. we leave the final word to the great psychoanalyst Jung: “ n nuoe a cue b t f tht aypol ws t r a b n t t i May erss r asd y h a t m n ep i o e i l d o h r e e c a e h m n i e own personal religious aspirations. In this all Quietist94 dg a ost e a l d ly T e Inr a ” fh om cntu s b n ae. and borrowed from prayers from the Latin Church. The study of ancient documents of early Martinism shows that Don Martinez de Pascuallis imposed this in a permanent manner upon his followers who had entered into the theurgic path. ” * * * 94 Quietism: a heretical form of religious mysticism founded by Miguel de Molinos. and she had rid herself of self. used by the same people.n iwl e pnd n o…“ l o Luke. She preached her doctrines to members of the French aristocracy. with the aim of laboring on the interior Great Work. to obtain something specific. is a very important subject. the consequence of an infantile passion for the light of rao!. as the Evangelist says: (Luke: Gospel.n yu i r e e A kad o wl e i … l cv K okad t i b oee ut yu nc. or quietism. 9. Louis XIV's wife. where its most influential exponent was Madame Guyon . esn. Molinos talked about an entire cessation of self-consciousness. We therefore here give texts coming from the true lineage. XI. And if by chance some rationalist reads this and seems to be shocked that prayers are integrated into a text claiming to be initiatory. for sin was self. 87 . h “ e Pt o t it i l n h e Unknown Philosopher only bears an external Quietist approach in its general appearance. . winning a convert and friend in Madame de Maintenon.com – PV. and Madame Guyon maintained that she could not sin. developed within the Roman Catholic Church in Spain and spread especially to France. 10-13) You will observe that this technique is preliminary and concomitant to all operative Martinism. such as the penitential Psalms and the Office of the Holy Spirit.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. and an ally in Archbishop Fénelon. in its general exposition. Molinism.

n ee r sdo r H ae. Vaughan © May 2005 How should we pray? The response is easy: as people prayed at those times that Man was still in close communion with the Divine Plane. Here is the explanation o t s ob ai d. one e d joins the hands together. s m n Act. to extend the soul with our hands. facing the East and in front of the image of the Cross. ys h e o e i w d Praying o oe kes lasm oe a eu e ethth pr n r i hm lt n n’ ne a y i pss r i m n t t e o pa n u ia s s w qr a e s yg ie himself before God because of his faults. placed at the level of the shoulders. so to speak. fingers together. X I O i n “ e rt n” X X) g i We can see this attitude in ancient Pythagorean or Christian frescos. and stand before the God of the Universe. it is that where we stretch out our hands and raise our eyes toward Heaven which should be preferred over all others. y m e : 125. He had had Te a e a cross painted on the Eastern wall of this room. which show the “r e ” i hns x ne bfrt m oe ad updad ysa e t a s evn pa r wt ad et dd e eh . so becoming a symbol of life and salvation. 88 .. such as the times of the primitive Church. on the other hand. hands flat. their tops at the level of the breath passing through the mouth.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A.pn n cpe. This is the Rosicrucian gesture par excellence. and raise the spirit towards God with our eyes. Finally. p. to express with the body an image of the disposition of the soul during prayer. s u” (very occult) recall the skulls of Black Magic posed upon the crossed tibias! But here. nl os ot “ot e”( fh dul tt e aa gu t h ps r asanas) of i e tu o e us certain types of Yoga: “ While the positions of the body are innumerable. There. Yet it is necessary. or Judaism which preceded it. to disengage the spirit from the earth.If. Mart. they should be flat together. in t “ h Secret Instructions of the Réaux +Croix” D nMa i zd Psuls hows us that the e .o rn e acai s te l Cohens of the High Grades of the Order prostrated during certain penitential orisons. and assuredly the greatest of all. having regard to their high esoteric value. Origen. And before so doing. fingers stretched out. a t e o r t at e r d ee i s dy (fA s ai c r w d e . if we wish God to pardon us equally o t s bd h g w hv dn…” frh e a t ns e ae oe o i ( r e: D O a oe. Some early authors even mention prostration. this symbol off death and perdition is replaced in the Cohen ritual by a living skull and living hands. from which they borrowed many things. In this case. So. shows us Christians praying on their knees or standing. II. attested to by the great leaders of Israel. 1748) All the Fathers of the Church. I t “ of Hipparchus and Philotheus” eed h : nh Acts e w r ts a i “ hr w sin the house of Hipparchus a room looked maintained with care. icr le tt oio fhe yg s h et e tn the breast. one against the other. the prayer rests his forehead on his crossed wrists with his hnsnft T i“ot e ad i is h ps r s. with the f e undt a sh E s h pae svnt e a a…” C. nw a t “ odS ehr” ko n sh G o hpe . A fr r i o oe kest s or a so h psi o t forearms crossed upon so pa n n n’ ne. in front of the symbol of Christ. we should set aside all resentment of offenses which we believe we have received.

