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PREVIEW New Perspectives Ay Topic Preview. Look at the map of the world. Where do you think the artist is from? Nairobi E] Discussion. 2 UNIT 1 1. What is unusual about the way the map depicts the world? UNIT GOALS i ms es eit setae NEM eR uy eN aCe ire (= Describe-people’s personalities spectiveson life Share a life-changing experience 2. What do you think the artist is trying to say with the illustration? Is the artist being serious or funny? Gi @ Sound Bites. Read and listen to a conversation between two colleagues working temporarily in another country. GILBERT: Oh, man! Am | ready to head home! ANNA: Are you kidding? | can’t get enough of this place. GILBERT: Well, it’s been three weeks, and I think I’ve had about enough. I'm tired of eating strange food. ANNA: Wow! | feel just the opposite. | can’t get over how much | enjoy being here. | love how different the food is. GILBERT: Well,not me. And frankly, it’s a pain in the neck having to work so hard to understand what people are saying to me. ANNA: [actually think it’s fun trying to figure out how to communicate. Stop complaining! You'll be home before you know it! GILBERT: Fine by me. There's no place like home. BE In Other Words. Read the conversation again. With a partner, explain the meaning of each of the following statements. . “Am | ready to head home!” - “T can’t get enough of this place.” “7 think I’ve had about enough.” ay pwn a . “There's no place like home.” G Pair Work. Read each statement and decide who you think said it—Anna or Gilbert. Support your opinion with information from the conversation. Gi Discussion. 1. How would you describe Anna’s and Gilbert’s personalities? How are they different? 2. Who are you more like, Gilbert or Anna? 7 STARTING POINT “1 can’t get over how much I enjoy being here.” “It's a pain in the neck having to work so hard.” 4 love trying new ‘I'm a little uncomfortable with places that are new tome.” “| prefer to stick closer to home.” “| want some adventure in my life.” + Pair Work. How do you each fee! about travel? Complete the statement to reflect your own opinions. Explain why. ' In my opinion, travel can be... [1 a life-changing experience. ‘Cl pretyau, O more trouble than it’s worth. C1 kindof scary + (J an adventure. ree a the}