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From its inception as a small export business in Teagu, Korea SAMSUNG has grown to become one of the worlds leading electronic companies, specialising in digital appliances and media, semiconductors, memory and system integration. Today SAMSUNG innovative and top quality product and processes are world recognised. This timeline capture the major milestone in SAMSUNGS history, showing how the company expanded itss product line and reach, grew its revenue and market share, and has followed its mission of making life better for consumer around the world.

When we talk about businesses that have humble beginning, then the history of Samsung can serve as the perfect example. It all started on March 1, 1938 when Byung-Chull Lee, the founding chairman of Samsung initiated a business in Korea with a capital of only 30,000 won. The primary products of what was then Samsung were dried Korean fish, fruits, and vegetables traded from Beijing and Manchuria. For the etymology of Samsung, it has the root words "three stars." The business or Mr. Lee expanded and it had acquired confectionary machines, increased its sales operations and as we have known at present it has become a global corporation that is now offering various brands, products, around the world. The Samsung Electronics that mainly produces Samsung mobile phones and other mobile phone deals today is similar to the Samsung Company that existed in the 1970s. In the 1970s, the strategic foundations of Samsung became more established when it engaged itself to various investments in petrochemical industries and in 1974 it continued to expand its business as Samsung Shipbuilding Company. And then Samsung entered the production of home electronics business apart from the semiconductor manufacturing industry it acquired hereafter.

The Samsung Mobile Phones Kick Off It has no doubt that Samsung became diversified when it comes to products and services. However, the breakthrough of Samsung products became sensationalized when it entered once again the telecommunications industry. It has become known for its innovations and was proclaimed as the world's second largest vendor of mobile phones. Though Samsung Electronics has gained corporate affairs in other business areas such as the digital media, the semiconductors, the LCD, and the digital appliance, the telecommunication network business area of Samsung became a record breaker. Samsung has been producing cellular devices that include mobile phones, PDA phones, and the most innovative of them all the Mobile Intelligent Terminals which are considered hybrid devices. Even satellite receivers became a part of Samsung's telecommunication network. Samsung and its mobile phone deals have successfully laid its foundation in becoming a world class company in the previous years. In 2006 alone, it has achieved the following accomplishments for mobile phones production and innovation. Developed the world's first ever OneDRAMTM 10 million sales record breaker in the United States for mobile phones

Introduced the 10M pixel for camera mobile phones Revealed the fastest HSDPA phone and system in the world Commenced and completed the manufacturing plant in India for mobile phones The present line up of Samsung mobile phones which comes with excellent mobile phone deals include the most beautiful technology mobiles namely: SGH-E950, SGH-E840, and SGH-J600. the latest luxurious mobile phones introduced in Singapore are known for its stylish designs, innovative and excellent features, that all comes with hightech multimedia features. The striking designs and uncompromised features, functions, and performances of Samsung mobile phones will continue to rule the mobile phone industry around the world.

Welcome to SAMSUNG, for over 70 yrs Samsung has been dedicated to maintain a better world through diverse business, that today span advanced technology, semiconductors, skyscraper, and plant construction, petrochemicals, fashion, medicine, finance, hotel and more. Our flagship company, Samsung electronics, leads the global market in hi-tech electronics manufacturing and digital media.

Through innovative, reliable products and services, talented people; a responsible approach to business and global citenzenship; and collaboration with our partners and customers, Samsung is taking the world in imaginative new directions.

Corporate Profile
A Digital leader... a responsible global citizen... a multifaceted family of companies... an etical business... Samsung is all of these and more.

At Samsung groups and Samsung electronics, our products, our people and our approach to business are held to only the highest standards so that we can more effectively contribute to a better world.

Product Mix
Product Line

Tablet Smartphone Smart Phone Dual Phone

Television Blue - Ray

Digital Camera Digital Camcorder

Refrigerator Air Conditioner Washing Machine Microvave Oven Smart Oven

SIM DVD Player Home Theatre Multimedia Players TV Accessories

Touch Phone Qwerty Messaging Phone Multimedia Phone CDMA Phone Essential Phone Mobile Phone Accessories

Optical Disk SDHC Plus Drive External HDD Micro SDHC Plus LaserPrinter /Multifunction

Product Depth / Width

SamsungRefrigerator Marketting Penetration.

Working towards reaching out to smaller cities. Planning Dream home road shows. Expanding its Sales network. Revamping Sales Infrastructure. Samsung Marketting Academy set up to train frontline sales force and shop demonstrators.

Product Mix of Samsung refrigerator.

Product line of Samsung Home Appliances

French Door Product Depth Side by Side

Air conditioner
Floor Standing AC Split Conditioner Window conditioner

Washing machine
Front Loading

Microvave Oven
Convection Grill

Smart Oven
CQ 138S - G

Air Top loading

Bottom Freezer

Semi Automatic


Frost free Direct cool

Product Line Strategies

1. Product Stretching of Samsung Refrigerators. a. French door.

RFG28MERS b. Bottom Freezer.




2. Product Filling of Samsung Refrigerators.

SAMSUNG launches the largest 5 Star rated refrigerator range, 'Freshtech Ultima' in the Indian market.
New Delhi, April 7, 2009: Digital technology leader, SAMSUNG India today announced the launch of the largest '5 Star' rated refrigerator range, 'Freshtech Ultima' in the Indian market. "Given the growing environmental consciousness amongst consumers and SAMSUNG's own initiative towards producing eco-friendly products, we have introduced seventy one '5 Star rated' Frost-free and Direct Cool models in the Indian market" states Mr. R. Zutshi, Dy. Managing Director, SAMSUNG India. All these models are manufactured at SAMSUNG's state-of-the-art-manufacturing facility at Noida. The 5 Star rating reflects the highest rating in terms of energy efficiency as awarded by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), making the SAMSUNG refrigerator range, the most energy efficient range in the country.

Samsung Refrigerators comes up with another 'fresh' positioning

Continuing to focus on freshness, Samsung is now using the thought of 'Frrrunch' to position itself with a promise to keep vegetables fresh and crunchy in an attempt to make the positioning younger and livelier for its target audience Samsung is going all out to drive home the positioning of the brand. Close on the heels of unveiling its new corporate tagline, Turn on tomorrow, Samsung Refrigerators has been repositioned with the thought 'Frrrunch', continuing its focus on freshness. Frrrunch, a marriage of the words 'fresh' and 'crunchy', is the new umbrella campaign that shall be used across Samsung's three categories of refrigerators - single door, double door and side by side. Each category will have one key feature that will help keep food fresh for long.

Talking to afaqs!, Roy, who is the creative head on the account, says, "Every refrigerator talks about keeping food (namely fruits and vegetables) fresh. With Frrrrunch, we gave it a measure to quantify. It is a promise to keep fruits and vegetables 'FResh' and 'crUNCHy'. In fact, that natural freshness can be felt with the first bite." Freshness has always been the positioning platform for Samsung refrigerators, which has earlier used concepts such as 'Bio Fresh', 'Silver Fresh', 'Fresh Tech' and 'Fresh Tech Ultima', each attributing to a unique technical feature in the product. The new positioning moves away from technical grounds to something that the consumer can readily relate to. "The new feature needed to be communicated to the consumer in a concept. With Frrrunch, we have tried to consolidate our freshness platform. Freshness is an open area and a lot of competing brands are building on similar concepts. We wanted Cheil to communicate the idea with a younger and livelier feel," says Apurva Kumar Gupta, deputy general manager (home appliances), product marketing, Samsung India. It is about relating to the consumers and them understanding Samsung better," adds Gaurav Tikoo, manager (home appliances), marketing and communications, Samsung India.