Leo and Virgo) similarly. so begins the Work at this annual moment when the crescent moon is visible. Taurus and Gemini). The following year. L D ao dO ” by 89 . During the months of Summer (months of Cancer. and in this instance they will each comprise nine novenas in total during the year.There he will find a number Re t s e c a ” of indicators pertinent of spiritual alchemy. three Theological. Each of the four seasons are therefore composed of nine. during the nine decans of Spring (the months of Aries. We attach a particular importance to the period which. Ambelain .Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. complementary to our discussion here. One may also dedicate an entire year to the obtaining of the four Cardinal virtues. and each of them this year will be activated eighteen times. Each of them will be in this case dynamized for twelve novenas. Each novena is separated from its successor by a free day. which number three. and the first Sunday which follows this phenomenon. which comprises 36 decans. These therefore equate with the real passage of time in a decan of ancient Astrology. in the following year. runs from November 28 till December 3rd. that is to say at the new moon in the sign of Aries. for we now leave the domain of the Inner Path in order to enter that of Theurgy 95 “e rgn ’ r. each year. one will work to develop the Theological virtues. for their spiritual activities. R. or 36 novenas. and closely allied to the keys of Gnosis. making 36 in total. Vaughan © May 2005 These details will surprise rationalist reader: those familiar with oriental techniques and the versions of yoga will easily understand the depth and significance of this. Finally.Wecuslh r droc sl r dpgs 5t 4 o “ h G l n one t e e t l e e ae 3 o 9 f T e o e e a o y a d Dragon95” “ is n O clA pc i t sa h o Tesr ) ( t ad cu set n h er fr r ue . The alb is neither a nightgown nor a dressing gown… A) The Time of the Work Just as ancient Israel historically left Egypt (symbol of the World of Matter) at Easter.PV. one works on the two Sublime virtues. So. th In another work freely accessible to the general public. Finally. in order to break the rhythm and split up these novenas. These effects should evidently be used for spiritual work and nothing else. symbolically linked to Alchemy. with a cordelier and sandals. readers anxious to operate in the most possible occult manner will dress in a white linen alb. The annual course of the sun spreads across a Zodiac of 360 degrees. we give the complete keys of relationships between certain saints. with no specific activity. one may work spiritually in a regular fashion of the nine Virtues: four Cardinal. two Sublime. During the seasons of Autumn and winter one may work the same way.

as well as for all those who owe Thee their life. and may Thy Holy Will be done. O listen to the prayer of Thy Servant prostrate before Thee…Grant me the contemplation. O Pure Spirit. I conjure you to contribute to my eternal salvation and by your protection in the Father of Mercy. Thou who sees and embraces all. t R de eS nad h C ne i S it h eem r o. as well as to all those for whom I am come to supplicate: for my Brothers. I conjure you by these same Holy Names which ye formerly invoked with such fervor. which now repays you for the battles ye had to fight in this sojourn in which I still f dm sl T rough your salutary said. e spirits removed from the bonds of Matter. let him write to us and we will tell him the why and the how of this return. by the Name of the God of Mercy. instruction and understandi … Help me O my Guardian. Holy Father of all things. His clemency. in all my needs. His favor. 90 . fervor and sincerity necessary for the sentiments which I want to express to Thee. all Thy creatures. “ n thou. Help me. sighs and meditation. to come and help my soul all times that it may be in danger of succumbing to Evil. O Me i l od r f L r… cu “ ere unto me. * * * B) The Prayers Prayer to put oneself in the presence of GOD and His angels96 “ Ineffable and Eternal God. O my God! Grant me the gift to pray to Thee with efficiency! Here Ha n k am I abandoning myself to Thy Holy Care! Have pity on me. like the submission of those Spirits I shall invoke in this Operation. every time it may hunger and thirst for counsel. aid me. in my poverty. We will reply to him. Be propitious unto me.n t osr n p i e e v g r… “ Obtain for me and for all my Brothers the favor of the Divinity. in my nakedness. in joy. in peace. and in i ye … h n f snty A e…. charged by the Eternal One to watch over me for Ad the complete reconciliation of my spiritual being. my family. to obtain the protection and n g assistance of the Patrons whom I have just invoked. m n * * * 96 From Martinez de Pascuallis. the quick and the dead. Amen. my friends. confidence and success. my enemies. every time that it may be called by desire. ye who rejoice henceforth in My a osy r the fruit of thy virtues and whose names I have the good fortune to bear. I conjure thee. O Ineffable Father. A e… mn “ Pt n. my Guardian. If there is one who knows “ o t return to the East in the West” hw o . act m n i. Vaughan © May 2005 and the most occult Liturgy.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. let me live and die like you. Am n A e…” e.

