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Came Lot

Came Lot

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Published by Richmond Liow

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Published by: Richmond Liow on Mar 21, 2012
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nYan!: normally, i would suggest ppl to upgrade their store house asap nYan!

: and get at least 4 of each production building nYan!: upgraded of course nYan!: you also need lots of cottage to generate tax income fatty: ideal tax rate? nYan!: i built about 11 cottage at lvl 8 all nYan!: and i am only getting 10k gold per hour nYan!: 40% tax nYan!: i know some ppl set their tax at 70% lol fatty: hide all troups? nYan!: ya always, unless you have a lvl 8 watch tower which lets you know the ex act number of incoming attack fatty: four of each production? .. upgraded to which lvl? nYan!: then you can decide to put your troops on defense nYan!: to the max of your level.. usually 1+castle nYan!: get 4 of each production plant, then decide which one you would want to i nvest more fatty: how many storehouses? nYan!: right now i have more farm and lumbermill than the other 2... but i am th inking i may need more ore mine nYan!: just 1 nYan!: i'm not sure if storehouse is unique nYan!: but you will need to upgrade that store house as much as possible before your 1 week noob protection ends nYan!: research in shrinking powder also helps nYan!: that is, if you dont want your long awaited resource gets fuking robbed b y assholes

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