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Wave Transmission Coefficient of the Wave Screen: Case Studies in Thailand

(Kumpanart Chewapreecha)1
(Chaiyuth Chinnarasri)2

ABSTRACT: Site selection of a harbor project, besides water depth criteria, restricted by natural
protection of wave and wind for do not directly invade into the harbor basin. Common natural
protections in consideration are islands and capes. In area where natural protection is not sufficient,
breakwater is a common solution. However, this solution has certain impact to the environment.
Often impacts are shoreline erosion at head or tail of breakwater including accretion in between.
Others impact are quality of water in harbor basin from impede of water circulation and space
required by the breakwater which prohibit the growth of coral reef, sea grass and benthos. In order to
reduce these impacts an initiation of floating breakwater and wave screen are come to practice.
Contents presented in this paper were the illustration of these attempts in Thailand starting from
literature review of relevant researches following to influence parameters of wave screen efficiency,
surrounded environment of the case studies, detail design, and evaluation of its effectiveness.
Conclusions made from this study shown that wave screen gave us a certain satisfaction level.

KEYWORDS : Wave screen, Transmission coefficient, Influence factors, Case studies