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Dissertation Interview Mindmap

Dissertation Interview Mindmap

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Published by Richard Whiteside
This document is the plan I used to conduct interviews for my dissertation on Twitter use by English language teachers.
This document is the plan I used to conduct interviews for my dissertation on Twitter use by English language teachers.

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Published by: Richard Whiteside on Mar 21, 2012
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To what extent is your professional life better because you use Twitter?

Do you feel more important in the wider ELT community because of Twitter?

Do you feel that you are more a part of a profession because of Twitter?

In what ways has it affected you classroom practice?

What about in holiday time? What do you gain from Twitter? Same every day?

Do you switch off?

Has it improved your self-esteem/ confidence in any way?

What draws you in? What puts you off? How do you monitor Twitter? Are you always connected? Perhaps with different devices? Do you only tune in when you want to interact?

To what extent is Twitter important, in comparison to other platforms you use e.g. a blog? When - during day? At specific times In general Does it affect your motivation? Frequency Interaction

Regular new people/ randoms?

Do you welcome participation with unknown Twitterers, or do you prefer to converse with a familiar group? Do you advertise you own work on it? Blogs, workshops, Slideshare, other online work. Do you join existing conversations or do you 'speak when you're spoken to?'

Have you become a better person? Are you better at living?

Has using Twitter helped your personal development in any way?

How? Butt in? Do you see Twitter playing a role in a personal learning environment? Are you aware of the concept of a PLE? How does Twitter fit in with your use of other online platforms/ tools? Have you tweeted from conferences? Why (not)?

Have you ever felt excluded?

Has this impacted on your use of Twitter?

Have you ever felt that you don't have the right to enter a conversation with somebody?

I can't join in this I can't talk to him/ her

Has this brought financial gain? Could you say that you have gained any work because of being active of Twitter? What about your blog? How does it connect with other areas of your professional life? In what ways do the teachers believe Twitter contributes to their professional development? Method If an ELT is not on Twitter does it mean that they aren't at the cutting edge of the profession? Do you think that using Twitter makes you in any way better than colleagues who don't use it? Hardware Mobile? Have you bought something because it would help you use Twitter? How do the teachers use Twitter and has this changed over time?


Same level of online status/ professional experience Perceived higher level (status)? As helper to less experienced? How much do you know about the other people you commonly interact with? Do you regularly interact with the same group of people?


If you were applying for a job/ or engaging in any other professional correspondance, would you include you Twitter username?

Has your use of Twitter impacted negatively on you professional life?


What have you tried? What decisions have you made What problems have you solved?

If you stopped using Twitter, how would it affect your professional life?

What role does Twitter play in teachers' professional lives?

Has your use of Twitter impacted on your personal life in any way? • Family issues • Change in face to face professional relationships • How are you different, as a person and a teacher because of Twitter?

Groups created by others

Viewing methods


Hashtags Motivation Beginning Scaffolding Link to software - Tweetdeck - multi-column Purpose/ reasoning What has their reaction been? Location Self-created groups

Influences Home What were you doing online before Twitter? Anything? Anywhere

Have you tried to persuade them to use it? Informally or in some kind of training workshop? What do they think of Twitter

Are many colleagues from your immediate environment using Twitter?

Has using Twitter affected you use of socialmedia in general?

Work What do they think of your use of Twitter?

How has Twitter affected your use of other online tools/ environments? Outside of Twitter how active are you with socialmedia? In general, do you use social-media more for personal or professional interaction? How is it different? What things have you tried and subsequently changed again? Habits Software Why is it different? What has influenced you to make changes? Hardware How is your professional life different now because of Twitter? What is interaction? Lurking Sourcing info Chatting Behaviours

Do your colleagues use the web at all for their PD?

Are your colleagues using other types of social media?

How do you see the use of Twitter as considered by colleagues who don't use it?

Compare when you started to now


What is Twitter to you? RSS Chat facilitator Forum to ask for help Part of PLE Networking platform

RTing Tweeting articles from other sites


Do you believe that there is such a thing as 'The ELT Online Community?

To what extent to you see Twitter as central to the online ELT community?

Is this community exclusive/ inclusive?

Do you see this community as a whole, or an amalgamation of many other smaller groups?

What role does Twitter play in all of this?

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