Though I walk in the midst of trouble. 7. In the day when I cried thou answeredst me. I will worship toward thy holy temple.98 PSALM 138 “ oferi D mn i t a od m o C n t t i o i n o cre e…” io b e t “ I will praise thee (O Lord99) with my whole heart: before the gods will I sing praise 1. the wellspring of Thy kindness is so great that it calls unto itself all those who are ashamed of their sins and invite them to receive Thy forgiveness. O LORD. nor even to implore and beg for Thy kindness and mercy for the least favor. Who forgets iniquities. s B n n Mot i a n c i g el s Wi Wh e grants Thy grace in a thousand ways. 6. and fortify it so that may be strong and that it might understand the mystery of Thy grace and the treasures of Thy Divine Wisdom. who visits the sins of the father upon the children unto the third and fourth generations. 5. yet hath he respect unto the lowly: but the proud he knoweth afar off. as in former times Thou sanctified Thy prophets. Wash my soul of all filth of sin. Yea. m n coddo l h poht vrl v p i. s Lbr adMot s. Nevertheless. that I may be worthy to commune with Thy Holy Angels and this Thy Divine Wisdom: and so give me the power which Thou hast acre t a T y rpe oea E iS it A e. aet o. I know my wretchedness. and praise thy name for thy lovingkindness and for thy truth: for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name. The Book of Abramelin the Mage.” * * * 97 98 The Book of Abramelin the Mage. renew my spirit within me. o f r . and strengthenedst me with strength in my soul. O Lord of Lords. T e od “ L r” r ntn h o h w rs O od a o it riginal – will use the KJV numbering and wording for e e I all Psalms here – PV. Vaughan © May 2005 Prayer to obtain victory over Evil Spirits from God. 8. they shall sing in the ways of the LORD: for great is the glory of the LORD.97 “ od G do Me y Ptn G d Mot ei . Sanctify me with the holy oil of Thy Sanctification. Though the LORD be high. 3. m n A e. thou wilt revive me: thou shalt stretch forth thine hand against the wrath of mine enemies. endureth for ever: forsake not the works of thine own hands. The LORD will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy. All the kings of the earth shall praise thee. O Lord. The Roman Catholic Bible numbering differs form Protestant and Jewish numbering. 2. 4. in Whose presence none are found innocent. O LORD. o L r. 91 . unto thee. and I know that I am not worthy to appear before Thy Divine Majesty. and thy right hand shall save me. l s l l rs ” * * * Prayer to obtain communication with the Holy Angels. when they hear the words of thy mouth. have pity upon me and take away all iniquity and malice from me. sins and the transgressions of men.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. 99 Psalm 137 is Psalm 138 in the King James Bible. Purify in me with this oil all that is a part of me. For this.

” * * * Penitential Psalms. My soul is also sore vexed: but thou. how long? 4. which is my refuge. 1O Have mercy upon me. the LORD will 100 101 The Book of Abramelin the Mage. 4. to keep thee in all thy ways. There shall no evil befall thee. lest thou dash thy foot against a stone. therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high. Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked. that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of 1 He the Almighty. 3. 9. neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling. Return. 10. for I am weak: O LORD. With long life will I satisfy him. 8. rebuke me not in thine anger. but it shall not come nigh thee. 7. and shew him my salvation. I water my couch with my tears. I will say of the LORD. and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble. thy habitation.101 PSALM 6 To obtain the virtue of Justice “. it waxeth old because of all mine enemies. Depart from me. From the rituals of Don Martinez de Pascuallis. 3. He is my refuge and my fortress: my God. and ten thousand at thy right hand. 9. He shall cover thee with his feathers. for the LORD hath heard the voice of my weeping. LORD. Mine eye is consumed because of grief. all the night make I my bed to swim. nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday. 6. O LORD. for my bones are vexed. 5. all ye workers of iniquity. Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. 16. heal me.100 PSALM 91 “ u hb a i aj oia i ii Q i ai tn d t s ls m…” t u r ts “. and honour him. For he shall give his angels charge over thee. 2. even the most High. A thousand shall fall at thy side. For in death there is no remembrance of thee: in the grave who shall give thee thanks? 6. 12. I am weary with my groaning. Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler. 92 . 8. in him will I trust. deliver my soul: oh save me for thy mercies' sake. and from the noisome pestilence. He shall call upon me. Vaughan © May 2005 Prayer before commanding Evil Spirits and to make them depart. 7. 11. 14. Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night. They shall bear thee up in their hands. Because he hath set his love upon me. neither chasten me in thy hot displeasure. O LORD. O LORD. 5. Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet. nor for the arrow that flieth by day. because he hath known my name. Because thou hast made the LORD. and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler. 13. I will deliver him. 15. 2. The LORD hath heard my supplication.

My heart panteth. thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance. I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye. Hear me. 18. it also is gone from me. Selah. For this shall every one that is godly pray unto thee in a time when thou mayest be found: surely in the floods of great waters they shall not come nigh unto him. as a deaf man. 10. I go mourning all the day long. 11. all my desire is before thee. O LORD. neither is there any rest in my bones because of my sin. 9. I acknowledged my sin unto thee. 17.O L R . and mine iniquity have I not hid. 7. thou shalt preserve me from trouble. 4. 6. I am bowed down greatly. ye righteous: and shout for joy. Selah. 13. and rejoice. 3. 16. and thou forgavest the iniquity of my sin. For thine arrows stick fast in me. Lord. they magnify themselves against me. and my sorrow is continually before me. For my loins are filled with a loathsome disease: and there is no soundness in my flesh. which have no understanding: whose mouth must be held in with bit and bridle. and in whose mouth are no reproofs. Let all mine enemies be ashamed and sore vexed: let them return and be ashamed suddenly. Be ye not as the horse. mercy shall compass him about. Be glad in the LORD. I will be sorry for my sin. I will confess my transgressions unto the LORD. For day and night thy hand was heavy upon me: my moisture is turned into the drought of summer. 8. O Lord my God. Vaughan © May 2005 receive my prayer. Thus I was as a man that heareth not. 15. 4. and I was as a dumb man that openeth not his mouth. do I hope: thou wilt hear. 10. all ye that are upright in heart (be glorified102). 8. They also that seek after my life lay snares for me: and they that seek my hurt speak mischievous things. whose sin is covered. and thy hand presseth me sore.” PSALM 32 To obtain the virtue of Faith “. 9. For in thee. There is no soundness in my flesh because of thine anger. and in whose spirit there is no guile. 5.” PSALM 38 To obtain the virtue of Temperance “. lest they come near unto thee. Blessed is 1 the man unto whom the LORD imputeth not iniquity. For I am ready to halt.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. and my groaning is not hid from thee. Many sorrows shall be to the wicked: but he that trusteth in the LORD.eue e o i ty r h ni e cat m i ty o d p aue 2 1 O D r k m ntn h w a : ehr hs n e n h ht i l sr . My lovers and my friends stand aloof from my sore. Thou art my hiding place. 93 . heard not. I am feeble and sore broken: I have roared by reason of the disquietness of my heart. For mine iniquities are gone over mine head: as an heavy burden they are too heavy for me. I said. or as the mule. my bones waxed old through my roaring all the day long. 5. I am troubled. My wounds stink and are corrupt because of my foolishness. 3. For I will declare mine iniquity. 7. 19. b t t e se . 6. lest otherwise they should rejoice over me: when my foot slippeth. But I. Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven. Selah. 12. 11. 10. 14. and imagine deceits all the day long. my strength faileth me: as for the light of mine eyes. For I said. 2. But 102 These two words not in the KJV – PV. When I kept silence. and my kinsmen stand afar off.

