You Do Not Know Love !

(Pars I)
Poeta Ricardo Saúl LaRosa

Do you know her innermost fears What dreams dwell in the profoundness of her soul What makes her laugh What makes her cry What makes her love unconditional fervently et forevermore ! And when she dreams at night Where does her spirit travel towards In what realm in whose heaven in whose arms does she visit ! From what constellation does she come What is her favorite color ! And when she cries in the loneliness of this cruel world Where does her mind wonder When remembrance of days past haunt her Hurt her; torment her; killing her; bringing her down to her knees Which god do her lips pronounce ! You say that you love her Yet, you could not answer any of these questions ! No ! my dearest young friend, I am not insulting you; I am trying to assist you For I was once young, too ! Your naiveté your inexperience your mistakes I have made them, too ! Love is like a rose ! Takes a lot of time to cultivate; to nourish; to inspire and to grow Takes a lot of time to know her to grasp the essence of her being to feel the love exploding in her heart ! And until then . . . You do not know love !

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