April 1st.Wednesday. 2009 Game: Look at the pictures and name the hobbies: 1 Fishing .

2 Mountain climbing .

Playing Football 3 .

Watching television 4 .

5 Playing the Guitar .

6 Singin ga Song .

7 Reading books .

8 Chatting with friends on the phone .

9 Playing Game .

10 Collecting books .

Playing the Guitar 6. Collecting books collection .1.Playing game 10. Mountain Climbing 3. Chatting with friends on the phone 9.Reading books 8. Playing Football 4. Watching Television 5. Singing a Song 7.Fishing 2.

UNIT 13: HOBBIES Wednesday. April 1st. 2009 Lesson D : Writing about Your Collection I .PRE WRITING: * Name the things people often collect .

Pens / Rules / Candies Stamps / Pictures Books / Magazines Hats / Shoes / Bags Collect Animals / Clothes / Nippers Musical Instruments (guitar. flute) Coins / Money Telephone cards Flowers / Insects .

in box How to keep Collection When started long ago.o to give in album. ask s. exchange. hats Name How to collect buy. money. kill time Plan Continue to collect . last year How to classify Color.books. age. size. price Why Relax. on shelf. broaden knowledge.

WRITING Check and correct for each other IV .II – WHILE-WRITING Work individually III – POST .Further Activity .

Find out 4 mistakes in the following essay and correct them My hobby is collecting stamps. I collect stamps 6 years ed ago. I classify the stamps into categories. I have been collecting both local stamps and foreign stamps from the letters of friends and relatives. I put stamps of animals. I keep them in two albums. s Collecting stamps help to broaden my knowledge about at of the world around me and it is also an effective way to be good geography.on different pages. birds…. joining to join I plan the stamp exhibitions to learn from experienced stamp collectors and I can expose my collection at an exhibition in the future. . flowers. one for local and the other for foreign ones.

Rewrite your hobby 2. Prepare for the next part: “Language Focus” . April 1st.UNIT 13: WRITING Wednesday. 2009 Homework 1.

April 1st.UNIT 13: WRITING Wednesday. 2009 .