thou wilt not despise. 5. 21. By reason of the voice of my groaning my bones cleave to my skin. 1 Hear my prayer. and they are strong: and they that hate me wrongfully are multiplied. and be clear when thou judgest. G d acri t t l i k desacri ut t 1 ae e y pn eO o. 9. 2. For my days are consumed like smoke. 3. I do not know if this is the French version or nh ok m e i ue t ok v t ”n e o e a e cm sa whether the author is either deliberately altering words or simply has a faulty memory. Behold. 7. O God.” PSALM 51 To obtain the virtue of Strength “. and done this evil in thy sight: that thou mightest be justified when thou speakest. have I sinned. I was shapen in iniquity. Hide not thy face from me in the day when I am in trouble. Hide thy face from my sins. and am as a sparrow alone upon the house top. open thou my lips. I am like a pelican of the wilderness: I am like an owl of the desert. 4.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. “ PSALM 102 To obtain the virtue of Charity “. and my mouth shall shew forth thy praise. Either way I have preserved t oi nlr s t n fh Pa s h h a cr i w s aqaysn n – h r i t nli o t sl w i I m e a a Psul ’i et e g a a ao e m c tn l t ion PV. Forsake me not. 22. thou God of my salvation: and my tongue shall sing aloud of thy righteousness. else would I give it: thou delightest not in burnt offering.cod g o h o n i ns cod g n h c n y vgn : n o e multitude of thy tender mercies blot out my transgressions. Vaughan © May 2005 mine enemies are lively. Mine enemies reproach me all the day. For thou desirest not sacrifice. 9. that the bones which thou hast broken may rejoice. 18. 2. and my bones are burned as an hearth. 20. and sinners shall be converted unto thee. Deliver me from bloodguiltiness. Cast me not away from thy presence. and cleanse me from my sin. Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation. O Lord my salvation. Make haste to help me. 11. and uphold me with thy free spirit. 5. 3. 7. Purge me with hyssop. and let my cry come unto thee. and I shall be clean: wash me. Make me to hear joy and gladness. and I shall be whiter than snow. and renew a right spirit within me. and in sin did my mother conceive me. 4. Wash me throughly from mine iniquity. and take not thy holy spirit from me. The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart. O LORD. My heart is smitten. and withered like grass. They also that render evil for good are mine adversaries. and they that are mad against me are sworn against me. incline thine ear unto me: in the day when I call answer me speedily. because I follow the thing that good is. and blot out all mine iniquities. O Lord. Behold. Against thee. 10. I watch. 19. 6. O God.H v m r uo m . 12. 13. 17. Do good in thy good pleasure unto Zion: build thou the walls of Jerusalem. 6. 8. 14. be not far from me. For 103 I t bo A bln ssh w r “ii s i t d f bullocks. Create in me a clean heart. 16. 15. so that I forget to eat my bread. with burnt offering and whole burnt offering: then shall they offer bullocks103 upon thine altar. thee only. Then will I teach transgressors thy ways. O God. Then shalt thou be pleased with the sacrifices of righteousness. thou desirest truth in the inward parts: and in the hidden part thou shalt make me to know wisdom. 94 . For I acknowledge my transgressions: and my sin is ever before me. O LORD: O my God. 8.

my soul doth wait. But thou. I meditate on all thy works. They shall perish. take me not away in the midst of my days: thy years are throughout all generations. Because of thine indignation and thy wrath: for thou hast lifted me up. 18. Vaughan © May 2005 I have eaten ashes like bread. 11. So the heathen shall fear the name of the LORD. Therefore is my spirit overwhelmed within me. he hath made me to dwell in darkness. 3. 10. For the enemy hath persecuted my soul. 8. To declare the name of the LORD in Zion. 20. he shall appear in his glory. as a vesture shalt thou change them. 7. 12. 23.” PSALM 143 To obtain the virtue of Prudence “. my heart within me is desolate. Hear 95 .” PSALM 130 To obtain the virtue of Hope “. hear my voice: let thine ears be attentive to the voice of my supplications. 26. but thou shalt endure: yea. 6. and in his word do I hope. 19. If thou. O LORD. 15. all of them shall wax old like a garment. O Lord. give ear to my supplications: in thy faithfulness answer 1 ear me. I wait for the LORD. I remember the days of old. 4. who shall stand? 4. and not despise their prayer. And enter not into judgment with thy servant: for in thy sight shall no man living be justified. that thou mayest be feared. 17. he shortened my days. and with him is plenteous redemption. LORD. as a thirsty land. Thou shalt arise. 7. O LORD. Selah. and all the kings of the earth thy glory. from heaven did the LORD behold the earth. and thy years shall have no end. 25. to loose those that are appointed to death. 16. 6.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. 5. Lord. O LORD. I muse on the work of thy hands. and mingled my drink with weeping. Of old hast thou laid the foundation of the earth: and the heavens are the work of thy hands. 2. and cast me down. To hear the groaning of the prisoner. and thy remembrance unto all generations. When the LORD shall build up Zion. He weakened my strength in the way. But there is forgiveness with thee. He will regard the prayer of the destitute. But thou art the same. the set time. This shall be written for the generation to come: and the people which shall be created shall praise the LORD. and I am withered like grass. O my God. 1 Out of the depths have I cried unto thee. to serve the LORD. For thy servants take pleasure in her stones. 3. My soul waiteth for the Lord more than they that watch for the morning: I say. and have mercy upon Zion: for the time to favour her. 28. When the people are gathered together. 14. Let Israel hope in the LORD: for with the LORD there is mercy. as those that have been long dead.H my prayer. For he hath looked down from the height of his sanctuary. and their seed shall be established before thee. 24. 5. My days are like a shadow that declineth. 22. I said. he hath smitten my life down to the ground. 2. And he shall redeem Israel from all his iniquities. and his praise in Jerusalem. and favour the dust thereof. 13. shouldest mark iniquities. and the kingdoms. more than they that watch for the morning. shalt endure for ever. 21. is come. and in thy righteousness. The children of thy servants shall continue. yea. I stretch forth my hands unto thee: my soul thirsteth after thee. and they shall be changed: 27.

lead me into the land of uprightness. Teach me to do thy will. 11.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. and the number given in Protestant and Jewish Bibles in parentheses. for I lift up my soul unto thee. It is linked to the virtue of Justice and the gift of Piety. Psalm 31 (32) –“ Beati quorum remissae sunt iniquitates…” Linked to the virtue of Faith and . lest I be like unto them that go down into the pit. Angel: Uriel. 12. Domine. secundum magnam misericordiam tuam…” Linked to . Begin the novena on the Sunday of Pentecost. Cause me to hear thy lovingkindness in the morning. Perfume: pure Frankincense. 96 . Psalm 50 (51) –“ Miserere mei. We use the psalm number given in the Latin Bible (Catholic) first. for thou art my God: thy spirit is good. Angel: Yehudiël. Angel: Binaël. et opera…” Linked to the virtue of Wisdom. exaudi orationem mean. the virtue of Strength and the gift of Courage. Psalm 101 (102) – Domine. Deus. O LORD: my spirit faileth: hide not thy face from me. ne in furore tuo arguas me…” Linked to the virtue of Temperance . We “ . Angel: Raphaël. Psalm 142 (143) –“ Domine. from mine enemies: I flee unto thee to hide me. Psalm 129 (130) – De profundis clamavi ad te. h s i e o h iu f s n e re Prudence and the gift of Counsel. Begin the novena on Easter Sunday. Angel: Gabriel. and destroy all them that afflict my soul: for I am thy servant. the virtue of Charity and the gift of Wisdom. O LORD. Psalm 26 (25)105 –“ Judica me. Perfume: pure Frankincense. 9. 8. found in Latin or Protestant bibles. and the gift of Fear. found in Latin or Protestant bibles.” * * * The Penitential Psalms have particular virtues which we indicate below. Quicken me. exaudi orationem meam…” T i i l kdt t v t o . the gift of Understanding. for thy name's sake: for thy righteousness' sake bring my soul out of trouble. Vaughan © May 2005 me speedily. h s preceding one. Psalm 18 (19) – Coeli enarrant gloriam Dei. And of thy mercy cut off mine enemies. Angel: Barachiel. From the Latin verset quoted this should be Psalm 26 in the KJV – PV. the gift of Knowledge104. Deliver me. for in thee do I trust: cause me to know the way wherein I should walk. 104 105 Or Science – PV. 10. quoniam ego in innocentia mea…” Linked to the . Angel: Sealtiel. Angel: Mikhaël. O LORD. We would add the reading of verses 19 to 23 from Chapter II of the Book of Daniel. Crainte Psalm 6 (6) –“ Domine. Psalm 37 (38) –“ Domine. would add the reading of verses 1 to 12 of Chapter IX of the Book of Wisdom. ne in furore tuo arguas me …” T i psalm begins the same as the . Angel: Chokmaël. Domine …” Linked to the virtue of Hope and “ . et clamor meus ad te veniat…” Linked to “ . virtue of Understanding.

often enough equivalent to black magic. Come Source of Mercy. Without the aid of Thy mercy nothing in man is innocent. o p i ad i t er o T y ah ln sth n i wt h l ! y r. Come Light of Hearts! Thou art the perfect Consoler. and visitors from Rome. And suddenly from heaven there came a sound like the rush of a violent wind. Amazed and astonished. 106 107 Cabale – nh i t c cu a o r s ta “ Cabal of Psalms” P . in Are our own native language? Parthians. set us right when we stray. and it filled the entire house where they were sitting.o c ry PV. “ not all these who are speaking Galileans? And how is it that we hear. enflame our lukewarmness. All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other languages. Now there were devout Jews from every nation under heaven living in Jerusalem. in our trials our relief. recently translated in the 18th cn r udrh f l i s a e f K blh o Pa s.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. it is the same story.. heal that which is sick. as of fire. apart from the ninth word where I have followed A blnsed n sbtu d Dsi e”o “ e”fr l i – m e i l ad ust e “ i p s fr t y. Relax our stiffness of heart. Using these formulas would be to return to inferior magic. and let a ray of Thy Light descend from the heights of heaven! Come. the Disciples were all together in one place. and let them rejoice in eternal happiness. Divided tongues. Holy Spirit. Pontus and Asia. penetrate and fill the hearts of Thy faithful. implying an implicit pact with the inferior entities who originally revealed them.r n m r t n ai l et y ne t aa o nm o “ aaa106 f sl ”a o oeh m g a u e lc u l m e a c Grimoires and nothing more. O Fortunate Light. both Jews and proselytes. Elamites. because each one heard them speaking in the native language of each. in our tears our consolation. Medes. and a tongue rested on each of them. appeared among them. conduct them to the door of salvation. they asked. And at this sound the crowd gathered and was bewildered. a sa b c a dad h sa r e t f e fh E r … l hl e r t . water that which is arid. Cretans and Arabs –in our own 108 languages we hear them speaking about God's deeds of power” …L r. Vaughan © May 2005 * * * The reader should understand that the Grimoires of practical magic. Egypt and the parts of Libya belonging to Cyrene.edT yS it and od sn h p i r. and residents of Mesopotamia. l e t if e r h v Come. The so-called Angelic names featured are all demonic terms. the beneficent Host of the Soul and its most gentle refreshment! In our labors Thou art our rest. each of us. as the Spirit gave them ability. 108 Taken from the King James Version. or at least names of Elemental and Cosmic Spirits. Grant Thy sacred gifts to Thy faithful who put their trust in Thee.n T y hl e w h a o t a h l l ee tn e c e t Prayers “ o eH l S it n flh ha s f h f t u ad et m o fe i T yoe C m . Give them the merit of the virtues. a’ a it cl h at 97 . it sn a e ol l t nle s The i sn d s a a =V Imposed upon the Réaux + Croix by Martinez de Pascuallis. Judea and Cappadocia. Acts of the Apostles. Purify in us that which is soiled. if not in its goals. most certainly in its methods and its auxiliaries! * * * Office of the Holy Spirit107 Epistle “ When the day of Pentecost had come. and these are no more than superstitious figures. Phrygia and Pamphylia. As for the seals which accompany them. Amen. Father of the poor.

eoe rh b co orah r e h e v e e i. not only according to the judgment which the world accords it. “ i m t Spirit of Knowledge. Thou art the finger of God. I have preferred it over all the most brilliant things the world could offer as I have believed that riches were nothing compared to the prize of this treasure.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. weak when I should obey sooner than my will permits. h r d all hearts. r o p i n ith ol fh e hs r h e ad i t er a r r. teach us to know the Son. which gives my heart a filial inclination towards God and Gv e h e e because of this makes His service easy and agreeable. S itfh Ft rn o t S nb fr et oj tf u f t ” huO p io t a ead fh o. and humility.L th e r o T yLight in fh a e s rm s h l et iWod pn u l s e si a a f h e h’ e a p n y our hearts and at each moment fortify our infirm and failing flesh. Vaughan © May 2005 “ o e Cet S itadv it su o t s w oea T i .Ioj e het fl es f h g t fr hv ne o a ad orot pn eN h . may we avoid all that is harmful to our Reconciliation. cn rT e. n flh ha s C m . which illuminates my path towards Heaven and prevents Gv eh e e me from straying. faith which reasons not and submits while understanding not. s e s o e n l e t which Thou hast created with Thy celestial Grace. Teach us to know the Father. the one that no human knowledge can dispense. e and to the Holy Spirit. and. “ i m t Spirit of Wisdom. she has ever been my consolatio ad yo. which will no longer leave me enfeebled before the Gv e h e e easiest task. the sacred fire of charity. l cannot choose among them. e u ns o T y is o I ae ed fl n I . “ i m t Spirit of Piety. and in my pains. the spiritual unction of our souls. “ i m t Spirit of Strength. which teaches me that knowledge of salvation is the Gv e h e e only necessary science. u h l f. h g o yu l d i m n coe h v d it as the companion for my life. Thou art our Consoler. which enlightens me in the knowledge of the Gv e h e e eternal truths. O od w o e s a pu fr uo m . the Gift of the Most High God. which recognizes without difficulty its lack of light and its ignorance. “ L r. Keep far from us the spirit of temptation. Amen. Faith and humility attract the Spirit of Understanding to my soul. O Spirit of Light and Love. the fountain of life. “ i m t Spirit of Counsel. r v e h. em sy i i o m n ‘rm d . and finally to conquer me when the holy law of God wills it. and T o. under Thy guidance. the Perfect Object o t Ft r po i . and who knows all sadness. as soon as God has spoken. 98 .T yp csHs r uo ori . and accord us a lasting peace. like the imprudent traveler who sets out without a guide on an unknown and dangerous road. and in my trials. work when I do not want to. “ l y oeeb t G d h Ft rad o h S nresurrected from among the dead. ……. but according to Thy j g etm G d L t e a wt Kn S l o:Fo my ot Ioe wso ad hs u m n y o. All good things have come to me through her. Go fr r eo o t a e n t t o. and make me recognize the true worth of things which Gv e h e e pass by. nn m j ’ y “ i m t Spirit of Understanding. It is Thou who sheds upon us the Thy sevenfold Gifts.

eoe r n e t ec o eb t e etf oe A e. 2. the fear of a son which. m n e lv d ln ” At the Closing: “oe i Mat o t U i r .-B. and never allow the division of spirit or the perversion of hearts separate those who form but one family under the authority of the one Father. without wavering: 1. in view of the pious homage which we render unto Thee at this time and in this place. Thou who hast chosen this Temple so that Thy Holy Name may there be invoked. e a a l e neT y ur i a o m n u d g A e. ” n e vs e a h s 109 110 Composed by J. l even if well intentioned. Thou hast been S vr g e n s r f h n e e Wh e e vs pleased to take possession of Thy Temple among us and within us.oe e it U i r b t svn r t r agl or gvr dnh n e e yh ee ge A c ne . m n r . rising as two walls upon two opposing foundations. mixed with respect and love. causes Gv eh e e me carefully to avoid all which could displease God our Father. ever to preserve this Dwelling-place in peace and harmony. ohas no need of anything. and may these Living Stones which are Thy workmen. and Who has reunited these two groups under the one. The Novena should invariably begin on Sunday (Sun) and end on a Monday (Moon). let it also remain a place of work and supplication for Thy people. One should therefore observe the following rules. “ Divine Spirits from whom I have learned to know excellence. It should invariably occur at the same time. so as no t bek h ca o t “l e r to r t hi fh p nt y a e n e a a hus. being received into the one e p . unique Shepherd. my soul calls to you O wtcni ne n oeso o wt L v. Thou who used Thy Son as a Cornerstone110 to reunite Al o e u ad t nl f r the Jews and Gentiles. are unable to understand it. for that is not the case. let us Thy servants live united by the indissoluble bond of Charity. angular stone – pierre aglr – “ nu i ” PV. O Lord. Lit. d v t h e ” * * * Novena to obtain a Virtue The Novena is an undeniable theurgic operation. Supreme Architect of the Wol b fr e uid o ah t r yh cm no L v. Willermoz. and it dento o os’fl wthat the profane. Deign. O Lord. m n i of ec ad pn t yu i oe A e. T m l w m y l i udr h ga n cm o B i i . Vaughan © May 2005 “ i m t Spirit of Fear.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. h d h ” * * * Prayers for the Opening and Closing of the Work for Groups109 At the Opening: “ lP w r l n Ee a God. and that. ae 99 . then.

Gift of Fear Justice. These are as follows. 4. 100 . Gift of Knowledge Faith. etc.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A.  a crystal glass in which one places salt (Earth) and water (Water) which have previously been blessed (water ordinarily blessed makes an acceptable alternative). The hours when one will operate shall be those of the same planetary tonality as the planetary day itself (Sunday – hour of the sun). on which will be consumed the correspondent aromatic incense (Air). or sacred Egyptian cubit. Gift of Piety Charity Gift of Wisdom Hope. Gift of Understanding Storax and Frankincense Sandalwood and Frankincense Benzoin and Frankincense Frankincense and Mastic Benzoin and Sandalwood Myrrh Frankincense These resins are mixed in equal parts where a combination of two products is called for. for each day:     from midnight to 1:00am. from 2:00pm to 3:00pm or. Gift of Counsel Temperance. Vaughan © May 2005 3. generally used correspondences: Produce. 111 Dimensions of a pyramidal. Monday – hour of the moon. from 9:00pm to 10:00pm. These are posed in an equilateral triangle with the candle placed at the top of the triangle: Candle Incense Water Here are the The corresponding incense varies with the objective of the Novena. They should all be previously pulverized.). from 7:00am to 8:00am.  a censer containing hot coals. or.  a candlestick with a white wax candle (Fire). The following objects are required:  a square white linen cloth. Now we give the general prayer for all Novenas which have the obtaining of an essential Virtue as an objective. around 635mm square111. or.

And “ us pray. which lighteth every man that cometh into the world. The “ with Thy spirit. but was sent to bear witness of that Light. O “ let my cry come unto Thee. p h ly . the charcoal in the Censor. that all men through him might believe. h cue to rb m . and the world knew him not. who stands on the Let right hand of the Altar of Incense. on S. deign that the Lord accept this Incense in its soft odor o s et s fw e es n …” The Operator throws incense113 into the Censer three times.Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. 10. tPt ad tA de w o e n k i of ec o e w v h d sit ll m nt npa fr eN p i aiu i i . 1 to 9). a e. 4. hm w i oewt cni nefr S. 8. 7. O Christ. and the life was the light of men. 2. He was in the world.eas ‘a e se n e n nt fr a b. and the world was made by him. He then says: “ help is in the Name of the Lord. 113 H ue t cr ci es w e t w r “ cne iue. 5. ye who have a right heart. Our “ Who hath made Heaven and Earth. 9. In The same was in the beginning with God.” And If the Operator is a priest. with its flame. o ea p . and without him was not any thing made that was made. That was the true Light. “ may you also be glorified. John read as though the Word created t w r ad o G d F r xm l “ otcoe ottf t a El d et t nle a “lt ns h ol n nt o. e ssh or tn ne hn h od i es”s sd e e c e n 101 . The traditional French word for “ e od in St. by emphasizing the female definite article he makes the early verse of St. 6. A “ the beginning was the Word. “ Rejoice in the Lord. To be safe I have simply used the usual m ai “ n . and the darkness comprehended it not. and the Word was with God. e r n S. I can only refer those who wish to better understand what Ambelain is saying to read the original French – PV. And “ reading from the Holy Gospel according to Saint John (I. he adds: “ Lord be with you. The Operator lights the novena candle and. “ Lord.112 “ Praise to Thee.prl ia t w r” h s l e ” H r e ss l a e T i assw pol s Frl “a e s e b e a o” s e sy o” d f etes o ‘ od t n vre w i im r at e Scnl bcue prl if i n ad o ie nsne fw r’h ‘e ’ h hs oe cv. first verses of the KJV. c i y o’ m i masculine. e h ue “ prl . 3. tJm s S. to bear witness of the Light.T u hss né a pr l…” i cyr s t s a h g e d e e é i e r l a as li were made by Her” en g la Parole” He is obviously making a point. whose name was John. n hl e i l h o e ” . John i“ vre. He continues: “tJh. The same came for a witness. and exult O ye just ones.ad e m wta t pw r ru l ao y . nr . hear my prayer. There was a man sent from God. And the light shineth in darkness. it . and the Word was God. and I am not sure how to translate it. Vaughan © May 2005 * * * The Altar is oriented to the East.r o m . eod . In him was life. He was not that Light. All things were made by him. - 112 This section by Ambelain is extraordinary. ……. By the intercession of the Fortunate Archangel Michael.

sublimated virtues. He continues with: “ fc o t H l S it O f e fh o p i. theological virtues. i e y r” “sl …. L r’Pa rn H i r ” y l y - 102 . “ ods r ead a Ma .nt ii m t l Pa m (h n i e i h iu n i s o cu e i h rm u b n h e t h r e ae order: cardinal virtues.T eoel kdwt t Vr eoewse t aqi . Each novena treats of one of them).Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. Vaughan © May 2005 The Operator repeats this three times.

which human industry and study has never known how to procure.a e m n bv h et s t w i s h r h uh e d y y. and towards its superior and eternal objectives. This contact with God impregnates them with peace. Certainly. and Man shall recover his primitive estate…” * * * 114 “ nt s nnw ” PV. hn h e alive. fought throughout their lives. Then. and which Robert Fludd defined so well in a lapidary manner: “ hn w e t temple shall have been consecrated. which figures in his very rare clco: Our Thoughts and those of Others” L o. They carry peace wherever they go. and the unique path to Regeneration and Salvation…” D c r l iC r li h lt pm h t n td“ ot Ae s a e n i il a pl etl Prayer”r hi osraos ae o x r . for all that. But Faith which produces Charity and Good Works. a text written for the Profès of the Order of the Cité Sainte: “ ia . l sh : i n i ut h ’ es a “r e ise sr ss e aoet m n l tue h hi t i t og hr i Pa r t em .Spiritual Alchemy – Translated Piers A. Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin and Jean-Baptiste Willermoz.n w i ia et c f m t o et n “ l i (yn 18)ad h h s n x atr h c r o e nd archives of the II Province of Auvergne and its Metropolitan College. there are presently in the world only a tiny nm eo i i da w o nwhwtpa i a f cv m ne u br fn v ul h ko o o r n e et e anr di s y f i …” Let us wish that these pages provide a contribution towards an efficient return to Prayer. and peace radiates from them. s te e ie . Sadly. this gift of the Spirit. some among us will realize that hope for which our venerated masters. os’ a i c q o ) i g a tn h interest amateurs seeking strong sensations. I tt human science will be useless to you when it is your time to die! But how n ie difficult this passage becomes to he who has not been instructed by Faith! Then you will be no happier or unhappier for having known or ignored the infinity of questions debated in schools. its dead stones again becoming T e. perhaps. will be the more advanced! It will serve them nothing to have been a philosopher or a mathematician. collectors of Grimoires. Ma.h r oost d i a m t d dent e h t s e n u f uh t s t s i ru r io l e o. or the curious keen for flashy metaphysical manifestations. it is not for them that this was written with detail and precision.i n be t n m d c vi 114 in t s o a b t s rd e u o o “ H m ectnon ”tlu t t h dm i yh e i at r fl o m . 78. Faith is the only true knowledge.eIcnu . and which occupy the well-r d N i e t s w oko hw t r o e hm nrhs w o e … ehrh e h nw o o e l t a t o sv e ot e h o know not. iU ko n – h 103 . We will limit ourselves to recalling this text by Willermoz. i e a ar c es r et and education. Don Martinez de Pascualis. the impure metal shall be transmuted into fine gold. Vaughan © May 2005 X POSTFACE Weset t h t hi e( rsc i i.

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